Harry Styles - Kiwi (Official Video)



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    Harry Styles' self-titled debut album is available now: hstyles.co.uk/music
    iTunes: smarturl.it/HS-iTunes
    Apple Music: smarturl.it/HS-AM
    Spotify: smarturl.it/HS-Spotify
    Limited edition CD: smarturl.it/HS-LtdEd-CD
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    Amazon MP3: smarturl.it/HS-AmazonMP3
    Deezer: smarturl.it/HS-Deezer
    Director: Us
    Exec Producer: Morgan Clement
    Exec Producer (usa): Sheira Rees-Davies
    Producer: Steve Overs
    DoP: Ben Fordesman
    Artist Stylist: Harry Lambert
    Costume Stylist: Sharon Long
    Art Director: Dan Betteridge
    Casting: HammondCox Casting
    Editor: David Stevens @ The Assembly Rooms
    Colourist: Simone Grattarola @ Time Based Arts
    Production Company: Academy +
    #HarryStyles #Kiwi #Vevo


    1. akashik warlock

      I remember someone once comment "this is a young and cute dunkerke movie" and every time i watch this video it remainds me about that...dunkerke

    2. Beautiful park Iovers

      I love you Harry 😣 so much

    3. let poetry drown you

      Me thinking how Niall would react to this vedio *Terrified screams* HOW COULD YOU HARROOOOOOLLLLDDD!!!!! HOOOWWWW!!! WHY DID YOU WASTE ALLL OFF THEER FOOOOOOOODDD!!!

    4. Qistina Safi

      Strreamm soml and dmd to 1B :O

    5. Sean Burns

      i hope all that food wasn't wasted

    6. Salty

      When it said “ no children or animals were harmed in the making of this video “ I was a bit concerned

    7. Mackenzie Gyson

      The kid in the blue suit is Harry when he was little, and that is why the child and Harry are matching/work together. A fact that supports this is the smirk Harry had at the end!!

    8. Livi Hearts


    9. Mijuna Blue

      why are the doggos eating cake :0

    10. Camila Mend

      Question How were the puppies eating chocolate cakes?

    11. Preston Phillips

      I would just steal all those puppies and leave

    12. Hell Cat

      He said no children were harmed in the making of this video but I swear I saw a dead body on the filed at the end R.I.P that one kid 🙏

    13. 2chill


    14. Cherie Manning

      That little smirk at the end is priceless.

    15. Aditi Surha

      just how lucky those kids are they get to meet HARRY STYLES

    16. sh`l`

      Me after seeing this video: what's going in this kid's brain???

    17. Annie Oliveira

      Who’s rewatching this during quarantine 🙋🏻‍♀️

    18. BrayBear 06

      Couldn’t he have been a solo act ween I was this age like think ab throwing cakes with Harry holding a puppy

    19. Sweet Planet

      This video makes me literally hungryyyy

    20. Bruno Illescas

      So this is what happens when you stop being a twat and start to do some real music.

    21. meisje M.

      Does @HarryStyles want to say he is genderneutral?

    22. jordyn coble

      i am. so confused

    23. SilverrRaven

      Other people’s music videos: hookers and cars Harry’s music videos: food fights and fish

    24. SilverrRaven

      Somebody please help me I wanna get up and dance but my cat is sleeping on my lap and I don’t know what to do

    25. Siddhartha Nath

      Explanation of THIS video... SIMON,'tell us some thing about you' HARRY, 'UMM I WORK IN A BAKERY ' Me,'hmm...so this is what he actually did' 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    26. xXPineNeedlesXx

      I wonder if this boy knows he's the reason I cry at night ;)

    27. Simone Ritchie

      I don’t know what I expected but it definitely wasn’t this

    28. Clodagh O’Kane

      Why is the song called Kiwi 🥝

    29. laetitia

      i guess Harry was a little bit to much into dunkirk

    30. Lalnutei Nutei

      Who listen this song during virus spread the world 😢😢👍

    31. gary davidson & the shingles

      this is chaotic.

    32. gary davidson & the shingles

      okay woah

    33. gary davidson & the shingles

      that’s a lot of food.

    34. Vivi Raker

      dunkirk looks different here 🤔

    35. Victoria Flores

      te amo bebeto

    36. inbar rrr

      That little smile in the end makes the whole video

    37. peaxchy girl

      Whos a ZARRY FAN???

    38. Elladia Kannich

      That smirk at the end though!!!

    39. Alicja Młynek


    40. Daniela Bustillos Pérez

      No entendí nada, pero lo amé por que lo hizo harry JAJA

    41. Cydney Chanelle

      Is this about Louis Tomlinson's baby when he was born in 2016?

    42. Kiara Marchini

      My name is Kiara but somebody people call me Kiki, Kiwi, Koko, Kiko and Okey, that Okey is because when i had bethewn six and my actuality age i always say "Okey".

    43. Hasna Qhotrunnadaa

      Niall must be really sad about the cupcakes

    44. duhitsray

      i am totally not confused 😍

    45. Lily Bryant

      I thought this was kiwi, not Dunkirk??

    46. abby chuckro

      I feel like this is a commercial for a medicine where absolutely nothing makes sense and nothing goes together in any way

    47. Katie Sneed

      There was a kid with red cake crumbled on his chest in that kids lap.. when I saw that I said *-is that kid dead IS THAT HIS INTESTINES-*

    48. Sarah Martinez

      I just want to say how much Harry looks like Cory Monteith in the Thumbnail. Honestly.

    49. Detective Taylor Swift

      I’m dying what’s happening??? 😂😂😂😂

    50. 기타멘무사시

      멋쟁이 보고 온사람 나와라

    51. Erika Xoxo

      Caution ⚠️ The moment you are reading this, there is a deadly virus in our world named Coronavirus. Please wash your hands with soap all the time, don’t touch your mouth, nose, eyes, Avoid crowds & school. Please copy and post this message on another video so that people could read this important info.

    52. Erika Xoxo

      Caution ⚠️ The moment you are reading this, there is a deadly virus in our world named Coronavirus. Please wash your hands with soap all the time, don’t touch your mouth, nose, eyes, Avoid crowds & school. Please copy and post this message on another video so that people could read this important info.

    53. JurNee Bland

      Oh so this is what happened in the bakery 😂

    54. Albany Evaristo

      I cant be the only one that saw his little smirk at the end

      1. Gowri Nair

        Nope , you are not the only one

    55. Sweet Creature

      why does the girl in the blue suit look like she is Harry’s daughter for some reason. If harry ever had a daughter i have a feeling she would look like her. Just me? Ok.

    56. Jamie Zinnecker

      The video concept is to have cupcakes because I used to work in a bakery!

    57. Keeper The Pharaoh Hound

      Everything is so nicely unclear with Harry because he is an Aquarius... (:

    58. Dhea Andi

      still think yeah for sure "no children and dog were harmed in the making of this MV" but like the food is very wasted for me :/

    59. Bell Smith


    60. Bell Smith

      Alguien escuchando este temazo en cuarentena?

    61. Bell Smith

      Lo del harry es el rock weei

    62. Ma Li

      Idk who makes videos for Harry but look like it's cuts from a movie and sound not suitable even

    63. Piper Lynn

      why are these 8 year old kids completing my goal in life BEFORE ME!!??

    64. hxneypop

      who else thinks the girl is like a female version of Harry?

    65. Carley Allen

      wow dunkirk was really good

    66. *Eva Geller*

      im gonna honestly say that this song gets me turnt. no lie

    67. Cheshta Stypayhorlikson-Mendes

      Okay Harry, we get it. You used to work in a bakery

    68. Anthony Cole

      This Video has that( School of Rock ) Feel to it

    69. Oliwia Scienska

      his beauty really decided to jump out in this video damn

    70. Destiny Hollahan

      Me: *sees chocolate cupcakes and stuff* Harry: *brings out puppies* Me: NOOOOO THEY CANT HAVE CHOCOLATE The puppies: *eats the cupcakes*

    71. Destiny Hollahan

      Imagine if harry came out.... and said that his music is all autotune.

      1. Destiny Hollahan

        @Madden Callis I was making a joke saying like what if he said he used autotune bu to made it sound like I meant he was coming out as in like gay or something for the people who believe he is.

      2. Madden Callis

        Destiny Hollahan ohhhh that makes sense. I thought you thought that he uses autotune so I was confused

      3. Destiny Hollahan

        @Madden Callis it was supposed to be kind of a joke. Like imagine if harry styles came out and said something. Not coming out gay but coming forward and saying something.

      4. Madden Callis

        what does this even mean?

    72. Esma Özdinç

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="178">02:58</a> that smile

    73. Bob Stevenson

      Harry U ok man?

    74. Honeyy Hazem

      I completely disagree with the fact that this is just a nice sweet, meaningless video. i think this has a much much deeper meaning. You see the kids, fighting in a bloody war, with the girl who starts it all wearing the same suit as harry's - a link. harry then brings in the dogs, using them to clean up the mess, and in the final scene you see harry as the puppeteer smirking - he planned it all. this reflects modern day war, in which it's all orchestrated for someone else to get something out of it, using other people to clean up their mess. therefore harry was the puppeteer, the only one to benefit from this war. how does this tie in with the song? the word kiwi: kiwi fruits are kinda gross from the outside, and bright and sweet in the middle - therefore deceiving, and the lyrics tell us of a girl who is also deceiving, perhaps using harry like he used the little girl to begin his profitable war. this is how i interpreted it anyways - definitely NOT meaningless or fun. *COPIED* *THIS IS NOT MINE , I SAW IT IN ANOTHER VIDEO AND I THOUGHT I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE IT HERE*

    75. Imen EMZ

      it´s 2020 and i still don´t anderstunding this video

    76. avia nguyen

      this music video >>

    77. Clara Guanaes

      i mean.... WHAT?!

    78. Pilar Guerrero

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a> me tho

    79. ANUSHKA singh

      All the cupcakes were made by Hazza ❤️😂

    80. Anshuman Gupta

      It's not Harry adapting rock, it's rock adapting Harry