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    Today I'm making bomb AF Hot Cheeto Noodles! This honestly took me by surprise.. it tasted soooo good! I really did not know what to expect when I thought about filming this hot cheetos food mukbang but I was so happy with the way it tasted. I guess I really am a cook. WIFE ME UP! I decided to cook some noodles and make them flamin' hot cheeto style of course, with a little latina touch. After cooking them, I tried them out and did a little chisme mukbang moment at the end. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and got some good laughs! try it out, I swear you'll love it!!!
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    1. Louie's Life

      Try it out y veras que I’m not lying sstupida!!

      1. Elva Sandoval

        If i even try im gonna literally ruin it😂

      2. ariana Ramirez

        Your mee thinking I can cook

      3. ariana Ramirez

        A little chorro moment

      4. Tast3My Rainb0ws


      5. Arxlx


    2. Lala Ybarra

      Omg I didn't think to add lemon aye my mouth watered 🤤 I definitely will still add cheese like la jenny😁

    3. Melissa Esparza

      You are litterally so entertaining 😂😂😂

    4. Jennifer Tomas

      “i cant”... goes back to eating 💀

    5. Byanka Salazar

      Who loves Louis he is funny and does mukbang

    6. Sam’s World

      13:38 Louie:just a little bit more Me:DoNt Be ShY PuT SoMe MoRe🤣

    7. Dulce Gonzales

      The 2 boba espongas 😂🤣😅 lmfao muri i just love you oh me eating it cruda 😜🤣 lmfao “ wait wheres the chicken “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmfao boil ir aver si sale 🤣 love you louie 😊

    8. David Mendoza

      He doesn’t even chew it he just swallows it

    9. Jocelyne Blancaa

      Omgggg first video watching of yours and I’m dead lmao definitely subscribed after that haha funny asl found you from always seeing you on everyone else’s shit haha

    10. Alizay Avila

      those noodles are actually super hot like even one is hot asf lmao

    11. Aneli Salinas

      I love your vibes i need a louie in my life😫

    12. Aneli Salinas

      Louie is meeeee saying ya no puedo mas and keeps eating😂😂😂

    13. Jennifer

      Cuales fueron las "estupidassss" that disliked the video

    14. Kimberly Flores

      I’m hungry now lol , I ended up ordering some right now because now I want to try them lol

    15. Jenny Gonzalez

      Chef Louie in the house!😊 Love it when he’s in the kitchen. Love this Hot Cheetos moment.

    16. Camila Barocio Cruz

      You should do a asmr video 😂

    17. alexsa galarza


    18. Itz_Bryanna YT

      I can feel the CHORRO

    19. Ashley Martinez

      I've eaten spicy noodles with the whole chile packet. It was sooo goood. I also put an egg on my ramen. My ass burned afterwards but I would do it again.

    20. Isabella’s Vlogs

      The doctor said I can’t eat hot Cheetos 😢I can’t make it 😟

    21. Jessica Negrete

      Watching this on my lunch break eating a sopa de vaso 😂😂😂

    22. Ashley Duran

      You should do more sneaking out videos

    23. Ashley Duran

      I also follow you on tictok

    24. Ashley Duran

      I made my of those and waited till you ate it

    25. Kenia’s Coffe

      20:30 I likes that expression

    26. Jorge Campa

      At 3:27 little bell moment 🤣🤣😂😂 my favorite part 🤣🤣😂😂

    27. Ariana Ochoa

      Te falta hacer un video de frituras con cueritos y pico de gallo¡¡

    28. yellow Time


    29. Lindsey Celis

      Yas Queen.

    30. Dang

      That’s how I make mine!!!!! Who gots time to do all that bs of boiling it!!!! YOU ARE MEEEEEEEEEE

    31. Megan De Anda

      I'm mixed Latina and Asian SO YOU KNOW I GET DOWN LIKE THIS TO PERRA ! 😝😜🔥🔥 Fyi there are many different varieties and levels of hotness lol they are a little expensive but they are worth it ! And definitely are better than maruchan lol 😭😅 and I recommend the variety pack they sell ! Love you Perra enjoy and make more if you buy them ! 😍😘🖤

    32. Mairy ArroYo

      hey louie omg you can sing so good.

    33. Chelle Navarro

      Gordan Ramsey... could neverrrrrr😅

    34. Chelle Navarro

      A little asmr moment......😅

    35. Teagan

      What happend to that intro u had last year 😭

    36. Juan roberto De la puente gomez

      Jajaja para que compraste esa marca si no le vas a poner la salsa jajaja mejor compra la Maruchan sola y la preparas así y no gastas tanto jajaja

    37. thatgirlnella_

      Adding cheese like the “Mexican blend” too ramons are AMAZING delicious 🤤. And instead of tapatio I add Valentina . Yummy 😋

    38. PlantManUli

      When that heart burn hit you I felt that 😂

    39. Unorthodox17 Gaming

      Do boys watch this too🤔😶

    40. Di R

      Omg I need this mandil 😍😍

    41. yuh yeet

      Do a cooking video with your hombre 😌❤️

    42. Ariana Infinity

      louie: she’s spicy also louie: *puts more on finger and licks it* 😂

    43. Abril Romero

      I made this while watching it and its sooooo good

    44. Julissa Perez

      My question is why yet ur not sponsored by hot cheetos😂🤷🏻‍♀️

    45. Marilyn Ray

      Youre gonna make me order them now smh 😭😭😭

    46. Vanessa Aguirre

      That’s a big ass bowl 🤣

    47. Maria Olivares

      Omg they look good louies. My 11 year old daughter eat that like nothing .

    48. Amy Chavira

      Ya me Dio hambre

    49. pedro lepe

      You know you’re Latino when you have to take a bite of the top ramen

    50. Elesmy Orellana

      You make my day ❤️

    51. Cayla Casanas

      She Like it better than Maruchan!!!! TF



    53. Esmeralda Flores


    54. Esmeralda Flores

      A little chorro moment😂

    55. Yesenia Lopez

      Having a little Daisy Marquez moment eating them raw noodles 😆😆

    56. Cielo Gonzalez

      Omg looks so good

    57. Camille Morales

      you should colab with LARRI

    58. Litzy Maldonado

      A little baddest perra moment

    59. BBI Dragon

      Can u make a roblox vid please I and please friend me

    60. Michelle Ytuarte

      My Goddd you swallow that shitttt whole lol! Chew it! Idk why it bothers meeee lol! >_