My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

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  1. Zach Wolever

    liking not only for the amazing car but also for jessi!!!

  2. Trademark. x

    Can I please have the Honda

  3. XIIISandManIIIX

    How about that part 2 of the Supra build.

  4. Alex Valdovinos

    Honestly , I would love the Honda so bad , if I had 10k with me i would buy that Honda in mere seconds

  5. PrIsMaTiSm X

    EvER HeaRd Of LetTINg oFF The ThrOttLE WhEn YOu SLIp??

  6. Nicostrophy

    would have been faster if the sc400 had the original engine in it . can get a used running one for 900 bucks with transmission nice job wasting 8 grand on a single overhead cam shitter with a fancy nitro setup that does nothing but blow the motor

  7. Experience With Me

    Still sounds like a old taxi cab at idle tho lol

  8. Gary Skadan

    Turn it into the 60s batmobile

  9. Mark Smith

    Seakane head unit clip was toooooo funny!!!!! LMFAO 😂😂😂

  10. Krystoff Hjartnes

    Please watch chronicle Honda

  11. PrIsMaTiSm X

    It's not seriously pronounced "mercielgo" is it?

  12. yves stvil

    I knew that track looked familiar 😂

  13. Nati0us

    This was bad, and you should feel bad.

  14. ™ᙠ uɐqnƆ ˙˙˙ssǝ⅄

    The original owner turned 25 eventually and was like, "yeah, this looks really fkng stupid".

  15. Mark Copland

    Is it my imagination that the Bentley hasn't moved in a while.

  16. Ivan Omarra

    4x4 will help you

  17. Ivan Omarra

    Put Subaru drivetrain in it.

  18. Ivan A

    40psi in slicks

  19. Beesty Boiz

    I was expecting a massive turbo but I’m glad it’s got more than that

  20. Klayton White

    Where's the rest of this build?!

  21. Megaton

    this is by the far the best video you have made IMO. The start up and history is there. thanks for an awesome video and you got my SUB!!

  22. Chub rokk Ortiz

    Must be nice to spend what my house worth on a car lol

  23. Michael Cervantes

    Nice metallic floor

  24. Michael Young

    It is so hard to watch you drive that haha. Love the Honda though!

  25. Assaiante 401

    Brooooo this van was from my hometown lol it was my friend’s moms

  26. kung siong

    is there any site i can find specs for different cars spark plug gap?

  27. Alex Warren

    Should paint it yellow

  28. Qidong John Liang

    It is very pleasing to see you guys did an amazing job on almost rebuilding the car. Just want to say, Drive Safe, bro !

  29. zombiechucker

    You should have kept the silver in the steering wheel and two tone silver and black the seats. I had a 99 c43 AMG with that combo and it looked sick.

  30. youg pup

    Jack tray's work fine have had over 11 years

  31. Kitra Terrell

    This guy is 1 fugly lookin dude

  32. Kelford Jean

    Wow a mini cooper engine fits in a Bentley wow I never knew as I go buy a Bentley shell

  33. Scott Green

    I hate to be preachy but I feel there is a person more in need of this car than a guy who just bought a Ferrari.

  34. elr2141979

    Made it look so easy on removing the engine you should do the engine out service intervals on these cars for a side job

  35. Mike Marin

    Sorry man but i never seen a guy that have so many fast cars shift that slow lol but it was a real good one and hope you’ll be back with it on the drag strip👍🏻🔥

  36. Arthur farra

    Spagetti faretti over here pretty much over here saying you a thief

  37. Carlyn Prato

    I remember this van, from the original episode. I officially feel old.

  38. Keing_deny

    Jared is the best I swear

  39. Lonnie Batties

    Make a Kit replica or bat mobile.

  40. djBroRay

    19 psi of tire pressure... an AEM or Hondata computer.... or haltech..... you can do boost by gear... and have low boost during launch using the abs sensors..

  41. Kaprise Edwards

    I thought that was a Mitsubishi 3000 gt

    1. Kaprise Edwards

      Nvm I'm an idiot

  42. TheClique86

    Oh my.....

  43. Issa 6

    I can’t believe I meet him today!! I went to go pick up a car up with my teacher and we got the car up and my friend tells me “ain’t that tavarish” and I look up and I’m like” Naww no way” so we get in the truck and I’m like let me look up on UZsel and see clear and it’s him and we took pictures and it’s was a crazy day. He has some cool cars. Can’t say where he at but it’s a nice cool place.

  44. Tommy West

    When are you gonna do part 2or3

  45. The Juice

    Bro it looks like you were driving over speed bumps the whole time

  46. The Juice

    Dude you are so annoying

  47. UncleanerBullet

    Your front wheels were way too full, half of that pressure would have done the trick to get some grip. low tire pressure gives grip on the start and centrifugal force on the move.

  48. Chuck Jones

    Why is my car at like you don’t wanna celery

  49. Hunter Griffin

    I’m sorry tavarish but your shifting sucks

    1. Hunter Griffin

      It’s not the cars fault that it’s hard to control , if you wouldn’t let it rev out for five seconds before you shift it wouldn’t be bad

  50. Lina Aldrin

    Drag car

  51. Zombiebro09

    I would actually buy that car

  52. Jafer Soriano Camargo

    Where is the next Episode 😱?!

  53. maoristereo


  54. Jthesquid625 YT

    That seat does not look comfortable

  55. melonAJ bm

    i dont see the point in playing dumb knowing the car wont start without gas i mean u can clearly hear it prolly wont start

  56. That grey area

    What you need is boost control by gear.

  57. Peter September

    i have different clothes on like he knows we check these things 😂🤣

  58. thyringmaster

    No traction hmm you need to get a better burn out also what psi are the tires at? Also the civic might be able to use a little tuning

  59. Marvin Berry

    Drops off toys for kids, then drops off an overhauled car to a man who has 15+ cars and a whole channel dedicated to owning multiple cars 🤔 episode 3 has really ruined the build up of previous episodes. It’s a thumbs down from me

  60. Peter September

    "O wow,wow that's a receipt, that's a receipt"😂🤣🤣even the sales man got shocked of the list. Also they shopped all day😂🤣till night

  61. Dennis Bunik

    WCC former tire and wheel guy admitted that the place is just a bondo factory


    That show gave nice cars to ungrateful people.

  63. Steven clemmer

    def keep the rot if anything for the sound

  64. 00GP00

    lol herness

  65. Skribu Alex

    I love how you put so much content in one video not like other youtubers that do the same thing like you but they only chnage one button or a headlight in a 20 min video

  66. Adam Tidswell

    Amazing power from such a small engine on stock internals !! ...... I was wondering what time lapse music was ?

  67. isaac

    The Mitsubishi looks like a s14 from the back the body looks like a rx-7 and the front looks like a supra its fucking sexy dope ass car

  68. لیلا قربانی

    حیف پول که به این کیری میدین

  69. Stan Dub

    That’s the lambo from fast and furious

  70. Autst

    Anyone know the song what's playing on the background at like 3:36?

  71. Darren Mak

    Just stop making videos idiot

  72. Darren Mak

    U talk to much stfu

  73. Alberto Michelatti

    I can't find the name if the song that roghly starts at 23:15... Please help me. Thank you in advance.

  74. Carlos Danger

    Fwd might be a problem for 9’s

  75. Carlos Danger


  76. MrDjBigZ

    im almost sure i did watch the Pimp My Ride, it was in

  77. Aaron Loggan

    Cleetus is showing up everywhere all of a sudden

  78. Nomad Unbroken Live

    Please tell me you weren't crossing your eyes when you were putting the engine in the Bentley! Glad you made him a partner in the channel, you're a good team.

  79. jayden kennedy

    Just want you to finish the supra :(((

  80. millionaires441

    That's because you figure it's a lamborghini and nothing can beat it.i know the lamborghini comes with all the technical data how it runs new .but you have to factor in current condition does it need tuning,is there carbon build up slowing performance,and trust me if your lamborghini has been driven at least 100 miles it has carbon build up that shit ruins motors .

  81. JB

    Rodd Zilla - Z.I.L.L.A (The Movie) 🎥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  82. Corey Gilles

    Now Cleetus can give the Boosted Boiz a taste of their own medicine.


    Hell ya brother!!

  84. David Phillips

    dude you have no clue how to drive.

  85. Rob Pretzer

    It's called VTEC hit 7200 RPM turn to the right to combat torque steer and hold on!

  86. griffinthemad

    The supra turbo has a piece missing :(

  87. Crowley Azif

    He is such a good mechanic, the older guy. Real quality work.

  88. Nomad Unbroken Live

    With those welds I would want that company to back me anyway

  89. Boris Stojanović

    Oil change is 320$ wtf?In Serbia is about 100 euros atmost.You are robbed there kiddo

  90. Shylo

    Is that the hotline miami soundtrack in the timelapse?

  91. Thea J

    I just started cracking up when I realized I’ve been to that advance so many times 😂

  92. Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley

    I like how you're working on a Lambo and you have a hammer underneath the hood LOL

  93. Angel Guzman

    Civic needs lower pressure in tires and driver mod. And stronger axels. That lexus well yeah its slow and ugly. 🤣🤣🤣 Civic FTW

  94. Craig Lopresto

    "So what do you want the tire pressure at?" Tavarish: "YES!"

  95. Sephiroth

    Ever heard of a "soup kitchen"? yea...

  96. Isaiah Stewart

    All the inconsistencies are from the person mixing years.

  97. NOT PoPo

    Hey Tavarish by any chance are you going to continue building the Supra?

  98. Jesse Hall

    What a bodge job! Nothing that can't be sorted though with a little time and patience.

  99. Luke Whitmaker


  100. Mathew Delport

    8 forward gears, neutral and reverse