How Do You Ruin Pizza? - Eat It Or Yeet It #11

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    Today, Garrett ruins pizza for us for 15 minutes straight. This round of Eat It Or Yeet It just may be our *LEAST* favorite pizza place.
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    1. Caden Marsee

      whoever doesn't like pineapple on pizza should never eat pizza again

    2. Woodster 605

      Pineapple on pizza is the best combination in the world for me.

    3. Jasmine Rogers

      Keith reminds me so much of my step dad I’m scared

    4. Joe Frahm


    5. yonk yonk

      Why eat it when you can yeet it

    6. Skeleton King

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="773">12:53</a> DIGEST IT JOE

    7. Skeleton King

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="149">2:29</a> IT'S HUMAN FECES

    8. Matt Barker

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="843">14:03</a> folding the crust as you eat it is an unwritten pizza law!

    9. Morgann Cox

      I will not die I freaking love pineapple on pizza.

    10. jacobgaming1506

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> im so stupid, i thought the table actually got broken

    11. Bella G

      I love Damien so much, but seeing him (kinda) enjoy Vegemite just warms my soul even more

    12. Tracee Lopez

      Damien truly is my favorite (for this specific series) because he eats anything. I like him on these the most!!

    13. Aric Davis

      I love my pineapple on pizza. 🥺🥺🥺

    14. JohnRachel Rydquist

      I know a lot of people are probably mad cause they said Hawaiian is bad but unless you've tried it ( Which they both clearly have ) you don't have the right to say it's bad or good.

    15. GraceGrapes

      you can hear courtney say she likes the corners at the end and im like girl its a circle

    16. Scarlett James

      keith:who ever likes pinnapple on pizza you should you should yeah me:so likeshould i unsubscibe now or what because noone ere seems to like pinnaple pizza aswell

    17. VG FE

      You know Smosh, change the style of the game. I mean if you could introduce a spinning table instead of ringing the bell. At that point, the person who is the slowest one to hit the bell can have a fair chance. Think about it for future episodes and after the quarantine

    18. Pesky Dragon

      Keith is just straight up annoying in this video not gonna lie

    19. gucciassclown

      Everyone who likes pineapple on pizza is so chill about it and everyone who doesn't freaks out like it's against the will of God or something lmfao

    20. Nightwing 33 plays gta 5 (and other games,DUH)

      I’m reposting this because it’s a good idea but there should be one where Courtney is in the contestants and Courtney freaking miller is the host Smosh please do this

    21. Gaming with Isaac

      How do I join the church of mat rob

    22. Garrett Deppe

      Matt I don't have bread for you okay

    23. ricotta cheese

      my mom likes pineapple and pizza... you better watch out, cause she’s mexican.

    24. Mr. Tacoless

      They can go FUCK THEMSELVES. Everyone has their own PREFERENCE and OPINION. They need to learn to understand that. I’m not saying fuck you because they don’t like pineapple on pizza, (I do) but because they just attacked people that didn’t like it and respected their opinion.

      1. Kierra Ashford

        Literally 3 people at the table liked it. Chill dude.

    25. Angel36930

      Pineapple on a pizza is fine, wusss

    26. Nattachai Rungrattanapreeda

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="819">13:39</a> Here Matt Rob! (Horror movie reference)

    27. Ed Z

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="501">8:21</a> "I swallowed it way too fast" -Courtney Miller, 2020

    28. jorden hale

      When he didn’t yell here’s Johnny smh

    29. jose lopez

      Keith is wrong pineapple on pizza is great

    30. Teodora Prokovic

      It's an abomination!!! Mattraub 2020

    31. Evangeline Harding

      Who doesn't like pineapple and Vegemite on pizza????

    32. Verity Cole

      “If you like pineapple on pizza then just die” HAHA

    33. Michaela Collins

      To be honest vegemite pizza is a delicacy in my house🤷🏻‍♀️ must be an Aussie thing😂

    34. Gracie

      dude i want that hot pocket thing rn <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="724">12:04</a>AM

    35. ASP

      Damn it now im hungry

    36. Azael Herrera

      I love me some pineapple pizza

    37. Ronation_girl101

      I like pineapple on pizza, BUT I LOVE THE CLASSIC CHEESE PIZZA.

    38. Sybren Kuiper

      Every one hates pineapple on pizza just because people on internet say that its discusting

    39. annettehorrocks

      Dude the sh*t they’ve fed these guys on smosh why would pig stomach bother them 😂

    40. Mars Mech

      "you cant ruin pizza for me *smug face*". rants about pineapple on pizza.

    41. We Woys

      Keith seems so annoying

    42. BiggestWeeb 2012

      I like pineapple on pizza

    43. Zhionne Mendoza

      Can you guys do a eat It or yeet It Filipino style

    44. Lorelai Carr

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="820">13:40</a>-Matt:HERE'S JOHNNY

    45. Happymask Majora

      My favourite way to eat pineapple is on pizza... How dare you all

    46. Mr. J

      *he hiccups* Me:OMG THE PTERODACTYL LIVES

    47. Madison Mcclenathen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="690">11:30</a> Courtney: its called the tummy pizza it's got dough, cheese, spinach, and PiG sToMaCh! No one: Damien: keeps eating Shane's pizza

      1. Madison Mcclenathen

        The worst part is he stoped while she was explaining what was in it, and when she was done talking he shrugged and took another bite!🤣🤣

    48. Shannon Galpin

      I felt like these dishes were not really bad, compared to previous episodes! Still love watching!

    49. Keitorin_x


    50. Evan Stokka

      Pineapple on pizza for life

    51. Ryan T


    52. Galaxy Gamez

      How to ruin pizza guide- put pineapple on your pizza

    53. Madeline Ervin

      Now I'm pretty sure that Damien is one of those peeps that u can't ruin pizza for

    54. Astral theGravin

      force joven to go through this......... I mean kind of hard to with corona but meh

    55. Shplackskepticeye plus

      I don't understand how one could not like pineapple on pizza

    56. AudriAnn Guzman

      Keith: hold on there's no twist? Garret: THE TWIST IS ITS BIG!!! IS THAT NOT ENOUGH?!? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    57. Joseph Cuesta

      I love pineapple pizza lol

    58. Willem Jewell

      Does anyone else get so pissed off at Keith in these videos? Also, the lie detector videos he was being dumb too.

    59. Willem Jewell

      Does anyone else get so pissed off at Keith in these videos? Also, the lie detector videos he was being dumb too.

    60. RHOK_SATAN

      Sarah ruined it! Should have respected him and brought him the bell 🛎

    61. Riya Ahmed

      I think it’d be cool like if they did a thing where; the dish/drink whatever is covered and you don’t get to see it but someone has to to sing the bell. And if you wish to see it then you must take like more bites/sips of the thing whether it’s bad or good..idk mystery is exciting heh

    62. Shadow darkness23

      Huh there using demon slayer effects awsome

    63. Sam Tripp

      You’d think, with everyone having ate so many hot chocolates, that they’d know better than to drink water.

    64. Kimberly Jimenez

      When Matt put his head through the box, he should've said "Here's Johnny!!!!"

    65. Paulie C.

      Oh no you sons of bitches! - Matt Raub you are my hero.

    66. Max Crawford

      Imagine Gordan Ramsey on this

    67. Faith P

      So what I'm hearing is we need a revenge episode part 2 including Courtney?

    68. The MouseVoice

      Matt is toxic

    69. Wildflower Rose

      But I love pineapple on pizza so I have to die now God damnit

    70. Quien Dice?

      Keith is just a big child :v

    71. BankableGiant 73

      Garret cam more like satan cam

    72. August Morgan


    73. Crystal Caves

      When your told your mother should die cuz she likes pineapple on pizza (T_T)

    74. Mr G

      Courtney should be in the next eat it or yeet it episode

    75. KkCrazy Squad

      I love pineapple pizza

    76. Cristina Russo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="254">4:14</a> I think I wanna marry him

    77. Lachlan Fitzgibbon

      As an Aussie I reckonized it at Vegemite pizza from the get go!

    78. Daring Dog

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="695">11:35</a> “it’s got pig stomach” Damien nods and shrugs, taking another bite and looks at outraged Garrett like he’s dumb

    79. Moose uchiha of the bloody mist

      Who ever likes pineapple pizza is a uncoltred swine

    80. Somiaz

      Matt: You can't ruin pizza for me. Later on Matt: Whoever likes pineapple on pizza should die! Later later on Matt: The crust?! Are you insane?!!!