Costco Is Making A Big Change To Its Membership Policy



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    2020 is a year of changes for Costco, apparently. The beloved big-box store made its first food court-related membership changes in February, and now the rules are changing again to cope with the novel coronavirus pandemic.
    On Wednesday, April 1, Costco announced the membership policy would change to limit the number of people in the warehouse stores at one time. The decision will hopefully help create a safer environment for employees and customers as people around the world try to help curb the increase of coronavirus cases.
    Beginning Friday, April 3, each Costco member will only be allowed to bring one additional person inside the store.
    Prior to this change, Costco allowed each member to bring two guests as well as children into the stores. The brand's CEO and president released a letter stating that the company is closely watching the progression of the pandemic and working under the guidelines of public health officials. This should allow the stores to make quick and effective changes as needed.
    By limiting the number of people inside Costco warehouses, the move reduces the amount of face-to-face contact both customers and employees have to deal with while they're inside the building.
    This is just the latest change among many Costco has enacted to help protect and provide for people. The chain has also altered store hours and increased sanitation efforts, as staff members attempt to more carefully sanitize shopping cart handles, shelves, registers, and front-end belts for check-out.
    You might be wondering what other policy changes Costco has made in recent days. Well, we've got you covered.
    Like many grocers, Costco has limited the number of certain items that customers can buy. Two of the biggest items that have been limited include toilet paper and hand soap.
    Though the message across the country has been one advocating against hoarding or majorly stockpiling items, Costco has taken an added measure to keep individual shoppers from buying out the whole store. In some cases, the big-box store will no longer allow customers to return items that are in very high demand. This includes toilet paper, bottled water, and sanitizing wipes. Paper towels, rice, and Lysol have also made the no-return list in some stores. The company has not announced this as a nationwide change, but Today reports that several individual locations have posted signs on the no-return policy with these items listed.
    These changes could be in response to a couple of different reasons surrounding the novel coronavirus. It's possible that returns could be prohibited for the time being to discourage people from buying more than they need. It's also possible that Costco is trying to protect its employees from exposing themselves to the virus by handling items shoppers have already taken home and returned.
    While Costco has made moves to heavily revamp its sanitary practices at store locations, there are still smart practices customers should use while shopping for supplies, to reduce the chance of getting sick or spreading the disease.
    Good Morning America recently interviewed Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University who specializes in contagious viruses, to ask how she shops for groceries. The expert suggests visiting the grocery store as little as often, and no more than once per week. She advises people to go out at times when they believe the store will not be busy, to wipe down the cart handle, and to avoid handling too many items. She is also very careful not to touch her face while shopping.
    The segment reported that the pathogen does not appear to survive on cardboard for more than 24 hours or plastic for more than 72 hours, but as experts continue to learn more about this virus, advice regarding best practices for your shopping trips could change.
    More than anything, she is concerned about interactions with people in the aisle and the checkout, where the virus is most likely to be caught through respiratory droplets, so she uses self-checkout whenever possible. Just make sure to wash your hands as soon as you can if you do the same. Watch the video to see why Costco Is Making A Big Change To Its Membership Policy!
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    1. Mashed

      What other measures should Costco and other stores take during the pandemic?

      1. Syndicated Satellite

        @Marilyn Mantis They treat customers like a herd of livestock....

      2. Marilyn Mantis

        @Syndicated Satellite Thanks! They've pissed me off for a long time now, and this was the final straw.

      3. Syndicated Satellite

        @Lucy Huerta They love bacteria....

      4. Syndicated Satellite

        @Marilyn Mantis Good move to vote with your dollars...

      5. Syndicated Satellite

        @Marilyn Mantis That is good...

    2. Peggy Mason

      I hope they require masks.

    3. Cheryl Steidel

      Same. Its very difficult dealing with some grumpy &/or rude members. The entitled ones that think you need to bend over backwards to sneak them something thats limited. The masks are the worst. Difficult to breathe on talk with them on. I've watched so many members coming in every day to shop or just walk around n leave with nothing. So many members dont respect the 6ft rule or constantly walking behind the cashiers. So thoughtless and rude. Some days you go home exhausted mentally as well as physically. Its very difficult. We may not be health care or police or fire workers but we get up at 3am to stock shelves,help members all day and still get beat up by about 65% of members. Thank goodness for the polite, sweet members that thank us for doing a great job. I thank them for being wonderful & brightening our day..

    4. Shilonious Monk

      Never shopping there again

    5. Jack Kennedy

      F U C K C O S T C O

    6. Ozinga

      That's why I canceled my membership and the fact they think it's ok to dictate what people have to wear to spend there hard earned money.

      1. o o

        Excellent move. It's all about power and control. Nobody was worried about saving other people's lives during all the flu seasons and pandemics. The mentality of the majority of the population doesn't surprise me any. The same idiots that walk around with masks are the ones that consistently run out to their local Target to buy hundreds of dollars in gift cards because the IRS agent with a foreign accent over the phone told them to. LOL!!!

    7. Willie

      I was hoping the change to the membership policy was going to be not allowing a-holes to retain their membership. Or people who frequently block the massive aisles by stopping 3 feet away from the edge of the aisle while shopping. That'd be a good start. Costco seems to attract narcissists.

    8. Son Nguyen

      I don’t understand why we have to paid a membership fee while we bring money to them!!!!! It’s not right?????? We should do something about this.... thank

    9. David Coggin

      So dramatic. There have been much worse outbreaks throughout history than this without the over reaction that we going through right now. What is next? We go outside in hasmat suits. This is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Betty Austin

        I have to agree with you.

    10. Jeff Keen

      Just about all the grocery stores have reduced the operating hours. This makes the store busier the entire time they are open! What they should have done is gone to a 24 hour schedule. This would allow people to shop at "off" times and reduce the crowding!

    11. Jeff Keen

      I won't be returning until they ditch the mandatory face mask rule!

    12. Andy Thompson

      This is a PR BS story. They did a terrible job keeping the crowd messes outside the stores looking like a mob. They are WORSE than Wal-Mart for having product on the shelves! After 34 years as a FOOLISH PAYING member I may not renew! Their so called management SUCKS because the stores weren't managed! Bad on you Costco!

    13. howzit3000

      From the business side, bringing friends would increase sale. Married couples should not be counted as bringing someone extra, they are basically one household. Is this only during the pandemic?

    14. Iris Vega

      Boycott Costco Walmart Target period.

    15. LONE WOLF


    16. LONE WOLF


    17. Jessica Tran

      I really like Costco NO RETURN policy. Lots of members had been abused it. 👍👏🌹

    18. Shoheli Hossain

      Costco front too much lines that goods.all grocery store too much crowds. No social distance maintenance

    19. Shoheli Hossain

      Oh my God Costco too much crowds

    20. C-stiana Simt

      Wait, what about the single moms that have two or more kids? Is she supposed to leave one child alone in the car or at home?

    21. Bam Bambam

      Costco needs some real competition.


      I want to cancel but you have to go to Costco to cancel I do not want to go in the store and stand in line why can’t you cancel online?

    23. Born Again

      Costco will mandate face masks for all members effective May 4. #tryanny #1984

    24. Cisco

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a> look at that foo, 3 bags of toilet paper, thats a 2 year worth supply bro lmao 🤣

    25. Lawrence Cisek

      Who’s buying all this crap...

    26. Susanne Fiore

      I won't be shopping until it goes back to normal. I'm not standing in a freaking line outside to get in to stand in line


      These people are so foolish they should hold on to those same things because they will need them someday.

    28. Jerry Ricee

      Pandemic Deez Nuts

    29. Dangerous Freedom

      IF You sell logic, make sure the shelves are well stocked. Sheep, if you buy anything, hoard that will you? Smh. It's unbelievable.

    30. Amalia Rincon

      Limit the number of iteams they can purchase.

    31. Larry Mitcham

      Have not been to Costco in over 40 days or any other store I have to wait in line to get into for that matter can’t wait till this Covid 19 BS is over so over played by the media

    32. CitizenMilitia Concreteman1776

      No it should clear the way for the idiots running it to be unemployed

    33. Old Blue

      Ya me and wife and daughter went terr last week and was stopped st door we couldnt come in cuz we had three people so one of us had to sit in car I was like are u fucken kidding me. We left. Fucken assholes.

    34. Peter Crocitto

      Way over the top

    35. Maureen King

      Well what took them sooo long Ridiculous come spend here buy all you want now look at these idiots

    36. Bret H

      Welcome to Costco I love you ! Yes we're now living inside the movie Idiocracy! thanks to people's ability to go along with the mainstream media and the indoctrination they accepted from their government schools ...

    37. Dr Beechas

      Haha.. "Novel" coronavirus.. You mean man made virus because of gain of function tests

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    39. JAI Banks

      Those items are Nonepershiable so No need to Return them!

    40. Barbara DeAk

      Is it possible to ask all customers to wear face mask or hand them each 1 at the door as Trader Joe’s does?

    41. antonio lopes

      I just went to Costco, and the cashier ask if I carry a CCW.......a list 6 times.... my answer?Keep my mouth shut and bought a membership at Sam,s.

    42. Vicky Bonilla

      Just order from instacart no need to go to the stores! Don’t forget to tip well :)

    43. R B

      No store should allow you to return them suck it up you idiots keep what you purchased

    44. D D

      With every store with a line to get in there’s another store right down the road with no line. Customers need to change their shopping habits during this time.

    45. Hrodebert M.

      Should limit the hoarding too.

    46. Sheetal Kulkarni

      Please get Royal Basmati and Royal atta (flour).

    47. blu vi

      Went to Smart & Final days ago, customers had to follow the distancing marked like a circle on the floor which wasn’t there the last time I went to shop for tea and table napkins limited to two or you buy 10, there’s only one cashier then. It went quite fast with added cashiers but no more napkins on the shelf anymore. Should I come back for more? I decided to go COSTCO/ or SAMS to save me a trip and gas...😏😏😏🇺🇸🇵🇭

    48. Robert Ibarra

      Dumb ass hoarders are trying to justify buying excessive amounts of toilet paper and saying they’ll just use it later but if these idiots just bought what was needed like normal then there wouldn’t be a shortage or copycats making the problems worse

    49. Lynne Williams

      In BC we are supposed to shop alone. Only one person per family. A shame that Costco ignores BC Health officers. They obviously don’t care

    50. 1bongocero

      Stores are always busy in New York City.

    51. Tina Mck

      What ppl are doing is crazy!

    52. Ken Shepherd

      Sell water and toilet paper in a drive thru line outside!

    53. Tonya Comeaux

      Should have been doing this.

    54. here iam

      So this virus is never going away? A warehouse that won't let you pick up in bulk even when there's no pandemic?

    55. som d

      It’s like following Mad Money host, first you listen to his advice and perform panic buying and then boo 👻!

    56. cisa93

      Limitations on chicken at the three Costcos where I live in SW Arizona. Still no toilet tissue, limited paper towels, no rice, beans bleach or disinfectant cleaner or very limited on Clorox or Kirkland wipes.

    57. Patricia Hobbs

      Excellent new policy!

    58. Autism's Atypical Adventure

      Does that rule exclude children. What about a single parent of 2 kids or more. She can't go shopping?

    59. Roy Roots

      I'm never shopping at big and busy stores like Costco and Walmart. Those stores are infested.

    60. Will

      look at all the selfish jerks hoarding toilet paper and paper towels.

    61. Cindy Winslow, Realtor

      I think I'll pass on paying for a membership and just mooch off other people to get me inside. Tired of freeloaders everywhere.

    62. 3,2,1 LETS DRAW

      Looking all those people all close together...that's how you get infected

    63. A a


    64. Sophia Grey

      I won't renew membership. First responders get to cut to the front of the line. NOT essential workers just first responders. If you want me to pay a hefty price to tell me to get to the back of the line I'll shop elsewhere. Good luck when it's 100 degrees this summer. You will have riots on your sidewalks, and you're responsible for it.

    65. Pauli Dee: STRAIGHT TALK

      ‘Novel’ coronavirus=bio weapons.

    66. Carol Tipton

      In Lexington Ky it's only 1 person per household

    67. Noah Noah

      Any Cosco employees have a story about customers trying to return toilet paper ?

    68. Tral Fazz

      People will start going to Sam's

    69. ឈូក ក្រពុំ

      គ្មានពាក់ម៉ាសអីទេ ចឹងតេីបានឆ្លងខូវីដដល់ថ្នាក់នេះ🥵🥵

    70. qaisar4

      Instead of sanitizing, costco employees use same gloves throughout the day. Helping corona to spread.

    71. D MAN

      is th good court open

    72. abbsnn cose

      need to be banned.

    73. JoeAceJR

      I love how basically everyone is hoarding and yet basically everyone hates hoarders.

    74. BJ Herman

      Costco needs to start putting up signs at each isles for consumers to quickly find items. Grocery markets and hardware stores have signs at each isles but not at Costco because Costco wants their customers to hang around longer to browse or find items in the store because this increases sales. This practice has negative impact during pandemic.

      1. abbsnn cose

        A bit to late. Our family will not be renewing our executive membership. This pandemic has gone on for over one month now don’t you think these changes are a bit late. I got

    75. SicSemperTyrannis John Wilkes Booth

      Will it prorate fees.

    76. Patricia Rodriguez

      Very expensive membership in hard times.

    77. Michelle Anglin

      I stopped my membership when they would not allow my 7 year old son come inside with my husband and I. They lady had the nerve to tell me to leave him in the car. No!! I’m disabled and needed my husband’s help. This is crazy

    78. Twila Carey

      Anyone who.touchs money MUST wear gloves.



    80. William Murry

      Is anybody else getting a little tired of the mass media trying to push paranoia,panic etc... with this so called pandemic ! There has been bad viruses for years resulting in pneumonia and death! Something very fishy is going on, ! The "elite", those who move humanity are preparing for something, if You know what I mean...?