MHW: Iceborne - Tigrex (Original vs. New)

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    The tenacious Tigrex transitioned to #Iceborne in the most terrifying way. #ThrowbackThursday



    1. Serpentking789


    2. Alex Herz

      The first old Tigrex was a headache, but with the new one I didn't even fainted.

    3. mega weasel

      mhf2 was my first monster hunter game and tigrex will always hold a special place in my heart, can’t wait to bash his head in and wear him!!!

    4. Lambeflores

      The "its tie-grex cuz it comes from tiger" people fail to realize that in every other language Tiger is pronounced with a Tee sound which is where it gets it name: Tigre, not tiger. And if you use the "the game is in engish its suposed to be pronounced in english", then I guess its Nergigantic and not Nergigante?

      1. RyomaSJibenG

        its supposed to be T-Rex first. so adding g makes it T-gRex, and that's official.

    5. THE FEAR

      This piece of shit was nightmare in mh2 idk what they did to him he is ez in world

    6. Loganasaurus Rex

      Tigrex is my favorite monster!

    7. BigRedThunderDragon

      I was happy when the Devs brought back the good originals like Tigrex...I just hate it when new hunters demanded he gets nerfed due to being "too damn fast" upon their first play, and they might end up listening to their demands...Devs, please don't nerf the Tigrex, let the New Hunters know that's how the Rex roles...

    8. Xemnas Superior

      I want Diorex from Frontier, my favorite species of the Tigrex family.

    9. maria savva

      noob ! now i'm the pro player . i can kill a tigrex sooo fast than i wash my hands !

    10. Artorias The abysswalker

      Monster hunter world "glitchborne" Glitch everywhere

    11. Trell Nebula

      Anyone else hope we get Gammoth just for it to ignore the hunter and attack Tigrex

    12. Jack Nesmith

      Dear Capcom I really love monster Hunter world iceborne but will we get the ability to have all armor as layered armor (like deathveil val hazak armor as layered) it would be a shame if you were to waste all that time and effort making the armor look good and no one really uses it.

    13. Sam Th

      just to deliver a popo tounge face a fking dino wyvren i scream so much when first encountering him

    14. Kaz

      I just wanted my 3 popo tongues

    15. Blaze Beats

      Any chance we get gore magala?

    16. Mr. Mousie

      damn, thanks

    17. Last Few Words Official

      Layer all armors! I’ve seen a petition, it’s the most requested feature in your instagram comments section, and there’s a large number of players asking on Reddit as well. Why put cool designs in game if you don’t want us wearing them? If the pc mod community could enable it you should be able to as well. This game is the shit but the only thing shit about it it’s lack of customization options🤷‍♂️ full layered armor doesn’t make much sense either, might wanna ditch that concept.

    18. Hans Bloodsmith

      Hunter : "Alright, that's the last of the Popo's Tongue, huh it's not that hard of a game actua-...." Tigrex : *Sinking Feeling Intensives* Hunter : "Oh... So that's where the boss's music come from..... Shit."

    19. Sincerely Otaku

      I was thought his name was a mix of Tiger and T-rex "Tigrex"

      1. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147

        Which is why it has stripes of Tiger, and head shape of T.rex

      2. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147

        It actually is

    20. Tyree Wells

      Anyone know if His roars still do damage? I've fought him before but never really paid attention to that part,

      1. Johannes Wölbert

        It does, although there are no longer visible shockwaves.

    21. Chihiro

      I don’t understand how Nargacuga is more popular than my boi, oh yeah opinions exist

    22. Mis-click Blue

      Instead of adding rajang into icebourne they should bring back all three of the fatalis

    23. Geno

      Yall aint increase the difficulty, yall just added more attacks and made them harder to dodge by adding chain attacks and delays and random speed boost. And dont forget the freaking clipping. I love getting smacked by the force of the air and losing my hp

      1. Nick Roscher

        That is what it means increase the difficulty. Wtf?

    24. Vigor Vitam

      Hello everyone, thanks for add, I come for some minutes to ask your help. I'm an Administrator of the biggest Italian community of MHW, we want to ask to CAPCOM to add Transmog in next upgrades, to have skins of every armor. We need your help to launch the Hashtag #wewanttransmog in every post of Capcom from today! Just join us pls, Capcom accounts: See ya ingame Hunters! CAPCOM PLEASE LISTEN TO US

    25. Vito Conte


    26. jacky muffles

      My Favorite monster. 😍😍

    27. owl96

      Ahh and here we have Monster Hunter's very own Thomas the Tank Engine

    28. Ligaar0

      Brute is a boring fight btw, all he does is roar.

    29. Headless Umbrella

      So your telling me for sure it's pronounced tigrex not tigrex. I'm not sure it might be actually pronounced tigrex or maybe tigrex. Well whatever I'll just pronounce it the same way I always have tigrex.

    30. Banakori

      > Tie grex Delete this right now

    31. Rocco Sato

      They fixed up the hit-box sure, but I’ll still dodge a little further from where he is and is going just to be safe. When you’ve been hit by a dump truck more than a hundred times, muscle memory starts to keep you off the road.

      1. Emir Elar

        Same with me for yian garuga.

    32. ScorchCore

      Unpopular opinion Tigrex is my least favorite returning monster Brachy on the other hand, *yes*

    33. Your Game Sucks

      My friends hate his charging attack. They never stay lying on the ground to get the extra invincibility frames. Big cart hours. 😬

    34. Mustange 70

      It's sooo crazy now we get the cut screen graphic(from other mh games) we wanted for monter hunter but better now

      1. Lost Coyote

        I know right?! It makes me so happy!

    35. Aaron Dears

      Me: Will you!- Tigrex: *Roar!* Me: Knock it!- Tigrex: *Roar!* Me: OFF?! Tigrex: *Spin.* (Carted.)

    36. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147


    37. Roberto Diaz

      "Barbaric strength" *Flashbacks of getting tossed around in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite attempting to fight Tigrex with a Longsword* Oh wait.. that still happens.

    38. Leone Abbacchio

      tigrex in world is good and all but brute is where its at

    39. King kobra

      When is Barioth getting his “be careful who you call ugly in middle school” think he got the best treatment

      1. Nii Lantei Bright-Davies

        King kobra fax

    40. Indoraptor Unstoppable

      They finally pronounced it as Tie-Grex.

    41. Pez

      I miss Freedom Unite

    42. Ke She

      "Like never before"... doubtful.

    43. Hafizd Akbar

      Land of tremors

    44. Captain Average

      If this mf starts his charge at you when you're in a closed space, say your prayers and start supermam diving or your to get flattened

    45. Kye thecrazycatman

      i cant wait for more monster variants

    46. ArcFlame VS

      Flashback ptsd to MH4U 2 Frenzied tigrex village quest

    47. Arthur Reyes

      I´ll admit I gave it a like just for the sensational vocabulary used in the video. Sue me, I´m an interpreter!

    48. A gamer named Jesse.

      I remember I made the mistake of trying to fight Tigrex during that PoPo Tongue quest.

    49. Darkrai110

      Can we get David Attenborough to do these?

    50. jan dayrit

      Wait... is it "Tie"-grex or "Tee"-grex?

      1. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147

        Yeah, you better blame capcom, they did that

      2. jan dayrit

        @Orion Sagano I was confused because the Handler said "Tee"-grex.

      3. Orion Sagano

        Tie grecks! Do you say Tie-ger Or Tee-gur for the big striped Cats? Tie-ger. How hard was that?

    51. Gestrada031

      Need to do one for Rajang so these nerds see what's coming for that ass in 2 weeks.

    52. Rorya01 ok

      Love this guy

    53. Saito

      Okay it's Tiegrex or Teegrex? Capcom please make up your minds.

      1. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147

        welp, never heard it before, beside the pronunciation Tea-Grex is confusing whether it is T.rex or Tigrex, which i personally prefer Tie-Grex

      2. Saito

        @傷齒龍147 Troodon147 Tigre (Tee-ger) is how Tiger is pronounced in pretty all European countries.

      3. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147

        I honestly prefer Tie-Grex, since it is explain both Tiger and T.rex at the same time, Tea-Grex is kinda confusing, you may thought that it is a Brute Wyvern that literally based on T.rex (Looking at you, Anjanath)

      4. Orion Sagano


    54. Aki Serenia old nemesis just like back MHF2... ur hitbox is unpredictable

    55. Chrono Pinoy X

      I'm just here cuz in-game it's Tigrex pronounced as Tee-grex, which is the original japanese transliteration

      1. Orion Sagano

        Doesnt matter, its Tie-grex. Calling Tigrex, Tee-grix is about as stupid as calling Gifs, Jifs or Tigers, Tee-gers. And....whoa. Geuss what? This isnt Japan. Imagine my shock!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲. Such logic👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    56. Jeremy nestor


    57. Céfiro De Winter

      Ehhhh where did you get that Mh4u HD fotage? Im highly interested

      1. MESH

        Are you talking about the gameplay or the cinematic?

    58. Spartan

      One of the elite monsters that fits the phrase "O LAWD HE COMIN!"

    59. Lunar Rez

      Can't wait for Brachy's spotlight. One of my favorite monsters from one of my favorite generations of MH

      1. MarskiStars

        @Kian Hopkins Oh yeah, I know. I meant his variant. Sorry. 😂

      2. Kian Hopkins

        MarskiStars brachy has no subspecies only a variant

      3. MarskiStars

        I loved fighting his subspecies! The Raging Brachydios! It was so awesome!

    60. JimKandol

      now I'm confused. I've been calling it Tie Grex for years, like in this video, but in game they call it Tee Grex. WHICH ONE IS IT CAPCOM!?!

      1. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147

        Even NCHproduction and RageGamingVideo prefer Tie-Grex

      2. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147

        I didn't said that Tea-Grex pronunciation is wrong, it just makes a lot of players rage to hear that

      3. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147

        Which is one explained Tiger and T.rex at same time, the other is confusing that whether it is a Tigrex (a Flying Wyvern) or a T.rex (a Dinosaur)

      4. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147

        At least both explained Zebra, that does not solve the Tigrex pronunciation problems between official and players

      5. Lost Coyote

        Either one? Maybe it's a nod to the other half of people who pronounce it differently? Like how zebra can be pronounced Zeebrah or Zebrah. Both are right.

    61. Luiz Vaz

      I remember playing monster hunter for the first time and thinking that the game was piss easy, then this bitch showed up.

    62. Heavens Hellfire

      Thank you capcom

    63. Borgli

      I can't wait for the PC release!

    64. Nightwalker601

      Most of the monsters in Iceborne are just annoying. Savage Deviljo is the worst. Turf wars happens so often that there’s nothing special about it anymore.

    65. zx mac

      its tea-grix not tie-grex lol

      1. 傷齒龍147 Troodon147

        Ohh so you pronounce Tiger as Tea-gar??? what a weirdo, or you can't identify a Flying Wyvern with a Brute Wyvern?

    66. imahaloguy

      He said Tie-Grex! Idc that the handler said Tea-Grex, this man knows what’s up.

      1. FluffySpartan

        @EdgyZiggy9538 depends on country mate ...

      2. FluffySpartan

        Why should it be tie? Makes no sense

      3. GrayFoxHound9

        @EdgyZiggy9538 in my language (Ukranian. Also in every country around it) it's Teegr (or Tygr. You don't have this sound. Kinda like "e" but lower)

      4. Eoin Gough

        @Daniel Fernandes She does the most work out of all Handlers as confirmed in game, knew what a Beotodus was before we did etc.

      5. Daniel Fernandes

        Who the heck would base something on what the Handler says, she isn't the brightest you know

    67. TheJayceeWolf

      Is it just me or does he sound like Gordon Ramsay

    68. Niels Okkerse

      If only all weapons got their original designs capcom, the custom mod thing is cute but we dont want basic bone/steal weapons with parts slapped on. The glav gs for example,the cat has the orginal gs but the hunter 1 is a bone piece of shit. I dobt care for rajang we need a weapon update first that updates all the models.

    69. CountJoe1

      He used to look so skinny back in the day

    70. Index 154

      Wow this is one of the worst comment sections I've seen in a while.

      1. Index 154

        Nah I didn't check those. Luckily

      2. Kirkhammer is my Waifu

        Were you here for the Nargacuga video's comments a couple of days ago, where half the commenters were angrily whining about weapon designs? That one takes the cake as far as I'm concerned.

    71. Aetius of Astora

      To those unaware Tigrex is correctly pronounced Tea-grex because the name is from the German pronunciation of tiger which is teager. I still often call it tiegrex but that's why it is teagrex

    72. Kadrimos

      Please put Gore Magala or Shagaru Magala in the game, PLEASE.

      1. Kadrimos

        @rat is Adding 2 elders dragons in the new game a problem for developers?

      2. Kadrimos

        Adding Gore or Shagaru Magala in the game I do not care. But it's better to put him in beginner's quests.

      3. Kadrimos

        @Orion Sagano False, Shagaru is a better version of Gore Magala, beautiful and harder.

      4. rat

        @Orion Sagano Yeah it kind of is. But you can't have one without the other. You either have Gore and Shagaru or you have nothing. Plus Shagaru is golden not white.

      5. Orion Sagano

        Shagaru is boring. He's just a bigger Gore Magala, who is painted white, and has no chill. Same fight pretty much.

    73. Carson H

      Did you know in all the games you can blow up the boulders blocking the path on delivery quests

      1. Sunbro Solaire

        That is fucking revolutionary.

    74. Cavox

      Maybe I'd give a damn about these videos if I could play Iceborne on PC.

      1. Generic Guy

        The World doesn’t revolve around you. Get over it.

    75. Paul Mims

      Socks knows how his name is *supposed* to be announced.

    76. xZephy

      Aah .. the T-grex .. most overrated monster i've seen ..

      1. Orion Sagano


    77. Nero Claudius

      Lets dance like the old days..old friend!

    78. Julius Novachrono

      no more bone weapons plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    79. FinalSprite

      Yeah but the new new Tigrex theme got butchered so hard

    80. Gabriel