When the voice doesn't match the rapper



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    When the voice doesn't match the rapper

    Joylandi 7 kun oldin


    1. loveliveserve

      Follow us on IG: @rhino_ @noahboat_ 🔥 Which rapper you want to see next?

      1. Glitchy_ Slayer

        It mf sounds like a fly

      2. PrettyboiRo

        Rod wave

      3. Naverne Moore


      4. S B

        Travis Scott

      5. Nick

        how to roll a blunt tutorial

    2. Jaden Nickel

      This is just a video over lil uzi ft playboi carti

    3. MS - 08DC - Allan Drive MS (1468)

      Everybody gangsta until spongebob’s squeaky shoes start rapping

    4. Swervoo Joseph

      Nobody: mosquitos🦟

    5. Jerefigueroa Beatz

      This is gonna be my alarm

    6. Vkfeow Kids-cmv-ko

      Song is “4 Da Trap” by 645AR. Y’all may know just for the ones that don’t know.

    7. Epix_X

      All I heard was 'memensudn sjxnei dick dkd nhi did pussy sjdbdn mnam cjsidnxb xnn

    8. Jay Beast

      What song is this pls?

    9. KemeticGodBeAtz


    10. 313doughboy 48209

      I thought he was gon have high voice but this is..... ion even know😂😂😂😂😂

    11. Redeemable

      When a mosquito gets in their feelings

    12. Gucci preme

      what’s the song called tho?? anyone know

    13. Lost is a qt

      This is 4 da trap by 645AR cause apparently y’all think it’s actually him

    14. Jzrel ok

      The new playboi carti

    15. wireless_ rafael

      When you can’t afford auto tune so you use helium

    16. GUZEE 37 GM

      Do a roxxane in class

    17. Nigward

      That rat when he finally gets caught in the trap.

    18. rainzy

      Song starts at 2:49 thank me later

    19. tori the cool producer

      when you put a youtube video on 1.25 speed

    20. Nathan Daniels

      Interviewer: How long have you been rapping for? Me: *Stares menacingly* Interview: uh cool

    21. Anime Z

      The song is 4 Da Trap

    22. Augmxnted

      I thought the name sounded cool.....

    23. damaged. potato

      Sounds like he getting his balls tied into a balloon animal😂

    24. peppa pig

      They actually got pacman da gunman to get on this vid

    25. Joshua Siler

      I ain't goin cap that song 🔥😂

    26. Mrhamburger Idid


    27. Its Dallas Lowe

      Yo I was not expecting that voice😂

    28. Awesome Cow

      Lmfaooooo. 645ar

    29. Big boy Beilly

      When did the creator of Kirby start a rapping career?

    30. Thereal DUB

      Am I the only one that thought he was rod wave for a second

    31. Jhon Doe

      Y’all got me fucking crying

    32. Hiroshi Streamer

      What’s the name of the song???

    33. Skr iptic Memes

      I think this man made the ee- eer inside of the box.

    34. Ligma_lion 1520

      Why is this kinda fire tho

    35. Try Every

      Nobody: *Mosquito on the Beat*

    36. Xavier Washington

      That song was fire do

    37. ObscureIV

      When your friend gets shrunken and he tryna tell u how.

    38. Legacy Javin


    39. WiLfred


    40. Sleezy Sleezy

      Why does that sound like b slime 😂😂😂

    41. J Hezzy

      Nobody: The gym floors when a basketball game is going on:

    42. Blizzy Ninja

      Song: 4 da trap by 645ar

    43. jayden crawford

      On the coo it’s fire 😂

    44. DungeonDummy

      Captions can’t even guess what he says

    45. xXMLG_TSHWXx


    46. Destroyer _playz

      When you just got a whopping and tryna talk

    47. big daddy

      Ay why tf yall playin wit pac name family. Yall wrong asf and I cant believe he'd agree to sum bs like this. Ain't even funny and this video dont do shit for you or him just stupid 😴 stop playin on pacs name

    48. donovan glisson

      nobody: 645 AR: I remember those days I ain't have no racks (Yeah) I remember those days I ain't have no stacks You want respect, go get you a stat Three dicks on me, ya ho know where one at I'm double down 'cause I ain't goin' like that My niggas got dirty birds and they shoot with that MAC Made a check off a voice for my niggas in the trap (Yeah) [Verse] These niggas late and they tryna ride my wave Got me a check, now these hoes wanna get saved Ooh-ooh-ooh, I'ma go get the money, I don't know about you (Ooh-ooh-ooh) Ooh-ooh-ooh, my niggas bang red but I love the blue (Ooh-ooh-ooh) Hammer on me and these niggas, they be nails Quickdraw shit, that Glick slow his heart down like a snail (Yeah) All yo potnas pussy, if y'all get caught, y'all gon' tell I could never rat, I would rather go to Hell I can't sleep, don't got no heart just like my Glick (Like my Glick) Came up from nothin', I turned them rags into them riches Them racks is on me, I remember them days they was my wishes Came a long way, I had to stay down, I was ambitious [Chorus] I remember those days I ain't have no racks (Yeah) I remember those days I ain't have no stacks You want respect, go get you a stat Three dicks on me, ya ho know where one at I'm double down 'cause I ain't goin' like that My niggas got dirty birds and they shoot with that MAC Made a check off a voice for my niggas in the trap (Yeah)

    49. Ben

      645ar 😂

    50. Just here To comment yuh

      I knew it will be this song

    51. Kingbaby Kingbaby

      The beat was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 tho

    52. Just here To comment yuh


    53. ColdXxdemonx

      Bro wtf this shit got copyrighted

    54. Prezton Syrup

      Eat your cereal

    55. Rizzo Rustamov

      I can't stop watching thisss

    56. Maliyah Williams

      This man Spitting rhymes his rhyme hit hard

    57. saajidos doritos

      When you mess with Alvin the chipmunk

    58. Lakoh

      I actually really liked that song. Can you put that on Spotify, Honest!?!?

    59. RuthlessToadBoii Lol

      What song is that bro. I actually kinda like it

    60. Manuel Stracener

      It sounds like a fart tho aka my farts lol silent but deadly