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    Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone is back for episode 63 of It’s Alive, and this time he’s making gravlax! Join Brad as he shows you how to transform salmon into the perfect cured addition to any breakfast or meal, shows off his prized ball bearing collection, and asks whether we’re alone in this vast univer- wait, I’m getting word he’s just asking how to pronounce turmeric. Tune in to find out!

    Join Bon Appétit test kitchen guy, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.

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    Bon Appétit is a highly opinionated food brand that wants everyone to love cooking and eating as much as we do. We believe in seasonal produce, properly salted pasta water, and developing recipes that anyone can make at home.

    Brad Makes Gravlax (Cured Salmon) | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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    1. KellyAnn Systo

      I just really need to know Brads astro sign.

    2. Michelle English

      Just drank a Yoohoo yesterday! Still as bomb as ever. ♡

    3. Gusher1000


    4. ceerw buty

      When Rhoda’s job description says “Emotional Rock” - the people have been heard

    5. hannah M

      This whole episode sounds like Brad has been binge watching Letterkenny.

    6. Christopher Boone

      Kim possible sound, anyone caught it? Lol

    7. Sasha Hlus

      "ima pawp it in the wawlk in rioght"

      1. ceerw buty

        it's called Gravad Laks tho

    8. Oliver Kennon

      This is not how u make it. Jag Ar Svensk

    9. Jossie Wood

      the Kim possible reference sent meeee

    10. Miriam Garcia

      can we get a video about Hunzi plz???? we need to learn more about this man

    11. Miriam Garcia

      the venn diagram deserves to be in a museum

    12. Nigel Williams

      If your unit is perforated, go to the doctor.

    13. Steven Ospina

      These edits are getting out of hand... keep it up!

    14. Nature Lady

      I love this series SO much!

    15. Ryan Bridges

      How long has he been doing this 2 years now and it hasn’t changed one single bit

    16. Jessica Brintle

      Oh honey noooo...There IS a difference between gravlax & lox. And this recipe is for lox. Gravlax is Scandinavian. It's cured with equal parts salt & sugar, a bit of pepper, and a ton of dill. And it's served with a mustard sauce.

    17. Ahlam jamila


    18. Reflexology52 Welsh

      Looks amazing, but I think the white elephant in the room, is what did your bosses want to talk to you about ?

    19. Emily Drewett

      It’s alive: Crawfish!!!! Go down to Lafayette, Baton Rouge, or New Orleans!!

    20. Kendall_Smith

      cream cheese oh jeez

    21. Arvid Olson

      I never realised gravlax was so hard to pronounce. Grav was okayish, but lax is more like lax in relax, but not quite

    22. Grone

      it's called Gravad Laks tho

    23. Joost Bruin

      Offlining 😏

    24. Ghost Grown Medicine

      The rough stem of a leaf is called it's petiole.

    25. feiven feiven

      Brad should try making Injera, it's a fermented east african flatbread!!

    26. Samuel Alldredge

      I live in oregon and almost pissed myself when Alaska just came blowin in😂😂

    27. Chris Hall

      To the man that edits in the sound effects, kudos.

    28. Eden Sampson

      Anyone catch the Kim possible reference???

    29. Waleed A

      1:12 the best moment

    30. Daniel Buys

      Well done Brad!

    31. Alex K

      Just playing 1:11 repeatedly because I can't stop laughing

    32. Tucker Karnes

      the editors went off in this one

    33. Bia Paes

      3:27 that sound gave me steve1989mreinfo vibes....... the good bois of the tubes, brad and steve

    34. seeriu ciihy

      When Rhoda’s job description says “Emotional Rock” - the people have been heard

    35. Terry O'Neill

      Easy tiger! Really crushed those blacks on the color grading.

    36. Marie Hogebrandt

      Don't get me wrong, it looks delicious, but he's overcomplicating that so much =) You don't need to drain it, you don't need to press it. Also, cured salmon that you fry up is delicious =)

    37. Anna012692

      Saw the Ozery bread at Sprouts yesterday and bought it! Eating it now for breakfast and gotta say, they’re tasty😋

    38. Aquesance Averun

      I had potato chips and onion dip yesterday tho XD It was yummy!

    39. Mauricio Giacomello

      Not sure who's best, Brad or the editor of his videos.

    40. Ari K.

      Chill with the Snapchat geofilters.

    41. Peterpansen

      this editing is very good

    42. aaoa666

      Whoever edited this deserves like... 10 raises.

    43. Forrest Addis

      Idk if brad or ba will see this but it’s “ it’s alive “ I think needs beer or wine or meed some kind of fermented alcohol I think it fits his show and would be cool Ik he’s done kombucha and other drinks but I don’t think he’s done that so....

    44. spoonfulofsmiles


    45. Camilla Buch

      Brad is the last person I thought would care about opening cream cheese the right way

    46. Georges Junior Daou

      Is Vinny still doing the editing? or someone using the same style. Also Brad you make all my anxieties go away, thank you

    47. Pauline

      Definitely finished the video feeling like "yeah man I wanna try that" before remembering I am allergic to fish

    48. Scott Flood

      great editing lmao

    49. Charming nowhere to hide

      Food: exists Andy: "Hey can I..."

    50. primeogre

      i want a divorce oh my gosh soooooo funny!!! brad andy love you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    51. Elvira Mendoza

      Brads videos make my day!!!!!

    52. Zio Oren

      Basically all fresh fish will have worms in its flesh. Cook it thoroughly.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Fish Possible: A Fin in Time

    53. Leslie Pyne

      I don't know what it is but that Fish Possible stinger absolutely killed me.

    54. P B

      i love a smoked salmon bagel but smoked salmon is so expensive i only have like 2 a year. this looks really easy but i'm also afraid i might somehow make myself sick

    55. Drew Ross

      best outro ever

    56. Humza Tariq

      This guy talks waaaayyyy too much. Un necessary

    57. Jolisa Brewster

      Brad is really a WHOLE WALKING SCATTER BRAIN...lolll.

    58. MrBr0tastic

      It’s Alive: Brad harvests cherries in Traverse City, Michigan

    59. carolina campos

      does anyone know if they restock their merch? and if they do, do they announce it?

    60. Lil Ghosst

      They shoulda played Tight Road by Lil Ghosst in the background