Full Race Replay | Saturday Night Thunder | iRacing from Bristol Motor Speedway



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    Heat racing is back with iRacing as Xfinity Series, Gander Trucks, ARCA Menards Series, NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series drivers battle it out at Saturday Night Thunder from the virtual Bristol Motor Speedway.

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    Joylandi Oy oldin


    1. YamiGenesis

      dude iracing looks terrible. everything looks broken. there's way better looking racing games out there that would've been better.

    2. Mr. Vice President Jake


    3. SoggyFries

      God damnit, who keeps leaving the V-sync on??

    4. Sedici65


    5. bofooit gojo

      Gorgeous cars!

    6. Dropped Sludge Bucket

      i will take a pass.

    7. Ptao Tom

      I want more!!! Lol

    8. hen ko

      Gorgeous cars!

      1. bofooit gojo

        They finely did it all cars and drivers are equal . Who ever has the best internet connection will win. The internet blowed my tire and engine. What a waste of brain space.

    9. niduoe stre

      Gorgeous cars!

    10. Joe

      Are we really supposed to take this shit seriously?

      1. Ptao Tom

        I don't see how the crowd is going to make it.. This can only end in the Thunderdome! "These our witness, Aunty. Us suffer bad. Want justice. We want Thunderdome!" ~Maste

    11. soinu foig

      I want more!!! Lol

    12. Craig Warner

      Holy cautions... that main event was gaarbageee. Maybe had 5 green flag laps?

      1. niduoe stre

        I've never seen Sim racing I thought this was a video until the cars disappeared lmao awesome graphics

    13. Hardcaslte

      ooooohhhhh OK I was confused as hell for a second and NASCAR just uploaded the official televised race 2 hours ago. I was wondering why the iRacing commentators were on this race.

      1. soinu foig

        Touch confused how LCQ 2 started like that and nobody batted an eye

    14. Unknown Unknown

      the uzsel.info/video/video/r6uBkqGYgp1papQ.html future and what await us .

    15. KaseyKahneFan

      THIS IS ON TRENDING BOYS! Is NASCAR, finally back?

      1. Quinton Honeycutt

        Yea more entertaining than actual racing on the tracks. Everything still on the line but can actually race without worrying about getting hurt or blowing a budget with a wreck

    16. Rhys

      Me: ok I missed the race hopefully it doesn’t get spoiled goes on to nascar, Spoilers Byron wins wreck filled wreck Clint bowyer rages

    17. Madona Chulukhadze

      გბნნჯქტყაოაპსდფგგგგგჰჯჯკლზხცვნმ უ ჰო

    18. chris murphy

      That looks so unrealistic - you can tell it's fake ---- look at those stands :)

      1. Sedici65

        It's fake?

      2. Miles

        There are much better sim racers but they don't have the right content like iracing

      3. Quinton Honeycutt


    19. Logan Mabry

      Hey that’s like an hour away from me

    20. Jordan Hatch

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2492">41:32</a> Virtual Car...Aaaaw Man

    21. Jordan Hatch

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="655">10:55</a> Virtual Crowd, And Cars....

      1. ParkerMc23

        Jordan Hatch well obviously

    22. Blue Dog

      They finely did it all cars and drivers are equal . Who ever has the best internet connection will win. The internet blowed my tire and engine. What a waste of brain space.

    23. Jordan Hatch

      Check Out <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a>....Just Disappeared...Hmmm...

    24. Raymond Royale

      I don't see how the crowd is going to make it.. This can only end in the Thunderdome! "These our witness, Aunty. Us suffer bad. Want justice. We want Thunderdome!" ~Master B

    25. Batdog Mcgraw

      This commentator sounds like an exaggerated swaggersouls

      1. Jay Kay

        No such thing, swaggersouls is as exaggerated as it gets.

    26. Sou11ess Raven

      I've never seen Sim racing I thought this was a video until the cars disappeared lmao awesome graphics

    27. Rt 1754321

      NASCAR wishes they could have this many spectators at a race

    28. Anvarynn

      Touch confused how LCQ 2 started like that and nobody batted an eye

    29. Moshinito Ammouzigh

      I like very good👍🙏❤️🙂🙏🙏

    30. Curie 003

      Yooo piston cup looking lit

    31. Howdy Justice

      What is this? Agame?

      1. Quinton Honeycutt

        Its a game/racing sim. The most detailed and authentic racing sim on the market. Its pretty fun, not going to lie

    32. TORRES

      The Covid-500

    33. Jonathan Luce

      I want more!!! Lol

    34. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

      🔥 the thunder race 🔥

    35. MrTaylorTexas

      What a bunch of shit!

    36. 1 Subscriber Before *2021*

      Looks like a packed house, amazing how many more people came to the virtual race*....*

    37. lextacy2008

      The Covid Cup 2020

    38. Salim Huerta

      uzsel.info/video/video/ktJ1qGd9mpiHl7E.html POTENTIAL CURE FOR COVID -19

    39. Cameron Mason

      your commentators suck. I wont to watch but they turn me away everytime


        Turn off the sound. Then it's just regular racing

    40. Spitfirethedragon

      Why fixed what was not broken? I loved seeing Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson wrecked and finished at the back of the pack while these drivers here finished in the top 10 and in some cases top 5. You just ruined iRacing.

    41. Eyebthe1

      By not having these on Regular FOX TV, I’m done with y’all. If you can’t work out a TV deal to beat out a freaking hair loss commercial in the DFW area then you don’t deserve any fans in the DFW area. 4 weeks into this..... YOU NEED A NEW SOLUTIONS PERSON!!!!

      1. Bobby Wall

        Where are all the big boys in these races? Help?

    42. Nonyank S

      Get a better announcer, this guy sounds like he should be announcing horse races, very annoying.

    43. Rooster

      Looks like a packed house, amazing how many more people came to the virtual race...

      1. Fallen Angel

        racerdude7730 how much are beer and hot dogs there ?

      2. Anthony Lopez

        @racerdude7730 Yeah man right on the back of my head like the dude has good aim.

      3. racerdude7730

        Anthony Lopez no sh*t that was you that got hit?

      4. Anthony Lopez

        @racerdude7730 I was sitting 2 rows behind you, someone threw a soda at me, instead of giving him the finger I gave him a thumbs down, it looks like the thumbs down hurt him more than giving him the finger.

      5. Moshinito Ammouzigh


    44. Steve stevenson

      Lol bristol will never ever sell out again with the current state of nascar

      1. Hyrule Jen

        You can’t give tickets for it away anymore. Nobody cares about the drivers these days. Tried too hard to be cool and all the good ole boys are gone.

      2. Knoebel 2

        Steve stevenson I believe they lowered the prices so maybe

      3. Michael Hammer

        Why? Havent watches in years. Trying to figuring out everything again

    45. Donny Lane

      Last night who will be win " The Last Great Colosseum" to battle?

    46. Underbird

      Gorgeous cars!

    47. Miguel Soto

      Latin America

    48. kasia kos

      I wish the race would have been live on FS1 on Saturday. Would have really appreciated it.

    49. Andrew Janss

      I thought this was a race where just xfinity, trucks, ARCA, Euro series and Peak Mexico series drivers compete not guys like a former daytona 500 winner trevor bayne

      1. x_WarHawk_x

        This is a race to bring as much attention to it as possible......so they will utilize anyone they can.

    50. philip82c

      Either the broadcaster's internet connection is garbage or the servers were really struggling, as much as the whole field was blinking out through the race.

      1. Polarzz

        philip82c at the start of it that was render distance so it looked like lag

      2. x_WarHawk_x

        Plus....I dont think the commentators' balls have dropped either.

    51. Boris Kovachev

      Yeah, If I'd wished to see twitch-streaming of video-games I'dve signed into, dunno, TWITCH?! Not what NASCAR should be about. If only there were some sort of actual brave dudes, who, just as a suggestion, WOULD PHYSICALLY STEP INSIDE DANGEROUS MACHINES - DUNNO - SUPER POWERFUL CARS MAYBE - AND ACTUALLY, LIKE, RACE THEM - YOU KNOW - FOR REAL?! Despite the UNSUBSTANTIATED scare-mongering for a "corona"-nothingburger. Instead of this shit. And Watch this if you have any thinking meat left still functioning: uzsel.info/video/video/vddsdLBnpqKSrpw.html In the meantime i'm never seeing anything NASCAR-related ever again, ya'sissies.

      1. Andy

        Steve stevenson he said he’s from Eastern Europe, possibly Russia so it would be go easy on the vodka

      2. Boris Kovachev

        @Anvarynn having meth wold have made it immensely and immeasurably easier to endure the likes of you. Alas we have very little of that in our parts of the world. Nevertheless, you do you, sunshine.

      3. Anvarynn

        Boris Kovachev such a riveting, engaging, and well thought out response. Like dudebuddy said up above: go easy on the meth.

      4. Boris Kovachev

        @Anvarynn why deprive you of that (only) opportunity for "glory" in your life, after all you seem to have the mental capacity to step in front of a moving vehicle for the sake of entertainment.

      5. Anvarynn

        Please be this brave dude, but instead, physically step *_in front_* of one of these “dangerous machines” as it is going full speed. That’ll be entertaining for the rest of us.

    52. GGC _Mona

      Why don't u play nascar heat 4 multiplier

      1. FourOne Two


    53. 509ride high

      So is the race going to be on fox1 Sunday

    54. Buck Covington

      I missed it. Will there be a replay

      1. Tyler

        Holy heck buck what a question.

      2. Hoodsmurf

        @Andrew Janss Shhhh, don't tell'em

      3. Andrew Janss

        this was a live full race replay

    55. quazzie1

      The announcer's "uh" at the end of most phrases and sentences is impossible to ignore.

      1. quazzie1

        @Frank Zappa He reminds me of my step-grampa; he would do that too, but only when he was preaching and only when he was fired up and yelling hehe

      2. Frank Zappa

        Agreed. He has an annoying voice as well. Fake sounding delivery. Overemphasizing words and sounding like a cheesy oldies DJ.

    56. Junior 249

      Great race...congrats to the winner... 🏁🏁🏁🏁

    57. SupraDeluxx

      This isnt the future of racing, or 10 year old autistic savants will be taking your jobs.

    58. Logan Q

      where is the pit crew? let's not forget that's half of this....I'll be a virtual Grease monkey...

      1. Liverpoolneard, the USAAF channel

        @Logan Q lmfao small brain ass smol PP

      2. Logan Q

        @CaptainWoogie it's NOT a race without pits....just syndicatied masturbation

      3. CaptainWoogie

        Logan Q it doesn’t exist. I’m sorry you can’t watch a race without pit crews

      4. Logan Q

        @CaptainWoogie quantum something or other... yeah do it or stop

      5. CaptainWoogie

        Logan Q It is physically impossible. If they could, they would. But they can’t

    59. JordonMMG

      The announcers never let the racing breathe and talk for it self -- constant jabber and reminiscent of auctioneers

      1. x_WarHawk_x

        @Chris Warga someone's panties are in a twist!!

      2. Chris Warga

        I mean, you watch any sport, especially stupid basketball and you feel like they talk less!!!!???? Pretty sure basketball is just as stupid on mute as it is with those retard announcers! If ya don't wanna hear these guys then mute it.....sorta like your comment.....shut up!!!!!

      3. Frank Zappa

        Working too hard to justify their existence.

    60. johnson842 johnson842

      Does anyone know how to see FS1 on Roku?????

      1. Karrott9

        Fox Sports Go app? Have to have a TV subscription to view though.

    61. DustinJohnsonFan81

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="479">7:59</a> I swear the announcers says “eat ass”

    62. Alan Wiltsie

      Why was this event not set to nighttime?

      1. Studio DaVeed

        @Andrew Janss UHHHH! GASP.... It's a SIMULATOR!!!!!! Man you dunitnow....the fanatics will be coming for you now..... (I know of what I speak...unfortunately....)

      2. Andrew Janss

        It's a video game

      3. Studio DaVeed

        Night races do not 'film' well on iRacing compared to day time. In real life it is the opposite. The issue is shadows and degrees of darkness like in any other virtual game.

      4. x_WarHawk_x

        The night race is typically in September

    63. Dan Forbess

      I see they race on the "Old" concrete surface when the racing was good! The "repave" with the progressive banking really ruined Bristol racing!

      1. Eric Gambrel

        Dan Forbess actually this is the current configuration of Bristol with progressive banking just without PJ1 🤷🏼‍♂️

    64. смиренный

      Guy who’s talking at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> sounds like his nasal passages are clogged up

      1. Frank Zappa

        @Chris Warga You are a wacko. Thanks for the laugh, kid.

      2. Kozz Mozz

        @Chris Warga U-S-A !! U-S-A !!

      3. Chris Warga

        Kozz Mozz yeah, you said something about russia then you said something about europe....which part? They all suck.......there isn't one part of that part of the workd that has anything good in it. Open borders is a joke because a country without borders isn't a country at all. German are even writing to their papers saying they don't feel like they have an identity anymore. We left the UK for all the same trash ran system they are still under. Tyranny and europebare one in the same so, you keep living with blinders thinking your government will save you and I'll keep protecting me and my family with my skills, my job and my guns! All of this over seas trash talk on my NASCAR associated comment on a youtube video? Why don't you clowns go watch propaganda and leave us Americans to our good 'ole boy sport of drinkin' beer with our buds and watching fast AMERICAN cars go around in circles!!!!!!!

      4. Frank Zappa

        @Chris Warga Lol. Triggered much, snowflake?

      5. Kozz Mozz

        @Chris Warga if you would read what i have said then you would of noticed im not from russia. Also communism =/= socialism. Btw can you even pinpoint russia on a globe? You call me brainwashed ? Why ? You watch a president telling on national tv to its citizens to wear a scarf lol. He is your leader... you americans neglect any scientists regards cause it would cost your economy. You rather go down with money on your bank then to be saved. Saying God bless usa every once in a while wont save you from disasters if you guys keep running as sheep behind your belief system. But ill leave it with that. I know americans that are luckily not dumbed down. They even shame themselves for a lot of fellow citizens. So all hope is not lost ! Godspeed and God bless the world and all its people !

    65. Snake Doctor

      This is shite!

    66. BBDcummins

      They wish they had that many fans at Bristol ! That ship has sailed.

    67. The SV-001 lad

      This was an amazing Saturday Night Race I would like more of these.