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  1. EmTheFandomFangirl :D

    You speak!

  2. Emma R

    How did Snape get Voldy’s Hair?

  3. Magic

    Plz make a second season of freelancers

  4. Ruth Anna Chin

    they sound like the original cast from frozen

  5. Moriah Perez

    I relate with Natalie.

  6. Yoyo Panda

    yes Stacey, watch that Avatar!

  7. Emma Dietz

    I love how Matt walks by behind Jeremy

  8. Moriah Perez


  9. Sunset Skies Gacha fan :3

    I didn’t know Jeremy was growing out all his hairs.... all kinds.

  10. Ines Balti

    Some thing never change. Like Jeremy’s mustache

  11. Alexis Fisher

    Does anyone know how I can send JK Studios! some art that I made? It would make my day if someone knew.

  12. Jennifer Liu

    Honestly I feel like she would get more followers if she acts like this lol

  13. The Database

    This is so perfect! Amazing!

  14. Anne-Marie Williams

    They all live in the same neighborhood?

  15. Nancy Rules


  16. Kortnie Anderson

    It would be really funny if when all of them were sitting together that one of them just randomly farts!!😂🤣😂🤣

  17. Samantha Allibone

    so true

  18. Ricardo Leite

    Mr pecs pec juice. 500 grams of protein 500 grams of sugar 1000000 grams of LSD

  19. Jackson 1237

    Too bad Stephen doesn’t go home like that.

  20. kemalasari dina

    now this makes me wonder, do they all live in the same block????

  21. xxsweetteex x

    Owen and the kids' relationship was amazing He's really good with kids 😂 <3

  22. Paige Rosa

    i haven't seen Jeremy since he left studio c and I was confused when I saw his beard.

  23. Monica Massell

    I love Natalie she's so sweet

  24. Owen Watts

    Natalie, with this parody of yours, it sounds as though that you're feeling what I'm feeling. And I understand what you're feeling in this time of crisis. Because it's really hard in these troubling times. So I see where you are coming from.

  25. TheTheaterDork

    So many thing are amazing about this. -AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER YASSS -Jason is such a great actor I mean like Andrew was awesome :P -Poor Matt ;-;

  26. Rock and roll Buff

    Oh Jeremy

  27. Kortnie Anderson

    The only place where you should wear one outfit.😂😂🤣😂🤣 Story of my life!!

  28. Jeremy Haugen

    What the hell ❓

  29. Eric Marshall

    This made me cry

  30. BlueRice

    Here 7:58

  31. Kimona Aang

    And this made me finally realize you guys are an actually family not just a cast! Ohhhhh and did someone kidnap Matt? Nevermind rewatched and found him :)

  32. Dave Redacted

    Unpopular opinion, I'm sure, but I've never liked Jason's Snape.

  33. Lily Cottam

    But did they get cancled?

  34. Siddharth Gupta

    3:22 Micah's eyes scared the living daylights out of me...

  35. Emy Lovett

    I have to know... when you recorded that last line with the TV then spanned to out the window, was that because you could see Natalie doing who knows what outside and couldn't resist? That was just too perfect!!

  36. Reuben Swartz

    He is gone and I have failed you. Hot sugar loops? This stuff is still funny after watching it several times. One of my favorite shows I have ever watched.

  37. Christina K

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I've missed hearing you guys sing. You're so multi-talented!

  38. Jesse Family 1

    Tori! Yes!

  39. Andronicus Kosasih

    Where is Matt ?

  40. Jesse Family 1

    Ahem! Miriam is not a dumb name! It's mine!

  41. Anne & Clara Waldrop

    lol was that avatar in the background

  42. Averil Tallack

    Do you guys really live next door to each other? If so that's awesome that Ur that close!

  43. Elle Ann Brown

    I love this 🤣😅😆

  44. Jessica Lynn

    I love how committed they are too there costumes they all are wearing woman’s yoga pants

  45. Sebastian Schmid

    Lol lol lol 😂

  46. Lane Collier

    "But you said Thursday was Chab time!!!??" " Babe it's Wednesday... " Love you jk❤❤❤❤

  47. Peter Parker

    Can you make a best of Devin or Micah?

  48. I Love MainPlayz

    I actually have roller blades I started 3 years ago And it’s my hobby now But when James said “You can’t fit a bike in a backpack!” I was like: 🤯🤭 I’ve never thought of that! 😂

  49. Lambert Brother

    Charles Dickens did NOT write Sherlock Holmes

  50. George Wan

    I followed Jk studios because I love the original cast mainly matt and Jeremy

  51. timothyfloogle

    Nat got bars

  52. timothyfloogle

    Nat call me!

  53. timothyfloogle


  54. Jesse Family 1

    Hey, Jeremy bently, you wrote that commercial the T-Mobile one, take their suggestions to heart and make that commercial! It would be great?!!!!

  55. Spicy Chillie Socks

    I'm confused, do they live together?

  56. Jesse Family 1

    At the "i know I know, I'll hit it with a cricket bat" I loved Matt's 'oh, mercy'

  57. Siddharth Gupta

    The day I watched this was the day my parents made me walk up at 5 am to go running... I fell Micah, I feel you...

  58. Tenille Blackett

    The *THIC* confidante man

  59. Chelsea Pham

    Nobody: Andrew: I’m holding on tight to YOOOOU

  60. Ginny Mackelprang

    Look 2:00 Stacey is watching Avatar: The Last Airbender!!! (I was gonna say this when I first watched it but it wouldn't let me comment)

  61. lizzy life

    who else is convinced that jason is batman

  62. Fiona Chen

    Omg was that avatar Stacey was watching? I luv that show I’m almost done with the season

  63. Kyla Bockholt

    it was so hard...……..

  64. Eydi Kitchens

    It’s been a year and I’m still constantly rewatching this show. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever watched. I desperately need moreeeeeeeeee

  65. Anna Pittman

    these are all cinematic masterpieces

  66. Siddharth Gupta

    I'll exercise tomorrow. *I felt that*

  67. Emma Green

    They're all so good but this is my favorite Finish the Sketch so far! Nice job Natalie!!

  68. beaver buck

    Can you do more free lancers PLEASE!!??

  69. Jenna Shepardson

    James when did you get chickens

  70. Michael Hamby

    Love y'all!!!

  71. Tinker Thinker

    Does Snape go to the girl's restroom, or was Myrtle spying on the boys again? I am a little bit confused as to how Snape obtained Myrtle's hair. Also. Can ghosts shed hair? It's these questions that make you think about life.

  72. Tailsonjohn lunar wolf


  73. GrandmaTildy FromTennessee

    just saying: If I had Matt as a teacher with that "That is SO goood!!" for when I wrote something... actually good, I swear I could conquer the world.

  74. seedling

    I need more of this!

  75. Mug

    I want Stacey (aka the Chef/ Mr. Chef) to do more segments... PLEASE 😂😂

  76. Jessica Lynn

    Devin:Hey their mannequins this always happens to me! Like if you get that reference

  77. theRaven35

    Jeremy's facial hair game is God tier.

  78. THE River Ross

    Why does Whitney sound exactly like Kristen bell

  79. Anna Lynn

    The one guy was watching Avatar lol

  80. Makayla Bunce

    lol imagine if it was a girl but they are trans

  81. Eowynnofrohan

    I did finally watch Frozen 2 when I had my Disney Plus free trial last week. So I know the context to this song :) . And I watched Toy Story 4 and ...the new pixar one I'm blanking on right now and rewatched Tron Uprising when I had a headache. Then I had to get rid of it bc I don't have the money for anything extra. Disney wouldn't let me lot in so I had to call to cancel which they did right away. I only got it bc my $ app said I could get points for it, which I didn't get :( . I can watch Disney + anyway at the house I pet sit at... Which I haven't been doing during the pandemic. Anyway I'm glad I get to spend more time a my cat. He is in cancer remission so idk how much time I have w him. One reason why I want an at home job where I'm not running all over and never w him. And I want a job that supports my writing. where I learn things I want to write about, not get as far away from as possible when I'm done for the day like the horrific scanning and data entry I did. Not all on a computer so I can write. And support me enough I can live on my own. Preferably my own business. It's been nice to have more time to work on it but I feel like I'm still not getting anywhere... Selling books on ebay is all I've done. Put some of my crafts on etsy but they haven't sold prob bc I'm no good. And my self published stories have hardly sold. And I'm trying to do a blog but idk what to write about ppl would actually be interested in. And ...I would like to do research in what I'm interested in. I've been researching for an article about Iran for months. Been reading about an American spy in WW2 for an article. That's the kinds of things i want to learn about. I mean, I have a political science degree which I haven't gotten a job with... I also like working with kids and pets. Making things, being creative, searching for things, being organized, giving, helping people who need it like the most vulnerable, animals and kids. I want to have a farm. W lots of animals , adopt someday . Somehow I have to get enough $ to move out of my parents house asap and get my own house ........ Why am I putting all my dreams on here lol. Bc I'm desperate... If I can't get something going with all this time during the pandemic, when can I !???!?

  82. JoNatHan K

    Don't you need hair of the Man ,or Woman who you want to turn into ? How does a Ghost come back from the Dead?

  83. i am a person - lily worthley

    I just noticed she help up sherlock holmes when she said she might finish reading dickens

  84. Strawberry Kiwi

    I love their houses & how they're all neighbors

  85. Pepper_Fox _

    Wait there's an ad for something called "Zip Tops"...is this the sponsor for the next season that they were looking for???!!

  86. Colleen Cates


  87. Eowynnofrohan

    Ha. My life hasn't even changed much. Well I am not earning money except that book I sold on ebay and the few $ I got from apps. I do pet sitting so not much need for that. Good thing I had savings and live at my parents. I like that I'm able to get stuff done but somehow don't seem to get much done even though I work on things almost daily. Can't even get writing done, it goes slowly. I was looking for an at home job before this and had all this time same still flip flopping from one thing to another just like I did 11 years since college... I wish I could get a master's degree, I even dreamed about it the other night. I don't even watch much tv except when I have headaches like yesterday. Watched the rest of 2nd doctor on britbox all day. At least I have time to write my adventures in Odysseus fanfiction. At least it's not stalled anymore anyway lol

  88. Niki Allen

    This is literally the best thing ever omg

  89. Hannah Schaus

    Whit, this was AMAZING!!! <3

  90. Jesse Family 1

    I feel like studio c helped me appreciate these people as comedians, and jk Studios has helped me get to know them more like people, even maybe friends! So i wouldn't have it any other way! Yay Jk Studios!

  91. ristab

    Are they neighbors IRL?

  92. Corgie Gorgie

    I mis freelancers

  93. ReaGame

    I remember seeing this in their live tour!

  94. PhonenixInFlight0


  95. Sarah Wells

    I just realized that he got the dna for Murtle by finding a hair from a VERY long time ago

  96. Romeya Jones

    The OG’s..

  97. Nessa P

    And yet you STILL can make me cry laughing through this pandemic 😂

  98. be calm

    Are you saying Adam actually sings?! Tell me why I’m surprised lol

  99. Joseph Balascio

    Any one think the muscle guy is related to Adam?

  100. F H L L O R T

    I thought his name was Matt meece