Chris Distefano Doesn’t Know the White People Gentrifying His Neighborhood

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    Chris Distefano mocks a kid’s ice cream order, explains how his dad is religious but still a dirtbag, and rails against the gentrification of his neighborhood. (Contains strong language.)
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    1. Nikki Pettway

      Oh my GOD, "white ppl messing up his street cred".

    2. Nikki Pettway

      "religious and still a dirt bag", How many ppl can say that!

    3. Julio Serrano

      I feel attacked. But I rather watch the Oscars instead of the Knicks

    4. NoJaYorK

      Is this his 36 waist "titled special or is that another Comedy Central special.??

    5. Gwynaeth Atwood-Pettit

      Last joke was the best! #oneblowjob

    6. Freakin SneakeRican

      Chrissy D the queen of the matriarch!!!!!

    7. Adam Cummings

      Who has the white wine and antihistamine?!?! Let's make this thing a party for couped up Chrissy!

    8. Evan Clephane

      I’d really and I mean REALLY want to ask Tracy Morgan if that happened 😂😂

    9. Whut Now!

      He looks like a former boxer or New York cop

    10. Vinchester

      Prolly one of my favorite comedians of all time. Give him a Netflix special

    11. Chiffon mom mispronounces everything too! 😂😂😂

    12. Christian Holway

      This man is REALLY REALLY good. Wtf.... damn.

    13. Dragonfly B!tch Bauer


    14. Noah Listermann

      Cuzzy Wuzzy is lookin a little puffy wuffy.

    15. Sarah Trachtenberg

      His dad has an imaginary gay son-in-law. I think that's pretty funny:)

    16. The Jackass Linguist

      “Um actually, Australia is a continent” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Failed geograflex

    17. KingDoms Kingdom1985

      Wait... being a physical therapist in the states requires you to gain a doctorate?! That's insane!!

    18. Vankai

      this dude is dope!!

    19. M L

      Christopherrrr.......get rid of her 💀💀💀💀💀💀

    20. R0se g0lden._

      Lmaooo this dude is simultaneously adorable and hilarious lmaooo

    21. MISSed Bandwagon

      Not gonna lie, he got me with the rotator cuff!! 🤣🤣 I’m like, yeah, the rotary cuff!! 🤣🤣

    22. Daniel Brown

      I never heard of this bloke until now, been on an Ali Siddiq kick the past few hours but this guy definitely brings something fresh to the table. Glad I found him 😃

      1. Daniel Brown

        @Lesley Ingram Underwood I'll look iu

      2. Lesley Ingram Underwood

        You have to watch his "9/11 story" . Amazing

    23. Tia

      When you're literally eating hummus while watching this...

      1. mercy galvan

        i misread that as humans and was rly concerned

      2. David Fryn

        Listen T

    24. Buck Fuddy

      Sorry, but I’m LOVIN’ your hair!! (U look like u smell good here, too!!) 😍

    25. Rokk Krinn

      That was fun. Thanks for sharing.

    26. Sammie G

      Love this guy but I hate sprinks... I’m one of those kids that just wanted chocolate or vanilla... sometimes butter pecan.... but I didn’t want any extras on it...

      1. MISSed Bandwagon

        Butter pecan!? That’s an old person ice cream, for sure!

    27. Erik Nilsson


    28. Lucas Foster

      gives me pat MacAfee vibes

    29. A. Bright

      yah havent gotten to the video yet cause i just totally zoned into the ads....kept wanting to thumbs up the ads...aye

    30. w00dy

      life woo hoo'd me

    31. Hopeful Me

      I agree with that kids pistachio choice

    32. Amber Richard

      It’s almost like he argues with himself lol

    33. David Wahlstrom

      This dude looks like a better-looking version of Jared from silicon valley

    34. Pan Dulce

      i still want him to choke me

      1. Buck Fuddy

        Xochayotl right!! Something about that sounds pretty hot

    35. Adam J Smith

      That's not the full special

    36. lia lia

      “I’m gonna make a difference “ no you’re gonna get shot “😂😂

    37. Dave Moseley

      Chrissy clean cut with the college dean butt making moves with dudes with new shoes, few pubes and glue fumes

      1. Dave Moseley

        So it’s to the two boobs who’s new to the tube

    38. K.

      Chrissy quarantini

    39. Nova Niron Stine

      His dad immediately after saying something dirty: "Make the sign of the crowss!" 😂

    40. angel mendoza

      The pants guy had to be Sergio blizzy!

    41. P Last Name

      He's ridiculously cute.

    42. BC_831

      Chrissy D going viral for the virus! Kid can get cracked open & cleaned out

    43. ellstacker adventures


    44. Hsin Fang Wang

      Even after watching the whole thing i still think he looks like Jensen Ackles.

      1. Nig Bick Digga

        Jensen had a baby with Jonah Hill.

      2. Belle Heyne

        I can see that

    45. Abx

      Chrissy D going nuts!!!!

    46. Witty

      He's so funny but he just repeats the same fucking jokes over and over again

    47. nnlllrr

      The R bit had me rollin, why is that so true!! I swear older ppl from NY use way to many Rs, my sisters mother in law calls God, Gard

    48. David Wahlstrom

      My father in law is from Staten Island and has a thick accent he says "turlet" instead of toilet, too funny!

    49. Björn Halverson

      Hilarious Podcast guest, even better comic! im howling hahahaha

    50. Andreia Oliveira

      Australia isn't a continent, Chris!!! Still the best.

      1. Eric Redbear

        @Andreia Oliveira so, according to you Hawaii belongs to which continent? If you care to split hairs, Australia is a country on the Australian continent.

      2. Andreia Oliveira

        @Eric Redbear so, according to you, New Zealand belongs to which continent? 🤣

      3. Eric Redbear

        Looks like Andreia failed geography.

    51. Leopard-King

      Talk to ya mans, HA!

    52. Emanuel Pagán

      Dude is on fire!! Love the Tracy Morgan bit.

    53. Futbolballerina

      hahahaha!! pistachio ice cream was my favorite as a kid.

    54. Whoa Apps

      how does he not have a special?

    55. Whoa Apps


    56. E K Daufin

      Don’t like the wrong information about gentrification’s effect. But yeah - talk to your man tho!🤣🥳

    57. E K Daufin

      Hope your ex girlfriend is Black then!

    58. Zafilio

      He definitely took that aerodynamic joke from his roast battle with Theo Von on Opie lmao

    59. Kit Coffey

      For the complainers...your therapist's 'hour' is only fifty minutes. But ...I'm hitting the end of material, CC. #TearsOfAClown

    60. Exhort N Edify

      Excellent performance!

    61. mobucks555

      That was awesome.

    62. Carlos

      Ayyyeee I grew up in Bushwick in Williamsburg projects 🤣

    63. Aaron Burela

      Chrissy 8 inches 9 with warts distefano

    64. John Kinney

      Eh . . . funny but it's his same material just on a different stage.

      1. The Ivory Birchman

        Every one of us is the same material on a different stage, in different costume. Your story was already told, by someone better. Just relax and enjoy knowing no one expects anything of you, and forget it's because there's nothing to expect.

    65. Robert Lindeman

      Pistachio ice cream with coconut. Best thing ever.

      1. Buck Fuddy

        Robert Lindeman that actually sounds pretty awesome

      2. Robert Lindeman

        @Ser Tyrion of House Ray-Ban chips

      3. Ser Tyrion of House Ray-Ban

        Hmm🤔, coconut chips or sprinks

    66. Who da Fook

      Its a character piece

    67. Robert Norfleet

      Gotta love white people thinking they’re not white and hating other whites. Boooo

      1. Who da Fook

        Robert Norfleet white people from NY are a different breed of people than white people who move to NY from somewhere else, like it or not.

    68. hendogpapi 69

      Latin boyfriend😂😂

    69. Ludmilla Gutomo

      "what, do you teabag your cereal?" 😂😂😂

    70. Flip Flanagan

      Your dad was right.....say hi to Roberto

    71. Xiao

      This guy is pretty good! nice to discover another good comedian every now and then.

    72. Ryder bloom

      Check out my jokes. Brand new act.

    73. davick1

      This kid is woke and dope, completely unequivocally screwed in and a cute kid to boot

    74. Lucian V.

      I fucking love this dude 😂😂😂😂

    75. Wilson

      He sounds like one of Jerry Seinfeld's neighbors.

    76. Jim Herbbeer

      Banco popular 😂

    77. Kody with a K

      This man is very enjoyable to listen to/watch.

    78. Hood Hippie

      Im from Bushwick too

      1. Who da Fook

        Hood Hippie he’s from Glendale

    79. Damaciiio Greenleaf

      Wtf dude looks like Officer Kenny Beats

    80. Iinf3cted

      Steel pipe Chrissy representing Bay Ridge and if you don’t like it you might catch a snapping right cuz it’s what it is! WILD!