Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill [Official Video]

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

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    Director: George Belfield
    Producer: Tom Gardner
    DOP: Steve Annis
    Commissioner: Dan Curwin
    Production Company: Somesuch
    Exec Producer: Hannah Turnbull-Walter
    -- | LYRICS |--
    When I was six years old I broke my leg
    I was running from my brother and his friends
    tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass I rolled down
    I was younger then, take me back to when I
    Found my heart and broke it here, made friends and lost them through the years
    And I’ve not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know, I’ve grown
    but I can’t wait to go home
    I’m on my way, driving at 90 down those country lanes
    Singing to Tiny Dancer, And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real
    When we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill
    Fifteen years old and smoking hand rolled cigarettes
    Running from the law through the backfields and getting drunk with my friends
    Had my first kiss on a Friday night, I don’t reckon I did it right
    I was younger then, take me back to when we found
    Weekend jobs when we got paid and buy cheap spirits and drink them straight
    Me and my friends have not thrown up in so long, oh how we’ve grown
    I can’t wait to go home
    I’m on my way, driving at 90 down those country lanes
    Singing to Tiny Dancer, And I miss the way you make me feel, it’s real
    When we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill
    Over the castle on the hill
    Over the castle on the hill
    Over the castle on the hill
    One friend left to sell clothes
    One works down by the coast
    One had two kids but lives alone
    One’s brother overdosed
    Ones already on his second wife
    Ones just barely getting by
    But these people raised me
    And I can’t wait to go home
    And I’m on my way, and I still remember those country lanes
    When we did not know the answers, And I miss the way you make me feel, it’s real
    When we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill
    Over the castle on the hill
    Over the castle on the hill

    Joylandi 3 yil oldin



      me during the pandemic reminising what social life I had (wasnt much, but its way more than now

    2. Shah Mirul

      Check the cover by Olivia penalva it was legit and better

    3. Dewan Golam

      When he talks about their current situation its soo heartbreaking because this is how our lives play out as adults😭

    4. Syahmi Safin


    5. Nirbhay Vashisht

      This song is hitting even harder during Pandemic

    6. Penguin 101

      Theres this and then theres cotton eye joe

    7. grape - jelly

      This is a bop

    8. Hunter Hunt

      I love it been trying to get me a guitar to play it on no luck with that

    9. Alesha Foster

      It's so good for a song every night I sing it my granny shades of me she gets fed up

    10. Nai&Navie

      anyone here from America's Got Talent? (this song was used for the beginning and end of the commercial break)

    11. Bestar buddies

      No you are not the only one who like Castle on the Hill better than shape of you

    12. hi sisters• bye stepsisters

      "I can't wait to go home" I can't wait for quarantine to be over. I don't feel like im home. I won't get to see my family for a year😔 I won't get to spend my summer with my cousins and other family. Take me back to when everything was normal.

    13. BIMArchitect

      Thank you ed sheeran you are the best

    14. Zachary Richards

      Yo yo yo your right tho

    15. Shannon Edwards

      Leave a like if you read this comment

    16. 傅呆頭

      The song has came out for 3 years, and He still didn't get the ticket because of driving at 90... lol

    17. Aoife Tighe

      Ed sheeran he was drunk with his friends

    18. THOTS SELL


    19. THOTS SELL


    20. 999discover

      lets admit this song hits different, especially when he says "these people raised me"bc we all know friends were the only ppl their for us

    21. abdur rahman

      This Song Match with all boys and old friends. Everyone missing their own friend like me.


      No smoking


      I also cry when I listen to this song.

      1. Érika Matteau

        Me too ☺️

    24. Louis Bradburn

      Barnard Castle On The Hill

    25. Veronica M

      Lyrics are in the description but there is also a fun animated official lyrics video for it :) Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill [Official Lyric Video] uzsel.info/video/video/nLakZa2VroGCos8.html

    26. Derrie Cook

      My Grandad’s Dad was the Train Gate’s man, He used to open the gates for the trains, He grow up on the Little house near the Tain Gate so many memories 🥺🥺

      1. Érika Matteau


    27. deaser92

      Is she jealous at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a>?

    28. sara without h ༘ੈ༄

      I miss my friends so much 😭😭😣 we're not in lockdown anymore but you know I wanna be safe and they are also in a different village 😓 We did not have any crazy beautiful memories, we're in sixth grade but you know every year matters and now I see some of them distancing and growing before me, I only have my best friend and some others that are like me 🥰 but I miss all of them so much... It's sad, they don't all want to play hide and seek at my birthday party even though we basically grew up with that game and some of them even had girlfriends and boyfriends (😐) and it is sad that we don't all behave the same and we can't be all friends. I am the best in my class and somethimes I get bullied but my parents and teachers know and it does not bother me. It is sad that we are not the same. I miss them anyways (sorry for wasting your time, stay safe)

      1. Érika Matteau

        Oh i was in 6th grade last year I can’t see halfe of my friend because of secondary but I make new one and I love them

    29. Shiroi Kodo

      People keep telling me life goes on which is the saddest part and hard to accept

    30. Xaltotun Great

      IMHO this is his best song. There was a time when life was so much simpler...

    31. Lea Bontuyan

      Watching from home. Gcq bored

    32. Gideon Baranda

      The sad thing about my life is that everyone I've ever held close forgot about me. Only by forcing myself back in after many years have I actually been taken into their circle once more. I still hold it against everyone, though, and discussions with them feel empty. Now, I just want to meet someone who wants me in their life purposefully. Someone who actually wants me to stay, for once, not out of obligation or duty (thus, ruling out my family).

      1. Asiel Perez

        you can

      2. Aoibheann Dolan

        I'm sure your friends do care about you and if they don't then they don't deserve you

      3. Khubaib Akhter

        srsly i have a very similar story like word to word

    33. NicsterV

      I think about this song when I block my freind on whatsapp

      1. Sebastian TheCat

        Friends? U spend ur life copying a youtuber who makes cringe roblox content

    34. Samantha Castle


    35. Angelic Wisdom

      A lot of songs such as this brings different kinds of nostalgia like city nostalgia nature nostalgia and etc

    36. zeeshan sykes

      Me during lockdown

    37. Apiz _Kimy


    38. BĘŸØÑD normal LIFE

      If I get loads of likes i will cover this song

    39. Clara Olivia Vendelbo 07A Regnbueskolen

      This song means so much to me cause it’s the one that helped me kick anorexia’s ass

    40. Despacito

      I recommend you this. uzsel.info/video/video/s8ekqntqoJiCppw.html

    41. Ranielly Maria

      Toda música desse cara estoura kkkk

    42. UtMaxwell JinJiang Chong

      Ed Sheeran really an excellent story teller


      Who is better? Like: *Ed Sheeran* Comment: *Passenger*

    44. C. Malsawmkima

      One of my favourite song by ed sheeran

    45. Mark Daniels


    46. areyougumby

      I luv this record! ❤️

    47. Project Tru

      Fun Song about Friends at: uzsel.info/video/video/2cqnc5mKg2edl5w.html

    48. _Enterget1cs _

      When there’s a virus you can’t do anything. Being a senior in 2020 like me is not good.

    49. Gary Smyth

      Class song Ed👌👌🇮🇪🍀🇮🇪

    50. lilnickygamer101

      ive been a fan of him sense like his first song

    51. Lil frozen brain Official

      This makes me sad that i haven't so a nice teenage in year 2020 is not more so funny and a lots of regulate not more a lot of Adventures

    52. Christiaan Bresler

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> something about that walk man. I can’t describe it but there’s just something about that walk

    53. Morris Moroz

      who doesnt know eds back story its so beautiful and ed YOU ARE MY FAVORITE SINGER YOU ARE THE BEST

    54. buluk gang

      Im in this posisition bro and i wan more but i cant bacause pandemi

    55. AB FABE

      When he says : when we didn't know the answer It really hurts

    56. Why always me

      I think 2017 had the best music in my opinion

    57. Madu Santos

      this song reminds me of the 1D boys, my little babies

    58. Алиса Селезнёва

      Захожу в комментарии, а там одни англичане•-•

    59. akbar taufick

      Lagu ini menginggatkan saya tentang masa brutal saya dengan teman2 saya yg sama2 tumbuh dan mencari jati diri saat itu Saya akan ingat kalian selalu playgrouplegends🍻

    60. 協会うーたん


    61. subel subelsten

      2020 and still in the castle on the Hills...

    62. Elif Karaatlı


    63. Daily Challengers

      Convert this into song..😂😂😂 I m in my home,fighting with virus to stop overflow...and so on...😂

    64. Outinspace420 -

      You only have one life, live it up. Screw what people tell you. It goes by so fast. Before you know it. Your life is over.

    65. Dom

      Listened to this song and I just wish i could be Ed's Friend.

    66. Joy मित्र

      Very unbelievable song by ed sheeran

    67. jessy pinkman

      i hate ed's songs because when i hear them.my heart breaks down into small pices

    68. Nemesis Angeles


    69. Zukashi

      o Tyskie jest pite <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a>

    70. Sandra Lopez


    71. Cathy Liu

      I like this.

    72. micichon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> - Tyskie - polish beer ;)

    73. Lauren Martin

      What I would have given for a group of friends like that.

    74. Hoodie Trev

      OG map

    75. itz_cookie_playz :D

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> hEe hEe 🕺

    76. Emma . k

      I love you Ed 🤞🥺

    77. Maria Alves

      Puta merda , o ed era novinho q lindo kkkkkk muito neném kkkkk adoro

    78. Cris Garcia


    79. Maximilian Weimer

      Gives me literally goosebumps all hearing and especially relating to my childhood and now. What a masterpiece, so much love to you Mr. Sheeran

    80. SQuIsHy PoTatO

      I’m not even a fan if Ed Sheeran but I pored my heart listening to this song during isolation and I still don’t know why I think I’m feeling lonely.