Dwyane Wade’s Candid Talk About Supporting His 12-Year-Old's Gender Identity


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    Dwyane Wade candidly chatted with Ellen about embracing his 12-year-old's gender identity, and how he and his wife Gabrielle Union made it a priority to educate themselves about the LGBTQ+ community to give Zaya the opportunity to be her best self. The NBA star also opened up about the passing of his friend Kobe Bryant.

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    1. Lehlohonolo Tsolo


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    3. Austin Rodriguez

      Great dad seems like a smart guy not just hoops

    4. Joy Blue

      You know when a man loves his woman or a woman loves her man, s/he never stops talking about him/her, even when the subject is not necessarily about him/her. Dwayne truly loves his wife

    5. opzz xsin

      My only thought watching this was “Wow, he spoke so eloquently and with so much love”.

    6. Daysha Moore

      I'm am completely shook his love and support is unreal.

    7. Gwen30

      Thank goodness for you loving your child Dwyane!!! Miss you on the court man! God bless you and your family.

    8. j m

      Growing up, Dwyane Wade was my hero. Today he has shown me why he’s still my hero.

    9. Miaya

      I love this 😍😍❤️❤️❤️

    10. Hammer63

      Everyone is forgetting that the number one job of a parent is to LOVE and CARE for your CHILD! End of story!

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    12. Rianne Winter

      This is probably the most mature way I've seen this situation handled.. Absolutely beautiful parenting and human interaction!!

    13. Pauline Bhalai

      DWad3 was always my favorite player not because he was great but because of the respect he as for himself and others!

    14. just me

      To see a black family support and love and understand and listen to her is beautiful and many black families need to take note and support their kids and not create a stigma around important social issues and need to watch how they talk about social issues around their kids because they never know what their children are going through

    15. Lil Nip

      I don’t think I could support my child for being gay at that age smh I guess I don’t need to be having children anytime soon if I feel this way

    16. Makeda Phillips

      This is so beautiful. Let me tell y'all a lot of black people have a lot of homophobia and transphobia because we've already been fighting so hard for our humanity in terms of race, so to add queerness on top of that seems impossible. But we must understand we don't have to be just like our oppressors to be successful. Thank you, Dwayne. You're doing so much good.

    17. Ashleyjusto29

      Keep Zaya safe and away from the internet for as long as you can 🙏🏼

    18. Tiffany Zaman

      amazing 😭

    19. joan kearns

      Good parents!

    20. Naomie J

      I’m surprised the comments are on.

    21. Khalil Brim

      Lots of people are mad because they didn’t have a dad like this


      Great parent support!!! Respect!!!


      Good for you Dwayne. Love your child no matter what.

    24. Dream dean dream ‘

      Holy shit just please do not give this kid estrogen or any other chemical if they want to be a girl that’s fine just don’t do anything too permanent

    25. SZNS DJ

      Idk who they r but so glad he supports her. 💘

    26. Carmel Latte

      Definition of a Classic Man. ✊🏾💪🏽🙌🏽

    27. chosen elite76

      Is it ok for me to disagree?

    28. Brady80

      Wade youre an idiot this child is far too young to decide something like this. Most children who consider themselves trans at a young age (as low as 5-20 percent) just wind up being discovering that they were just gay. However, its typically not until AFTER "supportive" parents pay for them to drastically alter their bodies and take hormones and other irreversible changes that they realize that doing this does not actually make them happy. I know no one wants to condemn a father being supportive of your child but for the love of god let him grow into an adult before this child alters their body.

    29. Morgana Moonshard

      As a Transwoman I wish I had parents like them.

    30. Secret Admirer

      This was really needed a famous black family standing up for the LGBQT community

    31. Robert Williams


    32. Sheldon Conk

      This shit is regular. He’s a great Father.

    33. Dsgb Georgiaboy

      At the end of the day its his family their choices doesnt affect my life

    34. Cyber Boy

      This is honestly so refreshing to see. Sexuality is such a taboo subject in the black community (I know from first hand experience). Being gay is one thing, but to come out as trans is considered the worst of the worst. So to see a prominent black male figure publicly expressing his unconditional acceptance of his daughter and solidarity to the LGBTQ+ is so amazing to see. Hopefully he has inspired others to lead by his example🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽xx

    35. Jay Li

      if you will not love and support your child unconditionally..... DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN

    36. J

      I love the support that they show for Zaya. I hope in the future, they will let Zaya tell her own story. This interview is nothing new because they've been posting and commenting every step of the way. I want to hear from Zaya, with the parents being supportive in the background. For all of the people saying everyone should mind their own business, it's impossible when your parents tell the world. Everybody can't have everything. Let Zaya get ahead of her own story and let her control the narrative.

    37. Naomi Meme

      Not my life not my concern. Its HIS child and their life..do what makes you happy 🙂

    38. Syani Rose

      I love that her family don’t judge her ❤️

    39. Mellie Pierce

      What a great father, his children are so lucky

    40. Jeffrey Colon


    41. Dario Hall

      Raise your kids how you want and love your kids support them

    42. SOB Hijo

      All his kids look just like him that’s brazy their like twins

    43. Juicytribe

      I Wonder if Ellen ever reads our comments . Her soul is so beautiful ❤️

    44. sonny atcheson

      Does insurance pay for gender surgery

    45. Kaylee Aldridge

      hellaaaa respect for him what an amazing father

    46. Kayla Monroe


    47. Cyril Moore

    48. Ebony Lamb

      I have so much respect for this man. He is an awesome dad for doing what he has to for his child. Screw the haters!

    49. Raji Abdul Shabaaz Abbar

      Much respect DWade Love your kids unconditionally

    50. Josh Witte

      Gender identity has nothing to do with sexuality...

    51. Smooch💋OKC

      Wonderful parents to allow Zaya to be HER

    52. The murrkenn Family

      I wish my dad was as accepting as this 😢

    53. NikkiSiixx

      What a good man. Wish there was more hearts and genuineity (if that's a word 😄) like him in this world. God bless her for speaking her truth. We need to start teaching our children to be a vessel such as this young child.

    54. john anderson

      Good on ya Dwyane!!! I think your second act is going to be better than your first one... Hall of Fame basketball career... continue to lead by example... THANK YOU!!!

    55. Neil Robson

      Their family is so pure!!! I adore the love they show the world

    56. James Wynn

      The lesson is this Love Your Child unconditionally, It is their life,Love is always the answer

    57. Pooh Mitchell

      There thousands of parents of gay kids who love their children.Thousands D wade just famous and on Ellen. No need for a ceremony. Like one of the commenters said to each is own.

    58. ally

      10/10 dad

    59. shae vlogs

      this is beautiful❤❤

    60. The Dragon Drink Is The Best Drink At Starbucks

      Very nice Ellen 😊🤗