Janet Jackson Surprises 'The View'

The View

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    After announcing her “Black Diamond” world tour, Jackson celebrated the good news with the co-hosts.
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    1. Patrice William

      My favorite person

    2. Dreams Are A Reality

      Just a sweetie. Love my Janet now. ♥️

    3. Alexis Schultz

      I looove Janet aJackson and I hope she finds happiness in her life!!!!!

    4. francene01

      True Powerhouse Ms. Jackson!!!!!! Praises she's amazing! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    5. Snipa C

      Her smile just litts the room !

    6. Viewer Lady

      Janet is so beautiful in and out!!!😍😍😍😍

    7. Jo Dunk

      I’m surprised nobody bum rushed Janet the way they carried on.

    8. Nykia Taylor

      OMG!!! I bought tickets to her tour back in 2015. It was cancelled until 2017 but I was flooded out due to Harvey and couldn't go.... BEEN HURT EVER SINCE!!!!!!!

    9. Coffee Panda

      When I was young I truly thought I was Janet Jackson sister

    10. Nickyloveslove ENTERTAINMENT

      Janet Jackson is Freaking Gorgeous~

    11. Ebony_Love_R_007

      Miss Jackson if ya nasty! 😍💞

    12. Sandra Young

      I want to go ,still angry when she was in SC and told all the tickets were sold and they werent. This will be my bucket list to see her in concert

    13. Sandra Young

      Whoopi,ladies all for you

    14. Cocoa Renay

      Janet J 👍🏿👍🏿🖤

    15. Cocoa Renay

      I swear to God Whoopi's hair look a Hot Stir Fry Mess!! 😳

    16. Arlene Gilmore

      Wow....what an awesome surprise!

    17. Black Beauty Domme


    18. K Family


    19. mrs E Stephen

      I love Janet Jackson but loved Michael Jackson to Death. I miss him so much. His personality his performance was double Plus

    20. I Am Energy

      She's beautiful ❤️

    21. Judith Trujillo


    22. tee lady

      Janet Jackson look the same way she did when she was a little girl, beautiful.

    23. Sharon Howard

      How cool!!! How can I go???

    24. Ashleigh Cannady

      I love her so much! Just cute as a button!

    25. V_N

      I love her!!!!!

    26. Lady Tee

      God bless Janet for making everyone's dream come true by surprise!

    27. bronzemilan

      ѕнє ιѕ ƒяєαкιηg gσяgєσυѕ

    28. Gem Grateful

      Janet is everything baby!!!

    29. Linda Simms

      Janet is AMAZING!! Darn, the one time I couldn't make it to the VIEW!!!

    30. ForeverFree3691

      What a beautiful moment!

    31. queenamin12

      Wish I was there.....but could never afford tickets for my myself and daughter to go...maybe I'll be able too

    32. Lucas Slr

      a legend serving a new album soon!

    33. Pierre D

      Ms Janet. One of true Iconic Queen B's of the music industry. Still slayn an givin it to us in all her glory in her 50s!

    34. NewStyle Modeling

      cheek bones still high

    35. Lakita Butler

      LMAO 🤣 she is looking like a fat cheek cabbage patch doll , the older she gets she'll get more plastic surgery and end up with no real cheeks or nose like her brother Michael Jackson may he rest in peace!

    36. Ebeezy272011

      Miss Jackson came up in The View like she was THE VIEW

    37. CHI CHI

      That Was A Great Surprise and Free Concert Tickets For Everyone Yes Janet Looking GREAT.

    38. Katumu Rogers

      Awwww! So sweet and generous. Ever so polite and soft spoken. Look good JJ. Mwah 💋

    39. Africanass Kowfie


    40. TehutiBrim 59

      How u so humble being in the since what 9? A blessing and she still super fine, making sure her hair swept bakk exposing all that beauty. Blakk doesn't krakk lol I see ya Penny

    41. sweetpeepauline

      Now this is what a Boss Chick can do, come on a live set and shake things up & give out gifts and exit stage left then back to the studio. #JDJ4Life💕

    42. elvin adams

      Tell her to remove that fur coat.

    43. London Love

      Still beautiful .

    44. h20detroyer11 /Assassin destroyer


    45. Elsa Aita

      She looks amazing and that coat is everything.

    46. Sabrina White


    47. Monda Williams

      Easy on my eyes Janet geez🥰

    48. Myron Birdsong

      Dang she looks Amazing

    49. Jordi7174

      I'm so glad that she got out of those cat eyes

    50. Tony Cannig

      Absolutely gorgeous !!

    51. temeka haynes

      Yesss 🔥🔥🔥

    52. Simir Johnson

      She is always very sweet.

    53. unknown unknown

      Love Janet. I'd would be excited if she walked in the room and gave me tickets, too. Some of this is all for show though. My teen and their friends don't even know who she is.

    54. Jonathan Fowlkes

      Wow! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    55. PrettyBrown Eyez

      She looks FABULOUS 😍!!

    56. Angelic Marin

      Wait a....second ..... What is wrong with her and what is she hiding? I've been watching her recent interviews and they are all covered up with the clothing she has chosen for that interview I don't know if she had a botched C-section with her two-year-old son but with Janet's money and she could fix anything on her body so what's up with all that swollen nose and why can't she ever sit down and actually relax it always look like she's anxious or trying to hide something almost like when Beyonce was pregnant with blue ivy always trying to make the interviews very short smiling a lot acting really cool but trying to shorten up the interview and not trying to sit down just stand up a lot and talk

    57. Angel L

      I love Janet! She is so sweet!

    58. Spontaneous Girl

      Janet is so beautiful and sweet! Love me some her. ❤

    59. Tranea Wilson

      That was really nice of her..giving the entire audience tickets!

    60. Devonna Johnson

      How exciting...wish I was in the audience!!!!☺☺☺☺❤❤❤❤