Harry Styles - Sweet Creature (Audio)



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    Sweet Creature, by Harry Styles
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    Sweet creature
    Had another talk about where it's going wrong
    But we're still young
    We don't know where we're going
    But we know where we belong
    And oh we started
    Two hearts in one home
    It's hard when we argue
    We're both stubborn
    I know, but oh
    Sweet creature, sweet creature
    Wherever I go, you bring me home
    Sweet creature, sweet creature
    When I run out of road, you bring me home
    #HarryStyles #SweetCreature #LoveSong


    1. Laurennchurch x

      harry's really got me crying at 1am

    2. Kimi Corbett

      In that little video line thing there are 2 Louis Tomlinson videos. *Larry, is that you?*

    3. lea_mxrix 05

      I'm crying .... but in a cool way !

    4. Amanda Clark

      Pretty much in love with you

    5. Karla Denise Castillo Martínez

      I’m just here crying (“in a cool way” you will know if you are a Harry big fan) because I know that I will never get the chance to meet him, to hug him or to even go to a concert.😭

    6. Tala Khaled

      Larry ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    7. Stewart crewman

      This song will always be my favourite song of his. I love Harry, so much. He is the only one that can make me feel loved. He makes me feel like I belong, something that I have been needing for a long time. I hadn’t been the happiest but when I found Harry, that changed. I feel like myself again. Everyone will have a celeb crush at least once in their lifetime, but I really do love Harry. I get butterflies when I think of him. My chest tightens, and my heart pounds when I hear his voice or I see him. It feels amazing g to belong to such an amazing family, fans. This song makes me feel like I live with Harry, like we go on forest trips everyday. It feels so real. And I love that.

    8. calumhearts !!

      me la dedicó mi ex 😔👊

    9. Lily Evans

      We seriously don't appreciate his vocals in the SoNg MoRe OFteN

    10. anoushka aneesh

      hi don't mind me. just having a one direction solo songs rerun. i'm not crying, you are.

    11. Sanja Jelkic

      This song is so beautifoul i don't know how to explain it it just is .

    12. Amanda Clark

      Ok Harry deserves more than five million subs

    13. Luciana Clara

      I think it’s about his sister Gemma! ☺️ it’s possible right?

    14. Amanda Clark

      I love you ❤️

    15. Laura parisotto

      Louis send you kisses

    16. Abigail Watson

      my dad said he’d let me see harry in pit if his last name was balls. i am currently questioning life.

    17. Eka ASMR

      That necklace screams who this song is really about bruh❤

      1. DarrenJones

        @girlfessionzz z I have no idea what this necklace symbolises

      2. girlfessionzz z

        Eka ng why?

      3. DarrenJones


    18. Dewin Jan Briol

      Who's listening here whil in a home quarantine??? Hello 2020! Keep safe everyone. I'm alone I felt like I want to cry hard for this song. 💔😭🥺

    19. ayoota Al-Issawi

      You are the sweet creature in this song ♥️♥️

    20. Cydney Chanelle

      Harry, you probably won't see this, but I wish you the best and all the happiness in the world.


      🔥🔥🔥 Is this listentnig in march 2020 This video extraordinary <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> 🧡💝 👇🔥

    22. Derin Şimşek

      You are the sweetest creature in the world I love u Harry 💗

    23. SophieMarie

      "you look pretty good down here, but you aint really good" OMG I FELT THAT

    24. Letty Kawira

      Whenever I listen to H, my heart longs for Zarry reunion some more😪

    25. Maya Golani

      I: " I don't know if you've heard it but this is my favorite thing, so all over Twitter and social media think that some of the things you've written, like Amm... Sweet Creature is not about a girl. It about Louis Tomlinson. I.... Is it?" H: "ugh.... Ammm..... Ammmmm...... Amm....ammmmm.....ammmmm...." Harry Styles= the boy who cannot lie. 💙💚💙💚

    26. Jacyntah Grace

      This song is amazing to dance to and thats a great quality ina song

    27. Lea H

      Who's here after Two of us by Louis... I'm crying, but in a cool way

    28. _zoeee

      the guitar in the background always reminds me of blackbird by the beatles

    29. KR Lumantas

      Harry sang this to his mom , and his mom cried🥺

    30. KR Lumantas

      Ghad my fave

    31. X.Haya_13

      Others: crying Me: OH MY GOD THIS COULD BE ABOUT LARRY😳

    32. alexandra

      That last pre-chorus hits different

    33. azusas biggest fan

      ok but like naezono vibes

    34. Geılob Masi

      Oh god larry is so fucking real

    35. igusia

      Thank you for breathing..

    36. imnotok ipromise

      Why do I feel like crying

    37. lotte janssen010

      This song is definitely about louis and harry Relationship :(

    38. Julia Mateo Iglesias

      ok, but... this song is fire 🔥🔥🔥

    39. Felipeee

      Like si estás aquí por la profe miriam ❤️

      1. Andrés Carvajal

        Felipeee buen pene

    40. Anna Caroline Santos

      Love you❤

    41. Cherish Lewis

      It's about GEMMA!!!! I Think!

    42. Meena Vellachami

      I can't stop listen this song especially in 0.28 . who felt the the same way.

    43. io sono Mati


    44. Nina Nowacka

      One Direction Wherever we go (Louis and Harry), I belivthat earth is round and we meet at the other side. Cause there is only One Direction. The Right Direction

    45. naked mole rat with a wig

      Sounds like "blackbird" By Paul McCartney. I don't know it this is inspired by this song but it's really beautiful.

    46. vanessa lopez

      Harry styles voice is talent he make me cry his voice is beautiful 😢😛😎😚😘😘😘😗 😭 your voice 😭💜👍👌💚💖

    47. vanessa lopez

      Harry styles I love all your video and music

    48. PP 18

      I’m planning on buying a guitar to learn this song haha

    49. Elib Horse

      0% nudity 0% drugs 0% alcohol 200% larry lyric

      1. Sierra Rose

        hes actually 100% nude

      2. Kimi Corbett

        @Diyansh M look at the lyrics. Larry is strong

      3. namaxin

        Yesss 💚💙

      4. MyMy Sanchez

        @Elib Horse your profile picture makes it better when you said then explain the lyrics 😂

      5. Elib Horse

        Diyansh Makhijani ok so explain me the lyric

    50. Benni Scano

      Harry is an angel oh my god

    51. disha chakra


    52. Lisha Dangol

      I just realized today the water drop actually falls!

    53. Kala tata 11

      That high note at the end cured my cancer

    54. Luna Lovegood

      Welcome to your tape, Louis.

    55. Adriana B

      omg people in the comments talking about larry. i’m a zarrie and i knowwww it’s real but y’all aren’t ready for that conversation. anyway, just enjoy the song and stop talking about larry thank you 😂💚💛

    56. Emma🤩

      i feel like he wrote this song for louis

    57. Amanda Clark

      Ur a sweet creature

    58. majo

      esta se la dedico a mi crush que no me quiere me trata dlv

    59. Ivanna CGL


    60. kashif rasheed

      I was listening to this song last night and I fell asleep listening to it and I woke up to “hai sisters” in the middle of the night 😂

    61. Roo M

      is anyone here to "listen to the lyrics and FiGuRe Out WhAt ITs AboUt" after that radio interview even though you already know. Nope? Just me?

    62. CARLOS GG

      Igualmente me encanta esta canción❤💚

      1. CARLOS GG


      2. Arely Ramirez Nava

        Me alegra verdolaga 💛💛

    63. Summer Sylva!

      I love this songgg

    64. harry styles rocks

      Here after adore you and I think that this song was written to a fish.

    65. Ns Fl

      Louis tomlinson

    66. Poppy Harlow

      This song makes it hard to breathe and gives me a chance to exhale at the same time. It's torture listening to sweet creature but it's worth it

    67. Rhea Maurine Hipolito


    68. Nathalya Jaqueline Leiva Paiva


    69. Sofía Hernández

      *Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and listen to this song* ❤️

    70. Lucy Smile


    71. Agetina Kaseta

      Sweet Creature Kiss the heart for me one last time ♥

    72. Wild Flowers


    73. Wild Flowers


    74. Wild Flowers


    75. Piper Sto

      i love <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> so much, this part of the song is so beautiful 🥺

    76. Charlotte Greenway

      Everything’s gone to shit. GCSEs cancelled so everything we’ve worked for tho not wasted is for nothing and we’re being isolated so thank fuck for Harry Styles

      1. Charlotte Greenway

        And a levels

    77. Sweet Lemon

      Waiting to get married and have children and teach them this beautiful song❤️

    78. anne //

      water falling from his back is-

    79. kushika dhakal

      This gives me a Louis Tomlinson vibe 😘

    80. Estabrak Chii

      Fine Line is amazing and wonderful and fantastic, but HS1 hits different