Hamilton Cast Zoom Surprise: Some Good News with John Krasinski (Ep. 2)



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    Your host John Krasinski returns to highlight some good news from around the world... and unveil the perfect #Zoom surprise for his new friend Aubrey. Episode 2 of SGN!
    Got some good news you want to share? Tag us or use the hashtag #SomeGoodNews.

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    1. Bianca Buttler


    2. Polly g

      i hear you on the sweat pant,i was talking to my neighbour and i said I'm keeping my distance not just becoz of covid but i haven't shower in 2 days, my neighbour said oh snap it 3 days for me

    3. Kana Beats

      disney+ need to stop messing around and drop the hamilton video already

    4. Dani Faith

      Why am I crying. This is the nicest thing ever. 🥺

    5. MysticSybil

      As someone who works in a doctors office : we arent allowed to wear all those homemade masks people make for us. Because they arent FDA standard and we have no way of knowing if they're sterile or not or how well they work.

    6. R

      They say money can't buy happiness. I guess it can if you're name is John Krasinski Sell Out!

    7. Ciborium

      Thank you for selling out SGN to CBS All Access. I'm sure CBS All Access will treat it well, just like Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek Picard.

    8. Emily Hopper

      I love HAMILTON SOO MUCH! Thank you John Krasinski

    9. Chance Weaver

      John said 'what did I miss'. Thats the name of a Hamilton song. Easter Egg?

    10. Scooot ThePotterhead


    11. marita *

      Jonh, I bet I'm pronouncing your last name better than you. 100% sure.

    12. europeanbandit

      yeah great job!

    13. Mike Hayes

      Seeing that kid so happy made me so happy.

    14. My Abdellah Abdessamia

      Blunt is a godsend gift ..

    15. Alex Dobbs

      you da best johnny

    16. Muzik Singapore

      I would have fainted haha!. That was awesome.

    17. Paula Spilsbury

      Sell out! Shame on you! Took all those people to the bank on THEIR emotional response to this pandemic! Not an ounce of respect for you or your spouse...should have known it was too to be true!@

    18. max throttle

      Don't stop these!!!

    19. Olga_Dy Studios


    20. Bianca Zago

      this show makes my heart so warm!!!

    21. Jeff Mullins

      Not that he'll care now. I had never heard of this guy until this series. Now, he's sold it. Money Money Money. He never did care. He's an, I guess, sorta an actor.

    22. Zachy Norensberg

      John is truly a beacon of goodness during this crisis. Thank you

    23. Michelle ochoa


    24. Robyn Little


    25. abubakir khidirov

      That was awesome

    26. Jason Anderson

      Thank you John. We need more like you. Now time to watch the rest of SGN😭😁❤️

    27. Asha Laskar

      "It's pronounced Kraniki." BEST LINE EVER

    28. E C

      Hopefully the proceeds from the sell of this series to CBS can be donated to all the heroes, frontline individuals that have actually endure the struggles and provided the platform view to this unfortunate, pandemic event.

    29. Henry

      the editing in this is masterful

    30. Vaidehi Sridharan

      Oh, Man!! Amazing amazing!

    31. ebennett7

      Faker! You're not a nice guy. You're greedy like every despicable person

    32. Reign Storm

      This series is so amazing I love your humor keep up the great work👍😃

    33. Nancy Siemen

      So glad I found this tonight!! What a "pick-me-up" after all the nastiness of the last few weeks!!

    34. Melissa De Oliveira Assis

      Tears....so many tears 🥰

    35. Brittany Carey

      Just got here and love it!! ... what kind of people dislike these videos!?!

    36. prateek mohanty

      Jim still acting as john krasinski

    37. bjeanneC

      This is my favorite SGN with the Hamilton gift to Aubrey.

    38. Karilee Gardner

      I love SGN! As a teacher, I appreciate your recognition. Unfortunately, several states, including mine, are already mandating salary and hiring freezes and possibly salary cuts for teachers next year. This is happening because states are taking money from education for small business bailouts.

    39. mloura

      What an awesome, amazing thing to do. Brought a tear to my eye to see the whole cast singing for Aubrey!

    40. I Feast On Poptarts

      haha now, this is epic

    41. Amanda Louw

      Awwww the husband doing hair, restored my faith in humanity 👍💜

    42. Fiona

      Me is crying(happy tears). Love Hamilton. Thank you John Krasinski.

    43. Allyson Cook

      how does he only have 2.5 million subs,I would think would have more

    44. cathy warneski

      Just when I thought I couldn't love John Krasinski more...

    45. Nae

      there were so many airpods in this video wow

    46. lynn james

      Such a fabulous, funny, heart warming project. Not only needed now, but for all time! Thanks Krasinski family. Don’t ever stop!

    47. Moira Martingale


    48. keith Grimley

      the weather report was the best

    49. bnenomore

      Wooow absolutely blown away by that impromptu performance!!! ♡♡♡

    50. Noxious

      Bruh I wish I got so lucky to meet that many celebrities and performers from musicals.

    51. Kira

      Wait a second, a child should not watch Amazon's Jack Ryan! 🤔

    52. Ranscan KNRT

      Just WoW! Loved this

    53. Jana A

      Yes, that is the 10th time I watched Aubrey and her surprise. Yes, that is the 10th time I teared up. Yes, SGN has helped sooth many a soul. Thank you!

    54. Olivia Garrison

      I love the office

    55. Michael Walsh


    56. Erica D

      this made me cry- this is awesome!

    57. Mishka T

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="295">4:55</a> what kind of monstrosity is that?! Texans eat that??? Is that what they consider 'tacos'?!

    58. claudia escobedo

      My favorite thing to watch. But this one made me cry of happiness that was awesome how the cast of Hamilton showed up for her... loved it..

    59. Rylee Bear

      Ok but why did I start crying when the starter singing 😂

    60. Atharva Inamdar

      watching all of them again because i cant get over the fact that its over for now

    61. Rahul Manandhar

      the thing u did that for little girl is amazing.. Just makes u feel alive

    62. Melissa Robinson

      Does anyone know what the background music is called?

    63. Daniel Vaughn

      I'm not a Hamilton fan and I would be lying if I said I knew anything about it. I'm not even a fan of musicals, but the song they song here was AWESOME!!

    64. Steve Westwood

      The mainstream news fights and politicians ruin lives daily but then on here things like this happen. How we let the idiots run the world I will never know.

    65. ronnie millsap

    66. Susan Whiten

      I love this show! Makes my day! John, you’re the best❤️

    67. justech

      Never heard a track from Hamilton until I saw this. I've listened to the soundtrack from the original cast recording about 10 times since then.

    68. Merissa J

      John, this show makes me happy cry with every episode. Thank you.

    69. OkieTeacher

      Y’all! He low key quoted Kelly when she gets mad at Ryan! “I have a question...first of all, how dare you.”

    70. Maria Quinn Greene

      This channel has brought me to tears, made me laugh out loud and uplifted my spirit immensely. Thank you! I Love You John!

    71. Grace Zezeus

      This is such a beautiful act, I love this channel. Thanks so much for making this.:)

    72. Trina Davis

      John, you’re such an amazing human!!!

    73. Red 1921

      Video was awesome up until those guys "singing"?

    74. T Roy

      Man.. I can't keep crying like this! Thanks for doing these!!!

    75. Minglebelle

      thíѕ íѕ ѕσ αwєѕσmє

    76. Pocketwatch Panda

      This show is the best thing ever. It makes me cry, but not of sadness

    77. Fruitable Friends

      ok...so i might have just sang the whole song........i might need help XD (this made my day!!!! :D)

    78. Shamin Juma-Jiwani

      Please send me to New York.....

    79. Shamin Juma-Jiwani

      Great job. We needed SGN!❤❤❤

    80. Menacing Threat

      I love the De Niro cameo😂