Riverdale has completely lost its mind...

Alex Meyers

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    Riverdale Season 4 Animated Reaction
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    how is Riverdale still on tv...
    Riverdale: The Musical
    how is Riverdale a real show
    Riverdale Season 4 is a mess...

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    Joylandi 17 kun oldin


    1. G

      How come every girl acts and even looks like the popular girl from my middle school?

    2. Peach Malibu

      brett looks 40 years old wtf

    3. Jay Frias

      This is how I keep up with a show I never watched.

    4. Panda Lady

      Jughead dies

    5. Hourlytomcat Playz

      6:53 I’m dead😂🤣

    6. shame on you

      this season will prolly end with the jughead murder explanation and then season 5 will be the aftermath of it all. This show is obviously reaching its breaking point where its going to be WAYYY too ridiculous to keep it going but with the CW losing Supernatural and The 100 soon I can't see them giving up on this show just yet........

    7. Christine Grimleund

      Anyone wondering where the HECK charles and his lover behind bars is?????

    8. stephanie

      I watch your videos to keep up w riverdale instead of watching it lmaooo

    9. PokeDrama85

      Ok if a gang of people just walk up to you in rabbit masks at night. That's a nightmare😱

    10. aesteticlyy sxunshine

      I loved this stuff watching kid stuff come up. Then I see Riverdale. Me screaming: IM A KID 😣

    11. Mandy Huey

      "Two soccer moms fighting with ninja scythes(?) again" lmfao this show is so crazy that I somehow forget about some of the most ridiculous stuff like that, that's happened

    12. Annabelle

      i’m so glad i stopped watching this show good lord

    13. Angel Alferez

      1:29 Anyone else noticed the fact this is the same guy from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

    14. Jazz Clarke


    15. Zapig 24

      Alex : Let's see what Kevin's getting up too. Me : Kevin is still a character?

    16. Zoya Talpash

      can u do more stuff w/ riverdale cough cough* the bad show please ❤️

    17. nab 6215

      My favorite part of your video was when your character slid away at the video tickle question. I laughed a lot during this vid. I know why Riverdale is the way it is. It's the place where all the studios go to dump their actors who have contractual obligations. They are in the show for only as long as what's left of their contract. Or maybe it's where the Mafia is laundering money. No, if the Mafia was using the show to launder money, it would be better organized. Actually, the show looks like it was designed by Christie Golden. Just look at the way the World of Warcraft story in the game is.

    18. Olivia Christensen

      Starkiller deserved a better ending than being force to jump out of a building lol

    19. Anna M

      I am at my last year of college...my life at 23 seems so childish compared to these teenagers.

    20. Nicole

      You should do Sec Education. It’s such a good show

    21. my day

      I have officially stopped watching riverdale and I’m proud of myself

    22. syzwni

      do dynasty!!!

    23. Jeremy Chen

      I feel like Alex’s permanent look on Riverdale i just “HuH?”

    24. Nick Cocjin

      They dont know what to do with the characters 😅

    25. Berra

      I only watch the show because I don’t have anything else to do lol

    26. Azalea Unbound

      Hold up, I know this is going to show my age, but how in the hell did Ryan Robbins and Kavan Smith from Stargate: Atlantis get dragged into this mess?? They're way too good for Riverfail smh

    27. Daniel Magger

      Me still on season 2: What the fork happened to Riverdale? 🙉

    28. Vanessa D.

      I actually stopped watching a while ago... a looong while ago... your videos are all I need. Thank you for the public service, it must be difficult to sit through these episodes.

    29. Ss Oops

      Expected you to sing a song, awh man :((

    30. Weirdcrazygirl115

      U should review Katy Keene it’s rlly good in my opinion

    31. Sarah Levine

      I haven't even watched riverdale since the beginning of season two, I just like your periodic videos about it to keep me updated every now and then. And im surprised every time to hear about the bizarre directions that the plot is going in

    32. Mazvita Selemani

      Riverdale has been called many things: cringey, absurd, outlandish, ridiculous, stupid, hilarious... you name it. But if there's one thing it had going for itself, it was always interesting. It stopped making sense half way through season 2 but it always kept viewers wondering what was gonna happen next. This season is BORING. nothing is happening. These episodes have no cliffhangers. These characters barely interact. There's no conflict, real conflict that brings about an obstacle that needs to be overcome. The Jughead thing was supposed to be revealed by now. It's getting stale and uninteresting. Riverdale writers will not be able to execute a satisfying resolution to that storyline because of the grueling waiting period. I already know that there will be at best very little pay off with that plot

    33. Swoosh

      Alex YOU HAVE to watch the riverdale spin off thats coming.

    34. ItzMickey

      Omg u need to review the next episode

    35. Ebay

      Nobody: Cheryl: *HELLO* _DadDY_

    36. iDEMP

      I wasn’t watching this so I didn’t ruin it for myself then I said to myself wait do I even care to watch it anymore.. lmao

    37. Ryan Wilson

      You say you hate this show, yet are obsessed with it.

    38. Juzz Ztop

      For the love of God, please do Nancy Drew next

    39. Monina Austria

      Do Locke & key!

    40. penpal.writer

      them: Charles and chic are a thing them now: Charles who?

    41. _ Mel _

      Riverdale. *grunts* Honestly this sums up my opinions of the show

    42. Azaria Dalby

      I don’t even watch the show anymore to know what you’re making fun of but I still watch these videos

    43. Dragoner Productions

      Serail Killer genes..... Riverdale in a nutshell.

    44. avocado oil

      I love alex's voice and how full of character he is

    45. AppleCinnamon Gacha

      Why do you watch the show if you have 5+ videos hating on it.

    46. II Frosy II

      What’s WGNT27.1 Portsmouth

    47. Judy Fi

      You gotta react to episode 13...I have no words 😶

    48. mccraftergirl 25

      Anybody notice that they had a Greendale football player. Betty interviewed Billy Marlin.

    49. Vestina Mereckytė

      Next: Shameless

    50. Ursula Uzn

      Forsyth Styles, Harry Jones bit had me wheezing

    51. Zahra Hussain

      Wait in the cast why did it say camilla mendes? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    52. - VIᄃƬӨЯY.

      2:00 *i laughed so hard omg 😂*

    53. tiffany young's bitch

      1:31 Baxter High Football player👀👀👀 COAS cross over??? except Riverdale producers ruined Sabrina for me. Fuck them

    54. Shannon Bristol

      When these videos are made I show my older sister and she just says “you just don’t understand” yeah I don’t which makes these videos even funnier 😂

    55. Jaketwins 01

      Lol I love how the bounty storyline actually happened in the NFL so it doesn’t even come as much of a shock

    56. Dominant Shark Squad


    57. Naomi Fung

      so today i learned riverdale and the office has the same score on rotten tomatoes and now i have trust issues

    58. Zay Simmons

      this season has been bad

    59. arikalamari

      🤣omg the beginning

    60. Jay Wonder

      I love your videos! :D