How China Built a Hospital in 10 Days

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    Animation by Josh Sherrington
    Sound by Graham Haerther (
    Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
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    Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
    Select Footage courtesy 大紀元新聞網 and
    中国新闻网 under creative commons licenses

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    1. Jooshi McKenski

      You forgot to show how they're leaking a shit ton of water and are very very poor quality.

    2. albu obscure

      Wow, how much did china pay you for this?

    3. albu obscure

      Easy, they didn't.

    4. Simon Savard

      Massive undertaking which would never ever work here. Of course its a very simple design, with prefab units, where quality isnt really a worry, in a situation where money and efficiency is no object but still... Coordinating a thousand workers on the same site in such a short notice, making them work as a giant team, with everyone arriving at the right time with the supplies is just amazing. Anyone working as a project manager in construction will know that. Communism has its good sides i guess.

    5. Bea Sted

      China: builds hospital in 10 days me: thinks of this comment in just as many

    6. archballz

      Obviously guys this is out of desperation!

    7. Ieuan Hunt

      Because they don't care about building safety standards.

    8. Louis Wu

      Now Japan need that speed I am pretty sure.

    9. DK

      It's not a hospital, it's a morgue. Watch some of the videos on Twitter, some real videos from staff, hear their stories. This here is just edited footage from the China advertisements they organized themselves. You won't hear or see the truth coming out of that hospital in the official public channels. It's China we are talking about. The country that is treating the Uyghurs the way Hitler treated the Jews. The difference is in the 1940s the world cared enough to go and fight him. Right now we are numb from all the social media. We see horrible stuff and think to ourselves for 3-4 seconds "man, this gotta suck hard" and we keep scrolling before our mood goes down. My point is China caused this outbreak out of negligence and made it worse by lying about the numbers and the scale of the problem in the beginning when it would've been easier to fight it. We should not praise them for this hospital, we should keep them accountable.

    10. aarav bara

      99% of the people are cracking jokes 1% other

    11. K Nav

      One of the advantages of NOT having Democracy.

    12. Ahil Moti

      in Kenya is everything could have disappeared in 10days....first thing the land to build the hospital would have been grabbed...second finance swindled all....

    13. Kolt45 Gaming

      You mean that hospital that is falling apart after 1 rainfall? Ya, HARD PASS.

    14. Cain Marco

      the comments section are filled with complaints about their government's failure to speed up building infrastructures. children, children, may i remind you that they have to build this fast OUT OF DESPERATION. just think about it. ya small minded kids

    15. Bryan D

      Hmm - how about the first "unofficial" report of the virus by Li Wenliang?

    16. SuperWolf YT

      They used premium currency to speed up build time

    17. drhominidae

      Concrete does not cures.

    18. Nemesis T-Type

      Check out twitter. That hospital is now soaking wet when it rained. Seems like a rushed job is not that great.

    19. George Osprey

      They call it a hospital.. but it doesn't treat anyone. It has bars on the windows. There are rumors that there are no doctors. You have to walk 200 meters to get to a washroom... said one patient.

      1. 白夜秋痕

        ???Are you kidding me? Yesterday some patients be healthy

    20. bnetolldnataman

      Tell me they didn’t know this outbreak was going down......

    21. Yellow 45

      Xi: “I’ve been fighting this thing since January 7th!!” Everyone else: ...”you’ve known this was serious... since January 7th!? Wuhhan had a potluckk on the 29th!!!!!!!” Xi: .....✌️

    22. Straywen Love

      spreadiing CCP lies , officially makes you a piece of filth

    23. dark black

      china: builds a hospital in 10 days philippines: renovates a public clinic in 10 months

    24. Timo Okello

      The novel coronavirus was not from eating any while animals... you haven't done your research but repeating lies.

    25. Joe JJJ

      answer: via prefabs

    26. blattimus

      How China totally bungled their response to this crisis, spent the first weeks threatening and arresting anybody who reported on it, including doctors; had a feast for 100 000 people in Wuhan with shared plates to show there's no problem; waited 3 weeks to send experts to the region; massively lied to the world about the extent of the crisis and allowed it to massively spread; continue to lie about the situation and pat themselves on the back for their excellent response, because the state feelings are so sensitive that they can't stand the least criticism without breaking out in tears; lock down neighbourhoods with force and drag people suspected of infection to mass detention facilities; steal private cars for state use (strangely, only Ferraris are required for the people's war against the disease;) and according to a recent report by a Chinese university, probably released the disease in the first place due to patent incompetence at their bio weapons lab 300 meters from the food market widely blamed for the outbreak. The only real tragedy for the Chinese dictatorship is they won't be able to sell the organs of those who died from the virus in military hospitals, as they do with those forcibly removed from political dissidents by the millions. But this is China, so in all probability, they will sell them anyway.

    27. Onety

      Hospital speedrun any%

    28. Hal 9000

      Like they build everything else: cheaply suing slave labor and no regard at all to the environment.

    29. kzh

      World: ah! China builds a hospital in 10 days! US: I am not impressed at all. World: Why not? US: Guess I can destroy this hospital less than 10 minutes.

    30. LeBrigand

      And now, just two weeks after its completion, that hospital is already leaking and crumbling. Well done! Chinese engineering at its best!

    31. Super Basic News

      They had a biological virus center with live bats, 300 meters from ”wetmarket” So I hear do your own research.

    32. AweSomo84

      It’s already breaking down and it’s not a hospitol it’s a detention center

    33. Mokilok9

      Are there any videos of this hospital operational?

      1. LeBrigand

        Yes, and they show that thing leaking all over the place, with electric cords swimming in water in the halls...

    34. Christian Knight

      You mean hospital tents with mass dug grave

    35. Dustin Cordell

      its not a hospital its a glorified tenement with beds you guys buy into propaganda to much

    36. M S

      The are building a concentration camp rather than a hospital.

    37. top 5 everything

      This video was made possible by china

    38. CarefreeBDO

      why not build a few more hospitals for the rest of 70k infected?

    39. Igor Jin

      China builds hospital in 10 days. Others be like : COMMUNISTS , NO HUMAN RIGHTS, POOR QUALITY. REEERRREEEEEEEEEEEEE

    40. Himanshu Shekhar

      Just propaganda to diver the government attrocities on corona virus whistleblower

    41. Terry Wong

      This video is not reflecting all the truths of what happened during the contruction process, wokers are infected with the virus due to poor hygiene. Moreover, after 5 days of the opneing of the hospital only 86 beds are available for use. I've been a fan of the channel beacuse of it's informational videos but this seems more like a propagenda from China to me.

    42. Autumn Leaf

      Did you guys forget the news that it collapsed 10 days afterwards? Read the news. The rain entered the building, and frosting caused expansion and destroyed the buildings already.

    43. Miki Flokster

      China builds US destroys, simple as that. Maybe this is why everybody love China and no one like US.

    44. Alex ander

      im just speechless! i think china will conquer this virus soon !

    45. imjustsaying tho

      Yahhh, bullshit! This wasn't an accident spontaneously materialized in the local exotic goods market. That marketplace was too easy , too convenient. The authorities just scapegoated the most convenient place around. This is a biological weapon, intentionally developed to sweep through contemporary human settlements. Take care everyone. And good luck. We're gonna need it .

    46. Ghost

      This comment section is 90% memes, 10 actual comments.

    47. Tree Bark

      Dont be rediculous. Its a marketing stunt. When the worker handed over the hospital, only 85 beds or so can be used. It lacks equipment and so forth, not fully functioning basically its just an empty shell. Also did you realise the window have metal bar cover all over it. Its to prevent patients escape! Also the army is "monitoring" the whole hospital. Its a concentration camp. So that you will die there and not roar around. They're not expect to cure anyone.

    48. Trail Hound


    49. Jimmy Cincinnati

      In Comunist China, Dormitorium Is Called hospital.

    50. Brian

      concrete doesn't dry. It "sets" which just means cures or a chemical reaction happens

    51. John Zimiskes

      This would be hilarious if the CCP wasnt responsible for the virus creation.

    52. LiangHuBBB

      you see these rooms in that hospital, no equipment or anything at all, no doctors anywere around the finished hospital, just army ppl get caught and die in there without any treatment, its raining everything is wet in these rooms, the hospital is just a massgrave, you get in you wont survive. pplwake now check out guo miles, newsmonger and koreana jones for real news

    53. ҳҲ̸Ҳ̸ҳ

      In india , nothing is being done unless it affects brahmins if anythig affects OBC/ST/ST/minorities , they would have themselves created extermination centers to kill rather than building hospitals .

    54. GyroCannon

      We'd be so screwed in the US since having multiple companies / state agencies coordinate would mean a crap ton of deadlock or bottlenecks. Even within a company, there's a lot of "Oh that's not my department" bs that slows everything down

    55. Chen Kui


    56. fans kosovo tv

      To build the hospital maybe they took so many workers (2M maybe).Thats my idea

    57. Teck Hoh Ng

      Building a hospital in record time is laudable.But, more importantly containing the virus from spreading is of paramount importance.

    58. Whoop

      I love the effectiveness of factories. We might see tall buildings built in days in poor places in Africa in the future

    59. Yoda

      The hospital's warranty expires next month, it does.

    60. Ahmer Imam

      here in toronto, they started construction on kennedy station to expand and improve it or whatever, when i was 17. i'm turning 23 in a month and it's still a mess, traffic's always a mess around the area.