PEPCORN: a cooking video

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    this is different from my normal videos because it's a cooking video where i teach you how to make my favorite snack: pepcorn.
    big thanks to matt hunziker for being the coolest: matthunzi
    a wok
    aluminum foil
    a spice grinder
    1/2 cup popcorn kernels
    1/2 teaspoon theater salt
    2-3 tablespoons Lao Gan Ma spicy chili crisp
    ~3 tablespoons vegetable oil
    (optional: a couple pinches of gochugaru or some other red pepper powder)

    this is where brian david gilbert is: briamgilbert

    Joylandi Oy oldin


    1. Emily Crawford

      I just made pepcorn and let me tell ya, its life changing. Don't be afraid to go all in on the lao gan ma, you will not be disappointed.

    2. Shin Megami Taiku

      I keep watching this and don't even like spice.

    3. Miguel Fernando Bilan

      Hunzi shoutout!!!

    4. lalaleonalea

      Made this, so delicious, but it bears saying: Lao gan ma contains PEANUTS, for those it might matter to

    5. charlie h

      hey! maryland!

    6. Niqui Pseudonym

      this incredible combination of my two worlds, bdg and the bon appetit test kitchen

    7. Marta Lopez

      bdg is the thorgy thor of the nerd world

    8. Drew H.

      I’m watching while eating microwave popcorn, which is sad.

    9. twostartownes

      hell yeah laoganma

    10. SecretTransmissions

      I like Maryland too but she makes a lousy cutting board.

    11. hope heartflia

      Okay, okay, but grate cheese on top

    12. Judah Ellis

      never thought I'd see him cooking with a wok again

    13. Robbie Haydt

      Idk what calling someone a "rube" means but you bet your sweet candy ass I'm stealing it.

    14. Reuben

      This is actually really useful.

    15. Helen Monaghan

      I didnt realise i needed BDG and Hunzi in a video together.

    16. Mike Barr

      I still think my favorite thing about this video is that A+ ASMR of the lid going back onto the Special Bowl.

    17. Mattias Martens

      If you grind up kosher salt, isn't the output just table salt?

    18. Baby lamb Lamb

      What about your brother patrick

    19. Baby lamb Lamb

      Love you

    20. bro

      He's kinda like if Arin and Danny from Game Grumps had a kid

    21. emilee, except a cat

      wait, do karen and brian live together/in the same apartment area? i'm suddenly realizing that they're in a lot of off-site or personal videos, even on twt!

    22. matthew worden

      ah, tin foil on top of the pan: the jiffy pop method

    23. ruthie

      brian can you be my aunt?

    24. Jessica Marmoria

      i made my first batch of pepcorn! just without the lao gon ma cause i cant buy it anywhere, and without the chilliflakes cause i also didnt have any of those sooooooooooo.......... Popcorn!

    25. Ailith S

      sorry Ms. R, I can't get on the class zoom call. I've got something very important to rewatch for the 19th time.

    26. Lila Banach

      brian ur pronunciation of gochu garu made me feel weird

    27. Trevor Selbee

      You are precious. Keep it up

    28. greenie2600

      You can also use pickling salt for popcorn - it's available at any grocery store. It's finer than kosher salt or table salt.

    29. hassenderEngel

      BDG watches bon appétit?! If you ever were on it's alive, my life woulf be complete

    30. Kakyoin's Cherry

      You probably won't care and/or see this, but my hair parts the same way and I have the exact same glasses; that's pretty Neat.

    31. yeth yeth

      I showed this to my grandma because she's really good at cooking and I want her to make this. She called you gay because of what you were wearing.

    32. Juan Garcia

      i haven't been emotionally well today at all, my mind has been so down but restless, and your personality has helped put a smile on my face when i couldn't on my own, its made me feel better even if only for a little bit, thank you

    33. Cake Master

      So I made this, exactly like he did. I burned it a tiny bit, but whatever. Overall, it was ok. not super flavorful, and in my opinion it left a bad aftertaste. The Lao gon ma is very savory by itself, but it seems like you need more... something. It just doesn't translate super well to popcorn. It just kinda tastes like someone put some chili powder in popcorn. It's not *bad*, but I don't plan on making it again. I do however have a recipe for wok KETTLE corn that I made and it's delicious. 1/2 cup kernels, 1 1/2 tsp theatre salt, 3 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp brown sugar, 4 tbsp white sugar. Heat the oil over super high heat with the kernels and salt mixed in. Once the oil starts sizzling, add the sugars and cover, shaking in a circular motion the entire time it's cooking. This burns FAST, so watch out. As soon as the popcorn gets to its height of popping, when it really gets going, take it off the heat and keep shaking. Get it out of the hot wok fast and into a bowl. Enjoy hot.

    34. Henrique Jambu

      pop off, sis

    35. Henrique Jambu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> i'm sCREAMING that matt is here i love u bdg

    36. Henrique Jambu

      "anyone can cook" no i c'ANT

    37. Lazarus

      i watch this video religiously

    38. Seung woo Lee

      The way he said Gochugaru was very smooth.

    39. cheyanne.

      bdg could and is easily a southern bell idk just a vibe

    40. Xandra J

      If one doesn't have a wok at the ready, can a regular pot be substituted?

      1. Saraberrafruktis

        My family has always used a regular (big)pot for this. Just put the lid on and shake it around throughout the process so that it doesn't burn😄

    41. Connar Thompson

      This will be the only cooking video I will ever make. UZsel recommends the breath of the wild cooking video.

    42. Sophie Hannah

      Currently eating my first pepecorn and I have to say: well done Brian

    43. Sirena Curtis


    44. Jackie Jones

      Woks are fun to work with but I might recommend considering a Whirleypop popcorn popper,

    45. Arvind Venkatesan

      Hunzi my boi making a special appearance

    46. escher10000

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="534">8:54</a> I have my new ring tone.

    47. nico

      deja vi

    48. Very Bad Mobile Videos

      Choose your own adventure, BDG edition

    49. Is me ?


    50. Joseph Tarkington

      Has anyone tried this? Also, the first and last one I feel qualified to make. Breath of the Wild Flashbacks

    51. Megan King


    52. Redd The Fox

      Can Brian David Gilbert be my aunt

      1. Ícaro Lopes

        He is everyone's aunt

    53. Emma B

      Things you need to master before the end of quarantine: -Darts -pepcorn -and, by god, if you haven't already mastered the art of the jorts you better get on that

    54. Ethan Searls

      To add some extra “pep”, you can mix in cocaine with the theater salt! (Jk no arrest pls)

    55. Big Boy

      How was this only a month ago HOW

    56. Esther Opal

      BRIAN, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! I... kind of love it

    57. MegaPagliacci

      Missed opportunity here. Brian collaborating with Hunzi but still saying oil and not earl.

    58. VirtuallHooman

      why I'm watching this??

    59. Sera Sera

      I literally just made this, though I could only get the peanut Lao gan ma. At first, we thought it was okay, but after a few bites, the warmth really builds, and it's really, REALLY good. Thanks, BDG!

    60. Irregular Psychic

      That ratatouille picture in your kitchen is 👌👌

    61. OsoTanuki

      Made this with my family and it was really tasty! 10/10, will continue using recipe

    62. 【Okan】

      Omg I loved your cats the musical cosplay

    63. It's Sage

      my favorite topping for popcorn is milk powder. think of that what you will.

    64. Waluigi

      Brian I don’t have any friends

    65. Krankidor

      I was going to say this had mad It's Alive vibes and then you straight up shouted out Hunzie

    66. Sara Josipović

      This recipe has changed my life

    67. Me Me

      For those wondering the white scrolling text is something along the lines of the Itunes/Apple Pay ToS with 'Itunes' changed for 'Pepcorn'.

    68. --

      Didn't even share with Karen

    69. Persephone D'Andrea


    70. Weak Egg!

      I like your pottery brian

    71. Ash BC

      I can't find Lao Gan Ma here in the uk :( Anyone have a suggestion for a generic name to look for?

    72. Katrina Payne

      As a bisexual, Brian hits me as the ideal woman.

    73. viitenkaa vii

      "popcorn is cheap" *my filipino ass, crying*

    74. aaronwaffles

      So I actually read the Terms & Conditions. It's just the Apple T&C, but with "Apple" replaced with "Pepcorn". This is great and all, but there are grammatical errors, since there's multiple uses of "An Pepcorn", instead of the proper "A Pepcorn". I don't know why I did this. You're welcome.

    75. Jack Lotspeich

      Are we just supposed to have Lao Gan Ma laying around? I’m a Texan, white boi, where am I gonna get that, my guy.

    76. AdriOfTheDead

      honestly I would watch an entire series of Cooking With BDG

    77. Lydia Rose

      Hunzi and BDG are friends? Highlight of my life

    78. John Staley

      This is great! I never watch cooking videos all the way through and certainly not 12 minute ones. Well Done!!!

    79. csd

      the pepcorn support link in the contract doesnt work brian. what do i do when i need support for my pepcorn?

    80. Carlton Hanks