Hairdresser Reacts To Life Changing Haircuts

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls cut their hair and go from having extremely long hair to short!

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    1. Michelle Capobianco

      brad i need ur assistance my hair is doing that damn flippy thing where its going in a million directions that I don't want it to go in. I have a v round face. HELP PLEASE KING. WHAT DO I DO TO LOOK GOOD.

    2. Viola Zack

      the only person looking smashingly good in something like this is Brad tbh

    3. ShawolZenniV

      omg i cant cut my hair

    4. Angel Sh

      Another inch is all it takes

    5. lara jonas

      When he started coughing all I heard was Cardi B yelling CORONA VIRUS

    6. Rara Young

      This makes me want to cut my hair..

    7. Ezra Freedude

      my moms a hairdresser of 30 years. if i ever brought shears to my head my mom would slap me lmao

    8. Missy Ultra

      I had grown my hair for my whole life it was way past my butt then I cut it off at the age of 15 and now its shoulder length

    9. issabelle mccarthey

      I thought you were straight, btw no hate bruh but now I'm lonley af

    10. Ha'Lea Griffin

      Who else is watching while in qurantine?

    11. Stephanie Straub

      I 100% want you to cut my cut my hair and style it

    12. Francis Russ

      Mondo : tells a teen girl that another inch is sometime all she needs. Mildly inapropriate lmao

    13. Daniela Torres

      Dudeeeeeeeed!!! Why moms say : "you look like a boy". My said the exactly same comment when I cut it an inch over the shoulders. I love you btw

    14. a

      i just cut my hair chin length + a fringe and oh my god ive never been so in love in my life help

    15. eva thunder

      I want to grow my hair out to longer than the first girls lmao

    16. Perrie Blankenship

      What’s up with the glove shirt

    17. Georgia Rose

      I had long hair cut it super super short and it was long again within a year and a half

    18. culture of the dead


    19. Jamie Tallstone

      I thought that the gloves were a part of the shirt 😂

    20. Skylar J

      Yesterday I went from collar bone length or a little longer from a pixie with office scissors and tbh YOLO

    21. Maxima Masmac

      I had super damn long hair till I was in highschool, asked my mom if I can cut it shoulderlength once and she was fine with it....till I went to the hairdresser alone next time and I told the lady to just buzzcut my sides and back and leave the middle longer (with some fade). So my mom walks in and sees me, turns around and leaves, then yells at the hairdresser lady. She was angry with me for at least a year but she's come to terms with it. My schoolmates said i was insane but it was ultimately the best thing I've ever done in my life. haha

    22. Madeleine Wentz

      Brad, is that a thneed your wearing? Such a bold move.

    23. Libby M

      brad i love you you look like the pink grinch but with a better face and hair i’m so proud😌👌 also victoria no offense looks like dora the explorer

    24. Lauren Jaye

      The first girl sounded so much more confident after she cut her hair I love it

    25. Isabel La

      4mins in Me: iv had longer.......I miss it so now I’m growing it back cause the hairdresser CuT ToO MuCh oFf........I was so sad for like 2months🤣🤣🤣🤣 but I still love sitting on my hair😂😊😊

    26. Natalia Martin

      you look like hot pink elmo

    27. alienisha

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">8:00</a> i said me at the same time as Brad LOL also that's what i used to say when i had really long hair too 😂

    28. Chocoberries

      I didn't cut my hair for years, it was as long at the first girl and when I finaly decided to cut them (like 4/5 years ago) i goes for a "under ears" cut lmao. Was strange the first days, feeling the wind, having less weight, having to wash it less often... not needing to ponytail them... I like my short haira lot, sometimes I'd like to have them long, not a problem, got a bunch of long wigs for a bunch of look!

    29. Mollie sobucinska

      Also I match her doors 😂😂😂😂

    30. Always Eilish

      I want Brad's closet

    31. Keifer Bellajaro

      Now we just need “Fashion Expert Reacts to Poor Fashion Choices” @that pink sweater and gloves 👀

      1. Keifer Bellajaro

        Still love your vids though ☺️ haha

    32. Raven Loomis

      My parents wouldn't let me get a hair cut, we planned it but then they were like "later" so I did it my self (with permission) then my parents actually took me to a salon. I love my hair now. Best style I've ever worn.

    33. Cheyenne Wilsnack

      Him and his hair paint brushed

    34. Linnea Nave Griesmann

      ok I legit thought the gloves were part of his shirt...

    35. Arushi Pachauri

      i remember when my hair was covering my a** and it was nice and silky along with thick. people were angry at me for cutting it but i felt so much better cutting it. the only reason i kept it that long was because of my dad who loved long hair.

    36. Cheyenne Wilsnack

      I had long hair but mom’s boyfriend was cutting my hair short for fifth grade and I had long hair until I went to fifth grade but now I’m currently in sixth grade and got a bob and I love it my hair feels so much more healthy

    37. Heather W

      I've got hair down to my butt and thinking about cutting it off too, it's been 5 years since I've last cut my hair y'all! Helppp 😂😂😂

    38. Christine Aggott

      I don’t have IG. Too old. Would love for you to do my hair

    39. Contrabass Obsessed

      Lookin like a glam version of pink guy.

    40. Guilty Artist

      Now I'm kind of wishing I had recorded myself in 7th grade when I cut off all of my hair. I had hair down to below my butt and I got a really short boy style hair. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    41. Alite - 1313

      Dude I cut my hair once I cut like 3 inches off and then my mom grounded me these people are brave as hell

    42. Eridan Ampora

      hes wearing pink velvet and talking about violence

    43. lilly moore

      His outfit is everything

    44. Olivia Taksony

      When my mom was in high school there was a girl with gorgeous hair that was so thick and pretty but she got out of bed in her dream and said well why don’t I just cut my hair cuz it’s a dream... she woke up with some jacked hair in the morning

    45. Parisa K

      yesss come through full house reference

    46. Hannah Wilt

      Can we please talk about the girl at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="470">7:50</a> saying she could choke a girl with the hair she just chopped off? 🤣

    47. Annie Diaz-Paredes

      My hair is down to my butt and this has inspired me to get it chopped off once the salons open up again

    48. PanDaL0v3r11

      No one: Brad: go shorter

    49. Kristine Crowley

      Wow you look fabulous

    50. faithfullyblind

      Aw! I wish I had filmed getting my hair chopped off, lol Was down to my knees and I got a bob that stopped at my jaw line. Also wish I had found this video in time to try and win the give away, lol Maybe next time. Love you Brad! Thanks for all the kick ass content.

    51. Jessica Sloan

      Me: I have so much food on my face Brad: hi beautiful

    52. jasmine gibson

      Sometimes another all it takes. -Brad Mondo 2020

    53. YAZ MEENHA

      I’ve been binging for too damn long, I feel like Brad’s friend

    54. Walter Rice

      Omg I love your channel!!! And I definitely need your hair products😍😍😍 but I’m a broke btch 😂😩

    55. Frida Armas

      I love how in the first video she didn’t even try to even it out lmaooo

    56. Reagan Morrison

      i wanna see a tour of his closet

    57. C Mil

      Corona cough 😷

    58. A R

      I showed your outfit to my husband and he says you look like a mermaid. Which tbh is the nicest thing I've ever heard him say about anyone ever

    59. simplydaniela

      is it just me or does he lowkey looks like ian somerhalder

    60. Gameing channel

      This makes me realise I need a haircut

    61. J J

      Also read that outfit is a bit much but I think you can pull it off kind of maybe I don’t really know but I know why I couldn’t wear that I’d overheat in two seconds

    62. J J


    63. J J

      To the person who commented that when Brad started coughing all They could think of was coronavirus👁👄👁

    64. Fantasticrestofthe day

      My ponytail at the nape of my neck is 7 inches around and 21 inches long. I am 3 or 4 inches from sitting on it. It is not nearly as long as these ladies. I am sure you were asking as a joke but I deal with it by washing it once a week or every 10 days. I have a decent wave pattern. It is naturally stubborn to curl so I just go natural. It helps I am a hippy. I put it in buns, ponytails , braids and it looks cute. I know you love virgin hair. If you ever come to CO I will let you color my hair I want it crazy colored. I would possibly let you cut it too. It will grow back.

    65. Alanah Johns

      When is the next giveaway? Also I don't have IG, so how colud I enter?

    66. Katie Robinson

      Am I the only one who watched this and made me want to decorate my hair?(Edit:I washed and got my hair cut aswell it is very healthy so yall cutting your hair isn't that bad at all)

    67. 81monie

      Don't care about the hair... its all about the fushia 😍

    68. Stacie Heroux

      Brad. I love that you’re mostly soooo positive. Looove that ! You’re awesome 👏🏻

    69. Nox Aghariya

      i had really long hair, i cut em one day before my 16th birthday. it legitimately felt like im a whole new different better person. it. i realised my hair isn't as trashy as i thought.

    70. Sandra Rantala

      i had little pit shorter hair than the first girl and cut it the same leight yesterday :)

    71. STR_RXZ

      Omg I got major déjà vu watching this, in 2017 I on my 10th birthday cut 45cm off my hair. I cried. I got bullied. But my hair is incredibly healthy now and also my mum cut my hair 💇‍♀️ . It was short at the time, but I was fine with it because I donated it to cancer council to make wigs for people. Fast forward 2 and a half years people I know are now cutting their hair to my length saying that they love my hair lol

      1. STR_RXZ

        October 10th 2017

    72. Runa Reinert

      Ok thatt was disturbing. A hairstylist who does not like natural healthy hair at good length. This attitude is the reason why most girls with long hair have bad experiences from the hair salon.

    73. Danielle Bennett

      when he said something about everyones mom doubling as a hair stylist, i thought about how lucky that my mom is legit a hair stylist

    74. Sadie Creamer

      Just imagine how much less money the first girl is gonna spend on shampoo and conditioner

    75. Marie K

      I've been wanting to cut my hair for 3 years now but my mom never let me how do I convince herrrrrrr

      1. aditi

        Marie K just cut it what will she do once it cut... my mom didn’t talk to me for a week that’s it after that she had to accept it

    76. Jordyn Saba

      hi, corona at the begging of the video o.0

    77. Seraina B

      as soon as this video started and I saw his outfit, My first legit thought was "OK LOVE"

    78. Nora Aube

      I had my hair down to my waist, they were bleached and dyed by pigmented blue, then drugstore turquoise, then drugstore purple that turned out blue, and then it fainted back to green ish, so i cut all the broken bleached part that was up to my shoulders, so i still have a little highlight of green at the end of my hair that grew about 2 inches in 4 months, which is pretty quick compared to before😊 first time i had short hair

    79. Kayleigh Crabb

      My hair was down to the middle of my thigh once. Long hair isn't a problem until you try to swim.

    80. Vydell Baker

      “sometimes another inch is all it takes...” IM DED