Top 20 Funniest Comedians Of The Century (So Far)

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    These are the leaders of comedy's new era. For this list, we'll be ranking the funniest, most popular and influential comedians of the modern era. Our countdown includes Jerry Seinfeld, Trevor Noah, Sarah Silverman, Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, and more! Did YOUR favorite comedian make the list? Let us know in the comments!
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    Joylandi Oy oldin



      Which comedian of the last 20 years do you think is the funniest?!

      1. Sabrinajoel96

        Gabriel Iglesias

      2. Jarrad Lavoie

        For me it's between John Mulaney, Demetri Martin or Patrice O'Neal

      3. KeyserSoze26B

        Chappelle, Bill Burr, Dave Attell, Louie CK, Daniel Tosh, Theo Von, Patrice Oneal (rip), Greg Giraldo (rip), Mitch Hedberg (rip), Rock, Jim Jefferies is pretty good, Heart is good but way overrated but doesnt mean hes not good, Jeselnick(*spelling) pretty funny, Joey Diaz, Aziz pretty good, tons of others I cant remember right now LAST CENTURY (CARLIN, PRYOR) G.O.A.T.S!

      4. KeyserSoze26B

        MLG GAMER you have never heard of Sebastian, Aziz or BILL BURR??? Do you even watch comedy? Any opinion of yours is just useless if you havent even heard of Bill Burr And your asking for a list of obscure comics??? How F-ing ironic is that?? Especially because that means we could put Bill Burr on your obscure comics list then haha. Your comment is a joke and made me laugh so you would be on my obscure comic list...

      5. KeyserSoze26B

        Volaire Larp how do you list rogan and bert kreischer and not Tom Segura? Tom is the funniest one out of those 3. Bert is ok but getting kind of old and trying too hard and rogan is just waaaaay overrated . He has a great podcast but his comedy is not good at all. If he didnt have his name out there in so many other things hes done over the years, I doubt he would even be a name in comedy

    2. Patrick Lawrence

      where are the British comedians: Michael Macintyre, Russel Howard, Jack Whitehall.

    3. McWeeney 23

      This list is only putting comedy in America. If you would mention the UK you probably would have Jimmy Carr, Peter Kay and Lee Evans on this list. Comedy is subjective, but this is something else.

    4. total23

      CK at #10 is a travesty. Maybe you guys should stick to movies/tv

    5. Jonathan Tonna

      No. 1 - Billy Connoly No. 2 - Dave Chapelle No. 3 - Bill Hicks No 4 - Robin Williams No. 5 - Patrice O'Neill Thumbs up if you think my list is more credible than watchmojo's Top 20 Social Justice Warriors of the century (so far). PS; women are not top 20 of anything

    6. jupiter M

      I agree... with the comment section. Chappelle's on top and Chris knows that.

    7. Joe Jackson

      If Trevor Noah is on this list then Jon Stewart should definitely be on here and be top 10. And why is Tiffany Haddish on here? Wanda Sykes is funnier than her. Wheres Gabriel Iglesias, Tom Segura and Joe Koy

    8. Joe Jackson

      This list sux. Bo Burnham is not funny, he's annoying. Julia Louis dryfus!? Seriously? Top 20? Kevin Hart should be top 5 at least and so should Bill Burr. John Mulaney is a little high. Dave Chappelle is #1 hands down

    9. MD1031 Goalie

      What about Fluffy and Jeff Dunham

    10. Tyler Snyder

      Where's Norm McDonald? He's still holding nothing back, telling some of the funniest " edgiest " and truest jokes you'll hear today. He's not afraid to say the things that need to be said while hiding his high IQ with the most ridiculous seemingly incoherent stories. You never see the punchline coming with norm McDonald. I suppose he probably didn't make even an honorable mention because SNL fired him for refusing to bend to their liberal agenda. Much lesser comedians would compromise themselves , but they told him multiple times to stop the Michael Jackson OJ Simpson and Clinton jokes but he wouldn't be silenced. He was probably the best weekend update host they have ever or will ever have, but of course SNL is nothing but a shameless liberal cesspool these days anyways. I don't know what kind of mainstream media he's involved with these days, but the fact that his career survives and people still talk about him should say something. He's not really working any less that most of the 90's comedians who made this list, I know that can't be why.

      1. Rapolas Bielskis

        He's just not mainstream, so no suprise mojo hasnt even mentioned him. That's the best thing about Norm, he wouldnt even want to be on this list

    11. Joan Benso

      Katy didn't even get a honorable mention??

      1. Joan Benso

        Katt. Eff auto spell

    12. Tryxsster Tryxsster

      where the hell is fluffy ?!

    13. Scott Leonhart

      I love WatchMojo, but this list was tragic. How the hell is Bo Burnham on the list and Iliza Schesinger isn't?

    14. Graham Hancock

      How the he'll is Jim jeffries not on this list.

    15. Henry’s Review's

      Tig nitaro is hilarious

    16. GiA M.

      Patton Oswalt is a great story teller, very funny.

    17. Nate Austin

      No one even brings up Daniel Tosh???

    18. Jotsaroop Singh

      Chapelle is definitely higher than Chris Rock, no Jon Stewart??

    19. Adiel Carcasses

      This list is kinda dumb because there’s many different types of comedy, and they’re being pitted against each other. There’s writing (for tv shows, movies, or sketch shows), there’s stand-up comedy, there’s improv comedy, there are comedians who only do roasts, etc. You couldn’t compare Ryan Stiles (mostly improv) to Tina Fey (mostly writer) and Dave Chapelle (mostly stand-up) and rank them. It’s better to just have separate lists. Also, Dave Chapelle is most definitely the biggest comedian of the century so far.

    20. Juan Pepe

      This shit so damn wrong

      1. Juan Pepe

        Like it is a fucking INSULT

    21. Sabrinajoel96

      This list is traaaash. How do you not have Gabriel Iglesias?!! Wtf watchmojo??

    22. dasho zohan

      Trevor Noah should should bring in top10 come one

    23. humanmaneater19

      I’ve never seen a watchmojo list so poorly put together lol

    24. Santiago Rojas

      trevor noah is not funny, at all, nor the daily show is better than ever, he is no where near as funny and critical as jon stewart.

    25. BoxOfGlox

      John Mulaney is not funny.

    26. Mackenzie Stillson

      Am I the only one that thinks there’s a big difference between comedians and actors in a comedy? Like some of these actors on this list just feel like they should be on a different list

    27. Befuddler

      JLD and Larry David are NOT comedians. They are comedic actors and there is a big damn difference.

    28. dikobrazpaul

      Tig? Notaro?! Are you serious. If i dont see patton oswalt, george lopez, and about 10000 other comedians ahead of notaro this list is full of dog sh!t. Notaro, forget about comedians, is the unfunniest human ever born. Oh you better not leave louie ck out!

    29. Nathan Watson

      Joe Rogan, Tom Segura, Bert Kreisher, Maria Bamford, Jimmy Carr, Kyle Kinane, all are actual comedians and all are funnier than 90% of the people on this list... i mean Tig? come on now

    30. Nathan Watson

      "you are the weakest link... goodbye"

    31. robert humphrey

      lost me when sara silverman was ahead of Louis CK

    32. നⱤ❶لⵙકᕦpꜧلⵙꜧn

      Top 30 Comedians of All - Time IMO (So faq off) Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy Dave Chappelle George Carlin Robin Williams Ralphie May Louis C.K. Chris Rock Bryan Callen Bill Burr Joe Rogan Lewis Black Ricky Gervais Kevin Hart Nick DiPaolo Rodney Dangerfield Tom Segura John Mulaney Aziz Ansari Jim Gaffigan Kumail Nanjiani Gabriel Iglesias Patton Oswalt Tim Allen Trevor Noah Jeff Dunham Dave Attell Jerry Seinfeld Bo Burnham Bert Kreischer (you wish you were # 4 buddy)

    33. jerry graham

      Doug Stanhope!

    34. FamineGaming

      No Fluffy? No Dane mother$#^*@×% cook? Terrible list please redo.

    35. Austin Cosman

      Bill Burr at number 7???

    36. Orion Pallo

      Trevor Noah, really, are you sure about that?

    37. borat grabs a lemon 09131995

      More like top 20 stand up comedians.

    38. Akshay Padmashali

      Even Chris Rock will say dave Chappelle is better... Actually he did

    39. Jacob McCoy

      At number 17 Trevor Noah at number one watch mojo plays because that’s funnier than any joke he’s ever told.

    40. Mario Madyun

      Watchmojo normally does a good job and I click on a lot of their respective content, but this list just isn't true. As it continued my eyebrows continously raised n I kept uttering "really".

    41. KeyserSoze26B

      Mitch Hedberg = LEGEND R.I.P.

    42. KeyserSoze26B

      If Bill Burr, Dave Attell, (and probably wont put Louie CK on here) then the list is a shame (knowing Chappelle will be on here and if hes not, then the person or persons who made this list should definitely be fired). Would be cool if they had Theo Von and Daniel Tosh too but I’m sure they wont have them on here. (And if Patrice Oneal and Greg Giraldo were still here they should be on this list as well)

    43. KeyserSoze26B

      Trevor Noah...really? 20 best comedians of the century? “The Daily Show has never been funnier” really? But really though...? Its levellls worse since Jon Stewart left

    44. Franco Macagno Grifasi

      Worst top ever, not good at all.

    45. Kathleen Gale

      sad that amy poehler and andy samberg didn’t make the list

    46. Mamu

      Seems so many people disagreed to this list

    47. JerrellKnight54

      No will farrell

    48. Bryson Alexander

      So no Martin, Eddie Murphy, Chris tucker, Bernie mac, red foxx or Richard?? This list is bullshit!!!

    49. Steven Willis

      I can't stand Silverman.

    50. GiA M.

      I usually enjoy your top 10 or 20 lists. However, I think you fell short with this one. There are people on this list who are not that funny at all. Plus, you failed to include some the top funniest people of the past 20 years such as, Wanda Sykes, Russell Peters, Amy Schumer, Chris Tucker. By the way, even Chris Rock has publicly admitted that Dave Chappelle is funnier than he is. Let me help you with your next funniest comedians of the past 20 years by starting a new list. 1. Dave Chappelle, 2. Chris Rock, 3. Katt Williams, 4. Kevin Hart, 5. Jerry Seinfeld, 6. Russell Peters, 7. Joe Koy, 8. Trevor Noah, 9. Sebastian Maniscalo, 10. Gabriel Iglesias, fluffy! 😂😂

    51. Ayla Gregg

      Rob Delaney,?

    52. Ayla Gregg

      Bill hicks ?

    53. aeh aesadf

      Where is John Oliver?!

    54. Griffin Almes

      If we are being honest there’s at least a handful of comics on this list that I wouldn’t even put as funny. And you’re leaving out guys like Gabriel iglasies, Burt krischner , and Daniel tosh.( I know I butchered the spelling )

    55. Sebastian Cawsey

      Where was Fluffy?

    56. toobasaurus23

      This list is far too American centric and too few women. Where's Jim Jeffries, Daniel Sloss, Dylan Moran, Iliza Schlesinger, Jen Kirkman? They do comedy in the rest of the world, you know. Plus, Chappelle should be #1!

    57. MrAnjelorion

      Um.. Adam Sandler?

    58. Mahmood Mahmood

      Chappelle over Chris for me.

    59. Lady Dyke Vader

      This list shows you know some good comedians but stand up as an art form isn't your interest. You passed it on the street, don't know it personally. It felt very random. Edit: but people shitting on that list forget comedy is subjective and maybe you had a weird criteria or something, because one comment want to throw out who other wanted higher...

    60. Lan Erjavec

      Jimmy carr plays golf

    61. Manny Alvarez

      Lewis Black and Jon Stewart? Huge misses there.

    62. 1sotheary

      I know comedy is very subjective, but this list? Jesus.

    63. 1sotheary

      At least half the people on your list have no business being on the list.

    64. Michael Mitchell

      sebastian maniscalco but no Anthony Jeselnik, he has tv show, podcast and multiple specials that crushed.And Nick Kroll over Ricky Gervais if we are talking last decade. No Any Schumer, movies, standup, directing, writing TV, Podcast.

    65. Michael Mitchell

      Louie CK would have been #1 if not for scandal, he was just killing it. Also not mention of Kevin Harts like 3 scandals in last few years. I mean dont mention them but if your going to don't pick and choose.

    66. Bender Rodriguez

      Is this more of a stand-up comedian list? Because I didn't see Will Ferrell

      1. Lady Dyke Vader

        Comedian doesn't mean comedy actors. Two very different things hun

    67. Seshayn Anea

      This list was the most weaksauce shit, even for watchmojo

    68. Akele Jeffrey

      When I saw Trevor Noah,I knew this list was gonna be shit,Amy Schumer and Trevor Noah are on par in Hilarity, they just awful, Tiffany Haddish is just soooooooo annoying

    69. sandri josifi

      Wtf was this list. You're telling me that Jim Carry isn't one of the best comedians ever

    70. Isabella Roberti

      A good chunk of this list needs to be me too’d

    71. Špela Koštrun

      This is completely US-centered. No Brits, for example, and way too few women!

      1. Lady Dyke Vader

        Ricky would disagree with his British arse.

    72. Ethan Gillig

      Uhhhhhhhh, where tf is Robin Williams

    73. Chimagic

      Hahahahaha who compiled this list? Tina Fey number 3? Tiffany haddish made a list of top 20? Louie CK only at 11... Chris rock over Dave chappelle? No Katt Williams?!? These ppl are drunk... tbh the way it was going i thought they’d give number one to that Carmichael lad

    74. Doc-Rob1989

      Y'all were smoking crack when you made this list half of these people don't belong anywhere near this list

    75. Antony Kiema

      No katt williams? Bill burr should be top 5!

      1. Kurtis Brooks

        @Ernest Holloway Cosby?

      2. Antony Kiema

        @Ernest Holloway He lucky millions find him funny unlike most of the comedians on this list.

      3. Ernest Holloway

        Katt Williams are u kidding me. He lucky anyone finds him funny. Bill should be on this list.

      4. Kurtis Brooks

        Katt Williams!!! ... THAT'S MY SH!T!!!!!

    76. Hey Y'all Scott Here

      Who is Tiffany Haddish

    77. Frank

      Bill Burr is 7? Oh great Ricky Gervais is 2 ahead of Bill Burr I hate this!

    78. Menguzelie Chadi

      Gabriel iglesias

    79. Rob

      1. Every clip shown for chris rock was before the 21st century 2. Dave Chappelle should be number 1 3. You didn't even put Gabriel Fucking Iglesias. I was honestly surprised 1 wasn't fucking Amy Schumer because watch mojo is so fucking stupid

    80. Theth Keo

      No i dont