Gordon Ramsay Shows How To Make A Lamb Chop Dish At Home | Ramsay in 10

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

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    Gordon went live on Saturday on from his home to show the world how easy it is cook lamb from home with just a few ingredients as we all #StayHome. Gordon, also celebrated Oscar's first birthday with Tana, Tilly and all the kids! But did he find the lamb sauce? So come #CookwithMe as we navigated these times.
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    Full Recipe here: www.gordonramsay.com/gr/recipes/gordons-10-minute-lamb-chops
    Lamb Chops
    Red Onion
    New Potatoes (Leftovers are fine)
    Frozen Peas
    Cider Vinegar
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Chiptole paste
    Salt and Pepper
    Spring Onions

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    1. Roberta Richardson

      I am loving these videos.

    2. Zhengkang Lee

      i wonder what the recipe for the lamb sauce. i can't find it anywhere, LAMB SAUCE

    3. Angelo Serra

      I love how his children just bullies the shit out of him

    4. Sonny McDonald

      A mini Gordon in training

    5. Gelai Tan

      Poor gordon always bullied by tilly. Lmao.

    6. zxc Zz

      WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE!? I can't forget that meme 😂

    7. Johan -

      Why the fuck am I watching this when I'm dieting for summer?! You're killing me, Gordon!

    8. Bash Khaled

      his daughters suck at recording xD

    9. Tasnim Anwar

      This was so cute. I love that Gordon has so many daughters.

    10. Steve Ahlbom

      You need to sell t-shirts that say "Pan down Meg!" I will be your first customer!

    11. Thomas Jordan

      "you call this shit tutty milk?"

    12. Taniesha Rogers

      You’ve flicked peas all over the place🤣

    13. Pily

      is it me or is oscar completely full version of gordon just "chibi" :D

    14. Asianae’s World

      Happy birthday 🥳 Oscar

    15. Daniel Jacques

      Gordon has a dirty stove at home! Cooked on food junk lol

    16. seb 111

      Love it . Lucky familly .

    17. Stan G

      Absolutely brilliant. Well done girls, for keeping your Old Man in check.

    18. Brittany Kreider

      I can't imagine how much he loves his little boy. Obviously he loves all his children, but I imagine he was completely smitten with a little boy after 3 girls

    19. Michael

      "Meg! Pan down!"

    20. Lily Rain Baakangi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="556">9:16</a> my grades....

    21. Eugene Fu

      Pan Down!

    22. Yuly Vazquez

      OMGGGGGG.... jajajajaja hells Kitchen 🤪

    23. thomas Buckner

      Soo that's what Gordon's defeated face looks like. Family are our biggest critics. Looks delicious.

    24. Seth Gardner

      Funny and educational!

    25. JoannaMonika86

      Gordens kids cant cook so let gorden do What HE WANTS IN HIS KITCHEN... love you gorden

    26. Mario Felipe Estebanes

      People in the chat or just saying F so that means four or five want to know how old he

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    28. Bathroom Critic

      Did he just say "fresh frozen"?...

    29. Melissa Holland

      The video you make with your family are the best

    30. robert ford de degz

      Love you all guys love it you’re best bonding..

    31. Dustin Moritz

      Laughing my ass off! Where is the sauce dad? Lmao!!!

    32. Patricia Scott

      Im inlove with Mr.Gordon Ramsay. Because He's so Kind And Sweet To His Family, But Sad He's Already Taken 😆❤! Peace ✌ Stay Healthy And Safe! Mr. Gordon Ramsay My Idol! Hope to Meet you in Person ❤!

    33. allii khan

      What a energy ...he is such a power house

    34. That's Dave

      A moment of silence for those actually watching the live stream and trying to keep up with Gordon.

    35. Nathan Webster


    36. When I Have the Strength

      Sweet baby boy and sweet loving family. ♡ 🥰

    37. 王力

      The is baby is rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !

    38. TaylorM

      Can we get a husband vs wife cook off ?!

    39. olivia ginsbourg

      Thanks Gordon and Happy Birthday to Oscar looks delicious please don't be so hard on your dad girls thank you Gordon for slowing down just enough so we can follow you

    40. lovin life

      Awe.... So sweet!... Too bad he doesn't like their singing...hahaha I see Gordon has a way of making people cry.at home too.....lol All jokes aside, happy birthday little guy, he sure is a cutie. This was downloaded on my daughters birthday. Why is it that alot of little ones do cry with this song??

    41. trafficsignal101

      Crushed peas...nasty.

    42. val vergano

      My heart simply melts seeing this family and baby Oscar 😍

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    46. Amsab Taste

      Busy house will try to cook in ten mins

    47. VixNeko

      I love how his kids turn the tables on him.

    48. Barry Lab

      This is really funny. Btw, I think the potato/onion mix is perfectly cooked.

    49. reham

      Pin down meg ! PIN DOWN!

    50. reham

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a> awwww awww he’s so cute 😭

    51. Michael Ryan

      Now clean up in 10 minutes

    52. Grace Caldwell

      OMG Gordon Ramsay has an instant pot...

    53. Just Victoria

      I could watch you and your family all day... You're all so precious.

    54. Yaw Han

      Gordan: Cook onions His daughters: Thats burnt

    55. Kathy Childress

      His son makes himself scarce during these shows

    56. Joshua Dominic Thalib

      i think Mr.Gordon face like a grand father but not 🤣🙏 , his only 54 Yo

    57. Jordan Nye

      I'm absolutely loving his daughters commentary!

    58. Pauline Lee

      I like these home videos more than the ones from the production crew

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    61. Iron Chef of Pounding Vag

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      A little spoon of vinaigrette. *Proceeds to put on 3 spoons* But jokes aside, i love watching your videos. Really gets the imagination of cooking going :)

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      He’s like: Father... *IT’S RAW*

    75. Nicole Parker

      Gordon, you should compete against Matilda.

    76. Jared W

      "There's no such thing as fresh frozen", Gordon.

    77. jemima cherith

      Gordon Ramsay looks flustered in these 10 minutes series..Next time he sets a 10 minute cook on Masterchef ,he will remember these days with flashes passing by his eyes..😉

    78. Juanita Batiste

      I absolutely loved this video :) Chef Ramsay you have a Awesome Family!

    79. Carolyn Nicholson

      Girls stop saying your mum can do it in 10 minutes she cannot do it in 10 minutes but your father is a chef so stop pissing him off and you know you are doing it next time get a professional to do the camera work it was all over the place..🤔🤔

    80. Moses Moseti