We Never Expected This to Happen... | Biltmore Hotel

Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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    Sam and Colby go to the most haunted hotel in florida, the biltmore hotel and stay overnight in the presidential suite with Jake Webber and Corey scherer.
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    1. Sam and Colby

      sorry we are late for the post! but text us to know when the next episode goes up!! (913)285-8687 LETS GET 100K LIKES!

      1. Shenny Hurtado

        Sam and Colby it won't let me talk to you

      2. sunnywoozi

        y’all pls upload

      3. Julia Fides

        I think Jake is in denial because of fear. Give him a hug for me.

      4. DaFlick God

        Sam and Colby yes amazing I’ve been waiting for so long

      5. Kenya De santiago


    2. Daniel Howe

      When the camera shut-off there was a figure

    3. G Donald

      Damn bad boys was filmed there

    4. Omg Beans

      Jake and Sam are forgetting the time that piano went off when they were doing midnight man ritual.

    5. April& Anna

      Am I the only one who in the intro with the first psychic lady heard her voice get kinda denonic

    6. Beach_ Buz


    7. FuzzyChicken Gamer

      I’m telling my kids that this was Scooby Doo and his gang

    8. Brianna Ackley

      Hey i love yiu

      1. Brianna Ackley

        Hey i love you hope you guys okay you guys I'm like like my biggest fan I don't know what to do I only watch you scary things

    9. Fly Star1

      People who dislike said dis-I-like

    10. Annika Salwender

      no one: corey: i HaVe So MuCh ChIlLs RiGhT nOw

    11. no name

      i definitely agree with Jake. 😂 yeah these things happen but Earth itself is very very old, things happen that are weird but if ghosts were real wouldn’t dinosaurs be stepping all over us? there’s been so many species of animals that come and go and you would be seeing them along with human spirits. you guys have said in videos before that you “saw” animals “spirits” so you would see about a billion other spirits all at once. it’s not real. there’s just no way it can be. sorry but just my opinion.

    12. no name

      i definitely agree with Jake. 😂 yeah these things happen but Earth itself is 460 billion years old, things happen that are weird but if ghosts were real wouldn’t dinosaurs be stepping all over us? you guys have said in videos before that you “saw” animals “spirits” so you would see about a billion other spirits all at once. it’s not real. there’s just no way it can be. sorry but just my open

    13. Itzsinead Boo

      So idk if it’s works but I was with my friends and we were bored so we made a ouija bored and played but nothing happened so we stopped and now I this zozo is following us one night I hear whispering in my eye when I was alone and we left the house at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a>AM and I got a faint picture of a very disturbing face following us what do I do 😰

    14. Gladys Hiraldo

      Fortex in the alobetor

    15. Agera Gaming

      Forward it to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="658">10:58</a> and see Corey's eyes. They're red

    16. Upchatzz Tv

      That close up of Colby with his thumb up is gonna be a popular meme in a month or so

    17. Mia Martinez

      Go to the most haunted place in NEW MEXICO plzzzz

    18. Sophia Havey

      I saw the shadow he was talking about I was freaking out

    19. Seth Turova

      The alivator has the mirror facing each other

    20. Aubrey Vaughan

      like can you like not edit the seance so we can actually hear it?

    21. XxRaGexX Games and more

      You can't do another one I think cus of y'know what

    22. Katy Loates

      I have a bigger lip cut its everywhere 😫

    23. Strawberry Cactus

      That tooth might be...from the person that died there,i dont know its just my thinking😳

    24. snoiky boi

      Idk why but when i watch youre vids i get sleep paralisis

    25. Swoop

      No hate on the group but it feels like no one respects jake when he is calm about the situation but if all of them were like jake it would be find because there not freaking out also jake is all hyped about these things but he is calm when there is something happening

    26. jung kook

      maybe that fat man fell when you heard the thud lmao

    27. Jaeden ?

      Sam and Colby I am unable to contact due to the fact that I am from Australia. Its very sad but I hope I can talk to you in a different way :)

    28. Arling Ampuero

      i think its good to have a skeptic in the group, its like a disney highschool friend group. you need different type of people to make this show the shit, and so far it is the shit!

    29. Anon ZR

      Did nobody notice the disembodied voice at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="560">9:20</a> ?

    30. millie Hibbert

      Jake could just be trying to make himself seem tough coz he could feel that it makes him feel weak to show that he's scared but its ok to be scared but i dont knoe jake personally so i could be wrong

    31. Refused Plays

      Any body else remember black dhalia

    32. Adapt_Dubs *

      I added the number and they no respond I feel lonely 😞

    33. scott 0010

      Stop adding sound that not the real one It really hard to tract

    34. Katlyn McKane

      i liked and commet and subscribed sam and colby videos

    35. Wolfie The BEaST

      In my kitchen I have this ghost named chris and he keeps on moving the chairs in r kitchen...it happens ever day. More so during the night then the day and it happened ever since I met my friend 1 year ago and I also hear creaks and doors open but my house is also old so...

    36. Gacha Panda_NI

      Anyone realize the face on the top left of the left couch when they were doing the thingue🥺👉👈

    37. Keenan Brenning

      I signed up!

    38. Carla Ash


    39. Hey It’s me

      the editing scares me more than anything

    40. koolkidplays

      Every single time they say listen I think i hear something for a second and then realize that they have music then

    41. Max Da Human

      If Its not Sam and coby anymore cant you call it the mystery finder...

    42. Jose Salas

      A soccer ball was going to hit me I stopped and the kids were scared

    43. Dylan Roberts

      I searched this up and this guy was a founder of coral gables and there were At a loud party on the 13th floor of the hotel(that were you were at), a gangster named Thomas "Fatty" Walsh was shot and killed by another gangster. That murder yielded a lot of ghost rumors over the years. Maybe that was the teeth that was talking about the teeth that you found I can't get the rest of the page and maybe a dude went to the graves and put the tooth on there deaths.

    44. Zoey Tisdale

      I see things similar to the shadow man but I thought it was my grandpa since he’s tall. But what I see is a tall man with a hat and a little pale kid holding his hand. I normally see him watching me but this has been happening since I was 7. I woke up and couldn’t move and they started walking towards me saying it’s okay. I’m now 13 so I got used to them. But lately they have been getting aggressive. They have been dropping stuff and opening my closet door. I sage the house with my mom and ever since I started saging it’s gotten worse. They start taping the walls and shaking my closet door. I don’t know what to do. My. mom always says she sees a tall figure walking to my room and in the kitchen. In my room I do have to mirrors facing each other. One time I was facing away from the big mirror trying to sleep normally I face it. Then I though I heard my grandma pull my blanket and call my name when I turned around no one was there. When I asked her about it she said she was using the bathroom.I’m starting to get scared.idk what to do. If anyone has suggestions please comment.

    45. Ruth Fenton

      From <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="222">3:42</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> Its dumb Jake. ԾㅂԾ And also Jake is just showing the camera the tooth and when they hear a noise they jump up but Jake still has a grasp on that tooth. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="716">11:56</a> Jake those lips were pooped out for awhile O.O

    46. Kaycie Carver

      i love their videos but when they like try to talk to demons or tell them like try to get evidence whenever something happens they flip out like the small noises too they kinda act like they weren’t expecting it and did ask the spirits to give them signs idrk if anyone else agrees but just my opinion

    47. Yayo

      Hey guys pause the video on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1026">17:06</a> and you could clearly see the shadow behind the certains.

    48. Altxelt

      I feel they do much edits sometimes, is what makes me stand with Jake. Like all the music in the background makes me think the sounds can be easily added. I just want plain silence at the moment to hear what they actually are hearing at the moment. Like at some parts i do belive is all real, at others i think it can just be set up or edited. Don't get me wrong, sick edits, but at serious moments maybe just let it be raw with the awkward silence waiting to hear something and don't add music or effects.

    49. Karsen H

      Sam and Colby I hear like scratching on my blinds last night and my TV and it gets me to chills and up as I touched it. Police radio comments down below

    50. Christina Saavedra

      have you heard of the bridgeworm

    51. Micaela Galtieri

      I honestly couldn't hear anything. Specially when they tell us to listen.... nothing. Am I the only one?!?!?!

    52. Tassie Scott

      You guys should stop playing background music when you do the paranormal activity stuff 🙃🙃

    53. Nevaeh gacha life youtuber

      Cool how do text you

    54. Pizza bite

      if the teeth where by the graves that probley means that their dead like thats theirs or something but the tooth in the holtel is probley the person that got shot in the room

    55. Leizel Nicah Gelotin

      I dunno if you saw the faces in the wall while their doing tne seance there's the man your talking about .. we see it me and my sister just check it out.

    56. Aiden Wilson

      Zozo is the most active and the worst demon to contact if he moves a ouija board say goodbye and get a priest to protect your house this is from experience from my old house and im pretty sure he followed us to my new house

    57. Jennifer Bailey

      They Mess With You Think About It

    58. Jennifer Bailey

      Every Single Time You Go Somewhere They Make You Scared

    59. ix. mxoon

      Listen and pay attention to their faces. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="584">9:44</a> who did that?

    60. Jennifer Bailey

      The Shadow Man Is Messing With Corey

    61. spidey 120

      Yo Colby where u get your boots at dawg? Those boots are Nice!

    62. Lauren Simon

      When they laugh before doing the seance there’s a weird creepy laugh. I think it may be editing though 🧐

    63. Exodus Parker

      what if that gangster that died must have had an eye on someone in the group and I'm just saying this out of the blue, maybe just maybe the shadow man showed up to show that Corey is his and only his to play with.

    64. Mikayla Arnett

      Them: getting on the sofa, talking to the ghosts Me: waiting for something to happen Them: still sitting there Me: gets scared cuz the music and thinks it was the piano *hides under covers*

    65. Brianna Paris

      did anyone else notice the two finger (I think fingers) prints on the mirror at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="427">7:07</a>

    66. Rebecca Heltzel

      When they are doing a séance Jake is like ._. what ever

      1. Rebecca Heltzel

        When the Piano plays

    67. Gary Jones

      In the Elevator I saw a Vortex

    68. ྉ ღCloudღ ྉ

      Ok so what was weird that at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="693">11:33</a> I heard loud muffled talking so rewinded it and then it wasnt there the second time and each time I did that it still wasnt there

    69. Ashley Hernandez

      Are we not going to talk about how They left the Door Open at the End, No...Ok

    70. {machida} }

      maybe if there was no music we would here the noises love ur vids

    71. Funny_155 _crib

      Guys stop commenting about the jake thing there is already like 100 and more comments about it we don’t need to have more like damn

    72. Keira H

      The dousing rods also actually help find water, my dad usses them when he works, not for paranormal or anything, just for work. and he even likes paranormal things. he watched shane dawsons ghost videos with me. so he kinda knows that its not meant for energy or ghosty bois. its for water and stuff like that. :/

    73. Jordyn Lemoine

      did anyone see the shadow or it was just me

    74. Latina Sister

      The part where Corey saw the shadow man behind the curtain and started freak out and not listening to jake is wrong if u guys want to prove ur self tht ghost are real then u have to go check out and see so u guys could know because it doesnt make sense if u are running away from the stuff thts happening like jake for example wants to check out nd see if its real

    75. Best of The worst

      I love that jakes “joking all the time” He’s the goddamn comic relief

    76. Lucy Jones

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1070">17:50</a> did they seriously just leave their room door open when they are “in trouble”

    77. NJ Meyer

      Idk if it is just me but I feel like I see a silhouette of a shadow in front of Corey during the seance

    78. romeo acosta

      When Corey saw the shadow by the curtain I saw it and I went back to see it again and I didn’t see it

    79. Alyssa Ortiz

      4;00 through 4;05 the light on the camera goes off and on

    80. Jaden Freqt

      so we j gon act like they ain pick up a rando tooth