THE THIRD WHEEL - Merrell Twins



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    Being the Third Wheel is the WORST!
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    1. merrelltwins

      Have you ever been a third wheel?😭

      1. FunTime Freddy Gaming

        merrelltwins Yes, i have...

      2. daisy davis

        Multiple times

      3. Keanna Williams

        No but this was so funny.. Love you guys so much.. Reply??

      4. Aliegh Flores

        No but someone had third wheeled me

      5. Evelyn Leclerc

        I am now, we’ll not exactly now, but my best friends are in a relationship and I’m the only one who is single so this is great I’m always the third wheel that’s chill 🤦‍♀️

    2. Bella the equestrian

      This is so funny I know at the end you and peka would be together!!

    3. dkmac210

      Best part Double the food! 😀😃😄😁😆😅🙂😉😋😝😜

    4. sammie_does_roblox

      Aaron: Looks good! Waiter: Its not lmao I died

    5. Kelly Grant


    6. Sarah Shaik

      U shld be making more skits...

    7. Polo Padilla


    8. Ava Bueche


    9. Lea Vlogz

      anyone notice at 7:08 when aaron said “this looks really good!” the waiter said “it’s not”

    10. z z

      At 14:13 Nessa almost breaks character HAHAHAH

    11. Pastel Berry

      I love you so much roni ...and mess’s of course

    12. desiree reinne

      Where Christian

    13. Andy


    14. zoya keyla chanel kurniawan

      Pica is not real

    15. October idea

      marshmellow type thing haha

    16. Caleb Sotelo

      This cheered me up on Valentine's Day

    17. vincenceyang


    18. Joseph Silva

      What the heck did I just watch haha

    19. Haley Kaiser

      I just knew from the beginning that she wasn't Pika

    20. Jay ジェイ

      I was a third wheel once....on my own date. That was fun 🙃

    21. Aieyan Ali

      I'm always a third wheel lol

    22. Fernanda Vega

      At 10:52 Aaron said"She's dating her self Me so am I bc i'm gonna be single forever

    23. Master H

      Hi merrell twins when is the next video today

    24. intro education

      Piccasso sounds like Billie Eilish 😍💞

    25. Enzo Plays

      why just alex

    26. Ashley An

      Spaghetti is the only thing on the menu.. Later: Here is your salad and chocolate cake🤣

    27. Tamara Laloz

      I love these girls =)

    28. Jorge Maisonet

      Sorry nessa

    29. Keanna Williams

      Roni and nessa are so funny.. I love them

    30. TThachsd

      Why did Nessa edit another of her self for Picasso when she can just use Roni? 15:24

    31. Jatou Saidy

      How old are you and Vanessa

    32. Asra Abro

      piccasso is roni? r

    33. vici 4599

      haha Dustin „Oh ma god!?“

    34. # Cats4Life

      "Have you been a third wheel? Me: So many times, and i hate it

    35. Phoebe Bain

      you should make a Picasso channel

    36. Aliegh Flores

      Can you guys please do a Q&A video

    37. Gaming with Andrea

      Ughhhh aaron and roni are so cutee

    38. Blue Sky??


    39. Hallie June

      2:23 anybody notice how only Roni and Aaron clinked on to love. Was it just me that noticed that...

    40. Hylandria Yazzie

      i know this was gonna happen😂😂💀

    41. Tomas gamer


    42. Wolfie Gacha

      I knew that was gonna happen at the end.

    43. Stanley Spicer

      I feel like pressco was slex but he couldn't come because he is making a music video with anorther girl

    44. Mikayla DeBerry

      i love you guys! i told all of my friends about you guys!

    45. Norris nuts lover263 Ava dyer

      Where is vanessa boyfriend from twin my heart

    46. Silver Hall

      you know how long we have just been trying to tell you to date noah nessa just pls do it and roni i think you need to date rhino like so they can see pls make it happen👏👏

    47. Chris Goodwin

      This was so funny I loved it very good video to watch

    48. Najwa El-eter

      2:42 the video turned into asmr...... 🤣🤣🤣

    49. Forestic

      Has anyone ever been a 3rd wheel in a video game? Fricken sucks, I can relate on every level.

    50. Daniel Salas

      I have never been the third weel

    51. Daniel Salas


    52. Daniel Salas

      I 😍 your vids

    53. 99 Frames

      800 likes and I tell my crush I like him ! My friend likes him to and doesn't know... Good luck 😁🤞

    54. Amelia Hong

      this is my favorite video

    55. Marley Disney

      Merrell twins I love you plz can you put me in your video I’ve watched you for 6 years

    56. Athena Chan

      when I am bigger I will not Third wheel ANYBODY

    57. Manjinder sandhu

      the Merrell twins are gauy they sick

    58. berry merry cakemas

      *should i take the salad away from the person who doesn't exist?*

    59. m0qa.a

      pikas kinda cute ngl...

    60. Abigail Chan

      Nessa: I’ve had an upset stomach and Picas also had an upset stomach Me: how do you know