Papa John - H3 Podcast #174

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H3 Podcast

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    A huge thanks to Papa John for coming on!

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    1. Casey Wilder

      Imagine having the balls to continually interrupt your billionaire hero.

    2. Casey Wilder

      Man he loved that chart

    3. Casey Wilder

      You can hear how excited ethan was to beat down and rate pizzas with the man himself. Im not the biggest fan anymore, but I was still a little excited for him myself.

    4. brandontalbort

      Got rich and bought a viper? 👍

    5. Isaac Bentley

      How can you not like Papa John

    6. donald duck

      This made me cry tears of joy. My girl was murdered a week before my company was sued for $10mm back in '06. Ethan and Hila: GREAT INTERVIEW, I have no complaints. John: You're an American hero sir. Don't let the haters get you down. PEACE!

    7. Ronnie-Lynn Dolan

      This interview is confusing ...!

    8. xMERKaDERKx

      uh oh. Not again... “That’s bad word number eleven!” - Mr. Krabs 1:27:15

    9. xMERKaDERKx

      Ethan you gotta 1. stop interrupting people. 2. You have to understand when they’re uncomfortable and what might cross the line. And 3. you should try to prevent those very repetitive or too-revealing questions. Also. 4. NAPKINS AND PLATES MAN. HE PUT HIS PIZZA ON HIS DATA SHEETS! Lol

    10. xMERKaDERKx

      “Thank you Dan let me get my thoughts together here”. SOUNDDDDDBYTEEEEEEEEEE

    11. John Griffin

      I know the interview wouldn't exist without Ethan and interviewing is not easy, but dang, just let the dude finish. If you end up running over whatever time you wanted it to be for the final edit just cut some of the empty space.

    12. Alicia Cansler

      Papa is going to the top. Loved this!

    13. The Sentinel's

      Lol I feel like am a pizza connoisseur after Papa John's explains all these analogy

    14. _feara

      I'd date Papa.

    15. Jamalion

      Let me finish...

    16. A.D Walker Helps

      Interesting take, he feels burned stock was about the same when he left.. and calzone which isn’t a calzone but is lol. Is pretty good

    17. Cooper Talburt

      Pappa bless

    18. tolust

      the tape has been leaked on reddit and torrents. ( google is your friend , I can't post it here ) I love you papa !

    19. Bruce

      It's incredible he's still so shit at these conversations after having a podcast for years

    20. Jonathon Yuma

      1:31:28 turn on subtitles

    21. Matopotato

      "let me just chew my food" proceeds to do so directly into the mic. gold

    22. Kermit Frog

      If papa can be taken down by outrage culture then nobody is safe

    23. FutureLaugh

      i love how hes not only the creator of papa johns, but hes seriously educated about pizza and has made pizza science his life

    24. Léon Austen

      Ethan what the Hell? You created him as a Hero and ya interrupting him the whole damn Time Boy. We waited like a Decade for this to happen. ( great Joke btw.) I get cringe vibes like in Jaclyn Hill‘s Kim K Vid. Papa did a genius Clapback with estimating the Value of his former Brand.

    25. Rufus

      I don't really think the dating question are very interesting I just thought it was really awkward

    26. D Denlow

      1:16:37 "Jungle disease." Did you ask how Bo is doing? ("bo's in da house!!!")

    27. maldo72

      Great interview... It pokes light on how he was smeared and what a. Normal guy.

    28. Sofia

      I got a Pizza Hut add on here

    29. maldo72

      Oh my God stop interrupting.. papa John just let him talk

    30. maldo72

      Wow great interview... from interview he seems like a great guy

    31. Humongous Lemming

      stop cutting him off

    32. jenika bfghgf

      Papa bless 🙌🙏

    33. Iselder

      I love how Ethan never changes the way we talks or acts depending on who he talks to. He makes the same jokes in front of his good friends as he does in front of people like Papa Johns, Jake Paul and Elon Musk

    34. El Copygato

      Can’t control his eyebrows or his interruptions

    35. zen Sation


    36. Marcos Kruger

      You should’ve gotten different pizzas from different papa Johns restaurants

    37. K

      He so soothing and hypnotizing tbh

    38. Flo *

      I really tried to sit and listen to this but I couldn’t cause it felt so awkward

    39. Elizabeth Rodriguez

      1:52:27 "That turns me on" sound bite PLEASE!!!

    40. Fin Supreme

      33:00 “you just know what you’re doin” *looks to Ethan*

    41. Jonah

      Papa killed this episode, and you too Hila, I've always been a big ethan fan but he just seems kinda disrespectful in this episode. Glad we had Hila asking some REAL questions.

    42. Bobbie's Hobbies

      the day of reckoning will come

    43. MaMastoast

      I barely know who papa john is... but how the hell someone can be offended by someone using nigger when discussing the word? .. Its not voldemort, it's not some magical word that summons the devil.. Yea you shouldn't call someone nigger, but saying "n-word" is something a 5 year old would do.

    44. Chandrashekhar Rao

      We need Papa John on Joe Rogan.

    45. Chris Bowden

      Idk why i enjoy watching yall with Papa so much. This is like the 3rd time ive watched this

    46. Herbo Turbo

      I’m a manager at papa Johns and I can definitely say....idk

    47. STLCODPS3123

      "I don't care if the papa calls me a chink himself, I'm still eating his pizza" -Jacob, My Asian friend

    48. Partner 1

      32:48 -soundbyte please

    49. Joshua Martinez

      This interview was all over the place. Lmbo what the hell

    50. Joshua Martinez

      Why so much interest in WHY his company was named after Papa? Hahahahaha like is this your kink man LOLOL

    51. Joshua Martinez

      Ethan, I hate to say this but, I think you tried to get a ****RISE***** out of Mr Papa Pizza

    52. Dont Assume My Gender!!!

      Why didnt you ask him how Bo was doing??

    53. N V

      1:27:27 He says "Big bad chinks"

    54. ba55letmysoulfly

      Papa bless

    55. Sk y

      Guys take a shot for every time Ethan interrupts his guests.

    56. Matt Szymkowicz

      As a big fan of this podcast I literally can’t stand the way these interviews are being conducted. Get your act together guys. Let your guests fully speak.

    57. user name

      I got a pizza hut ad before this

    58. NIg ga


    59. BentStudios

      Papa johns needs a reality pizza show where he goes across the world looking for best pizza

    60. Shane nope

      I love he wore a shirt that said papa