Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Official Music Video)

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

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    Directed by Emil Nava
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    Joylandi 5 yil oldin


    1. Anna Salsabilla

      Guys! No one cares which year your listening his song!!


      Can't believe ed sheeran is that guy who used to sing and play in the streets and later grew up to sing a song with more than billion views😂😂👌

    3. Henry is legit


    4. Its Mad EMO

      It didn't pop out at our notification, we searched for the song. Am I right?

    5. Ana Garces


    6. John Yankov

      Amazing !

    7. der dicke 187er

      I am hearing this while crying because of my friends don't accept me and my Bisexuality Be yourself guys and don't listen to bad thongs telling you false things😔🙌❤🏳️‍🌈

    8. Rob Lines

      Thank you Ed Sheeran for sharing some of your private life with us.

    9. Rob Lines

      As a mother of three boys. This was beautiful to watch and wonderful for all to see that passion is key

    10. Clarissa Berardi

      dont know you, but after been lookin’ at this video in loop for 5 years i still have chills when at the end of the video his dad says during the recording : “ur on top of the mountain” and then theres Ed sheeran above the stage in front of thousands people cheering him😢

    11. Emilia Arenas

      This is such a sad song

    12. Valentina Barraco

      the life of the ED SHEERAN FA SCHIFO

    13. Rei Na


    14. muhanad mamoori

      I do not know why I am watching this while writing my PhD thesis :(

    15. Jerold Bunay

      Me :I hope I see this kids after 5years Others: soo you can keep me hmm❣

    16. Fox Tazi

      Am I the only one that cried

    17. Christina Singleton

      I know im some rando commenter...but it DOES IT! Can we please all cry together in unison happiness??

    18. 69,420 subscriber before World end

      I just came here cause isee pewds but the music is so beautiful

    19. Pretty rude it‘s not friday yet

      I honestly don’t think there’s anything cuter than smol edward🥰

    20. shakib al hasan

      "Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that is why we call it present''

    21. The Aesthetic

      Let's see how many people are here during quarantine 😁✔💫

    22. Justin Tan

      yo pewdiepie commented on this video...

    23. Lorenas Horseworld

      Voll süß

    24. Turunc Teoman


    25. Фариза Жексенбаева

      Люблю тебя сильно ❤


      Someone that explain me, why am I CRYING?

    27. maria astorga

      Wow quedé impactada ni leí el título después dije se parece al emmmm a el y después como que siii es el😱😱q bkn 💕🤑

    28. Stela Sigrist

      Cryyy 😭😭😭👏🏻❤️

    29. Police Girlfriend


    30. Pro senix Gaming54

      People in 2020 be like: good old memories....

    31. Farhan Arif Dzaky

      There 137k who have a weird taste

    32. werthy is my name

      Who has the nerve to dislike this video? For real

    33. Parkour smithylad gaming

      Who’s here after seeing the post on r/pewdiepie submissions

    34. Gustavo Play

      Watafok ?

    35. Danielle Vieira


    36. Chris omari

      Love you babe

    37. Twice Upon a Time

      This is why you need to follow your passion!

    38. Мария Пешкова

      I'm crying

    39. Daniel Akers

      This reminds me of mockingbird

    40. Eloha Cristiny

      Nossa só eu brasileira ouvindo essa música?

    41. Santiago Corleone

      A song that makes me cry, smile, happy & helps in sad moments.. Thanks Ed

    42. Elisabeth Herzog

      He’s so adorable!!! After all these years this is sill my favorite song.

    43. TheBaconD !

      here from reddit

    44. Yulianny Davila

      me encantas tus canciones

    45. Ezequiel Otto

      Muito linda essa música 👏👏

    46. jd parmar

      Is it his real life story,🥺🥺

    47. daniel hg


    48. Minh Quân Lý

      I remember my childhood days so much, if i saw my self agains i would hug him as i can and i scream loud i love this kid so much

    49. Randobot TV

      His life is better recorded than mine XD

    50. dragon 지존 dark


    51. DiZzZyBhoy

      Anyone else here to confirm pewds commented from a reddit post

      1. Project Wan


    52. Sofia Bernal Vargas

      if you are still here, you have a really good music taste

    53. Filip Nyman

      From pewds reddit, anyway Good song 😀

    54. Sava Nedeljkovic


    55. tikexx1

      Me: crying My FBI agent: also crying My hacker: also also crying

      1. Kaitlyn Kyle

        George Voloudakis they are kidding 😂

      2. George Voloudakis

        Why a fbe agent watch what are you doing fbe agent watch you only when you go to black shop he doesn't even watch you if you watch porn and you are under 18 so you are buying stuff from black shop

    56. Amber King

      Who is still here in 2020?

    57. DeadMistake

      After this video, I felt like I know him since birth than anyone else

    58. hân võ


    59. Jasperical

      I came here bc some redditor found pewds comment

    60. Christopher Gutierrez

      Who else came from a reddit post?

    61. Arfan Nabihan


    62. Jack Kkk

      Holy shit eddie ur entire LIFE flashed right in front of my eyes what can I SAY FUCKING AWESOME MAN!!

    63. moraxellacataralis


    64. Lavinalee

      Just came here to look for Pewd's comment

    65. ayechan paing

      I love all ed sheeran’s songs.

    66. Op lol

      pewdiepie is up

    67. Op lol

      who came here from reddit?

    68. 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

      who came here to see PewDiePie's comment?

      1. Veronica M

        when did he comment, and why?

    69. Nqobile Mpofu

      ........and his smile stayed the same.

    70. Jonny Bad

      I loved

    71. Lalbiakzuala Vanchhawng

      Look at this photograph Oh wait wrong song

    72. Ninad Joshi

      Anyone came here from reddit?

    73. aof za


    74. Revant Mehta

      Who's here just to look at Pewd's comment

    75. Conner Hickman

      Love this song

    76. Flor Candapay

      Cuarentena :(

    77. gustavo

      yo estava ahi disiendome ese ed sheeeran o el hijo

    78. gustavo

      wow q paresido es le hijo

    79. Desiaa

      I still love it

    80. Nathaniel Lincuran

      I came for pewds comment

      1. Veronica M

        what did he say?

      2. azlan master