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    Thanks for watching! and thanks to the amazing people below for the amazing work!
    Mom: Gus Johnson
    Animation and clean up: Nathan Wheeler
    Backgrounds: Davecavedraws
    Music: Sam Long
    Audio Editing: Justin Greger


    1. mateodos

      I fucking knew I recognized that Mom's voice! Hahaha

    2. CerealBeans

      I felt the upmost worst feeling when that thing started crawling

    3. Chance

      Didn’t even wait for the door to close.

    4. TimTam60

      This made me so uncomfortable

    5. clock3001

      Why is LeBron James there?

    6. ArnoldXD


    7. Snap- iam_irie1

      Who else put the playback speed on 0.25X when the black feature came out LMFAOOOOOOO

    8. Doctor Stalker ne.Rd

      I love the way MeatCanyon explores existential dread. Riveting and uncomfortable as always.


      This is currently happening to Boris Johnson

    10. Trime

      The scariest thing is the double bed not being utilized fully.

    11. Maxamus Undetromus

      What the hell!

    12. Jakie Miles

      Who else laugh when he said momma sweet mommy

    13. Imrane Rabhi

      Pray to this night is not your night. WTF WAS THAT. And why should the scary skiny man be black thats rasicst 😄 . So children Should be scared of Black men ok. Rasicst. Hahahah.

    14. Kaifova

      Bro thats my math teacher

    15. Nidzo

      Can someone explain please?

    16. Rip Esdrian

      This was so unsettling thank you! 😍

    17. George Lucas

      The mom is voiced by a dude and honestly it’s very, very convincing

    18. m k

      I'm a first responder. I work with Corona positive patients. I think of this everytime I see them, wondering if I'll eventually go into respiratory failure and have this play back in my head

    19. Potato Man

      That was Gus Johnson!?

    20. Fnaf Productions

      Jerimia....... what a good name!

    21. koshar44

      True story...

    22. Andrew Morales

      Gus Johnson absolutely terrifies when he wants to.

    23. MimiTheGShep

      Ngl, that voice acting was hella good, nice work, VAs

    24. Chris Brown

      Why does she look like Barbara Streisand? 😂

    25. Magic B

      I saw the demon in the corner coming a mile away

    26. Evolute Creator

      Holy crap I wish I could produce content this amazing. The moment it starts crawling for him and there's no obvious buildup, just the subtle one made throughout the whole video..m that's horror perfection

    27. angga pratama

      in know where we go our soul leaves our body and goes well everywhere and nobody sees or feels it so ghosts are real but ghosts arent monsters like in the movies well sometimes they are but they are just souls

    28. Holy Cow

      damn the mom was voiced by Gus Johnson? I didn't notice until the credits but now I recognize his voice

    29. Thousand_Cuts

      Demon: dude, that was fucked up, you ok?

    30. Josh Baker

      "I'm ready for night-night now"

    31. Behavior

      Yo i didnt even know Gus Johnson voiced the mom until i read the description

    32. Running Wild

      When Obama is in your room.

    33. Syncere Howell

      Just no

    34. matt Walter

      Is the demon mc ride

    35. PandaXboy

      O-ok I'm ready for night night now

    36. MultiTarded

      My mom

    37. Suleiman Ayub

      mommy looks like Lin Shaye the iconic lady in horror movies lol

    38. VEGA

      Soon as my kids are old enough to comprehend the content of this video, I’m busting out the black contact lenses and reenacting this bad boy.

    39. crazy lazy bros

      When the ever-loving fuck and this is the reason why I don't sleep

    40. Wolf

      *ALLLLLLLLRIGHT it's <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a>AM and I wasn't tired anyway. Thanks show man in the corner*

    41. blastisawesome

      thw way that thing crawls is so unnerving its not even funny

    42. Aglobloko

      I can just barely hear Gus Johnson in the mother’s voice and I hate it

    43. Purple Royalty

      The mom look like the smiling titan that ate Eren's mom

    44. Grin

      The mom is scarier than the monster

    45. yeet repeat

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a> your welcome

    46. JohnnyBuckets FORTNITE

      mama sweet momy

    47. Noir

      Why is she like a female G-man from Half Life

    48. Jason Soliva

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> His mom is wayy scarier in this shot than the dark figure.

    49. SleepingKnightsRS421

      I feel like the biggest moron who has ever moroned for watching MeatCrayon at almost 3am before going to bed. Just came across this channel tonight. But fuck me, does this have my internal alarm system going off especially everytime that demon crawls out of the damn corner. Its like your whole body chills and vibrates in a sort of wave. starting from my mid to lower back and spreads to the rest of the body. The "alarm" is only like a second or two but gets the point across that something ain't right and that the brain needs to start paying closer attention to surroundings. Dont get me wrong though, the videos are really good. Its weird as all hell. but i feel thats the point, pushing boundaries and the limits of creativity.

    50. matt matt96

      Just make a adult swim show

    51. Corrie Kayomp

      This is all explanations of sleep paralysis, but the demon is real and it's not the thing in the corner, the demon is his mom, the thing in the corner just wants to protect him

    52. Amiri Hargrove

      That hill is just on the horizon

    53. I am Unicron

      "But Jeremiah, don't ever forget, that hill is just on the horizon. And one day you will have to walk that mighty hill."

      1. OddTimes

        I was going to comment this bit too. It just sounds awesome. Quality voice acting; sounds like a bit straight out of an actual horror film.

      2. Code Red

        Bruh I got chills on that lmao

    54. Starman!

      mama sweet mommy

    55. 0____0

      Why does his video keep coming up in my recommendation? I have been watching cooking shows, drag racing, video games, and exercise.....JUST HOW THE FUCK

    56. Brunilda Kola

      Super duper

    57. Ksksksks Shshdgds

      this is oddly satisfying to *listen while alone in the night Gus did a fantastic job at voice acting :)

    58. Skooterdoll Gamez

      Nothing better then sweet love from your mother

    59. Flaming Potato

      I need this script

      1. Flaming Potato

        Just to read to people out of no context

    60. Meldagawd4

      Am I the only one who gets chills when the mom says, “oh but Jeremiah, DON’T EVER FORGET that hill is just on the HORIZON, and one day you’ll have to walk that mighty hill.” ?

      1. Absolute Terror

        Such a heavy line with equally heavy delivery. I love it.

    61. the_TRUE_legend27

      The demon probably said “YOU LOOKING LIKE A DOUBLE WIDE SURPRIS”

    62. Busta

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> Existential Crisis Engaged 👍

    63. Blacky Maze

      Well... this video I wont watch again.

    64. Luis Paez

      looks like Jon Jones creeping lmao

    65. Osvaldo Olavarría Gajardo

      I don't know why but I found this video so relaxing like everytime I watch it I feel inner peace and excited to know what's over that hill

    66. Aiden Reece

      I like how the mom just smiles the whole time 😂

    67. bryce rawls

      I don’t want that kid or his mom at my birthday party...

    68. Comedic Center

      Follow me on Instagram @the_epiccenter

    69. Tyler J

      I love how he’s just a kid, but he’s got hands like the Rock 😂

    70. Mark Beans

      The monster looks like MC Ride

    71. kool fud

      Bruh meat cannon horrifically scares me but doesnt make me afraid when watching alone

    72. Jonny Tacos

      Can't help but feel this demon has the lads back, the boy protects the demon during the day, and the demon protects him at night :D

    73. ghostfrequency

      damn i would be in bed <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> watching this instead of watching whats important porn.

    74. BIGDAWG 91331

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> i thought his foot was a boner for a seac

    75. Strange Schmitt

      _this llama arts animation seems legit_

    76. F OS

      Oh yes yes, black men are really scary.

    77. J4yus

      okay what the fuck

    78. Hąxx TM


    79. DjThaAce

      who else kinda freaked out even the demon went towards the camera