Harry Styles - Canyon Moon (Official Audio)



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    You gotta see it to believe it
    The sky never looked so blue
    It’s so hard to leave it
    But that’s what I always do
    So I keep thinking back to
    A time under the canyon moon
    The world’s happy waiting
    Doors yellow, broken, blue
    I heard Jenny saying
    “Go get the kids from school”
    And I keep thinking back to
    A time under the canyon moon
    I’ll be gone too long from you
    Staring at the ceiling
    Two weeks and I’ll be home
    I carry the feeling
    Through Paris, all through Rome
    And I’m still thinking back to
    A time under the canyon moon
    I’m going, oh I’m going
    I’m going, oh I’m going
    I’m going, oh I’m going home
    Quick pause in conversation
    She plays songs I’ve never heard
    An old lover’s hippie music
    Pretends not to know the words
    And I keep thinking back to
    A time under the canyon moon
    I’ll be gone too long from you
    Oh I’m going, oh I’m going
    Oh I’m going, oh I’m going
    Oh I’m going, oh I’m going home
    #HarryStyles #FineLine #CanyonMoon


    1. Jodie M

      Paris to Rome?!?!? Does anyone remember the interview where Louis said he would take a girl to Paris for a romantic place and Harry said Rome??!?!

    2. London Skellington

      Sometimes when i am sad i listen to this just to hear his voice.

    3. Emma Khamarji

      once im older, im gonna make my boyfriend come with me to europe and drive around and im gonna play this song and make him like it

    4. marleylikesblueberries

      people really put this song on the BOTTOM of their hs tier list?? like dont talk to me

    5. Eleven Hunter

      This song makes me want to buy a vintage convertible, and drive all over town, with this song playing on the radio.

      1. tiptop 123

        My brother thought about same thing!😃

    6. Melanie Robles

      Wow 😁😍😜

    7. Toni Jelkic

      Canyon moon is so underated !

    8. kyndal

      "Im Jennifer"

    9. Suchi

      Y y'all sleeping on this this song has such a picnic Vibe

    10. jocelyn belle

      i'm going to pretend i'm on a road trip during my quarantine listening to this song

    11. Geralding Lliuya Gomero

      amo tanto a este hombre

    12. Lana Del Who?

      My universe 🌙

    13. ;Liv ༅

      Literally Fine Line Is the best album i hear 🔫

    14. lorena camarillo

      Joni Mitchell Vibes!

    15. Ilana Fernandes

      Specially in this quarentine, this song brings a such sensation of peace...

    16. Scoops Ahoy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a> that part -

    17. Scoops Ahoy


    18. danielle depa

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> ahhhh love it so much

    19. Sarah Núñez

      His first album was like: f.uck it I'm a big boi now His second album: nevermind I think I want to remain smol ITS SO WHOLESOME

    20. Piper Sto


    21. ᴠɪʜ ᴊᴇʀôɴɪᴍᴏ

      Música boa demais, aff

    22. Destiny Hollahan

      This makes me think of of a scene in a movie where someone is going on a road trip and they are driving next to a cliff or mountain or something.

    23. Emma Khamarji

      someone make this into a movie with this song in it about a boy and a girl that are traveling around europe and are best friends but then fall in love and its the 1960's or something. please. i would die to watch it

    24. Emma Khamarji

      this song is underrated

    25. Galina Nagy

      I wanna listen it all day bc why not😍😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

    26. Geralding Lliuya Gomero


    27. Amy

      I think he's going home?

    28. Journeying_ Soul

      Jack Johnson...? Is....is that you..?

    29. Medicine

      I can see this slowly playing when the characters finally solve the drama and everything's slowly getting placed where it should be, then at the last few words of the songs the camera pans upwards and the screen fades to black. Then when the song ends the credits pop up Or use it for the credits in general dkocoaoxnwbc All his songs are a blessing I don't understand how they could hate this precious roll of pizza

    30. Fernanda Cisneros

      i love you so much harry, im so proud of you

    31. Soph Hartwick

      When I first heard this song, I was like "WOAH Harry has children with someone named Jenny. Heck Jenny you lucky!

    32. Leah Banner

      In love with this song🥰

    33. Hazel Ilana

      canyon moon is in my top 5 of fine line 🥺❤️

    34. Josefina Porqueras Figueroa

      Everyone:who the f*ck is Jenny?

    35. Patrik Varga

      "I heard Jenny saying “Go get the kids from school” " Once Louis introduced as "And I'm Jennifer"

    36. Magali Araujo

      love you canyon moon

    37. gloria pisano

      i want to listen to this on a train on my way home after a happy long trip with all my friends

    38. sh`l`

      Harry you are a wizard .... I love you so much..💚💚💚💚💚💚

    39. Papillon Cosmique

      Harry, you should do a few songs with Avi Kaplan. This one would be awesome. I think you should do a duet with Jamiroquai too. It would sound so great.

    40. Maria Eduarda Fernandes de Souza

      Harry singing "I'm going home" with all his beautiful heart is the purest thing i could've hear

    41. kanwal Khanna


    42. Abigail Watson

      my dad is learning how to play this on the guitar for me yay

    43. Alyssa Fowler

      I feel like I’m cleaning my kitchen in my rural Farm house in a short mini blue skirt with ruffles.

    44. TAEYEON’g _SS

      Again, this album is perfect harry thank you

    45. dina

      the way he say moon. luv it

    46. Hilarion Montiel

      Harry is doing really good with his albums!♡

    47. Rhys Carr

      That riff sounds so much like something the beatles would do,. Its hard to believe this guy was once in One Direction. Never go back Harry you're heading towards greatness.

    48. cara Imray

      im just thinking back to 1 direction he changed so much

    49. tiptop 123

      Who thinks Harry should write a song for his mom? I suppose it's just me.😶

    50. Potter Head

      Louis:’and I’m jennifer’ Harry:I heard Jenny saying ‘go get the kids from school’ Mind=blown

    51. Kesha Nation

      Lord Huron vibes

    52. Nirmal sinha

      💃💃💃🥰 feels like this

    53. Rowynn Slivka


    54. Damyen Spamz


    55. Linda purple moon

      I'm getting Beatles vibes "I feel fine" ☺️☺️❤️ this song is so cute

    56. JayFazebear

      Pretty Odd?

    57. tiptop 123

      My brother and I plan to sing this on our next road trip because this song is literally PERFECT for the mood.

    58. Elshan Ahmadov

      I was smirking so my grandma asked if he is my boyfriend🤦‍♀️

    59. Change Name

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> coronavirus be like

    60. Hiba Samir

      This song is so underrated and it needs more attention :(

    61. mehr Bano


    62. Cristina Gonzalez Caceres

      My favorite song!😎

    63. DOGOID

      I can't believe how authentic this album is

    64. Alexia Fulga

      This will always be a song I come back to listen. Great job Harry, love from Romania

    65. Viktoria Ghalumyan

      Sooo underrated

    66. Gabby O'Connor

      So underrated

    67. August


    68. Lord Farquaad

      This song needs more appreciation smh

    69. Jamya Prince


    70. JA VI

      Harry: I carry the feeling through Paris all through Rome Coronvirus: Nop.

      1. Sav Hunwicks

        well i mean the feeling of Corona...

    71. Fathurrahman Prasetiyo

      I imagine the beautiful village with this song😍😍😍😍😍😍

    72. Hannah J

      It’s about Camille. Every word.

    73. Star D

      That guitar hook reminds me of Watch the Sun Rise by Big Star and I love it

    74. Patricia Marques

      Thus music is so Larry Change ny mind

    75. Ilse Cox

      the song is beautiful thank you for this I love you so much

    76. BAILEY MAY

      I still can't believe people doesn't like canyon moon. TASTELESS BISHES.

    77. BAILEY MAY

      Anyone who hates canyon moon is tasteless i said what i said !!

    78. JA VI

      I feel like a horse