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  1. Mr Jerusalem

    The families of the coronavirus victims that perished, should sue the hell out of Sean Hannity fox and gang criminals for downplaying this pandemic.

  2. L.S. Palmer

    Why were the cops not social distancing

  3. Kaine H

    Trump is just a goof. That's why he will go oof.

  4. Gigih Rahmatika

    I’m trying to picture Trevor’s closet, full of mono-colored jumpers to film each day. 😂

  5. Yrammanhtar

    Please don’t take Jesus’ name lightly and make fun. I would appreciate it!

  6. Nwabisa Pamela Bodlo

    Hugging Beyonce? Trevor is definitely having the time of his life in America 😂

  7. Kathryn Price

    Weird how everyone wants to save the children when children have parents. Shouldn't you save the parents, so they can take care of their children. If you have a computer and the internet you can find tons of stories for kids. How does this help kids if they don't have broadband and internet.

  8. Iscah Flyer

    Great segment but I want those scissors Trevor's using.

  9. Covid 19

    3:46 chapayfo. Chapayfo. Japan 4. Japan 4.

  10. Blast Gaming

    Just want to say What about Santa?

  11. 25 / 7 JS

    I trust bill gates because this guy is the CEO of windows and has been fighting viruses since two decades.

  12. John Johnson

    Fuck Trump!!!

  13. kirscherine23

    I would want her to rule the world...

  14. lynn wong

    I don’t condone it, but this is the time y’ll need a lil communism

  15. chunjou

    omg Noah seriously could you please kindly teach American people how to wear a mask, the virus is micro, if just cover half of nose or mouth that would just be useless. I mean it has to be FULLY COVERED! And please ask those American rich entrepreneurs to start producing medical masks and give to everyone. American has been ignoring how important to wear masks and to wash hands, and that's one of the main reasons that things get so bad now:(

  16. M LH-W

    Thank you so much Daily Show (Trevor Noah) for giving this 70 year old African American woman yet another 10 reasons for President Obamas time in office being some of the proudest 8 years of my life. I thank Almighty God that along with Presidents Kennedy, Carter and Clinton ( being equally great) when compared one on one with other Presidents he is and will always be the best PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA my President Mr Obama!

  17. Myers

    That orange bastard!

  18. Geralt of Rivia Sr.

    Most beautiful woman in the 🌎

  19. Cape Lasto

    I think Trevor should give his fans a chance to communicate with him and say whatever they wanna say regarding the topics he is talking about on the daily basis. Skype calls would be great, just two or three calls a day, that will be very interesting I think

  20. Cole Tanner

    Dems would rather everyone die than Trump be right. Radical leftist enemies of the people!

  21. Hone Whetstone

    Not to brag but NZ today reported only 32 confirmed cases today. That is a steady decline trajectory.

  22. Arshid Bashir

    Thought there is just only one Trump. Turns out America is shitlload of Trumps and everyone of them being a potential Presidential candidate .


    I would like to know from the people who disliked the vid. What am I missing or what's wrong with the vid

  24. J Scott Scott

    Beware the wolf at your foreclosed door, but it is the FOX on your tv that can kill you.

  25. Nolynox

    First I read it as "Gamer". and I thought is that one of those youtube influencer celebs, but then I was like: "oh hold on, I know that one."

  26. Leanie Wessels

    Uh trevor you forgot Taiwan?

  27. Monae Moments

    What makes you so special that Jesus is protecting you only?!

  28. jerry i

    before trump, its a trick question.

  29. Rush much

    I do not understand these church people that insist on going to the "building" to pray. What is so different about praying at home. Praying can happen anywhere. It is the condition of your heart. Honestly, I don't know if they are reading the same bible I am. It says govern the laws of the land. That means follow what the leaders are saying about safety. Your exposure can harm someone else. Those people that are like I'm covered under the blood... yes but it also says don't tempt him. Your intentionally walking into the flame .."covid-19" and saying God will protect me. So what happens when you get sick... blame God because of your selfishness and stupidity. Health workers or essential workers are risking their lives everyday to fight this illness.

  30. B President

    Trinidad only have 8 deaths and 108 tested positive no new cases since last week sunday

  31. Anne Moeller covid19 treatment.

  32. يعقوب عمر

    *The only person with the experience during this crisis is bill Gates.... he's been fighting Viruses since windows 95!*

  33. William Whalen

    Jennifer had this conversation with my microwave and toaster over coffee.I didnt ask the washer he always puts a spin on things. Definitely not the frig she's been cold and friged lately, but my iron reminded that as pressing as things seems they will work out. Stay safe have a good day 😄🐸

  34. Flik

    Someone needs to explain this US school-food situation to me. From the sounds of it, the schools provide free lunch for the kids? But they have to pay for that lunch right? So that money has to come either from tuition or from government (taxes), so shouldnt that money then go directly to the parents? Either by not having to pay school, or because the govt can send the tax money for the kids' food directly to parents rather than to schools? I must be missing something, right?

  35. walid1974

    Now they can all go sacrifice themselves on the alter of dignity to even the score

  36. Peace Freedom

    Does Trump have a personal relationship with the pharmaceutical company that makes this drug he’s pushing? This has gotten extremely suspicious at this point. It’s like he’s doing a commercial for the drug.

  37. Debbie M

    Stop exploiting me and my family.

  38. mohanzal mar

    Recipe for disaster, what can you expect from people who elected trump as their president, they can't stand second only to china even for covid19. They strive to be the no. 1, so got it now people so stop being stupid and stay at home

  39. Luna Chan

    Man i thought it was App Ad before the real youtube video OMG what world we are living in 🙃

  40. gunnar koksnase


  41. Ellen Arnold

    Stay safe, stay well,God bless and much love pp🇺🇸🧜🏼‍♀️💚💋

  42. Joe K

    Love Bill Gates. What an awesome guy.. Trevor showing he's not been for a haircut.. Nice !! Can't believe the days we're living in..

  43. Seed5050

    You can blame trump as long as you wish,but it was ny governor and pelosi who told the people some weeks ago,to visit chinatown and their festivities..

  44. Barbara Guerrero

    Times like this, is so amazing how people come together. I pray, when society comes to life, the people will continue to be positive. I love the natural look. Love YOU society, all true togetherness.

  45. aleli magpayo

    This Jesus shit in America is just American thing in philippines we are not holding any religious gathering all of it. In Korea a religion hold a gathering of a 1000 people a week later all of them are positive.

  46. Amardeep rai

    Hey Trev how do I dm you if i've something to share with you.

  47. Gg Brata

    Can you please talk about the scientist who was saying ... "we want to try a experiment vaccine in Africa". Because that was resist. And destroy the content. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  48. Hemanth K.L

    How stupid!! May be this is the reason why US is currently leading with the most number of cases and deaths too rising steep 😌.

  49. Reen Banda

    and Trump is right about the medicine. lol he can't go up there without the opinion of a doc.

  50. Raimundo Pereira

    I am so surprised. That you have to pay for kids books//? Your president is always telling the World that the USA IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD......IT LOOKS LIKE A THIRD WORLD SYSTEM IN YOUR KIDS EDUCATION......THATS A SHAME

  51. Alton Hussey

    You see how worried Trevor Noah looked throughout the whole interview 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Those police officers were in a LARGE gathering & weren't wearing MASKS either .........js

  53. arkan7rb

    trevor this is best mask you can diy, its even better than m3 n95 it covers the head also and no sewing needed hope u like it^_^

  54. zaeem khan

    looks like Gal Gadot can stop imagining now...

  55. Lin James

    Did anyone know Tevor was smiling when he was talking with Jennifer😊

  56. Somedude626

    Trevor needs a haircut

  57. Marc Moulin-Roussel

    what about the fact hat US is stealing masks from their allies at the airport ? make america great again...shame

  58. Zohra Zeba

    It was as if Hasan had his own stand up set with Trevor interrupting here and there 😂😂😂

  59. Max Marxs

    Trevor, I have a serious question: HOW MANY VARIATIONS OF THAT SAME SWEATER DO YOU HAVE, BRO??

  60. Eva Braun

    99.9% there’s people are Trump supporters!

  61. Avi

    Two overprivileged individuals talk about a catastrophe in the comforts of their mansions and do absolutely NOTHING.


    Jesus is alive


    Hey Trevor, you can make your point without mocking people's faith man. Respect the faith even though you don't agree. You don't speak for Jesus and your comparison borders on disrespect. Make the point, christians are supposed to obey the directives. That's in the scriptures. Love your show but keave Jesus out of it. Blessings to you man.

  64. Jeff

    Although I love the show, it is still very biased towards China. Talking about successfully contain the virus, don't you bother to mention China? Almost zero new domestic cases in the country. That's a fact, not based on where you stand. It's truth, facts, and science.

  65. eric chupp

    So Bill is the virus part of 5 g radiation, um you know a lot about it

  66. dragontat08

    Listening to impotus is like listening to someone who butt chugged his adderall

  67. Muslim first

    Nobel peace prize is fraudulent not awarded on merit base the malal is bastard child of polish race visited backward Pakistan's division as per intelligence reports of ISI

  68. Gregory Watson Amerucan Citizen

    All I know, weeks and weeks went by before Trump even acknowledged there was a problem. Now he's ga-ga over a drug treatment without drug trials because we don't have time . How many times can you use "idiot" in a sentence ? 22 times

  69. Anney Mathew

    Trevor Noah can laugh at people's faith. How prideful to mock God. Praying that he sees the true light. Not supporting the lady who went to church though!!!!

  70. Helen Wong

    Just donated!!! Thanks Trevor.

  71. MaryRose TV

    She’s awesome!!!

  72. Oh Am I In A Hellcat?

    Cause it makes him look strong... he loves looking weak as hell

  73. Keke Laught

    The media Nd Trevor is all apart of the agenda it’s all b.s

  74. Reen Banda

    cant compare Jesus Death to a death caused of a virus....that death was inevitable.

  75. Simon Cooper

    Let's hope Corona takes him out! More irony!

  76. Sunset Rider

    Jennifer Garner is the sweetest. I donated!

  77. Basmin Nadra

    "...he Died! yeah he came back again but that was a 1 time thing." 😉

  78. Amy 94

    OMG I almost died at the Klan part 😂😂😂

  79. TYR FREE

    " this is gonna be the saddest week" WHAT IN THE FUCK DOES THE GOVERNMENT KNOW THAT WE DO NOT??" that what yall need to ask yourself. How the hell can yall predict how fucked up the week gonna be? " sadder than 9/11 and "our pearl harbor" Fuckin ridiculous...just tell Americans what you know..but they'd rather scare the shit outah yall.

  80. Chun Lin Lee

    Ben Affleck you idiot 😑