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  1. Marco Di Pinto

    So relevant...

  2. 9melissal

    I've never heard Moroccans are supposed to be hot as a sterotype like Brazilians and stuff.

  3. Tyler Phillips

    Mark's venmo is on his socials if you want to support him for his new special that CC passed on

  4. nakjedi25

    We need more of her

  5. Evellyn Lichnov

    I’ve been watching a lot of comedy skits and I keep coming back to this guy, he’s freaking awesome.

  6. Kris Mitchell

    There are no breaks in her speech. It's all the same tone.

  7. DJ M30W M1X

    He obviously has had a terribly hard time dealing with his mma career coming to an end. I honestly feel sorry for him.

  8. odibex

    God made Amy Schumer for people who wonder what their lunch ladies looked like when they were younger

  9. Dominique Parnell

    Her eyes are glamorous, and she is funny. How could he break up with her.

  10. Claudia Solomon

    He's that comic who coined the phrase "resting rich face"

  11. matthew zimmers

    Anyone hate how it says “Amy Schumer presents...” as if her name should ever be in front of his 😂

  12. Mori Vice

    He funny and fine let me find his twitter so I can plan our yoruba wedding

  13. Picture Perfect

    Super funny. This is my favorite.

  14. Kalief Foster

    This comedy routine lost me found me lost me ..... a lotta highs and lows

  15. Anglozion 76

    Very good

  16. matthew zimmers

    2:10 to cut the fat out. (Amy Schumer)

  17. CherBear


  18. Aden

    I've watched this special like 5 times. Can't believe this is free.

  19. Justin Case

    Thank you from Norway 🇳🇴

  20. jimmy tran

    Everyone if you like this guy check out mark normand

  21. Andreas Hykade

    Ok, so bitch doesn't swallow.... Still trying to find the joke there...

  22. Agent Pool

    Amy Schumer isn't good enough to have her name presenting anybody plus she's a thief

  23. D. Bullett

    At 2:34 the way she delivers: "When a black person sees a white person doing something well, first of all, were caught off guard" DED🤣 had to rewind and die again🤣

  24. Brady Evan Kinsella

    I bet the casino made way more money than Patton did.

  25. Stephanie Marie

    Funnier then joe rogan lol

  26. Paul Koester

    Ahh thee old uppercut Callen😂😂😂

  27. kidwave1

    Woah, slow downon the food Amy, go for a jog!

  28. Stephen R.

    I see a tinny bit of ck here

  29. Stephen R.

    Hes right bout the evacuation though.. where did they go? Well most of em are parents so that they get a false sense of security within their new tribe. Since that's totally not a good reason to have kids, if it exists a good reason really, families today are the worst.

  30. Milena Arias

    The corset made me leave this video. It’s bizarre

  31. Christina Hill

    I came to the conclusion that as a woman that women’s problems are due from guys...menastration,menopause,mental health..🍻🍻🍻😎

  32. Stephen R.

    Im 39 n look completely different ... Age is inside

  33. Angelina Guzman

    8:05 y’all see that, ugh a master. Bravo! bob deserves the best.

  34. Manuel Aguirre


  35. yash bhatt


  36. mrplcole

    Cleveland real

  37. Peterson Normil

    9:30 me af

  38. Ryan can't play guitar

    George Orwell's animal farm was heavily critiqued for it's cover, which gave away not clues about what the book was about. This lead to many parents buying the book to read to their kids, later to find out what the book was about. There you have it, a book being judged by it's cover.

  39. Mel Bees


  40. Elizabeth Culver Edwards

    "Go on, Hanktina, scooOOOt. ScooOOoot." 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Demarral Robinson

    She so cute

  42. James W.

    Beginning was pretty close to a sam morril bit..

  43. Henning Kallweit

    Awful imitation of a juvenile accident but I'm almost sure the wokies, feminists and druggies adore her.

  44. Ivy

    "I'm eating a plate of French fries..... they taste like rock and roll" 😂😂😂

  45. Goldie Fatale

    Mine is yoga pants and a tank top.

  46. Miss. K_i_Z_a

    this is his instagram for anyone wondering: swankyopey

  47. Connie Antoinette

    It's fun to see a fellow Vietnamese performing. I enjoyed her voice and delivery. The only thing that didn't feel authentic was her random singing (white teacher bit) and movements. It looks like she may also be a fan of Illana from Broad City.

  48. FlipTop HipHop

    Idk whether to like this for Mark or dislike it for Mark.

  49. FlipTop HipHop

    Oh SHE'S good enough for CC but HE isnt?? Whoa.

  50. P V

    i wana listen to maroon 4 HAHAHAHHA EPIC

  51. Yago Oliveira

    I just read here about Comedy Central bullshitting Mark... I'm not watching this here... Only if Mark post it on HIS OWN youtube channel. Let's boycot those sad greedy attitudes from big corporations everybody, they dont control us we control them.

  52. Sheldon Cooper

    Conan O'Brien son?

  53. Joshua Zertuche

    Mfs mad cs Bob's funny asf

  54. Henning Kallweit

    WTF, did she say the gov pays for YOUR abortion?

  55. dhjvdujgcj 1264

    Is it just me or does John look like matpat

  56. Govinda CA

    I can so relate to this. My American hippie parents gave me a Hindu name and a very hippie middle name.

  57. Zuit Xuit

    That 8000 toilet paper hit different with corona

  58. Zuit Xuit

    Wave Check

  59. BallZzD33p

    Comedy central said no to out to lunch...but post this right after out to lunch released?...why is "the producer" opening the show ? Stfu hole. Wheres mark?

  60. Professional Dumbass

    this dude always makes a joke about his face and his whiteness and it gets me every goddamn time

  61. giO jarvis

    "Yup" to every joke and every truth behind it. Your comedy is my therapy!

  62. Ryan

    Lol Comedy Central putting this up after Mark puts his new special up on UZsel and gets a million views in a week.

  63. xMaNrEbOrN78

    She did my boy Kermit dirty😆😆😆

  64. DeeCee Comedy

    Wow... all of a sudden, in lieu of recent events, this brilliant set is TOTALLY relevant!

  65. Business Man

    Funny😁 I use to prepare the desserts for Golden Coral. STAY AWAY FROM THE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. (All sorts of foreign objects and fingers go up in there. ) And the leftover chocolate was always reused the next day. 😰

  66. Xavier Hawkins


  67. Anastasia S

    She’s hilarious.

  68. Rea Ality

    Remove the word "like" from her vocabulary and she wouldn't be able to communicate at all.

  69. Living In Christ

    He gave his friend the worst synapses for life with that mask tape lol

  70. Dave Greene

    Unfunny Presents Funny.

  71. robert galik

    Waiting for a fun part:))

  72. Living In Christ

    "vaginas are self cleaning" I wouldn't touch her with a 10 ft poll with comments like that lol

  73. Erik Brown


  74. Jeff Herald

    "Comedy Central begs for relevancy after a comic proves he doesn't need them".

    1. mark normand


  75. Phoebe Boatswain-Torres

    Funny guy! He gives off some serious Quagmire vibes but funny nonetheless.

  76. Dr.LoveRB

    wow so unfunny

  77. Miran / / 미란

    I fell in love when she said she’s gay

  78. etherealshortie

    😂😂 fucking love this

  79. TOProductions

    Can’t tell if the Trump joke aged horribly or very well

  80. Amelia Webster

    Oh my god she’s hilarious why have I never seen her before

  81. Emily Sanders

    He’s told that first joke verbatim on Comedy Central before lmao.

    1. Emily Sanders

      The whole set is recycled. This guy is terrible

  82. Rogue Shoelace

    F Amy Schumer

  83. kami 19

    He’s so not funny

  84. Sam Home

    Sorry...this dude is just not very funny.

  85. Nicole Askew

    😂😅 SLW - I love Bob so much!

  86. Wacking Cactus

    Mark is one of the funniest guys to exist

  87. Tracy Haus

    The government doesn't like anyone selling drugs or paraphenalia..they hate the competition.

  88. Neil Bradley

    I don't even like Amy but her sketch at the start was pretty funny

  89. Job

    when you realize your stand up dreams are possible....... YAWN

  90. Jake

    I could not get past the eighth time she used "like". Are you like, 13 years old?? My ears are bleeding.

  91. Chris Alcorn

    You should have offered Mark a workable contract for his new special. You're network, Comedy Central, is dying like dinosaurs.

  92. Eve W

    Throwback Thursday Hashtag Blessed...LMAo. Dude is seriously funny. This crowd is wak asf.


    queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeef it up!

  94. John Smith

    Why do female comics have zero personality on stage? I swear they all seem exactly the same

  95. GrapeDrank25

    Skip to 2:11 for actual comedy

  96. Simon Randall

    "HE and his younger roommates". HE!

  97. Zann Christo

    "Why do I have to figure out this Rubik's Cube with my tongue when you didn't even watched Cowboy Bebop?" *PREACH BROTHER, PREACH*

  98. Devon Pease

    Watch the couple in the bottom left @13:21 Idk where they live, but I think home is close to where this joke landed. 😭💀⚰