898 ming ko‘rishlar soni99

    We did a pool trampoline basketball dunk contest! Dont try this at home kids
    Trampoline Dunk contest
    Skyzone trampoline dunk contest
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    1. Descend

      Tell me why there are so many people in the comments talking about how these aren’t dunks without realizing you don’t need to touch the rim for a dunk .-.

      1. Marquise Carswell

        Kaleb TGM I know I’m late and all but bro that’s still a dunk

      2. Jack Heneghan

        @Uriel Hyman no it doesn't it still counts

      3. Clips_ 55949

        If you touch the rim, it's a dunk. If you don't, it's not. It's that simple. ... Many times, players opt to go up for a dunk but gently put the ball in the basket without touching the rim.

      4. Zach Reif

        Well you can’t throw it in

      5. Zach Reif

        Yes you do

    2. B and B

      Sub To my channel it has Bball Videos

    3. The BIGGEST jets fan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="495">8:15</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="510">8:30</a> james calls te dunk a belly flop when it wasnt

    4. Gacha Funny

      These dunks are getting old

    5. SAM JP

      This is easily the worst 2Hype pool

    6. RJ Anderson

      Why didn't Jesser throw the ball at the back board and backflip dunk it

    7. i580Chase

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> bro he thought he had so much air😂😂

    8. Tejinder Kaur

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> who else that that our phone Lagged

    9. hunter brave

      jesser was third boi

    10. Natasha K.

      I love your videos I whack your vids every day

    11. Ethan To


    12. Ethan To



      i agree whith you man

    14. Charlie Morris

      Does jesser know what a dunk is , he throws the ball into the hoop

    15. Jonah Jackson

      Mopi: does a cannonball and THROWS it in Judges: ALL TENS that was insane!


      Make a 2k20

    17. Peter LoHo

      Every time somebody makes a dunk the judges oooohhhh when jesser makes a dunk beat drops

    18. aleksa raymond

      Jesser should of done an easier dunk , I would done a front flip over the hype and dunk it backwards

    19. Anthony Smith

      The ending was so anticlimactic

    20. Zerek24

      if i was there i would of tried to jump over the background and dunk

    21. Zerek24

      i want the giraffe jersey so bad😩 i’ve been watching y’all for a long time and every time i’m sick i watch y’all and i feel better

    22. CM Gaming and Blogs

      Jesser is the new T jass even though he lost what happened if jesser made the last dunk I will be shocked and subscribe

    23. Sidney Hillblom

      He really auto-tunes his voice to go with the aong

    24. Isaac Mondragon

      Why are they in the hot tub if you get in the pool it’s colder

    25. AiryBTW

      Opi should of won that for that front flip

    26. Vakyrae xii

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="291">4:51</a> lmao who is this guy

    27. Jayden_ Powell98

      Jakes dunks are overrated

    28. Caleb Barocio

      Yea but dat backdrop tho That was the Bach in me talkin

      1. Caleb Barocio


    29. Julio Angel

      jesser sold so hard & fast 😂😩

    30. Shooter Bratcher

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="420">7:00</a> why did this get 10’s LMAO

      1. Marquise Carswell

        That’s what I’m saying bro it wasn’t even good

    31. Bryan Biggs

      i bought a iphone11,airpod pros,macbook pro,lamborghini and sour patch curry7

    32. Lost Cryptic24

      Jester : does a 360 windmill between the legs over kris with mojo on his shoulders Dwade : I give that a 9

    33. Ella Schofield

      I was right C:he flops again!

    34. Zach Reif

      Jesser’s shouldn’t count because he just threw them in same as everyone else that did that

    35. Owen and Evan random stuff

      The most anticlimactic ending of all time...

    36. Davanta Pruiett

      I swear I would be 5times crazy stuff then this

    37. Stelfninja02

      Love the channel

    38. JDOG J


    39. Owen Faltin

      why is their 666, who is the devil?

    40. Bro Pack

      Bro pack is better then 2 hype even for a start up

    41. Bro Pack

      Jesser 2 hype is trash the bro pack and I have called you out many times so come get sack or are y’all fake ballers

    42. Alex Curtis

      has jesser ever actually dunked it

    43. kakashi hatake

      they ass be throwing that ball in not dunkin it🤦🏽‍♂️

    44. Sam Grant

      You should of won


      Wean time stops <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a>

    46. Fearzy

      I wish jesse could let us know all the sound effects he uses

    47. Gavin Fossa

      Bruh he went full morgz in the intro

    48. Spartial

      Super dangerous.

    49. Joshua Kung

      when the hoop is literally under you lmao

    50. RC Random Channel

      Jessie:360 frontflip behind the back between the legs oh no I know I’m overreacting but it was just funny to me <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a>

    51. Ryan Schiller

      No one: Read more

    52. Tree Mark

      He put a base drop only for him

    53. Lauren Kuhn

      Why do you do the same dunks every time

    54. Jt Garcia

      No one : Me mopi thick

    55. DroughtedDrizzle

      Y’all be rating Jesse so high when he has a whole 2 dunk packages

    56. Anna Banana

      Should do more

    57. jason konovitch

      did you say balls oh swallow sac

    58. Youtube_ RehKZY

      I’m here from Tristan jass when he’s girlfriend jumped in the pool

    59. WavVer

      I pick b

    60. Eddie_Johnson _17

      Do another one of these and loser with the worst score has to bellyflop off the little wood overhang

    61. Donna Brock

      Jesserthelazer your my fav youtuber

    62. Ghoul Fish

      When mopi got 666 he made the shot?????

    63. Luke Bro210


    64. qui d


    65. secsmon s

      Hello saludo desde argentina

    66. Cyphun-

      man i love watching your videos it makes me happy ❤️

    67. Gabe Roth

      Loki Jesser should of won this

    68. Deadshot _7531

      No one: Jesse: putting on a huge bass drop for him anytime he dunks even if it sucks

      1. Andrea Wells

        Stupid ahh boi

      2. Andrea Wells

        Leave HIM alone he better than you ( im on my sisters account so I'm a boy btw) but yeah he better than you at this I bet you can barely even make intense music stupid ahh boi

    69. Howard Yen

      Dunk contest Everyone: Throws the ball 🤦‍♂️

      1. Wil Hudson

        Howard Yen once again it’s called a throw in dunk

    70. OPJayy Kayy

      Mopi did a solid manu

    71. Jayden Arnold

      Are you still a Clippers fan

    72. 23isgoated

      Jesser after ever dunk ooooooooo!

    73. Justin N Le

      Mopi is actually a pretty good dunker on that hoop. Btw if you subscribe to my channel I will subscribe to yours :)

    74. HniloDW X

      Not even 2 minutes in and I'm dying, the preview dunk in the beginning and Jesse's first dunk he said " oh no"😭😭

    75. Eli Lessin-Burris

      who else misses jessers insanely entertaining 2k content from 2k16,17,18. he just not the same bruh

    76. Jude Plath

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="303">5:03</a> that doggie paddle tho nice job mopi

    77. Austin Ligma

      From now on we call Jesse the attempt 3 king

    78. Unwrap Reãxtion

      U was my favorite UZsel