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    Today, we're fancifying the Boston Kreme donut from Dunkin' Donuts! FANCY FAST FOOD! FY #010
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    1. MotorMatt

      PLEASE get Jordan on one of these. He’s soooooo funny.

    2. Steffen Grey

      "What is a duck but a fancy chicken that went to grad school" -Josh, 2020

    3. B C

      That donut filling part alone could make one of those episodes with no video and sound absolutely filthy lmao

    4. Mohamed

      Nicole is so funny

    5. Heidi Carbaugh

      What is a duck but a fancy chicken that went to grad school... 🎓🐓🦆 😂

    6. tgijfriday

      I love you Joshie, but rye is not bourbon, two different types of whiskey.

    7. xCeltics

      those look so good

    8. D. Mat.Zero6

      have you ever seen the Boston Kreme donuts from the movie Sorority Boys...

    9. Brandon Irish

      Nicole... i'm... i'm a thick boy...

    10. Brian Riven

      "We have no machines" proceeds to use multiple machines. Also yall should have done Krispie Kreme. Dunkin is F tier donuts

    11. Roberta Williams-Beverly

      .....p.s. I guess I was wrong.😵

    12. Roberta Williams-Beverly

      I'm assuming that no one else is going to eat those donuts but Josh...because it's alot of unsanitary things being done in that kitchen..like for real..Josh please reevaluate your sanitary priorities practices😂

    13. Lovely & Untitled

      The sexual tension is felt

    14. Papa Stalin

      Dont go jared on us josh

    15. Neil Manuel

      'a fancy donut eaten in the most unfancy way' josh is a savage for sure

    16. Matt Leonard

      "9 in Italian? Нет"

    17. Brittany Waterman

      If Nicole was black, that "Nicole's my machine" comment would've gone sooo left loolll

    18. Erica R.

      I love this duo 🤘

    19. Connor Rigney

      this is genuine entertainment.

    20. IhtsMi’ckey Bihhh

      Am I the only one who noticed the sexual tension?! 😳

    21. Joey Bowlin

      Their liquor cabinet must be amazing with all the leftover bottles

    22. Kristy Munro

      We need mythical kitchen jackets that hold chef powers.

    23. Hayley Fisher

      Josh is weird? I thought most guys are like that hahah 🤷‍♀️😂

    24. Berdan S. Simsek

      Whats up with joshs shirt turning blue because of ice

    25. Elyel Barberic

      the kind of therapy I need. someone threatening to fight me while we tongue out creme donuts together in the dunking donuts parking lot and they immediately turn around and compliment me

    26. toomuchtime

      Josh is so hot

    27. Sammy Pigeot

      Trained in France.... cookin' since 88'.... Dude and dudette.... You rock the Culinary World! 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    28. Aaron Screwface

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> No, it's for sure weed butter hahahhah

    29. HRL Nikita

      Starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="532">8:52</a>

    30. Taps fan

      Nicole, you're going to be an absolutely perfect mother!!! If you can deal with Josh no baby will ever get the best of you!! (Love you dearly Josh ❤️😘) ♥️🇺🇸♥️

    31. Paul Thieu

      Are they a couple ?

    32. Sad Simba

      Josh: "Fudge Fister--that was my nickname in high school." Ad starts: "For people living with HIV..." That's the most unfortunate coincidence since I went to the gorge for a surprise and my dad got killed by wildebeests.

    33. Bossitrondabeast

      When they have a wall of knives behind them but insist on pulling the doughnuts apart

    34. Sydney Herring

      Wow the chaotic energy from this video is enough to fuel a medium sized, midwestern city.

    35. MrBored1985

      Haha I love these two working together

    36. Fernanda Pomares

      Plot twist: Josh's child and Nicole's child is the same person.

    37. C. J.

      I’ve been to Donut Friend! They have really cool art on the walls

    38. TJ _

      Josh is sexy

    39. Brendan Richardson

      they said they have no machines but the chocolate thing is a machine 🤦🏻‍♂️

    40. J Bonunz

      Is Mythical Chef a 2021 cooking UZsel reality show? Because I kinda feel like it should be.

    41. Joseph Kaye

      Never leave Mythical crew Josh. Please

    42. Sierra Jane

      I ship Josh and Nicole sooo hard! Y'all would make gorgeous babies! 😍😍

    43. Cole Kessinger

      As someone who has drank JP-8 (jet fuel) I can assure you that, that bourbon doesn't taste like jet fuel.

    44. Micah Philson

      I love how if you just remove the top two or three ingredients, which are often superfluous, or just downgrade from Wagyu to normal steak, you can make all of these at home for usually great prices!

    45. MissusKae

      Lol I always say “Good morning Star-shine the Earth says hello” 😂😂

    46. Stonks .exe,

      They really need to consider having a relationship with each other

    47. Saurabh Suresh - 92

      Play from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1212">20:12</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1248">20:48</a> with your eyes closed. You are welcome.

    48. Kyle Kelsey

      These jokes about not washing your hands are hitting different right now.

      1. theaberrantdon

        I'm really big into clean food handling, anyway. That whole thing ruined the video for me.

    49. internetonsetadd

      This is the best new channel on UZsel.

    50. Kev Finny

      No machines..... then uses a big ass mixer

    51. Fink E

      Make more of these 🔫🗿

    52. Graeme Gunn

      Well this makes me want donuts. Edit: I'll probably not be going out to get any though... I keep forgetting about this virus thing...

    53. Carolyn Asselin

      I love how she balances out the insanity.

    54. ComicA1

      Lava cakes from dominoes. Idk why but they are insanely good. Even better with a strawberry topping

    55. Beth Hawley

      You should have the try guys cook with you. Especially Eugene he loves cooking with booze as much as you do!

    56. porridge4512

      I love these twos energy

    57. Cecelia Kra

      I love Nicole's and Josh's chemistry, their *food* chemistry. Budumptsss.

    58. Shadowolf

      If you do Dunkin again. The Big N Toasted

    59. Jesse Dorr

      Fancy Arby's Meat Mountain

    60. Anti

      *" We have no machines back there , our bakers are our machines "* (*seconds later* ) *Machines being shown*

    61. markiplierSINGSbadly

      It's definitely impossible for ethyl alcohol to smell like isopropyl...

    62. scouser505

      Josh: were both Jewish No one: Me: marry me!

    63. Vincent Moore

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a> when Nicole “Jim’s” the camera.

    64. xtinneee

      I love the chaotic energy of this episode 😂😂

    65. Dove Hart

      I love their dynamic, like I'd love to see them host GMM over the holidays or smthn... they're super great together comedy wise

    66. Luke Lawson Plays

      I love this... Literally love this. Thank you.

    67. Salty Cheesy

      Josh is hilarious.

    68. Sky Irwin


    69. Crowley jackson

      So much sexual tension 😂😂

    70. Suleyman Arma

      Wtf is Balthamos hahashd

    71. LukeTheDamnBrit

      They totally bone.

    72. Jobeth McIntosh

      Is josh an Aries!?😂

    73. Cynthia Hurry

      "That's for later"...as he pats his crotch! Lol

    74. Carl Barker

      YES CHEF! I am still laughing...okay lets get serious😶 or not 😁 Great job and great chemistry in doing this show! I don't think I can look at donuts the way I did before your show. Not only will I think about did Josh washed his hands but also where are my gold karat flakes 😅 Nicole was so amazing and funny which I have to make her the winner of the show in category " everything"! Josh my fudge scooper, love you man just wash your hands - peace bro😎

    75. Brad Miller

      Wow, my very first time coming across this channel and I'm immediately greeted by a sexy dude who says that his nickname in highschool was "fudge fister." Ok, I'm hooked.

    76. chey cat

      I love that you guys are together in this adventure lmfaoo

    77. Mike W

      Why did he use 11$ bourbon?

    78. Ozz C-b

      The way she ate that chip.. I just realized.. I’m inlove with Nicole

    79. Piper Rei

      "I don't believe cake donuts are real donuts" PREACH IT JOSH

    80. Nagato12

      this is a fun vid and i love what josh and nicole are doing, but i sincerely hope that anyone just starting to bake is not trying to learn just by watching them X’DD