The Try Guys Become TikTokers For A Week ft. Noen Eubanks

The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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    We tried becoming #TikTokers for the week with some help from our friend #Noen! Check him out on #TikTok (@noeneubanks) and follow our brand new TikTok account!
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    1. Lucasj6x

      NOOO! Eugene, don't do it!!! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1692">28:12</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1696">28:16</a>

    2. Kathryn Obert

      I only got 3 likes on my best tik tok

    3. maria jose castillo

      noen is s o d o n e

    4. Len Dora

      I felt it deep in mah s0ul when Eugene said "n0t like this... n0t like this..."

    5. Diana J

      None is so gorgeous I’m sorry

    6. zhaun wong

      Please kill tiktok

    7. Eileen Lim

      the tiktok guy looks a bit like billie eilish

    8. Scarlette Diever

      Beaty gurus are astonished at how good Noen's blush looks. Wait, he wasn't wearing blush?

    9. Karma_g

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="983">16:23</a> Rachel sitting in the Background so casuel bc thats just how her daily life looks like

    10. XxDIY rookiexX

      You know when you feel embarrassed. But it's not even you.....

    11. RaZia Playz

      The chain of events after watching this vid: Go To Tik Tok; I Get Lost In For You Page; Remember I Was Going To @thetryguys Tik Tok; Gets Lost In For You Page Again; Finally Goes To @thetryguys; Notices only 5 Tik Toks; My reaction; WTF THAT TOOK ME 2 HOURS AND THERES NOTHING HERE! WHAT DID I EXPECT!! This took place at about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="143">2:23</a> pm. I was browsing through Tik tok for 2 hours .......

    12. random person

      *falls over*

    13. underlapped

      I have such a crush on Noen bruh

    14. jamie gonnga

      did anybody else notice the dog curling up behind Eugene at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="825">13:45</a>? Its pretty hard to miss. regardless, it's cute as fuck.

    15. Angela Alfonso

      My Opinion: Teenage Ned could be a famous Tik Toker

    16. Dog Cook

      Eugene goes into director mode🤣.

    17. Santana Deo

      Kieth must be an Avanger, he's mouth can save universe from Thanos Invasion😂✌️

    18. Gacha Mochi

      I never actually knew how adorable noen was until now he’s such a shy bean so adorable🥺❤️

    19. Cayden

      I’m cringing on the inside

    20. Melina Schwehn

      When i see noen i remember why i hate tiktok and the people who using it

    21. Nadeisha Molina

      Blah blah blah, joke joke joke , commentary

    22. Oreo_ Boi223

      Why does noen look so uncomfortable here lol-

    23. aRMy got no jams

      Noen backwards is neon lol

    24. aRMy got no jams


    25. CEO of sleepy

      Tbh sometimes it's not great having a lot more followers than your friends bc they start asking if you bought them and stuff like that :(

    26. Mistress Lemur

      I tried to scroll when some of Noen’s videos ended.... I forgot I was watching UZsel.

    27. proudblackjynx

      Did you know that tik tok releases user data to the Chinese government? Did you know it suppresses vids of ugly, fat, impoverished, and disabled people?? Did you know it censors anyone speaking out against their government??? You people should do your research! People who still use tik tok even knowing this should be ashamed of themselves!!

    28. Alyssa Kim


    29. Marie Hardwick

      We’re all people please don’t be mean 🥺idek who he is but I uwued

    30. FluffyGhost

      Professional eboy equired

    31. k8nna


    32. Joana Aragão

      noen is so handsome it hurts me

    33. Anastasia Larkova

      Lord, I always knew that Noen is very cute, beautiful and funny. He is an ideal ticker.

    34. francisca ramirez

      The anyone???? Reminded me of the scene in cat in the hat

    35. preetisoni debidutta

      Same here.i don't get tiktok .Neither I make videos nor I watch😅.Is it a crime not to watch it

    36. abbie kriskey

      noen: i know some people who post 12 times a day and three of them are the same song same dance different outfit different place. my man noen do be calling out charli and addison

    37. emperor-chipotle

      before i started watching you guys i saw the claire video and i was so confused 😭

    38. Amanda Starr Morgan

      The girl in the back is so over it lol.

    39. eva testini

      Ned's voice sounds like he is drunk 😂🤩

    40. Jungkookie

      My favorites all in one video is this heaven

    41. Michelle Lim

      I started watching Try Guys recently and was surprised to hear Zach blurt out more curse words than the other guys. :O

    42. Em Reese

      The guy who had 30m views giving tips to try guys? What are kids watchung these days?!

    43. kyouya kun

      If you put a girl wig on Neon, he would be hotter than your mama

    44. 『Kawaii Boba』

      I'm do sleep deprived I almost tried opening a new phone to open tiktok

    45. Annica Wilkie

      Noen was such a adorable and nervous been the entire time

    46. britking

      Tryguys get huge chunk of revenue from UZsel. Eugene: I don't watch UZsel UZsel: Um... yeah

    47. Meaghan Mahoney

      Eugene: If I were a young hot teen... Me: Wait... you’re not?

    48. Anne-Sophie G.-N.

      he is soooooooo beautiful holy shit

    49. emma robinson

      All those things you said about being in high school is true. Lots of us feel unpopular especially when you don’t have social media platforms like Tik Tok

    50. Hmoob Yeebyajduab Channel

      Noen looks like he literally doesn’t want to be there 😂😂

    51. Cindy Lopez

      i like how Ned is surprised about anyone being viral on tiktok when its pretty much the same luck on youtube lol

    52. Nicole Li

      The Try Guys Become TikTok Dancers For A Week ft. Charli D'amelio


      They're reacting Ned for being on tiktok for 1-2 hours and im sitting here spending all day on youtube, ok

    54. WiredDragon7429

      Eugene watches bon appetit omg that feels so weird cuz I love both of you guys

    55. WiredDragon7429

      Noen looks like the main character from Ready player one

    56. Uke Player

      This is 😬 CrInGe 😂, awkward but funny.

    57. Anshar Younadim

      This entire video gives me corona.


      TIK TOK LIST * Be dumb * Do things famous TIK TOKERS do * Do stupid things

      1. darius ruazol

        AWESOME SAUCE this literally only worked because they already have fame.

    59. Sophia Gott

      "he dropped it's phone to it's death. he death dropped his phone" That was underrated

    60. Sophia Gott

      Can Jonathan be in more videos? I enjoy him. He is an attractive piece of cheese.

    61. Nhung Nhữ

      Once my phone shut down and never worked again. I lost all my pictures and games including Tik Tok. When I got a new one, i never bothered to download it again. My cousin keeps asking me to download Tik Tok, but I realized I was so cringey and my account had alot of things I dislike now so I didn’t care. Seeing this video now I’m like, “What the hell is a ‘choose your interest’ page ? I remember being thrown into a bunch of random videos and TT was like “deal with it”

    62. Hannah Snider

      Am I the only one who genuinely found Keith’s creepy walk tiktok funny. It was my favorite by far! I died laughing! 😂😂😂

    63. PantherGirl xx

      I never thought I would see Noen and the try guys in the same video...

    64. Rare Spork

      I’m dying because I saw Eugenes TikTok before I started watching the try guys

    65. Mad Madds

      Am I the only one who has been reading his name as Neon and not NOEN Until now??? 😂😂

    66. nacklemoore 1997

      They should explore the cosplay side of tiktok! It’s like it’s own little culture

    67. Amy Will

      Eugene! I love Claire as well 😘❤👌

    68. MedEvil1c

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="564">9:24</a> Eugene: i want to be trend (make it easy for others to re-create) a dance prank.. let's do a jump split and obliterate my phone

    69. diegeile_sau xD

      Okay shit, I think I just fell in love with noen xD

    70. Calais Meier

      You can see how uncomfortable noen is in the beginning

    71. Fraser Letham


    72. Gummy Bear

      1 like = 1 time they say tiktok

    73. Brain Cube

      Why are all those tik tok famous people the same age as me and why am I not famous yet?!

    74. Graham Boi


    75. Gurneet Gill

      That kid is just getting on one nerve for some reason

    76. juliet konadu

      can i come to your show to teach me how to do tik tok

    77. ooo qqq

      Eugene is making this so artistic

    78. LINDZ

      i wanna see eugene do the savage dance

    79. Lori Lee

      noen looks like he doesn't want there lol

    80. emily amv

      Me: when i try to show my friends how to tik tok and their cringy and im trying yo hide it me <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="355">5:55</a>