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  1. The Chill one

    I love his voice

  2. KnowFugazi

    Hair goals.

  3. Angie MontoyaCuri

    1:12 i have no idea why but i died of laughter while watching this

  4. DubleDatboi YT

    I can’t believe they animated the bloopers

  5. Peter Alex Vaudelaire

    One detail you hath Forgotten and i Just Found out now i've seen when Bruce Dies and is Sinking Down unto the Blood Water He Roars and yeah this Roar has a Meaning His Soul Left the Dead Body and Will Reincarnate unto the Next Shark In Jaws 2 and This Roar Sound He Saith "I Will Resurge Again,I Am The Horror of the Deep,Who Never Dies"Yeah is True Sharks Never Dies Think About it and Let Me Know If I'm Right

  6. shark boy


  7. LuisM28

    one of the vest movie bloopers ever

  8. Bill Hargate

    (Just me speaking, just my opinion, but...) I find that John William’s score for Jaws is one of-if not his best score. For a long time, after Star Wars, his music seemed to sound interchangeable. It’s like, everyone came to him after Star Wars wanting a variation on his robust, grandiose Star Wars effort. So, I lost interest. However, when I hear in this documentary all those gorgeous Jaws queues, I’m reminded of the John Williams in a most original, most singular, most precise musical language!

  9. baselinebaz

    vomit... the fact it doesnt turn disturbingly evil and insanity inducing is bullshit

  10. Pablo Ortiz


  11. MA Productions


  12. Calvin Fujii

    Who thought that Eduardo's former appearance would've been his final form in the final battle?

  13. Fernando Trujillo

    Who else here in 2020 before the “alien invasion “ mind control at its finest

  14. Katy Hernandez

    Do not wish it

  15. Jonathan Larsson

    This, except with Betty Boop, and I could die happy.

  16. Eduardo Macedo

    O May god

  17. Mason Vlogs

    Always make sure to keep the soap out of your A A A A A A A A A

  18. Monz Miller

    This started off so promising and then evolved into a pile of garbage which seemingly went nowhere and didn't really make much sense. Just got really boring and started to drag .Seems like the,type of story that would fair better on paper rather than on the big screen.

  19. Brayan Aguilar.

    Ha ha ha ha, she is beautiful.

  20. Amani White

    fun fact: this video was posted during the same day as Sony pictures animation's THE STAR 🌟 (2017) was released in theatres!🎦🎫🎬📽🎥🍿🌭🥨🥤 I recommend seeing that movie. it's at the prefect holiday for the whole family!

  21. ASIRI Designs

    The guy from 13 Assassins lived!

  22. _

    Who would f the ghost? 🤣🤣

  23. brieanna fugate

    i watched this movie i got scared

  24. kayla.cervantes -_-

    who else in 2020 looked up “movie with haunted box found at a garage sale” 😂😂

  25. Green Broccoli

    I like the didgeridoo part X) i cant stop laughing this part 0:24

  26. Hollyleaf Has A Chainsaw And Will Use It

    Orlando Bloom do be nailing the blonde wig though.

  27. kishon roberts

    2020- So sad what happened this year Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd may they rest in peace

  28. Deandra Irving

    Why does Nat have to be dead?😭😭😭We would probably be looking foward to a BuckyNat ship in Falcon and the Winter Soldier 😭

  29. Michael Gibson

    its a great movie but people didnt like it

  30. Silas Shawn the gamer

    Is Roblox is lego

  31. Hollyleaf Has A Chainsaw And Will Use It

    Nobody gonna mention how beautiful Elijah Wood’s eyes are and how young he looks? Like seriously, how can he look so young after a decade? I NEED ANSWERS!

  32. Easton West

    Hey! It's Kylo Ren and Harry Potter!!!

  33. AbuAbudy

    2:11 this really cracked me up🤣

  34. Scarlet & Gino TV

    I like this song more than ever. Nakakarelax at lamig sa pandinig

  35. Vítor hugo Santos

    Charlie life Stiles

  36. Anudari Jargalsaikhan

    Well this happened in real life u can search up a mom chasing a kidnapper that took her daughter in a new report

  37. shaun supetran

    Tadanobu Asano: The fact that now I, a Japanese person, cam amicably work with an American crew at Pearl Harbor *12/7/41 Noises*

  38. Beast99Playz

    Everyone: this is so cute omg! Me: "powpowpowpow oh no"xDDD

  39. Verne Fits

    and polite

  40. Zhel Roldan

    Just done watching it, the whole movie. What a shocking ending.. I really didn't expect it.. Woah!!!

  41. Goldraven

    I am a little disappointed that the Panther did not say "I am Batman"

  42. The Watchful Hunter

    Life and learning alone at your own pace and following your passion without objections from controllers with free access to all information and nature is infinitely smarter and better than authoritarian domination and oppression they falsely call education.

  43. Lee Anderson

    Superman meets the Lone Ranger!

  44. Farhan Mohammad

    Where ever in the history did Romans and Chinese had a confrontation like this. They only had trade links and even indirectly through india.

  45. XTbum333

    I see and have watched The Equalizer 2 on TV a couple of times. But never see the first Equalizer with Denzel aired. What gives? Why don't I ever see it being aired? I have numerous premium channels and never even a whiff.

  46. Julieth Arciniegas

    Seremos mejores q esto?

  47. Aman Amankumar

    A aa

  48. special force pubg

    Hope good

  49. Catherine Stamatelatou

    This was fun😅

  50. Stefan Nedeljkovic


  51. Valentino Games

    *action music, books is still burned* *monsters laughs in evil* Commander Slappy to All Monsters: All my friends in one place! I've never been so happy! I don't want to day to end! It doesn't have to! *werewolf howling* As long you get rid of *STINE* CHARGEEEEEEE! *monsters running* Gnomes: WOOHOO! *eating plants growing*

  52. Jenkins Family

    Oh god, Will Arnett, I am CRYING with laughter

  53. Karan Vyas

    WTF I saw 😳

  54. Evan Miller

    Watching this trailer makes me want to create my own master piece. Best trailer ever and one of my favorite films of all time

  55. MambaBreezy24

    Definitely one of the best examples of modern cinema.

  56. Michael Harris

    Whaaaaaat !!!! Lol ! . Most stupid thing I've seen since Colin farrels " Alexander " ..

  57. Jovan sanjaya


  58. Lucy Kibona

    Please can someone send to me PART 2 OF THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETY

  59. dishank sahu

    This movie is the best example of how one should not use his power or aggression on any one ....any one

  60. Daniseis4

    Odio esta cancion

  61. The Theory Of Everything FAN

    songs that appear: 1_ Runaway Horses Mishima 2_ The Legend Of Jesse James ( Mary's Song ) by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis 3_ Unlocking The Mind Extended

  62. Iwan Aswan

    film semi dan ngewe

  63. Iwan Aswan

    film bf

  64. Jake RageJoe


  65. Walter Belloni

    Star Trek IX

  66. The Theory Of Everything FAN

    Songs that appear: 1_ "Forces of Attraction" [Extended] ~ Theory of Everything 2_ Cambridge, 1963 (Extended) 3_ The National - Heavenfaced

  67. Vítor hugo Santos

    Denzel Washington with any other will be the best, because he is the best

  68. The Theory Of Everything FAN

    Songs that appear: 1_ Runaway Horses Mishima 2_ A Game of Croquet 3_ The Theory of Everything Soundtrack 02 - Rowing 4_ Unlocking The Mind Extended

  69. Veekor

    Boohoo you had to read a book that's 120 pages long. My sympathy is endless

  70. HD Clips Fr

    In 2020


    When he says armpits I actually smell like onions with my armpits

  72. Sagar Naidu

    this is one of the best movie scenes ever. it doesnt touch upon any great idea that most of the viewers wont understand anyways. Instead it deals with the everyday struggle of being human. To be powerless in the matters of how things turn out. Its called mirrors, you believe that it is you in the reflection and instead of accepting it you try to fight the imprint of your reality which might be altered by a thousand factors. Yet its the only version of the truth you will ever know. The longer you look the lesser you are ready to accept it and all your efforts are in vein. The idea of the mirror is a blurred perspective but the realest perspective you will ever get. not from friends,family or strangers, its like looking at yourself through watery eyes with a omnipresent subconsious sensation that you will never know the real you , neither will anyone else.

  73. iʼm in love with joaquin phoenix

    1:07 💔

  74. tojawitaaam

    Kaczynski in Poland

  75. Steve Barnes

    Reminds me alot of R Lee Ermey in Company C and Full Metal Jacket, where he is basically bringing what he did in the Marines to the big screen

  76. Francesco Vasina


  77. Z A I D • YT

    Corona ??

  78. Iain Russell

    This would've made a great Snake Plissken story.

  79. Freeformrulz

    This movie is possibly the most underrated movie in existence. This movie is a god damn masterpiece.

  80. Overdrive Music

    This was 2013? I thought it was recent!

  81. • tigeriis •

    I had 2 nightmares about them

  82. Abdul Malik Ramadhan

    Aku sangat bangga pada film THE RAID, karena menambahkan adegan REOG

  83. Joe Cates

    Lincoln had a great cast

  84. The unknown

    if only the big E was not scrapped. Rip uss enterprise, the legendary aircraft carrier

  85. nah _just ignore me

    tom is so amazing that this video only has 6 dislikes that were all from thanos

  86. Ayoub P

    Lois: "What's the "S" stand for?" It stands for "SUCC"

  87. Claire Canada

    Julianne is so beautiful

  88. XXavierSin

    This movie is so freaking good, it's one of the few movies I'd love to see a sequel for.

  89. Import JAS MOTOR


  90. Ildiko J.F.

    I love this movie I love Domhnall's character 😍

  91. Orange Fox

    Him drinking champagne as he says that he has “no money to spare,” is just the ultimate picture of greed and cheapness.

  92. Sleepwalker

    watched this movie 8 times, and will watch it again. one of my favorite.

  93. 1949 Triumph Mayflower

    Nice purple haze

  94. Aron Smith

    Man you can FEEL how heavy Gypsy Danger is! Each step was like a building coming down.

  95. DreamArctica66


  96. Alysa Louise

    7 diamonds

  97. Թիթիզիկ Լյուսի

    I love this film because my name is Lucy and I love this film so much

  98. Pardle Doodle

    Michael the coward. Obedient slave of your master. Illusions to satiate the worry . Oh Michael, the illusion to take away the responsibility and fear. So you construct can be unwaken. Some Djinn actually love this place


    I love the bit where zoe punches her fists its so cute

  100. Pardle Doodle

    Angel's are slaves. Djinn are like new life, free will. Even Heaven fears your brothers? Fears free will? In dread cold. Infinite abyss. The pit of creation. Space