Harry Styles - Ever Since New York (Audio)



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    "Ever Since New York" by Harry Styles
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    Oh, tell me something I don't already know
    Oh, tell me something I don't already know
    Oh, tell me something I don't already know
    Oh, tell me something I don't already know
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    1. Klaas Huntelaar

      Tell me something, tell me something You don't know nothing, just pretend you do I need something, tell me something new Choose your words 'cause there's no antidote For this curse Oh, what's it waiting for? Must this hurt you just before you go? Oh, tell me something I don't already know Oh, tell me something I don't already know Brooklyn saw me, empty at the news There's no water inside this swimming pool Almost over, had enough from you And I've been praying, I never did before Understand I'm talking to the walls I've been praying ever since New York Oh, tell me something I don't already know Oh, tell me something I don't already know Oh, tell me something I don't already know Oh, tell me something I don't already know Tell me something, tell me something You don't know nothing, just pretend you do Tell me something just before you go Oh, tell me something I don't already know Oh, tell me something I don't already know Oh, tell me something I don't already know Oh, tell me something I don't already know

    2. Alf Blue

      What a talented man!!

    3. Lily Ando

      At this point, i think my friends want to kill me cause my only topic of discussion atm is this album

    4. Scoops Ahoy


    5. Geralding Lliuya Gomero

      a tus pies

    6. charli

      Wow its 2 am and I'm listening to this song is started listening to this song a few months ago and only just found out what the song is actually about and now I'm crying whilst listening to it

    7. Apoorva Avishi

      Harry you are amazing. You inspire me everyday to be a better person. Your music is just so amazing. It resonates in our souls. It has helped me get through alot. Thankyou so much for being the way you are. You give hope to so many people so thank you again. I wish you all the happiness in the world cause you actually deserve it. All the love. ❤

    8. Joana Marques

      This song makes me cry everytime. It’s such a good song, full of feelings, although it’s a sad song. I never really liked one direction, but Harry is on his way to become a legend. I hope he has a wonderful career. Thank you Harry

    9. julia vaughn

      this is one of my favorites off self titled. it’s so beautiful

    10. Hi I’m Dawn

      How can people not like this song?? That confuses me

    11. cloudii_ツ

      random girl: OMG HARRY IS SO HOT!!!! me af: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a> like booi please

    12. Jaqueline Gilmore

      No sé ustedes, pero mi sueño es estar en New York y escuchar esta canción en mis audífonos mientras me recuesto en el vidrio del auto viendo el paisaje nublado, lluvioso, y a los demás coches pasar

    13. mehr Bano


    14. shukran .m

      This song makes feel like I’m in a cute relationship while I’m sitting alone

    15. Valentina 1234

      OMG LOVE 🥺

    16. MakkerJesse

      This gives me Toto - Africa vibes.

    17. Helena Laranjeiro

      Harry: i'am talking to the walls Louis: Has an album and a song called walls

    18. Rock Boy

      Harry is indeed a ROCKSTAR

    19. Mery True

      I love him so much, IM DOING HIS COVERS♥️

    20. brooonzyq8y

      I’m being crazy hurt .. Ever since I’ve known about the Zarry relation I want it to be true!!!

    21. Malak Agourram

      I don't know but I miss this, I wanna go back in time and repeat enjoying it for the first time... I love it so much

    22. Bianca Silva

      Você merece o mundo

    23. Bianca Silva

      Te amo hazza

    24. Ola •

      i just realized it has only 8 milion views whattt it deserves so much better

    25. Beth Crumpton

      Go listen to Baby Blue by Badfinger, then come back and listen to this.

    26. Likhita Suresh

      did anyone else ever notice the water moving in the video?

    27. helpmethinkofaname

      I’m so disappointed I didn’t get into his music earlier. I’ve always known of him and heard of him but I never took any interest myself in his art. I’m so happy I gave him a chance, because it’s better later than never.

      1. Tiffany Padilla

        this is literally my same situation

      2. Dorothea Rousia

        helpmethinkofaname same

      3. Thea Barbarosie

        yeah, me too. I have heard of him, but never gave him a chance, so now that I did I am so happy. he is such an amazing artist and, in general, human being. So I have tried lately not to be disappointed in myself because I did not listen to him earlier, but happy that it happened and that everything happens when it happens for a reason, basically that there are no coincidences.

      4. Frost Bite25

        Me too 😩 I have known about him since 2016 but I never took an interest in him

      5. Piper Sto

        me too! i started by listening to adore you in the radio and than found the night he recently hosted james cordons late late show, and it just took off from there lmao but i’m happy that i got into him and his music because he’s amazing and such a good person and a lot of his pieces of music are super moving:)

    28. yo _yay

      I genuinely still don't know what this song is about...

    29. Yldaa 002


    30. Lauren Li

      I love this song!

    31. Brandy Felipe

      Having a harry marathon happy birthday harry love your music so creative and I can relate to some of it

    32. Veronika


      1. Veronika

        @eroda vibe tingz oh well sorry I didn't know that, now I feel stupid :'D

      2. eroda vibe tingz

        do you even know how youtube algorithm works? its a common thing bruh

    33. Violet •

      It's been 2 years and I'm just now noticing the water drops on his back are moving

    34. srybuddy

      can’t wait until the day that my kids wish they where born in my generation so they could experience young harry styles

    35. Holly Bronwyn

      a BEAUTIFUL choral nod to Badfinger's ... "Baby Blue."

    36. Swati Thakur

      My love sounds like an angel ❤️

    37. Yasmin Aguilar

      January 2020? Anyone

    38. Steven Napier


    39. Ruby L

      just imagine being this talented

    40. Galileo Educação

      (The Cranberries) Linger + (Badfinger) Baby Blue = Ever Since New York

    41. annie H.

      This is great,,but that gutair with the 9 cords ,or riffs, or whatever you call them,,sounds like a song that I heard in the 70s maybe 80s,,it was I think bad company or another guy band..can't remember the song or artist right now,.ooh crap,this is bugging me,,,when I figure it out ,I will edit this.. unless someone else knows it..

    42. BreeAille Stowe

      I can't remember where I read it at but I once read that this song was written for his "step" Dad about his cancer. Now I don't know if that is true however, Ever since I read that I can totally relate it to that. (My mother battled cancer herself) especially the line "Choose your words 'cause there's no antidote For this curse Oh, what's it waiting for? Must this hurt you just before you go?" It just hits in a different way when you see it firsthand. Truly a BEAUTIFUL song, regardless of what inspired him to write it!

    43. jude q


    44. Moy Chan

      Sounds like an anime ending song

    45. Moy Chan

      Sounds like an anime ending song

    46. Ναταλία Μπακή

      even his back is perfect

    47. Montserrath Cruz Bones


    48. shira yadidi

      Fine Line album has this bittersweet vibe to it and IM LOVING IT

    49. Jean Gibbs

    50. Jess Xx

      It’s 3060 and I’m still listening to this

    51. Emily adamonis

      Still listening to this in 2020💕

    52. Mr Mercury

      My friend: Harry is a good singer no? Me: OOOOOH TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T ALREADY KNOW!

    53. Robin Lambert

      Very few nowadays are artist real artist this young man is delightfully and refreshingly talented.

    54. Bianca Silva

      Eu amo mt essa música

    55. Maghii Tapia

      Mi A...♥️ es tuyo

    56. Maghii Tapia

      Igual TE AMO ❤️✨ mis días son menos difíciles con tus canciones Gracias Harry ♥️ por siempre darme felicidad, eres maravilloso ✨

    57. Lisa Geelen

      Wow i thought it was just a picture... till I saw the droplets running down his back

    58. Shay M

      His voice is so beautiful, and so is he

    59. Makayla Taylor

      tell me, tell me, tell me something I don't know , something I don't know

    60. Payton R


    61. Kelley Henley

      Damn Damn Damn how come I never heard this before....WOW!

    62. The Rock

      Love you !!!!!!!!!!

    63. lunna bautista

      listening the the entire album before fine line drops 🥺🥺

    64. McKenzie Michells


    65. Marc C.

      "Baby blue" by Badfinger riff.

    66. zia k

      i just realized that the water is moving and IT drips from his back :D I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS A PIC LOL

    67. Purplerain

      This is my favourite song of the album. These days I'm often listening to it on spotify, sitting on my balcony and looking at the silhouette of the city at sunset, when the sky turns orange and pink, while my mind relaxes and negative emotions slip away.

    68. Hania

      I'm gonna tell my kids he's their dad 💕

    69. Sarah

      cant wait until its 2040 and kids will think they're quirky when they listen to this album and claim they were born in the wrong era.

      1. Utima Vasconcelos

        Sarah but this era Is quit boring tho aka Cardi B: CORONA VIRUS

      2. Hannah

        And we get to say we were alive in the Harry Styles era

      3. trinitylee1able

        Bold of you to assume we're gonna survive until 2040

      4. Mariam Allam

        Sarah people already listen to Harry’s music and think that because he has vintage-style music

    70. Elle Pilkington

      This is his best song 😌

    71. Lauti F Errotabere

      Doesn't it remind you to early 2000's pop rock ballads??

    72. Amei Konyak

      I'm crying but in a cool way I don't know why my eyes are sweating

    73. Amir Ali

      Please lets lead the songs that havent reached 10M in (harry styles) album to 10M

    74. Emily Dowse

      Still listening to this in December 2019, the whole album is replaying every day, and I’m just a little obsessed

    75. Eliezer Solano

      I adore you❤️

    76. HazzaIsMyBaba !!!

      This song right here 👌

    77. Cookie23 Jumps

      What a voice! What a beautiful music!💚💙

    78. Jaqueline a


    79. Sara Whitington

      Does this take anyone else back to Taylor Swift's "Welcome to New York"?

    80. bla Bla

      Harry : I have been praying, never did before, ever since Newyork Louis:I know you left a part of you in Newyork Harry :understand I'm talking to the *walls* Louis: new album name is *walls* I mean should we make a date planning for these two to make everything better?

      1. Flordivida Ferrolino

        You will receive a grammy or an oscar award HARRY STYLES, GOD WILLING. GODBLESS YOUR MUSIC HARRY.