Eat It or Yeet It #10 - DATE NIGHT!

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    It’s date night at the Eat It or Yeet It table, and Garrett’s whipped up some extra special treats for our favorite couples this Valentine’s Day!
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    Joylandi 6 kun oldin


    1. Olivia Sui


      1. The Asian Cousins

        Olivia Sui our air is polluted

      2. Evelyns Challenges

        I just realized that your boyfriend plays in Truth or Dare.

      3. Henry Rivera

        Get married

    2. Bella Bishop

      I want more try not to laugh

    3. Emily Thompson

      Yoki?! Nope. Gnocchi!

    4. c:

      I thought the men’s big bite was pot

    5. Claire R

      Claudio: "It's okay, love is to share." 5 seconds later... "...Holy sh!t." I love this man. What an icon.

    6. Kelsey Heuschkel

      Wait....Mari is married?!?

    7. Thomas Wireman

      Maris boyfriend looks like the flash

    8. Quinn

      11:57 that's what she said ahaha..... Sorry

    9. IntR0V3RT Ethan

      Maris husband looks like Barry Allen

    10. Caitlin Clark

      why is courtney so hot

    11. Floria Rains

      Them-Love Courtney-Lonely

    12. CaityBearSillyA Kormanek

      love in the air!! All of them are a cute couple!

    13. Nickaly Champalath


    14. Galaxy Hotdog579

      Olivia:LOVE IS IN THE AIR Me: *LOVE IS IN MY MIND* *sadness 100*

    15. Predator Of darkness

      Shayne has finally escaped

    16. Ena Mestry

      If I was on this show, I would eat 5 packs of sour skittles beforehand to make my mouth completely numb.

    17. Jim life24/7

      Lemme point out that the smosh girl standards are NBA player height

    18. Rayan Ibrahim

      Love is not in the air for Garrett

    19. Sadie Cleveland

      i went the whole video without realizing sarah’s boyfriend’s accent

    20. danioh31

      I'm probably wrong, but I'm pretty sure Garrett is on an episode of the game show Cash Cab. For anyone with Netflix, check out season 6, episode 11 and let me know

    21. Lila K

      Next one should be the TRY GUYS.

    22. Robert Downey Jr

      Why does Peter look like Grant Gust?

    23. CherryQueenAngel

      Olivia was ready to throw down over that “take a big bite”

    24. Bhargav Ram

      Can we all appreciate How savage sam is in this video


      next eat eat it or yeet it: "So Garrett couldn't be here today, but we got a replacement!"

    26. Epik61

      Big cool points for the yugioh life point counter!!!

    27. Demon ._. Playzz


    28. Leanne Kalonji

      “Is it gasoline?”💀💀💀

    29. Sky Taylor

      Oh my god poor Claudio 😭

    30. Justin Kelly

      Why is Mari married to Grant Gustin?

    31. Jollyz

      do you do that kosher thing

    32. Michael Tyler

      I wanna say thank you to Sara. She sacrificed her taste buds for our entertainment and I respect that. “Why’d you take such a big bite?” “It has to look good for the camera”

    33. Tishan Straker

      11:57 oliva 2020 Oh f*** baby that's to big😂😂😂

    34. Adriana lol Martínez lol

      Love is in the moon and I your ❤️

    35. Jaxsen Cruz

      I truly think this show has so much potential but there is no difference if the players eat or yeet there needs to be some deterrent to yeeting forcing players to eat it or receive a punishment or something. This theoretically could just be everyone putting the food in their mouth and spitting it out players have no reason to swallow versus spitting it out and therefore there needs to be a punishment

    36. Rachel McFadden

      When Claudio eats Sarah's dish all the other boys are like "shoot now I have to do that or I look bad"

    37. Mossie Williams

      Marie’s boyfriend tho. just saying

    38. Chris Harmon

      eat it or yeet it breakfast edition next

    39. Mossie Williams

      Courtney’s face at 2:24. PRICELESS😂😂😂

    40. Unstoppable Spidey

      This is the one time Shayne is glad to be single

    41. Xx_ Jelly _xX

      Bro when I first saw Mari's husband I thought it was Grant Gustin🤣

    42. Brook

      Claudio's accent reminds me of my old italian family members. Italian power😂😂

    43. MacSween Town

      To Courtney. If you didn't want to be single for Valentines Day ask Shane to be your Valentine

    44. Samid

      P O W E R W O R M S

    45. LocalCalysta

      Not to be disrespectful but Mari's husband is MAD HOT

    46. Molly Kathryn Stephens

      Garrett will be on Spelling Bee-kini show soon...

    47. matthew Morris

      Peter and Claudio are soooo hot!

    48. Areya Soukthala

      does anyone else think that mari’s husband is barry allen (the flash) irl 😂i love it

    49. dan day

      And Garrett was never seen again 😂😂😂

    50. C Jonsson

      Messed up by not having Shayne and Damien in one team ! Just not the same without them ! ;)

    51. ButtOnAStick

      He's right we're eating worms in the future.

    52. Kara Maust

      Found out the last dish had worms in it- all the girls freak out on Garret and scare him 😂😂😂

    53. Pansy Quinn

      "You fed my husband worms?!?" says Sarah as she plots Garrett's death

    54. Marleigh Coleman

      Olivia the bada** POWERWORMS

    55. Sivani Kasibhotla

      peter kinda looks like grant gustin ngl

    56. TinySneakyBagel

      11:58 That’s what she said

    57. Emily Biwer

      What’s his accent it’s cool

    58. leo honeyy;;

      cludio is amazing

    59. Iðunn Lilja

      is it just me that wants to know why Olivia has been in the same outfit for like every video she's been in for the past few months?

    60. Papattack_ rulez

      I thought Sarah was with Ian at first and I was like🤭