ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (Official Music Video)



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    Joylandi 2 yil oldin


    1. Mr. Wrong

      The lion Hearts like this song

    2. Melody World

      I didn't know <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="337">5:37</a> mins could feel like a whole movie specially when my favourite boy is there SINGING

    3. FVM. Jack

      Có ai VN đang xem hem ^^

    4. Omairah Yusop

      Zayn is soooooo damn 🔥

    5. Fatima zahra Dihaji

      This is make me happy

    6. Yiyi Barahona

      Amo está canción es la mejor❤️😍

    7. Sana Khaerunnisa

      Zayn idolizes handsome and amazingly has a good and attractive voice

    8. Tấn Lợi Trần Kim

      Wednesday, May 27, 2020 :'(

    9. Ejla Spahic

      Idk why i love this song everytime i cry because my dog is dead and im scream in hospital "can you hear my scream ,please dont leave me!"😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😖😖(i love you Bendy)

    10. • zella •

      Gosh, I didn't know Zayn sang this!

    11. Spiky 29

      he did settle his own career, as he wanted.... but I miss the old 1D days so much like I'm crying dude those were such good days

    12. Selin

      Zayn have so much talent

    13. Suelen Oliveira

      Te amo amor😍😘

    14. vishnu chaturvedi

      Baby u turn me on Either it's dusk or dawn😊

    15. Ivanilde Ferreira

      Nossa amei😚😙😍

    16. Humaira Shaizad


    17. Halima Hay

      272k dislikes ? Haters? Art's and good Music's Ennemies? Mystère et boule de gomme !

    18. Alex Serge

      насколько крутая песня и насколько никчёмный клип

    19. Rural Youtuber

      I am the #EnglishComment, you😍 were looking❤for?

    20. misieQ

      We're supposed to be... friends forever!

    21. don’t mind me

      baby i’m a reindeer

    22. Royalty Reyna

      Baby I'm a Reindeer!!!!

    23. Krishna singh Khati

      Tiktokers plz don't do lipsing on this song😂😂😂😂

    24. Trúc Đây

      From Tik Tok🙋🏼‍♀️

    25. Dark Mellow

      This is the BEST EVER song I've heard 💕💕 i can't stop hear this song❤️

    26. Prajwal Acharya

      Best ever

    27. Muhammad Ashraf

      Make song like this

    28. Dare Dara

      Make it of, falling love

    29. rinon pro

      I don't care about the date i care about the song

    30. Super_ Dah7

      Это офигенна! Руские вы где?

    31. nitin kenekar

      It was nice song

    32. Martin

      I love this song!

    33. staymran hope

      Почему я всегда реву когда ее слышу 😭💓

    34. Riswan Ciwan

      I hate you broo💔😭😭😭

    35. MT2 Gamer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> good huh

    36. Linh Nguyen

      Có ai người Việt như tao hông🙂

    37. Dexter Bersola

      Why did u leave one direction?

    38. Sarah Ferrazzi


    39. phutip


    40. GeraltMilgrau

      *Kratos caindo* 😢

    41. jaksbam aosnhanzk

      Essa música relaxa a alma, nem sei o significado e canto de qualquer jeito, porém amo😍😍😍😍💗

    42. mickaela albar

      this song is perfect for HESSA

    43. Zquad

      It should be The music video number 1 on UZsel 🔥

    44. Sastika Rahmadani

      Sia and ZAYN You True (Official Video)

    45. Yousef Mohamad Muflehi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> thank me later!!

    46. Toka Osam

      Its unhealthy how many times I listened to this masterpiece

    47. Luiz Carlos


    48. Mrs Rehman

      That highnote of i amhere😇😇😇😇😇😇i am done

    49. Scoops Ahoy


    50. K’s World

      2020 gangg wya?

    51. Testimony Sunday Iyasere

      I'm crying😭can he's anxiety stop, like people need to hear Zayn but he's anxiety holds him back, i want him to promote Icarus Falls seriously 😭

    52. Agatha Sousa

      perfeito até na hora de piscar

    53. Zquad

      Best song ever, it was the best song ever 🤍

    54. Nguyễn Nhân

      From 2077 with porn :(

    55. Márcio José Fortes

      Muito boa

    56. Red wolf

      Too good GG music 😭😭😭

    57. лера закаева

      Кто из рашки


      فين العرب

    59. A random Potato

      It just makes me cry looking at how far zayn has come i- I’ll be crying in my room

    60. Yash Mate


    61. Sogand. swear_

      The way U say :YOU DONT KNOW ME...its just killing me.😍😍😍💙

    62. joão Lima


    63. Uttie

      Dudeeeeee, that's Jemima Kirke. Damn.

    64. _Danai. k_

      2020 ?

    65. Gabrielle Moreira

      Algum brasileiro?

    66. Sabahat Fatima

      Am I the only person who comes here everyday to listen to this song?

      1. ABU QASIM


    67. Goldee


    68. brindisi roca


    69. You Tube

      Let's be honest................. this is everyone's all time favourite. Quarantine made us to get back to our favourite tracks. And we all just don't even care in which year we are listening we just keep on listening.

      1. Syed Amaan

        quarantine you mean?

    70. Armando Sanchez

      2020 bebé

    71. Armando Sanchez

      Zayn logro muchas cosas

    72. Awilda Monteiro

      Sia's voice is overpowering

    73. David Gomes

    74. IcePrinCess22

      I don't understand why there are such less likes??????

    75. helio cunha

      Sia and zayn

    76. moh ameerr


    77. proud to be an muslim islam

      Tell me zayn malik is atheist.

    78. Youssef Oueslati

      i dont like zayn but this is a good song

    79. Sanaullah Sajjad

      Anyone listening in 2020?