AJR - I'm Ready [Acoustic]



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    I'm Ready EP available now!
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    Music video by AJR performing I'm Ready (Acoustic). (c) 2013 AJR Music


    1. AnotherStupidGirl

      wow! already 2020? they grew up so much!!

    2. Poliana Cardoso

      Eu estou apaixonada pelo Ryan, é isto.❤️🇧🇷

    3. Yupitsmebrody

      Yo young jack looks like grant gustin

    4. Crimson Waters

      I’m so happy for you guys, y’all have come so far from your first songs!

    5. Muffin

      Looking at the comments in 2019 is hilarious

      1. 109 Games

        The Muffins there is SOOOO much cringe fangirls and I love laughing at every on of them

    6. Elias Farah

      Tbh jack is the person who changed the most (looks wise)

    7. Benjamin Blair

      Baby face Back when he had no beard

    8. Lexi Strum

      Wow.... 7.1k likes And 95 dislikes Look at the gap guys.....

    9. Megan Stott

      holy shit Jack was such a baby

    10. Angie MontoyaCuri

      Just imagine being like what, 15 and going on TOUR. That’s crazy.

    11. Anistyme

      I'd wanna hear this at a luau

    12. diego Garcia Gomez


    13. Elliah McKiddy

      Im a huge fan of ajr why am i just discovering this 5 years later... They look and sound so different omg

    14. mister cloud

      2019 anyone?

      1. Leno Nava

        2019 brother

    15. *insert creative profile name*

      These guys need some fame, all you see these days (2019) is autotune and these guys bring new meaning to new music

    16. Emi Nelthorpe


    17. Kali Volkert

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> that note

    18. Zoep art

      *coughs in neotheater*

    19. Hailey Cassidy

      You guys need to make acoustic versions of all your songs because this is so good!!

    20. Edgar XD :v

      they're fetuses xd

    21. Skrill695

      holy shit. WE COULD HEAR ADAM SING!!!!

    22. mandu

      Adam's voice ❤️

    23. Callie Miller

      Adam’s (the dude on the right) mic keeps disappearing?? I’m assuming they recorded this twice, once with Adam’s mic, once without. Then stitched the videos together. But why would they record without giving Adam a mic? And why didn’t they just post the video with the mic, instead of putting the two videos together? sO mAnY qUeStiOnS

      1. 109 Games

        Probably recorded then performed twice

    24. Lizzie

      I'm in love with three(3) boys

    25. お茶サディ


    26. SatinRabbit

      Coming back to this video specifically is so jarring because they all just look so different

    27. Pocket Playz

      Ryan hasn’t changed that much

    28. Vapor

      Omg they are sooooo different now

    29. matchaquartz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="182">3:02</a> made me smile dksk Ryan you soft boy with your vocals

    30. Thomas _

      I clicked on the video and 100 bad days came up.... It was an ad Great self promotion guys! Stopping people watching the video they want to watch by making them watch one they didn’t want just to advertise what they want

    31. Julia Purrazzella

      Jack without a beard is plain scary

    32. Kobers

      jack without a beard, so strange

    33. Sarah Coulman

      For anyone who's new to AJR let me introduce you. AJR stands for Adam, The oldest brother which also has a beard. He is currently 25 years old. The J stands for Jack, the youngest brother. He is currently 22 years old. (I think, sorry if i'm wrong.) He is also the lead singer in AJR. The R stands for Ryan, the middle child. He's currently 24 years old. He also has glasses on so he's easy to remember. As you can see by what I said before. Brothers. Yes, AJR Are all brothers. Jack Met, Ryan Met, Adam Met. I just recently got my father into liking AJR. He admits his favorite song by them is Burn The House Down. I prefer Weak, but that's alright. Their new song just recently came out called, 100 Bad Days. It's a great song, and I think you should check it out. The band, AJR, are currently becoming more and more famous as their songs improve (As much as their talents.). Their songs are also playing on the radio so be on the lookout to listen to them more. I really enjoy this band;In my opinion it is my favorite. These three men are incredibly talented and I can't wait to see them improve even more in the future.

    34. Dollar Store Chapstick

      They were just babies

    35. Lindsey Is tired

      You have come so far... 🥰

    36. redskeletonart2

      This is four years old and I’m so mad bc I heard the original when it came out but I’ve only just recently recognized their name on the music scene

    37. Pressurizer E

      I like it

    38. Pressurizer E

      What is the instrument that Jack is using?

    39. Estefany Velasco

      2018 ❤

    40. Fruitcake Rambler

      You guys have been great from the start - wish I'd heard of you guys sooner...

    41. Georgia Canty

      Just when I thought this song couldn't get better😍

    42. andrea c.

      You guys are so incredible

    43. Guinavieve Legg


    44. Alan Conway

      With the ukulele it sounds Hawaiian XD

    45. bumble______bee

      Ryan’s kinda hot😀

    46. Jace Gigax

      Ahhh y’all have all grown so much omg I’ve been listening to y’all for well forever and I can’t wait to get to see you in concert on April 19 in Maryland :))

    47. Palizer Art


    48. DuckyTheSupreme

      Anybody know the chords of the ukulele

    49. a a

      Wait... SPONGE BOB .-.?!!!!? xd

    50. PEDORRO32 :/

      AJR u fabulous?

    51. Callie Jones

      Adams my favorite

    52. Francisco Flores

      im watching after the click. u guys wer so young!

    53. Brynna West

      They are AWESOME!

    54. Jared Weeks

      Almost 4 years later and still under 100 dislikes

    55. jeannie •

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> slayyy

    56. quetzalbirdfeathers

      absolutely have fallen in love with their music in the last two weeks...great stuff ..the future of music is in great hands with these guys

    57. melo W

    58. Alisha Santiago

      Are these guys mainstream famous or not because ive heard this song on the radio plenty of times

    59. Toasty FC

      79 weren't ready

    60. Toasty FC

      I like the original better

    61. Lolvlogs

      i missed the old them

    62. Taylor Skye

      this was pOSTED ON MY BIRTHDAY OMG

      1. Joshyboi

        10 more days after the upload it was my birthday

    63. John Cena lets go cena!

      I'm ready!!!!!!!!

    64. Genderous

      cringe? xD

      1. Taylor Skye

        LOL NO get out.

    65. Deda Klokan


    66. Fortunato Abangan Jr.

      I'm always ready!!!

    67. NintendoChase

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> dat spit doe

    68. blake nixon

      your guys voices sound so much better in this one. this is better than the official.

    69. StrafeParadox

      The im ready bit sounds like spongebob is saying it

      1. I Mustache You A Question | PC Gaming

        Because that is what it is.

    70. brz23

      66 people are not ready.

      1. ruthmatoes

        its been 4 years but im your 66th like

      2. Rayyy - Coffee Prince

        95 now - 2020

      3. Rayyy - Coffee Prince

        95 now

      4. Palizer Art

        breadz23 85.... 😢😢

      5. Diana Escobedo Luna

        breadz23 84 now 😢

    71. Baseball Craft

      Listen on 1.25 sounds way better

    72. Keo

      Kinda bugs me that the front microphone on the guitar disappears and reappears sporadically 😒

    73. Evovle Savage

      cant stop listining!!!!! GRAT WORK!!!!

    74. Red vs. Blue vs. Green

      I found these guys looking up the intro song for TBJZLplays

    75. annacabana13

      Why can't I buy the acoustic version is this a joke

      1. Sprinkle Squid

        @Jay The Xray "When the cops aren't around, anything's legal!"

      2. B2SPIRIT

        @Jay The Xray It's legal if you don't get caught ;)

      3. Jay The Xray


      4. B2SPIRIT

        youtube downloader?

      5. Vivi isCool

        You can screen record it by downloading a screen recorder or something

    76. Mari Elena

      I like the acoustic version but I also like the original. I love them!

    77. ASAC Schrader

      Lol Idiots, Let me know when you make an ACOUSTIC version, not a version you call acoustic when you use the drum pad. Can you seriously not think of anything creative to use instead of it or are you afraid people are gonna hate this song even more without the Spongebob voice?.

      1. London Morean [Loochino Mo] - Mo Bros. Studios

        +Loochino Mo *whole

      2. London Morean [Loochino Mo] - Mo Bros. Studios

        It really doesn't make a difference, all he used it for was a spongebob voice. It's not like he used it to do a while portion of the song.

    78. Syed Syakir

      u guys should watch the official video coz they got a creativity

    79. Sippy cup

      its cool

    80. Daniel Chaparro

      Really good, I really like this song and even more when it is played on the ukulele