AJR - AfterHours [Official Audio]



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    Music video by AJR performing AfterHours (Audio). (c) 2013 AJR Music


    1. Boss boy 967

      Bro that beat dropped harder than bangarang!

    2. Celtic2167

      Back when Jack was only 15. Jeez.

    3. Crimson Waters

      The beginning of the song surprised me, in a good way I mean

    4. FLARE 7712

      this is my favorite song... and i cant wait to see them on June 4th 2020!

    5. August

      “Look at me now... Welcome to the Neotheater”-AJR

    6. vichevy A

      I love the trumpet part in this song

    7. Johan Hill


    8. Curlygrahamcracker

      Can't wait to see you guys become big!

      1. Crimson Waters

        Curlygrahamcracker I think we can consider 2019 a achievement

    9. Kay B

      Love the song love them love Ryan you guys are amazing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    10. Austin Spaulding

      You guys rock!

    11. Lucia Villanueva

      LOVE IT ¡¡¡

    12. Ameenah R

      This song is amazing in every way possible ✔️✔️✔️ great job guys

    13. ShiTsukiKage

      I think I see the next big thing coming around the corner 0.0 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    14. Valerie Murray

      I have listened to all of your songs in one sitting and i am officially addicted!!!

    15. Eastlyn Bean

      Fucking addicted

    16. Naomi o Neill

      I dont know whether I like or dislike these guys music the confusion is endless I like the fun beats and all the indie ,old 50 and beats there like a nice mix of passion pit ,matt and kim and the lumineers but then I get a 1 direction feeling sometimes and im all like meeeehhhhhh but bleekers is my favourite so far

    17. MsLaughOutLoud11

      Epic song guys. In every over exaggerated sense of the word!

    18. Mireya JoCa

      I love it..!! amazing guys!!

    19. alyssahermosa

      I got my whole family to listen to the album and they like it!! Yay!!

    20. alyssahermosa

      That is what I call a accomplishment

    21. alyssahermosa

      I got my whole family to like the album

    22. alyssahermosa

      I already bought the album they're great

    23. T

      it got so cold when the beat dropped i turned into an ice sculpture.

    24. Camila Pincay

    25. meghan.artstudio

      my fav

    26. CaughtOnTape

      I'm honestly loving theses lads

    27. Laetitia Marzella

      This one is my favourite :)

    28. Martina pintore

      AFTER HOURS - perfect ♥ ♥

    29. Kaitlyn Curtis

      These guys sound way better than every other song on the garbage radio! We need to get them broadcasted

    30. Luke Harvey

      love all of these

    31. Luta Young

      Ahhhhhh sooo goooood!!

    32. Angelica Lazo

      South america hereee guys! awesome

    33. Azul Alejandra Mrlz

      wow. America Latina Love's you(? aslkdjsad ctm, ya me re jui.

      1. Lucia Villanueva

        hahahaha viva america latina :3 hahahahahhahaha

      2. Paulina Ochoa

        Lol♥ poder latino! ññññññññññÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑññññññññ a frijoles (? xD

    34. Milena Aguayo

      Me encantan! America is here

    35. Alannah Loreta

      This song is amazing:o I love you guys!

    36. sophie f

      You guys are like my favorite band and I just love you guys so much,,!