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  1. Mirel Pinticanu


  2. Tommo H

    lol this is sooooo funnny to watch bro

  3. Mister chaos

    @ 8:35: that’s why the parents always carry the cake!!

  4. Tane Mahuta

    AFV 2020 with videos from decades ago

  5. Natalie Tate

    7:08 this prank almost takes the cake.

  6. Natalie Tate

    6:19 That prank is funny

  7. Natalie Tate

    4:06 Like this joke

  8. Natalie Tate

    3:55 dummy prank, amazing

  9. Natalie Tate

    1:14 amazing reaction.

  10. Natalie Tate

    0:03 amazing prank by using a roach computer background

  11. cindy medina

    Children Really Anger Their Parents For Gife like Birthday They Seem Not Happy and Parents Not Support Gife For Children it's not Easy. What's Wrong With Children's Parents?? Oh God. Really Stupid! I know that this is Wrong Because Children Will Grown up taller then They Will Blame on Their parents yes. My Friends Told me He was 9yrs Old for Birthday Parents Present 🎁 to Him But He did Anger And Throw over His Mom's Face because His's Parents Were Divoced the he now 34 Yrs Old He Never Visit His Mom yes he love His Father. This Is Good For Him live With His Father he Know it. He Really hate Mom. That's why His's Mom All Flaut.


    00:06 Ma dhum mai ma boysfren.

  13. baby boy

    Getting covered in poop 600 at this moment dad knew he fucked up

  14. Kokool Show

    When we have this luck and still we buy lottery tickets 😂😂😂

  15. Dagan Amaral

    rlly this wasn't even an attack it was just a lady being scared lol 8:28

  16. Naseer Owens

    critical role season 2

  17. Dagan Amaral

    that one wasn't really unexpected you messed with the crab 1:06

  18. LILleppy123

    White man can't jump

  19. BluMac


  20. Owen Zhang


  21. Андрей Лямин

    Русские есть?!

  22. Bradley Davis

    There was Dwayne johnson

  23. Junior vieira deandrade


  24. ไวยวิทย์ วรศิริ


  25. Tiffany Chen

    wish they had this when i was 10....

  26. Rubi Martinez

    The first one SHE IS SO ADORABLE ;w;

  27. The Coopwood Bros

    She wasn't ready

  28. BiG gangsta' sh!t

    🐟 🚢 When its plenty of fish in tha sea @ yo million dolla' spot & its jumping 🎣

  29. TheNewBec


  30. Anna Dorozynski

    How she says “I do have a boyfrieand.” Lol

  31. Layla Yates

    Reminds me of total drama action

  32. Sans Sss

    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  33. Areli Alfaro


  34. AmberFang 37

    1:21 what happened there???

  35. Old Fashioned

    Humans Deserved...

  36. يوميات وليد و معاذ

    المسبح جميل جداً

  37. tchellyng

    Oh man. In my head if I fall somewhere public/crowded I'll just gonna make a scene and embarrasse myself even more, because if I'm gonna be ashamed, and gonna be ashamed of something really, really, really crazy and stupid.

  38. Melinda Chambers


  39. S Mc

    Thats one way to crack an egg

  40. Tonya Byrd

    Actually I know this person I know the boy in it he is my friend

  41. Alejandra Flores

    jajajajajajajajaajajajajaaja no mames ja🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. ericbsas25

    2020? Estos videos son viejisimos.

  43. Leni Marlena

    Hai kamu lucu banget

  44. Yuuuri

    2:17 legend has it she never saw her dad ever again.

  45. Blast From the Past

    4:24..........Why do I get the idea that that chick could be hard to live with at times ? Just hilarious ......Maybe they got into some crazy kickin' weed .....

  46. taegetmoney804 taetae

    That laugh tho 😆😆😆😆😆😆😂 3:57

  47. Dan De guzman

    No that's BTS on tour

  48. Luis García

    Hola me gustan que asusten a lo adultos. Pero no estoy de acuerdo que asusten a los niños no lo comparto gracias....

  49. Skeel Court

    The problem with the hide in the garbage can prank is that the prankster never gets out without a tumble

  50. panos chronos

    I had to laugh like that more than 9 years thanks dude

  51. Vlenzo

    I guess when you become a parent you own a full gorilla suit no matter what.

  52. Polinus Ricles

    This is not funny

  53. 이수현


  54. 이수현


  55. Amber Wilson

    The horse one was not funny

  56. Metal detecting PA

    2:12, that’s me

  57. Nathan Roblox

    Wow this is funny


    It’s like so crazy, I thought supers were good like in the movies

  59. Mary Kay by Marisita Lopez


  60. Mut_e

    Note to self white women and children cant use hammers

  61. pdq

    I woke up crying before never laughing...well last night I woke up hysterically laughing my family was like u were hysterically laughing in ur sleep and I woke up can't remember the dream...musta been funny I guess lol