LA Mayor Eric Garcetti gives coronavirus update| NBC News

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    Watch coronavirus livestream coverage of the outbreak as COVID-19 spreads, impacting markets and daily life across the U.S. and abroad.
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    LA Mayor Eric Garcetti gives coronavirus update (Live Stream) | NBC News

    Joylandi Oy oldin


    1. Geraldine Reiter

      Burning the candles on for ends about for 4: 56 seconds sounds like witchcraft to me 🤓 I like how there’s a green screen and to the right of him is acting like he’s there and listening😂

    2. remy theroute

      Who listen to this guy,who can't even clean the garbage up off his city streets.


      I’m all for being cautious but not to blindly obey this totalitarian government. Policy is being set on models that are pure fantasy NOT the actual deaths . The propaganda media has people scared but sat quietly while Ebola and Swine flu came here.

    4. SCDHL

      Somebody needs to take this a****** out for lunch

    5. Unknown Unknown


    6. Ria R

      Nnnntoday Ny today news Nynews Today news. Live news I today Have to get. Kajaloza

    7. david shaffer


    8. Joe Rawnsley

      your getting really good at your craft. acting

    9. Johnny Redneck

      Take away our right to work Take away our right to socialize Take away our right to protest Take away our right to practice religion in public Wake up world they are trying to Control vast growing population. The Coronavirus is just the common flu that kills thousands of people every year. Now the numbers are being reported and blamed on a COVID 19

      1. bonehit22

    10. Dave William

      Why get tested? So they know who you are and where to come and Get you. They will know your name where you live, only seek Help if you are dying, then they will help you along. Next will be Martial Law and chip implants Mark of the Beast. Only then will you be able to buy Food.

      1. T OB

        This is true

    11. Faye Jacobson

      I’d like to thank you for a well planned and well ran briefing. I like the time was spent on the issues at the front of us! Very nice briefing.

    12. Miguel Beltran

      How does that guy dare doing a tiktok video there, nooot cool

    13. Alick Burrows

      clorox is the best cleaner for the house it kills 100% of the germs

    14. Alick Burrows

      If you feeling bad gargle with warm water with 3 tablespoon of salt it really works. So you dont have to go to the hospital

    15. Alick Burrows

      BY putting mask and glovs before going out of the house to guard the people

    16. bluezinnia847

      Many of these folks have no power/internet...because of American greed...and they have lost their we must help them all to reconnect in some way if possible!

    17. bluezinnia847

      Wow! What a great job from the LA PD! What else can be done when they risk their lives? These first res ponders are wonderful healers of our USA! And thank u Pink! for backing up Our first responders! I would do it, but I can't afford too....So God Bless you forever for your kindness!

    18. albe rtplumer

      If concentration on low price ,say one year of income to pay for cost of house ,life might be worth living. Many non compliant citizens don't trust you elites any more , so don't follow fast talking powerless apologists for wealthy donors to campaigns for re-election.

    19. Kam Campbell

      I feel like this will continue on forever. Life has no meaning anymore

      1. Ge'Bel Baucham

        Not true Kam. All will be well in time 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    20. Barry MacBride

      Fake news, did you show all the interview, I don't know, because you have lied for the last 3 years, and now you want me to trust you. Get a life and a job

    21. David Harrison

      Sh1t 4 brains.

    22. ONLYONE KLEAN My song about what's going on in our country right now

    23. Boxing Expert

      Looks like Nathan Patreli from Heroes

    24. Ak3 Life

      Stay at 🏡

    25. Ak3 Life


    26. Todd Smith

      Event 201 is weird. What a coincidence

    27. jesscateyeSQUAD

      Garcetti make it fast too much talk give it to us straight

    28. chad

      Nobody worry about the homeless and illegals crapping and peeing in the streets, don't worry about Californias failing economy, we got bigger problems now. Lol

    29. Edward McCarver


    30. Ali Re

      The LA mayor is a much better speaker than the governor.

    31. dustins54321

      Pickup this awesome movie while staying save at home!!!!!

    32. John Brown media

      Should your police be face mask

    33. SuperBBN // NatBrandBen for signup? really? Essentials made complicated

    34. SuperBBN // NatBrandBen

      there are none drive thru around here in garden grove OC...allthese numbers are non existing...dnt see any info or testsites in the mail??? are we to drive around looking??

    35. RelaxHW

      great notice for this days :(

    36. bowtie3

      Trump should be prosecuted for negligence . Another GOP Senator caught Sen. Perdue (R) bought PPE stocks the same day he was briefed on C-19.

    37. edwardschlosser1

      The medocracy of democracy on display. These clowns are as average as you get.

    38. Refined

      WEL, I lost my own job because of china ... please help me out by subscribing to my channel. to help me out

    39. Stellar Archive Fan

      The fact that NONE of the most selfish race of animals is being turned back into plants proves that Jupiter is focusing on the WRONG skin color.

      1. T L

        Stellar Archive Fan what are you taking

    40. nena valdez

      funny how he mentions fireman my neighbor is a fireman and he has been at home for the past week throwing parties with lots of people coming to his house even construction workers who trespassed on my property with mattresses and metals and wood. horrible

    41. zavany

      Those predictions are great! Don't give up people, even if you see americans not being civil, the ones who are not too cool to follow the rules are part of the offensive and numbers say WE ARE MORE.

    42. Marlon Vite

      The following may help: Should we blame doctors but it is a fact that people continue to die by the thousands every year IN THE HANDS OF DOCTORS and because they prescribe unhealthy practices. Doctors and other people have prescribed to us masks, washing hands, staying away from people but these preventive measures are not disinfecting our lungs, on the contrary miss lead the whole world into thinking that we will be "disinfected" and we continue to infect others. A mask is clean only until a single virus infects it, then you bring it home to everyone. A washed hand or glove is clean only until you touch something again so it is impossible to keep it disinfected. An infected mask or globe left anywhere keeps infecting. The only way known how to disinfect our respiratory system is by pouring a bit of "rubbing alcohol" on a paper towel and smelling the vapors through mouth and nose. Alcohol liquid or vapor kills the germs on contact in the surfaces of our respiratory system, face, nose, mouth, lungs etc. In wikipedia read that alcohol kills viruses, germs etc. And have been thousand years (read before they delete it) A bottle of rubbing alcohol used this way lasts more than a year because is done only when the symptoms are felt. Nowadays alcohol should be smelled every day. But doctors are not prescribing smelling alcohol because it kills their business and multibillion dollar drug's businesses, masks, expensive disinfectants and all. Know that there may be individuals purposely trying to get you infected and that if nobody got sick the health business would be a bad business to be in. In the morning you will see the most production of phlegm because infection in our system always multiplies during sleep and because oxygen intake is less. Oxygen kills germs In wikipedia read about "hydrogen peroxide" "and may be deployed as a vapour, for room sterilization" (read before they delete it) Germs stay alive in fluids like saliva and mucus. Pharmaceutical companies prohibit doctors to prescribe this inexpensive way of staying disinfected. Could smelling alcohol prevented pandemics? Can a mask prevent pandemics? Do we need a prescription to stay alive? I am not a doctor, do not do what I do, do what you must to stay healthy. Don't wait until you cough so much that no one can save you. Should be blame doctors? Better Do everything they say plus smell alcohol. Let us take it to the virus. Share with everyone if you think it may save the life of a loved one.

    43. Bat Boy


    44. Aplikasi kasir Odora


    45. Monique Cardell

      LA mayor... the worst mayor with NY mayor.

    46. Erin Chen

      We have to protect ourselves, and we must take protective measures when we go out! I want to share a website. There are many protective equipment.

    47. Shaikh Sakeb

    48. Autumn Rose vega

      Burning the candles on for ends about for 4: 56 seconds sounds like witchcraft to me 🤓

    49. Stephen Hill

      You can TEXT 911! Excellent guys! Stay Safe Everyone!

    50. earthlingification

      This is what a real person in charge sounds like. Kudos sir!

    51. ryancfjoseph

      i just tried to register...cant test. liar

    52. Meorme

      Its already been 180 days since you guys started this drill back in October. The only numbers of covid-19 are homeless people that have already been sick since 2010-2015. They have Malaria,Typhus, and plague diseases. You guy’s are just rounding up the homeless.

    53. Bill Whiteside

      How many of the dead were allowed Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin treatment option?

      1. 3dvorator

        Hydroxychloroquine is an immunosuppressant and on elderly people with compromised immune defense systems they can actually worsen the progress of the disease. Most of hospitalized are over 60, so maybe some contraindications

    54. Perry Talledo The UN's servitude to China made COVID-19 a death sentence for thousands

    55. Perry Talledo The WHO & their ties to the Chinese Communist Party

    56. Perry Talledo Calls Mount for WHO Chief to Resign


    58. Sam ram

      I bought masks from to protect my family and donated the rest.

      1. 3dvorator

        they were about 80 cents before all this, now they are 10 bucks...

    59. Matthew Clark

      Oh your not throwing a big party to help infect everyone else? Oh that’s right you got that done already huh?

    60. bulldog's house

      You turn people away at a hundred degrees tell my employer has is turning people away who come up 99.5

      1. Kenny Michael Alanya

        Well that's not fair. Sometimes when you run, or walk, that elevates your body temperature so this is likely the case

    61. Damaris Castillo

      Oh god I’m so traumatized I thought it said mayor infected with virus

    62. oligokid

      not a whole lot of social distancing in that office where they broadcast this :)

    63. T Cosme

      speaking more than one language to communicate as a leader...thumbs up to him

    64. Jasmine. יסמן פארוא Peace

      My cat is uncomfortable with me being home so much and she’s trying to file a complaint

      1. Tezara Tesla

        Jasmine. יסמן פארוא Peace kitty’s 😂

      2. Meorme

        What about Uber Lyft

      3. SCDHL

        @Meorme Now Governor Newsom says that law enforcement must give out tickets to people who are driving in their car solo - there's another 1,000 dollar fine Personally I've had enough - buy Pitchfork and let's get these people out

      4. Xxxmermaid Love

        @Meorme you're so right didn't even think about that... we should get tested before we donate blood!

      5. Meorme

        All theyre doing is killing the homeless people in diseases theyve been having from living in the streets. The news keeps showing same b.s and clapping for the nurses , how they are all hugging with masks and gloves on when they worked on patients. And if you can donate blood shouldnt we get tested first before we can donate blood this makes no sense at all.

    65. Diane Kennedy


    66. stu beast

      Better keep those Hood Boogers locked down.

    67. Janusha

      At this point Im starting to think some of these sign-language guys dont really know sign language. They are just random people who showed up and got paid.

    68. Jimmy Stout

      He says angels alot

    69. Whicker Boy

      Modeling of any kind, n any discipline IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS ASSUMPTIONS----I REPEAT, ASSUMPTION'S (i.e. guesses).

    70. Whicker Boy

      Try these CDC FACTS WHICH R NOT BEING PROPAGATED BY NEWS ORGS NOR TV DOCTORS:::::: Flu kills upwards of 63,000 Americans PER FLU SEASON!!! Corona RECOVERY IS 99 out of 100!!!!! The % of deaths attributed to FLU/pneumonia is 8.2%!!!!! That's significantly ABOVE epidemic threshold of 7.2%!!! SO STOP CAUSING MASS HYSTERIA OVER CORONA!!!!!

    71. Zurie Rae

      Wow. As a resident of Pittsburgh PA who has handled this well. I am utterly impressed. With the response, data, numbers, innovation, swift use of technology, the list goes on. Can I also mention this mayor has my vote, simply on communication, implementation, leadership, presentation ect... Good job LA. I always say if I ever get rich I'm moving to LA. Lol

    72. Golden Goddess

      I hope Michigan's Governor gets this involved

    73. Beware The Locusts

      Lol!! Look at the clowns!!

    74. Rebecca Wagner-Campbell

      Saw this gentleman on Bill Maher. He is informed, articulate, and seemed sincere

    75. COVID19 #COVID 19 PREDICTION 1999. Check it out.

    76. Cesar David

      They're talking about the number of tests like its a big accomplishment. That's minimal compared to the amount of people in that region. That's embarrassing, South Korea was doing 10k tests a day the week this whole thing started in their country. SMH.

    77. Junior Diamond

      Is social dancing is allowed?

    78. cheeky af monkey

      virus theater

    79. Adel Theslave

      Get ready for the the unexpectable .

    80. Malone Jones

      Abbott covid 19 test 5 mins approved by fda. Stocks rising fast..