Talking Tech & Meme Review with Will Smith!

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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    Talking and tech meme review with Will Smith, living legend and fellow UZsel Rewind alumn.
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    1. Marques Brownlee

      Is this what you wanted?

      1. astronaut boy


      2. mrak408

        *It's rewind time*

      3. Benny Li

        I wanted more fortnite

      4. Obi-Wan Kenobi

        Na nbcdddd

      5. Nellie K. Adaba

        Thank you Marques Brownlee.


      will smith , you is Legend

    3. Corey Harris

      Will Smith is literally Hillarious. This is why I clicked. "Don't want to know who Cinnamon is" ahahaha

    4. Рандомный Алхимик

      One thing we're missing is Fortnite

    5. Danielle Martinos

      I love the way Will has grown up. It’s very respectful and inspirational.

    6. B H

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a> *....a satanist, scientologist and really just an all around deceiver in the flesh....*

    7. Quan

      Will Smith hilarious as always 😆

    8. LOL-man


    9. sam wesley

      Would you mind to asking this...What mic you use in this interview

    10. Kodi G

      Hot content

    11. Jetsfool27

      Carlton sent me here he's asking for a Surface Laptop 3

    12. FragNachSnapchatNamen

      Pls another one with RDJ

    13. Francis Nyalali

      Damn, I love this man, didn't know you brought him on man!!!


      SOo, "Cinnamon" huh?

    15. Warrior J Gamer

      Ahhh Will is such a wise man

    16. KevinCrazy0825

      Bruhhh i love this Markass brownlee guy

    17. Christopher Cooper


    18. George Costanza

      There's something seriously wrong with society when an Apple Watch video gets twice the views as one with Will Smith in it.

    19. Squidward Tortellini

      Rumor has it will's one little fight that made his mom scared was half a riot



    21. Smell the Glove

      Wow, what a "Get" landing Will Smith to do a segment

    22. Suman Das


    23. English with Bayazid


    24. Assassin of wolves

      Will smith: HEY MARK... Brownlee: DONT SAY MA NAME

    25. Tshenolo King

      What a guy😅😅 i could legit feel his energy coming from my 4.5" screen

    26. ali dib

      bruh in school i have a post bout will smith sayin the first step is to say what you can

    27. sunera samma

      Will will Smith smith? Yes, will Smith will Smith.

    28. Philip Bouri

      Will Smith is really persecptive, intuitive, smart regarding the relationship between tech and art. Respect to MKBHD for landing this interview. I love it when he does interviews with celebs like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Will SMith or Kobe Bryant.

    29. RorytheRomulan

      Hey Will, it's totally fine, that was the one good thing that came out of that rewind video. UZsel fucked up but you delivered man. That's a proud moment, it brought lots of laughs.

    30. kakaido

      Court Mandated, "that's hot". Now my parole officer won't lock me up.

    31. Mantas


    32. Jason Abraham

      Will Smith is a genius...

    33. TooMuchBounce20

      you can tell Will Smith THinks before he speaks.

    34. Jangin Majid

      It would be nicer if you look in the eyes of any person whom you are talking to !

    35. Techno Deadstar

      I love this guy. True feedback 👍👍

    36. Col Denn

      Great! Interview!

    37. S Rahman

      mark Asssssssss Bownlee . You should show him more Rewind Memes :D

    38. Abhinav Verma

      Who came here for the memes

    39. sbmphr

      I have love for Will but he's no tech head period.

    40. Ilya Nemtsev

      Will Smith is such a cool dude. He always gives great interviews.

    41. re22_official

      That quote at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a>

    42. Spoggi99

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="376">6:16</a> this genuinely sounded like Samual L. Jackson. I was not looking at the screen for a second and thought it was him...

    43. Çılgın Oyuncu

      This is f*cking clickbait. Where is the rewind time MEME !!!

    44. Christian Leach

      As i listen to this interview a thought came to my head. "UZsel and tech are the creative enema for the creator who is constipated and backed up with ideas." - Christian Leach

    45. Bram van Rens

      And now finally MIDI 2.0 comes on the market, I am hyped!

    46. S G

      I'm new to your channel. Will mentioned UZsel area or something to that effect. Was this interview shot at your studio ( building / site )

    47. Dami Summers

      It's simply not true that there is less quality. There is more quality but less distinction. "The best of the best"? he likes to imagine that because he was lucky enough to be part of it - and I mean lucky. I am a music producer and I see talented people being overlooked all the time. I also see mediocre people getting a long way, usually by hype. I like Will Smith but to imagine himself as "the best of the best" is rather tragic narcissism. Most of the genius in humanity is flagrantly overlooked. You have to be in the right place at the right time and know the right people to be very successful. People who have made it want to believe their own stories because it's the only thing lending them credibility. They like to say "I did it by hard work"! But I've seen hard work and poor people do most of it for very little reward. Ego and self aggrandisement are generally ugly, but they are despicable in the very lucky few who should know better.

    48. Dajon Yo

      whens the Logic interview?

    49. Charlie's Dev Life

      Please don't tell me Will Smith has pumped that cosmetic crap into his face :,-(

    50. Lost Boy

      should have left the quote "there were no cell phones" just to blow minds of people who smoke weed lmao

    51. R T

      oh, from the thumbnail I thought it was the pudding guy.

    52. Wilfred Odoch

      Nice tiny details in editing. Thanks

    53. Ollie Phillips

      Mark ass brownlee

    54. Innerpeace

      WOW I could listen to Will all day, so intelligent and articulate!!👍🙏👏

    55. Petr Stuchlý

      This interview added a whole new layeer of appreciation I have for Will Smith.

    56. 0sergo

      The way he handled this interview is phenomenal, I mean Bill Gates is an icon but in interviews he's incredibly nice calm slow based, But Will Smith he has an insane charisma he's high, fast baced, in any interview one way or another he'll have full control of the pace of the interview, yet her Marques still had control. Probably still aided by the fact that will Smith still a very nice person, down to earth & professional. Amazing work you two. Thank you!

    57. Kevin Ojoe

      imagine if will smith and jamie foxx sat down for interview , who would let the other talk

    58. Edmond Dantes

      I'm sure Will's wife made him wear that. Wives always want to make you appear shitty. 😂

    59. Pontis__Pepemsetutest

      Will Smith just gave you a Hermetic law ""Everything flows, out an in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall;" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1032">17:12</a>

    60. DontFuckWitDreDay

      I remember when Will Smith didn't say Marques name correctly on that god awful SJW / Fortnite UZsel Rewind video lol

    61. Alonso Lupercio

      Will Smith meets Mark Ass Brownie

    62. Tofuboy Miku

      amazing talk with the legend.

    63. L Smith

      will smith is on crack

    64. Aaron Miller

      More of this needs to exist in the world. I don't mean these two humans specifically. Just more of "this".

    65. Cicero Araujo

      Will for president

    66. MrPixelptlk

      “Technology is an absolute necessity to advance human imagination” (Will Smith). Remember when ILM did these computer animation tests with liquid metal blobs rendering reflections? James Cameron: "This tech is awesome..... um... (idea)... I would love to use it somehow in one of my future films!...." Fast forward to 1991, Terminator 2 releases.

    67. machete mike

      Will always with a fresh fade 👌🏻

    68. MUSE

      God made Adam and eve.. Not Adam and Steve. Will Smith is, a batty man

    69. John Smith

      Who care's about the new tech, old rappers do better music without nothing.

    70. Andromeda

      I need to start a channel and reach 10 mil subscribers!! gets you lots of connections!!

    71. Mohamed Shaarawy محمد شعراوي

      brother really wish you all the best

    72. Goofy Goober

      mark ass brownlee

    73. Jean de La Fontaine

      Man, dude will end up talking tech with Trump.

    74. F And

      Mark Ass Brownlee

    75. тнє мкв

      Here after Ifran Juneno talks about them.

    76. buster colin

      He forgot to say "oscar" at the beginning. Oh wait... shit. My bad!

    77. Rafael Guzman

      Pretty amazing. Your videos are inspiring!!!

    78. Lan Tran

      We wanna know who Cinnamon is!!!

    79. Ammar Rhman

      Nice too see you