Being Attacked by a Fully Trained Bodyguard Dog

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    Dog's are incredibly intelligent creatures that can be trained to guard your life. We learn about this process and experience what it feels like to have a dog attack us up close and personal.
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    1. William Martin

      Wow I never realized how short Mark actually is

    2. NirTheBest GG

      You: enjoys video. Me: Enjoys soviet russia <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a>

    3. Lythist

      I love it when the trainer man was acting it out so wholesome 💕💕💕

    4. Mike Wagner

      Mark's Russian accent got better. And Lixian did a great job editing two Marks interacting with each other!

    5. Izuku Midoriya Xx

      I like how he asks both the females names and just skips Jocelyn.

    6. Jeffrey Yan

      I would want that suit for the zombie apocalypse.

    7. *〈*its j0z3y*〉*

      MY NAME IS JOCELYN:O im so freaked out and happy at the same time :/

    8. Lilly Bear

      Aaweeeee doggo 😂💞🥺🥰☺️🐶🐾

    9. Katiegirl

      Is nobody going to mention how much the Russian guy looked like mark?

    10. maddy

      the dog comes prancing in all happy and cute 3 seconds later... BARBARKBARK IMMA KILL YOU DONT TOUCH MY OWNER ASHAHSHDCJVFR

    11. Cortney G

      I've been bit by a dog before. That's why I don't like them. It wasn't even my fault! I didn't do anything wrong and it just bit me!

    12. CynicalBroadcast

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> -- lol wtf is this...I know what it's hunting micromemes hidden in the dark corners of reality. Baw, this video is so wholesome.

    13. Turk._.inator Yt


    14. Silicate02

      *He's such a good boy*

    15. jattred Jefferson

      No one. Make chasing people around with the mike Lol

    16. HawkTear

      So cool :O

    17. N1kc_ Exacts

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> frieza pops up 😂

    18. donutboi

      Someone please tell me what breed dog that is

    19. Lisa Malm

      Ethen looks like a big blue marshmallow 😂

    20. Julia Montero

      I love how they added Billie Eilish lol

    21. Ronnie Oregon

      my dogs look so derpy compared to this one:) but dey so cute

    22. madeleine forschler

      i know i’m a month late, but there are laws preventing people from petting service dogs which i completely understand!

    23. Matthias Cheung

      that guy wielded the chair like a sword wtf 🤣

    24. Antisocial Duck


    25. BlueBird 08

      Mark is only one being train with that microphone 😂

    26. Poltergeist13

      I was walking my dog once, she is a Maltese, and 4 Golden Retrievers came running up and they attacked my dog. They aimed for her throat but I picked Molly (my dog) up before they hurt her but then one dog jumped up and bit me instead.

    27. glowstickblood

      the only two dogs i've ever been truly afraid of irl were my sister's great dane who used to growl at men, and my friend's dad's chihuahua that chased me relentlessly when i accidentally made eye contact. that was scary

    28. Black

      Mark: I have the tightest shirt Russain man: Hold my beer

    29. alex_wolf 825

      When Ethan got in the suit Idk why but the first thing I thought of was "is this how it feels to be in a fir suit??"

    30. Auxillirus

      This video is so much more funny then it should be

    31. Auxillirus

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="466">7:46</a> Hey whats up *WHAT*

    32. Fatboi 2008

      dog:BARK BARK BARK Russian dude:DoOOoooOWWWwwWwWWwNnNnNnnNnNnNnnn

    33. Jessie Hoiland

      OH MY GOD when the dog was attacking the instructor and Ethan came over and just said "good job" while the dog was just ripping the dude to shreds LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOo

    34. enter

      Wait is mark gay???

    35. Hriddhi Kadhira

      That man mastered the power of role play. Now not even furries or cat people go against him.

    36. Roger Strikewell

      Id rather have a dog than a gun.

    37. Cederiscool

      Mark is extra thicc here

    38. Alex Frectar

      Why does max look like mark when he is looking side ways???

    39. Dallas area railfan

      why does that towner get so scared

    40. Vincnence Nguyen

      Mark: IS THAT THE BITE OF 87'!?!?!

    41. XcaliburD.O.G

      FINALLY!! Ethan is a THICC boi

    42. Aguila Mx

      ima take my chiuahuah

    43. Subject Delta

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="491">8:11</a> still image of the trainer saying ColdPlay

    44. Subject Delta

      Everyone should know this "FeTcH mE tHeRe SoUls!!!:

    45. I bless you with vines

      These dogs do be like Minecraft dogs doe

    46. Vlad Naka

      I just want you to know... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="649">10:49</a>

    47. d a r l i n g

      sucha good doggo c:

    48. fuzz_da_sdit

      Thank you for the disclaimer at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="502">8:22</a> 😩 I am a service dog handler and people CONSTANTLY distract her. Like my dog is tracking my heart rate and the way my lungs are working, and people are so disrespectful!

    49. • Fadinq _ Sky •

      I showed this to my dog who only knows how to sit. He started fucking barking at me and biting me

    50. MrMeme 123


    51. Klutzy Mutt

      As someone that has studied dog behavior from scientists and Veterinary behaviorists and been around 1000's of dogs ( theyvarecalso my most fav animal in the world)...there is one thing I can tell.... This dog LOOOOOOOOVES bite work. As here, they are trained by being taught it is a game...they really aren't being trained to kill...They are trained to go for the arm or leg to take down and hold...there is a reason cops call K9 officers "fur missles". The breed of dog is a Belgian Malinios and one thing I can tell you is THESE DOGS ARE EXTREME and CRAZY SMART. The only problem I have are the pinch collar, which is really not needed. 😖

    52. •Savory Sharkie•

      I *THINK* ik how he knows wut the dog says? Isn’t It by the amount of barks :T 2 barks = 2 4 barks=4 etc

    53. Smelly Toes

      Can they train my 15 pound Boston Terrier?

    54. Caitlin Joyce

      No one: Absolutely nobody: ME: DOGGO!!!!

    55. Ada Productions

      Russian man: *starts swinging plastic chair* Dog: STOP! THATS ILLEGAL!!!

    56. IDZ_Coolian

      What breed is that dog ❤️❤️

    57. Seungri is guilty

      that heavy russian accent brings flashbacks to my family 😂😂

    58. Horselover 600

      i want one

    59. XIXI

      Mark: *trys to put on suit* Mark: I to much of a big brain to get the helmet on!

    60. Panda Manda127

      i once got mauled by a dog.... i didn't die as you can see but she wasn't a good dog and wasn't trained well and it was my first time at my new friends house!

    61. Alex Odell

      nobody: russian dude: oH ShîT

    62. CearTrap

      Our neighbors pitbull tried to attack my brother but I caught it by its snout so that was cool.

    63. Quantum Destruction

      "Pet him" "now dog protects you"

    64. Quantum Destruction

      "Do you have alcagol?" "for FRIEZA" me:nani

    65. Brayden Mahon

      im here too hahahahahaha

    66. Benny

      Does anyone know where Ethan got his shirt? It's adorable as hell

    67. schyler carmine

      I must say this is amazing love the work they do definitely going to look at their site to ask for tips about how to become the trainer as ive always wanted to. Thanks to mark and ethan i have someone who knows what theyre doing.

    68. Nicholas Musgrave

      at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="536">8:56</a> I agree with markiplier

    69. the fandom is not impressed

      instructors: *"I no recommend move."* Mark and Ethan: *"i am rock"*

    70. sumair shaikh

      What did she mean by “ corrected”? The dog doesn’t get food? Or what?

    71. zeru belete

      why does the start of the video sound like a cult

    72. Trinity Salas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="711">11:51</a> a fnaf reference

    73. Lucia McMillan

      How will I get that doll we wrap the moon have a straight do you say you can teach him how to speak you teach him how to text because I know I know everything is dog food from Wasilla from Lucia

    74. Lucia McMillan

      The basketball player ⛹️‍♀️

    75. Harley Tek

      No one gonna talk about how tight the Russian guy shirt is?

    76. Shaggyblondguy

      Max looks like mark

    77. Charles Lee Ray

      what is the countdown at the start

    78. Isaac Swart

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> love the Russian squat he threw in there

    79. törppö's toxic waste

      Did anyone alse read the tiltle like this "fully attacked by trained dogs"

    80. Alice Callihan

      My Kelpie is like 1 year old this year, and god he is the complete opposite of obedient. Recall: 0% Listening: 0% Aggressiveness: 100% (towards humans and other dogs and CARS) Barks at: Whatever moves Protectiveness: 0% Let him off the lead in public?: NO! HE WILL RUN AWAY AND HE WILL NOT COME BACK.