Spelling Bee-Kini Wax #3 w/ Courtney, Matt, and Tommy

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    The Spelling Bee-Kini Wax returns with Courtney, Matt Raub, and Tommy Bowe! It’s officially October, so these words are gonna be spooky AF. Let’s hope they can spell them right, or else they’re losing hair… down there!
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    1. Smosh Pit

      CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: if this video gets 100k likes Sarah will be a speller on a future episode! Share with everyone so we can turn the tables! 🐝

      1. M Thornsberry

        Its got 106k now, Sarah post up

      2. Wxhle

        Hi Smosh Pit, just reminding you guys that the vid got 100k likes so Matt gets his revenge on Sarah. :)

      3. Liam Wilson

        Smosh Pit good luck Sarah

      4. Ashley Andruzzi

        IT FINALLY HAPPENED 100K likes!!!!

      5. Lyrics&Stuff -_-


    2. The Patograper

      Please put Anthony in this game show...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

    3. Byron Vines Music

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="790">13:10</a> I chocked on my food... I almost died 😂

    4. Cadence Giusti

      Wait are they waxing their legs or higher

    5. Cadence Giusti

      When I press join for smoosh it’s show me SSSniper wolfs account! I’m confused

    6. The life of me

      After Quarantine you should have Keith, lazercorn, and Noah on spelling bee-kini wax

    7. Lily Hoenicke

      As much as I love "I sail my boat on the quotient!" I think olivia is a really good scentencer I mean "do you you want to get happy hour at pterenophobia?"

    8. Lily Hoenicke

      I find it wierd how courtney can do this but not eat it or yeet it

    9. Courtney Chesnutt

      You should do it with Tommy, Sarah and Shayne

    10. chase schreier

      Coochie Care 2020

    11. Vaughn D.G De leon

      Host:Shayne Topp Contestants:Matt Raub,Courtney Miller,Olivia Sui Sentencer:Damien Haas

    12. Sionale

      What if you asked Markiplier and Ethan (crankgameplays) if they're interested in coming in for Spelling Bee-kini Wax (OR Eat it or Yeet it!)?

    13. i lost my V-card

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1338">22:18</a> TAE - in filipino it means having a big poopsie

    14. i lost my V-card

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1338">22:18</a> TAE - in filipino it means having a big poopsie

    15. Cherisse Bonefont

      I would love to meet all of you!!!

    16. Lotta Rajala

      Wuornos is Finnish origin surname :D

    17. KaLeigh Jones

      Y’all should do Rhett and link

    18. rabidperson Games

      Sarah is a bitch, honestly

    19. Joshua Barnett

      Anyone ever think about how close Sarah is always standing to everyone's nearly exposed genitals?

    20. Michelle Philopena

      this video was shot on my nineth birthday

    21. Joseph Perry

      Sarah needs to get waxed

    22. Paislee Holland

      Did anyone else notice the attack on Titan shirt it’s my favorite anime

    23. Jonina Sigurjónsdóttir

      I think Olivia and Keith and Noah should be on the show

    24. Helena Larsen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1234">20:34</a> i'd like to know that spell Courtney(i have no clue how to spell your name but i tried) and i feel sad for ya'lls body hair


      I felt kinda bad for Matt before he was going to spell out the word especially when he was going to spell watchamacallit!

    26. Sarah Ray

      Phronemophobia is the fear of thinking and I’m scared think about what that’s like

    27. Themoonpickle A.R

      Rachel seems to like Tommy a little bit

    28. purpleAJ

      ok first its courtney freakin miller and now its grossney miller?

    29. Shaiya Stucker

      No I don’t wanna have her do it xD

    30. asuna 333

      D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F and it means Does it look like I give a fuck

    31. Nateatethegreat

      I want more Tommy I’m the show he’s hilarious

    32. Mike A

      As of 03/13/20 there are 105k likes... so where is sarah at?

    33. Apple Queen

      I love wax Rachel she’s so cool

    34. aND peGGy

      Host: shayne Contestants: Courtney, Damien, and Sarah Sentence person: Noah Waxecutioner: Matt

    35. Jonny boy

      Sarah should participate in the spelling bee lol

    36. DryBones271

      You gotta put Keith and Noah on the tables.

    37. DemonicAngel10

      I suggest Liza Koshy lol

    38. Markus Antonius

      My first thought was Oh the serial killer from Fate Zero.... I still can't spell it

    39. Anthony Molina

      Its at 105k already, make matt host, and Sara, Olivia, Ian spell with Shayne sentence

    40. Katie Garza


    41. Chris Hansen Date_Line NBC

      its gilles de rais not di rais btw ! and wtf giggil de dre ! this one was so ez !

    42. Magica Gacha

      Matt Raub made me laugh when he lost the first time XD

    43. Rachael Surfus

      Does it bother anyone else that Rachel doesn’t wear gloves

    44. Ethan Sumney

      I want sarah to be waxed

    45. •Henry LEGENDARY•

      Year 2900, Saint Valentines Day. A killer named joe marteeno decides to kill every couple in America 𝐌𝐞: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="727">12:07</a>

    46. Snow Jade

      Can u get lasercorn, Mari and Damien to do a esp together

    47. armenianply

      It’s the number three not the word three

    48. cool fall


    49. RedWing

      Where were they waxing Courtney and Matt

    50. Michael Stone

      I want Rachel to be on the show as a contestant

    51. DryBones271

      next episode (episode 8) Have Lasercorn on!

    52. The Night Ranger

      I knew 3 of Tommy's words, 2 of Courtney's, and 2 of Matt's.

    53. PixieSkullz

      Smosh really is just a dysfunctional family 😂😂

    54. Scarface Gaming

      Shouldn’t it be sadist cam for us because masochist is when you enjoy your own pain not others

    55. Ghoulghost SG

      Who else wants Garret get waxed?

    56. silver FOX

      Rhett and link

    57. Ashley Martin

      Who else wants Garrett to play😂

    58. Kajsa Merz

      Matt Raub yelling "Boys you're safe!" at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="537">8:57</a> after peeking behind the little curtain just made me lose it

    59. Snow Jade

      For Valentine’s Day you should do ones with people’s partners coming up with the words that relate to their relationship and have the person from smosh that they’re weird getting waxed yeah

    60. The Wyld Hawk

      Yo, this vid has 105K + likes! Sarah, I hope ur very well prepared!

    61. The Wyld Hawk

      I suggest both myself and BlastfamousHD

    62. RWKyuRem


    63. RWKyuRem


    64. Brendon Valade

      I won’t lie the way that Olivia said Gilles de Rais actually hurts.

    65. Cryingoffmypain

      I love how Tommy is wearing an attack on titan shirt

    66. Precious Mayo

      It’s so hot why does every body say that

    67. Lost DiverseGames


    68. Emalee June

      *dude I got a lotta demons*

    69. Emalee June

      *Chefrey Dahmer*

    70. Nikita Jorgensen

      i love Rache so so much

    71. A9_ TheReaper

      Weee waaaant Sarah

    72. Branman10


    73. Sharp Owl

      think there should be a round 4 or more until there isnt a tie!

    74. Shy Demon UwU

      jeffery dahmer the people nommer

    75. Mad Dashie

      can we all just agree that Sarah is evil

    76. Chile Huevon

      How about a game show? Maybe?! Or Netflix? Probably?!

    77. Chile Huevon

      Rachel's outfits are the best! XD

    78. Hannah Sides

      Liza koshy

    79. Andrea Brix Danielsen

      do dinosaur names

    80. Monkey cookie Butt da unicorn