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  1. Quaggle Doo

    Gilbert Gottfried version is best uzsel.info/video/video/39hsnrF2q5qcpJw.html

  2. Poopypappypants Cool

    my iq drops down by 50% when i listen to eddie

  3. BlowUpYourBass

    Joe "shlp shlp shlp shlp it eats you with a beak yapyapyapyapyap" Rogan 🦑🐙

  4. Qingeaton

    While I respect Mr. Tyson, hasn't he seen the demonstrations that Tesla did lighting bulbs held in his own hands?

  5. ddowns24

    Weinstein needs to chill the fuck out. And, I like Tulsi, but I feel much more confident in our current leadership in this unique situation. Tulsi is a nice concept, but give her another 10 yrs to broaden her knowledge...

  6. Mason Noblitt

    Mlk jr had people around him who said that he was raping women. And the women were coming forward along with his friends that told on him

  7. aaron powell

    Dont look like chucky to me.

  8. illistfloo

    Jamie's so cool

  9. J Henríquez

    Most people think reality is fake Eddie: ‘most of it is’ Perfect ending lol

  10. Hazwell

    5:36 that look on her face says "did they buy my lie?"

  11. Abolish Eden With Fire

    Wow we need more people like Mr.Daryl Davis in this world.The saying knowledge is power is really being applied through Mr.Davis's actions and words.I whole heartily agree with everything Mr.Davis is teaching and I have grown even more as a person through his important lessons.I just want to thank you Mr.Davis for opening my eyes, because of you around 6 years ago I met a black man who became my best friend and now we consider each other brothers we have laughed together, cried together and we couldn’t imagine life without each other.Mr.Davis you taught me and my brother to cast aside what we were taught about each other’s races.We learned about each other for who we really were not our skin color and in the process we got rid of the racism we were taught and learned to build relationships based on a persons character not their race.

  12. Christina Inman

    Commit to what you’re saying joe: they’re all complicit and you can see it front and center, don’t take a weak wristed approach like “some” every name brand news station is all in on it

  13. just1eon

    Why do people believe this

  14. DanDaMan

    I think his question was how is it going away and coming back. The answer doesn't really define what that is. It tavels south as the climate changes? Is what he says, so it really never goes away?

  15. Jurgen Von Houwald

    You twat.... It was just a f#kken joke

  16. Rich_ tx

    Cheney a cold mfr man shoots a man and that man apologizes to him

  17. Dave L

    modern Italian Da Vinci lmao

  18. 21pilots tillidie

    The idea of Ari one of the most obnoxiously loud annoying assholes in the world. Complaining about other people being obnoxious loud and annoying is beyond ironic. Not to mention he is complaining about people shitting in public. Right after talking about how he shit in public

  19. Telluric Man

    It's not what you see or feel it's what you can change?

  20. J D

    Trela Llort Fun fact: Eric Weinstein is Jeffrey Weinstein's cousin

  21. MrClearlySpeak

    Yes... let's get advice from a wall street guy who would probably not want his taxes raised.

  22. ezekiel contreras

    Lmao that was so funny when Marshall was on his head.. this is so dope I like this cartoon concept

  23. Excard0n

    2:46 closer to the chest is what I have to do. If I put my arms out to 90 degrees my left shoulder starts popping.

  24. Jonah Francois

    A comedian calling a musician INSECURE BWAHAHAHAHAHA LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO That's Funny

  25. Hard Rock Relics

    2:13 5g already is going to do this ...

  26. Elusive

    Um... no that didn't just happen g sodorjejensnskehsjebdkdndndzjdnazDhuuu

  27. Richard Owen

    China probably lying but they had a serious lock down. Us not so. If we had gone into serious lock down when the first case showed up we would probably be out of it already.

  28. skullier13

    America: We are the greatest... China:Hold my tea...

  29. Mark paul Lewis

    I'll set it's simple you're either conscious or unconscious 90% of the people running the country are unconscious you see when you're unconscious you actually dead inside and if the dead is telling us all how to live life think about it it's not going to live life very long is it it's just going to die because their energy is dead it doesn't give life to us and as everything falls apart you realize if somebody doesnt stands up and gives us life to live there is nothing to live for..

  30. Marc Letourneau

    All empires have been wanting to dominate the world, it does not mean all future world governments would be from the result of an empire domination. Why shouldn 't we have a world federation one day? World problems dictate that we have a world wide organization. The UN is just the beginning of it except that the imperialistic countries have tried to control it of course. If we put the most capable people in power one day, there will be cooperation between countries and more power to the UN for what needs to be international ruling. We loose so much energy in duplicating efforts in each country. By joining effort, we should progress exponentially faster. Eddie is out of his mind thinking ETs were the plan for domination for hundreds years ago (old painting) LOL.

  31. Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice

    Joe needs to have Dr. Shiva on. Set shit straight.

  32. Marc Bell

    The FACT RFK was killed at ambassador in a conspiracy (you can watch "the second gun" 1973) lends that extra weight that JFK was also killed by same group. All these disinfo guys can be seen reading from the same silly script. If Joe Rogan was an intellectual threat to mainstream corruption he wouldn't be allowed to have a show.

  33. Allan Tangedal

    Valve needs to engage Carmack for a voice in HL3.

  34. Brooklyn Style ☑️

    The Spanish flu came with the short wave radio

  35. T Fam

    US donated masks to China, China then gave them to Russia, Russia then sold the same masks back to US...

  36. Jordan Brennan

    Do yous all think alex jones is lying.

  37. Get Ya' Sum!

    Hate only breeds hate. There is one race. The human race!

  38. Get Ya' Sum!

    Awesome interview man!

  39. Troy Burge

    What good are mask when those same people cross contaminate with their gloved hands. So in essence how much good does mask really do ???

  40. innerpowerup

    Cops are proof of the experiment at Stanford University 30 years ago. It was simply making some students guards and other students prisoners. The guards got so out of control the professor had to stop the experiment on day 3.

  41. Hazwell

    "We did some research on this" lmao

  42. Heath Bilbrey

    The idea that this guy or anyone can feel the difference between a few hundredths of a degree is hysterically funny. Science is not run via consensus. The data is manipulated. It's as clear as the nose on your face. They've cooled the past and warmed the present in the date to manufacture a warming trend. "The influence of Mankind on Climate is trivially true and numerically insignificant."

  43. Akoura

    It comes from the hash culture

  44. Walnutter

    What is this?

  45. Eden Rosario

    i wish people would start being more mask specific. The difference in protection between a surgeons mask and a N95 mask is important to know.

  46. Father Mark

    He/she/it is the stuff of nightmares.

  47. lydney pup

    Knowing that he is talking about Amherst when he says rivals in mass

  48. Te Rauawhea

    Brian Rose and David Ickes latest interview (deleted from youtube less than 24hrs ago) exposes the both of you 🤷‍♀️

  49. Zach Hawkins

    I've had a similar dream. He's not totally wrong.

  50. Juan Medina

    Anyone else notice their news channels using mannequins as COVID patients? Lol

  51. Victor Huang

    There is no heaven. It's always a good time to rub it into the faces of people. Other than the atheist message Imagine is crap. Lennon was filthy rich and didn't give a fuck about the common people.

  52. Joshua Molina

    Incredible that all you assholes focus on WHO is singing and how well they do it instead of the message. Is it their fault you're all broke ass losers. Imagine theres no heaven. Religion is fucking killing people now just like they always have. Pathetic.

  53. Joel Lyons

    El Capos sun walks out.... you can take my badge I quit

  54. Alex Santos

    Who wrote this shit !

  55. To the Face

    Kinda wish the students sacrificed this guy, cause he’s gotten weird.

  56. David Whitlow

    It takes strength to love others. Cowards hate. You tell me what you hate and I'll show you what you're most afraid of. Cowards also have a tendency to unite into hate groups.

  57. Bullseye Bob


  58. Joshua Beconi

    What in the FUCK am I watching

  59. bingbashbosh1

    Twitter is the most cancerously toxic platform I've ever been on, and I've clocked over 1000 hours in CS. The CS or R6 community is like fucking therapy compared to the pure seething hatred on Twitter.

  60. Forum Fotvard

    Joe i admire u and ur podcast but if u say that russia is runed by a gangster, then who the fuck is running ur country? I have more respect for putin than that fucking Trump. And ur country has invaded more countries that any other nation in the world!!

  61. Andrew Brown

    Trust me all westernors' minds would be blown up in 2 decades.

  62. illEVAN Mixer

    Wear a fuckin mask, the government and WHO lied because there's no domestic mask production in north america, American and Canadian governments have failed their front line workers, as well as citizens, how hard is it to produce fucking masks, a complete and total joke to be having mask shortages so early into a crisis... What if this were an even more serious virus, we'd all be fucked

  63. cb fry

    Jesus get over yourself PS. You started in the Belly Room ONLY because of your mom. Everything that happened after is an accident of birth. How big? SOOOO Big!

  64. progyan das

    Should’ve watched this man talk way earlier . Shit !

  65. Jenny

    He should take some ballet classes. Sounds crazy but those guys can do crazy things with their bodies. Have incredible strength, control and balance 😀

  66. Haha MissMiss

    It takes a Jew to decode the actions of a Jew.😂

  67. Dream Evil

    Tower 7 was struck by Jewish lightning.

  68. Good Fella

    The media straight up lied on those kids

  69. shogun678

    Jesus Joe, you wax that fuckin' head or what?

  70. adam hunt

    🤔🤔🤔 should I listen to this guy or mr trump 🤔🤔🤔.

  71. David Ulanovsky

    The Vatican killed people who said the Earth wasn’t flat😂😂😂

  72. MalleyaBull

    I wanna wear a green mask and act all zany

  73. Christopher Kelly

    Fuck it. Take your top off lady!

  74. dom

    What if dying of old age is just from the brain being overloaded with dreams/excess fragments of memories

  75. mrlassotool

    Welcome to fascist america. Blaming a country and people for something like virus. China contained it, most asian countries acted swiftly and contained it. West dismissed it until it came deep into our borders and now we are placing blame. Brilliant. There were pandemics that have started in west most recently swine flu pandemic, where was anti west racism then from asians and others, huh?

  76. rblibit

    And George Bush Sr. just happened to be in Dallas that day. Nothing strange about that at all. Check!

  77. Thug Rose

    Lowering the standards for tax funded government jobs is theft and it puts the government at a disadvantage

  78. John Wolfe

    He talked about this on the Action Bronson podcast too🤣

  79. John McCloy

    This woman was a democratic donor...she has been having issues with Him for years...she’s an avid Trump hater. It’s funny how she survived yet he lived..my thinking is she should be investigated and see what her levels were...she could have been giving this to him for day’s without him knowing and then we get was dying ingested a small amount just to have traces of it in her system. Somethings not right here

  80. Christian Gomez

    I just woke everyone up with my laughing you dick! Lmao!

  81. h. ann

    Mice and rats aren't good physcial or behavioural models for humans to begin with.

  82. rosco3163

    Chris Cornell's version is way better.

  83. Mariah Stock

    A country is conspiring against us but not a single person has gotten pissed off/leaked anything 🤦🏻‍♀️

  84. dennis craig

    I watched this and all I could think is ROGAN is a Bernie supporter ? Im confused

  85. Ladioz

    Good shit

  86. Fred Miller

    Trump is a crook, he deserves everything he gets, including bad press

  87. Matt Drenkow

    This guy is a fucking idiot if he actually believes people would skip buying masks so that supplies can be reserved for doctors and nurses!

  88. sinkiy

    It’s really hard to imagine human beings to be still alive thousands of years from now.

  89. Axel Official

    I had a mild fever, went got tested just got the results "positive" but I'm ok, i have no heavy symptoms. Stay safe everyone, best of luck

  90. BAT Mang

    Haha I feel the same way but damn boys 💀🖤💀🖤💀🖤

  91. whatfoodeats

    How can they mention Korea and Singapore and not Taiwan? Taiwan has 4x the population of Singapore, and 1/4 the number of cases.

  92. Lord Caben

    She looks like a sex doll

  93. Marc Bell

    Shermer is an asset of a certain agency, IMO. His arguments are moronic and uninformed on a wide field of topics. 1. Oswald didn't shoot at Walker if you believe Walker himself. Walker wrote a letter to the feds saying the bullet later in evidence archives was not the one he examined in his door that night. 2. Rubys strippers say he did not like the Kennedys. Shermer is parroting ridiculous disinfo. Joe Rogan also fails here because he hasn't done all his homework. Rogan is a bumbler and here he can't even I.D. the Oswald window.

  94. Joey

    i have an ounce of amanita muscaria arriving in the mail soon... :)

  95. Well Connected

    This is the fox saling the pigs bacon.

  96. Shawn Ireland

    His body language in his response makes me naturally question the validity of his experience

  97. Kashmirknight

    That being said Amy Schumer definitely ripped off some Patrice O'Neal material.🤣

  98. Good Demon

    So to Sean’s comment about the political situation I assume that is a stab against Trump. Therefore please let Sean to kiss my ass. Stop watching at that point.... on to a different video.

  99. Lean Mantern

    anyone who defends capitalism after this collapse is a threat to the world at this point. this economy couldn't survive a week shutdown. one week and this country collapsed. capitalism is failing so hard that the trump administration are starting to sound like communist ordering businesses to make parts and redistributing checks and on top of that covering health expenses? meanwhile dems are means testing to appeal to their corporate interest.

  100. Hamza Lodhi

    1:22 bro I’m 14 and when I was in elementary school they were still teaching us that he discovered America