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Unus Annus

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    Goat Yoga. Yoga with Goats. The Yoga that you do with Goats. Yoga of the Goat. The Yoga Goat. #GoatYoga
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    1. Steven Cain Jr

      mark won

    2. Casualnonbinary

      I want to save this video because of how funny and amazing it was but I can't because I want to respect Mark and Ethan's choice What do I dooooooooo

    3. Oscar Menjivar

      my back hurts just by watching this....

    4. Michał

      So what is the benefit of having the goats for youh Gah?

    5. Lythist

      I love the beautiful meditative music in the background as Mark was getting his blessings

    6. Shoto Todoroki

      -quietly and calmly- free shavacado

    7. Kiah

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="884">14:44</a> mark has 🎂

    8. i am a loaf made from bread

      I know who won... Just keep scrolling... *IT WAS the Yoga Instructor*

    9. squirreldragonZ

      Mark do be thicc tho

    10. Theblackdiamond

      Mark gets shit on Mark: i have been blessed

    11. Kate Poole

      Why did they wear jeans?

    12. Bridget Quirk

      pewdiepie watching the video: fElIx?! mY nEw tWiN!!!

    13. Kellie Trujillo

      The fact that they are doing it in jeans is funny

    14. PsychoticWaffle

      Mark, more like Marccc

    15. Lisa Malm

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="901">15:01</a> Damm mark is lookin thicc

    16. Caitlin Kincaid

      Love the chaos happening around her and the yoga instructor is just “alright now inhaaaaale”

    17. Lilly Bear

      Aaweee now I wanna try it 💞🥺

    18. Ronnie Oregon

      instructor : this is felix me: STRAY KIDS!

    19. Dounut Destroyer360

      Has anyone else realized mark is making Thwomp noises from Mario 64

    20. Big Thique

      i think that felix and gigi are mark and ethan in goat form

    21. Steven Lambert-Mergendahl

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="528">8:48</a>.... nuf' said

    22. Tanisha garnier

      You should do dogs it's fun

    23. moon fox

      It stressed me so much they had jeans on . I felt like Mark's pants were going to rip .

    24. tonje Larsen

      It’s really funny 😆

    25. roses.mp4

      Man children


      who else just rewinded mark getting pooped on

    27. Black Ops

      I was wheezing this whole video

    28. Donald Trump/Duck

      Mark,Ethan,Instructor: *does yoga* Felix and Gigi: *B L E S S I N G S*

    29. hi hi

      Wait Felix is that pewdiepie stuck in a goat body

    30. hi hi

      My nick name is gg

    31. Totzalee EGG

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1121">18:41</a> The start of something beautiful.

    32. RJ Heiselt

      Mark won

    33. bren’s corner

      what's mark doing out here with all that ass?

    34. Maleah Burrell

      This is literally the only thing keeping me sane in quarantine😑

    35. Your Name

      The Gong says Wuhan, nice

    36. bi shy and ready to die

      The gong is from wuhan. ;-;

    37. Government officer

      I'm mad this will end

    38. RashWeevil

      Instructor: I said play Mark and Ethan: play punches Instructor: oh I guess this is how boys play

    39. Isabella Houghton

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="914">15:14</a> damn so much cake I didn't know it was my birthday

    40. Anetiann

      Mark cant throw it back like Ethan but mark has a bigger ass then him-

    41. Taryn Romine

      This was not what I expected at all I was lmao the whole time

    42. ø a s i s .x. p r i n c e s s

      Woman: shavasana.... Mark: f-f-free shavacado...

    43. abby poulson

      The comments are almost as funny as the video😂

    44. Shrek Chan

      (Server) PewDiePie has left the chat.

    45. Fade Bot

      I'm suprises he didn't say anything about pewdiepie because of the goat felix

    46. FiriosALFA

      Mark 1

    47. Sessxa Moexe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1155">19:15</a> Axaxaxaxaxaaxa!!!

    48. iiMxggieii

      For anybody in need of a summary of this video, just click here! -> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1158">19:18</a> thank me later!

    49. MrMeme 123

      I love it when Felix was standing and the other goat headbutts it’s stomach😂

    50. Daniel Edwards

      That girl thicc.

    51. Cookie Jar

      Mark got some cake 🎂

    52. Izzy Geddes

      Felix just like dat ass

    53. Music_ Color101

      Oh, im glad pewdiepie was in this video :)) OMFG THEY ACTUALLY PUT FELIX IN THE VIDEO! 😂

    54. Liv Blansett

      Gigi did something we've all wanted to do for a while (nibble Mark's butt)

    55. Avril Wong

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="317">5:17</a> I DONT KNOW WHY BUT WHEN HE CALLED AMY HIS GIRLFRIEND I GOT SO SOFT 🥺🥺

    56. Raigen Barkes

      big brain time

    57. Caitlin Joyce

      "Oh right there's a goat there" Mark 2020

    58. Little Lion

      The goat army is taking over. BUT LES DO YOGA WITH THEM INSTEAD

    59. M. Austin Netherton

      I want to see them go into an MMA gym and just get mopped around by a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt that’s like 5’2

    60. duckduckbuttbutt

      Is nobody gonna talk about how Ethan face planted into a goat? 😂

    61. D T

      damn mark ass thooo

    62. Horrorgame Pix

      Goat yoga simulator!😂 Trust the goat🐐

    63. XxFireBlzxX Games And Vlogs

      Mark got 🍰

    64. ZoDawg

      Jesus Mark has CAKE

    65. Astrid The weirdo

      Is it bad I ship mark and ethan..?

    66. Jacob games

      C,mon mark kiss it

    67. Alex Olsen

      this was so chaotic i loved it

    68. Cirow

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1175">19:35</a> His laugh gets me everytime 😂🥺🥺❤️

    69. Cirow

      Imagine marks jeans popped open 🤦‍♀️😂🤣🤣🤣 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="926">15:26</a>

    70. Cirow

      DAMN HE THICCCC BOIIII 👏👏👏 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="900">15:00</a>

    71. Hayden H

      Skip to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1157">19:17</a> to witness greatness

    72. jack puckett

      goat sim: its all coming to gether

    73. CRS 5e

      Are the yoga instructor and goat girl dating, they seem like a cute couple

    74. Hugo Tapia

      Mark's pretty thicc ngl

    75. Rex

      Mark won

    76. vallyra16

      Instructor: "practice Shavasana" Mark: ~ *free shavacado* ~

    77. vallyra16

      Ethan would be a great Spider-Man... I mean he's adorable, likable, has that "look", and used to be a gymnast?!

    78. Dev Guy

      hey i got a stupid idea, lets buy some goats and then open up a yoga studio

    79. Kaleb Johnson

      Wuhan is on the bell covid19=corona rip Wuhan china