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  1. Colton erferferf

    Why does Garrett do this show? Mythical Chef would be so much better

  2. Drake Tinjum

    Courtneys face looks paralyzed when she's lying

  3. Zach Christian

    I love pineapple on pizza tbh, i triple that shit on all my pizzas

  4. CorndogCrusader

    Olivia cheated, you can't give facts about OTHER PEOPLE. 😑

  5. ming Li

    ) Em 6 e 7 de abril de 2019, foi realizada a segunda audiência pública do Tribunal Popular Independente/Tribunal da China em Londres, em continuidade a audiência pública de três dias realizada em dezembro de 2018. Vinte e três testemunhas compareceram ao tribunal, incluindo pesquisadores, profissionais médicos, jornalistas de vários países e sobreviventes das atrocidades cometidas pelo regime comunista chinês. Eles deram depoimentos perante o tribunal a respeito das alegações de extração forçada de órgãos sancionada pelo governo chinês, visando grupos perseguidos na China. Presidido por Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC, o tribunal consistiu em sete especialistas encarregados de conduzir a primeira análise independente do mundo com relação a extração forçada de órgãos na China.

  6. Sad_Skeleton

    alright degrade that like button

  7. Akinta Chielsa K.

    Did anyone think the popular guy is SHAYNE

  8. Just MeRis

    *me thinks its only carson* *sees ted and slimecicle* this vid just got better

  9. JSN

    I feel like there should be a punish for the ones who yote their food so they try as hard as they can to eat it

  10. NIIKII

    Courtney voice crack 0:24

  11. Tylia Kirkman

    IDK why but when the summer intro was on I thought it was an ad for a camp

  12. bathtub

    i was gonna ask how much they paid carson to laugh, but then i read a comment which says that carson only laughed at his friends. good

  13. King Purple 123

    OMG MY DAD USED TO READ ME GOOD NIGHT MOON EVERY TIME BEFORE BED, i miss him very much he died on december 17 2019, thx Shayne for bringing back an ild memory 😊

  14. Deuce Lim

    why is Olivia dressed like a bitmoji character

  15. midna makes music

    The sound at 1:01... Isn't that from 3D Pinball: Space Cadet...? Please tell me I'm not the only one who hears it...

  16. Creedkingsx

    Pineapple goes on pizza, sorry you have the taste buds of a child, Matt

  17. MooningManz

    Moral of the story is: wamen isn’t funny

  18. Mitchell Fuller

    olivia said your body is very ship like and she went full of- and i was really hoping she was going to say seamen but no. wood planks. aaaa

  19. Danielle Bray

    Do a try not to laugh with sam and colby.

  20. Nemo Long

    9:04 is what i you came for.

  21. Moldy Gecko

    If you don't like pineapple on your pizza, you're an evil human being.

  22. Maull3r

    Ppl who can’t stand pineapple on pizza prob eat gogurt because they can’t use a spoon

  23. roselia

    keith is such a brat lol goddamn

  24. Tom Welfringer

    How Damiens "get down with the thickness" get ignored makes me sad

  25. 32 Su

    Loyalty is forever by 32su on UZsel listen

  26. Jillian S

    Listen to this without watching the video 😂

  27. Shelbabe3

    *Everyone not reacting* Garrett: IS THIS NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU!

  28. carlovaria DOS

    8:21 that's what she said .

  29. demonof canada

    Biggest fail... Living in a house haunted by a prisoner apparently lol..

  30. theCathers

    “Hello future? HA HA HA HA HA”

  31. rickenbacker40011

    in this episode we discover olivia is actually just a stalker XD

  32. Le SpoderMan

    Forgot about napoli pizza

  33. BAAL

    “We frickin’ R E D T H E B I B L E”

  34. Forthunos

    Wtf is wrong with pineapple on pizza? Let me like what I fcking like

  35. Boss Life

    Aw shourtney💚💚♥️♥️♥️

  36. High Knight

    Do more of these

  37. Moto Gyal

    I almost threw up

  38. Aussie Sam

    Shane’s entrance into the Mr. Jones joke was perfectly timed 👌

  39. C4 Piggy

    Well i clicked off the video around 12:30 but u know what ever

  40. Trainerforlife

    I can’t believe Ian order a greasy lava cake


    ITS FINE 8:06

  42. Carolina Pita

    These videos make me so uncomfortable

  43. Matthew Khaw


  44. NathanPlaysGames

    i miss when smosh was funny

  45. RetroJ3000

    The fact that Mac was ready to accept Ian's mouth water shows his commitment to the craft.

  46. Joshua Mootilal

    5 minutes in and im very much on Damien's side

  47. Honest Bee

    Clip of pam & ian: *exits* Ian: *ian.exe has stopped working*

  48. Melany Nguyen

    Who ships Olivia and Courtney more?

  49. RetroJ3000

    Bucca de Beppo is the Smosh inside joke I want to know the origin of

  50. Tori Martinez

    love the new bibs

  51. Juan Ramirez

    Make one with Courtney in it

  52. Moonlight spark

    This is how you act when you eat a lot of junk ...

  53. Sydney Sherman

    I’m waiting for the day Garrett messes with the bread 😂😂

  54. Amalia Perez


  55. yeet Small

    the snap voice haha

  56. Kayla Warner

    Please have him on for try not to laugh

  57. Wagstastic

    I like Courtney's pepperoni's popping out the top!

  58. Lily Moen

    31minutes of Joven getting roasted

  59. Emily Kettle

    my man Ted out here giving smosh a pity win in his last round just to be a good sport

  60. OSK PredatorLittle

    Pineapple on pizza is the best pizza

  61. bigasswort

    Ted and Carson are behemoths among mere mortals

  62. George Stasiuk Jr.

    Wimpiest Eat it or Yeet it! Ever.. None of it was 'Yeetable'

  63. oathmusic

    the gay guy looks like if kim kardashian was a trans chipmunk

  64. Hobo-McPik

    And no schlatt... Disturbing

  65. ig.ellie- carr

    Shayne got so defensive whne courteney was talking about what would happen if she went trick or treating I found that really cute 😊 xx

  66. Sheena Aupiu

    4:33 Did anyone see the shadow in the right corner when they were talking about ghost??💀💀👻👻

  67. Adrimax

    We need more K E I T H < 3

  68. LP Ali

    What was that intro tho

  69. John Newton

    Charlie’s face when she said bachelorette, was genuine fear

  70. HalloweenFanatic

    I just come here for half naked mens. It is what it is.

  71. Timmy Dee

    12:41 Having her in Hufflepuff would really work out for her since their common room is near the Hogwarts kitchen. 😂

  72. nonsense _ person

    you should do a try not to laugh with Shane Dawson

  73. Matt B

    The reason Kale is bitter without blanching is because it has a defense mechanism involving the enzyne myrosinase which hydrolizes glucosinolates in to TOXIC chemicals. Olivia: *eats raw kale anyway* If your tastebuds like the taste of toxic chemicals (or you ignore it) you are missing a major survival response and may have pika. 😂

  74. Foxythepiratefox08

    Honestly I’ve seen stuff like this, Because my dad has done drugs before. So I don’t get to see him. 😕

  75. Lol Plz don’t

    Noah absolutely knows that it has nothing to do with the lies and everything to do with the heart rate

  76. Samantha Nickerson

    Please do more like this

  77. Samantha Nickerson

    Ok but this is amazing

  78. SalixSurali

    7:32 DEMON SLAYER ANYONE???????????!?

  79. T C

    “I’ll cut that part out” “Lol no” 😂

  80. Kitty Kats Meow

    I think we can all agree that Keith isnt necessary to this shows success.

  81. Chewie Mc Shwooty

    I though this show was about abortion

  82. Zarah Ryan

    They need to get nigahiga in here!!!!


    Olivia is so...no

  84. SpoOk Snifff

    the smosh people where tragically unfunny

  85. Dr shock

    Why Carson here?

  86. Sky Walker

    10:50 I see you, playing the sims 3 soundtrack

  87. I couldn’t Think of a name

    Is it just me or does ted make them all except for Carson look like they are six

  88. Shy

    Okay but Damien single handedly catching all those weapons was kinda hot ngl

  89. marsya comel

    i ship them so much.. and now im sad...

  90. Roberto Morales

    Shayne is a master. Clever and funny jokes. This compilation makes me laugh every time

  91. GameyScorpio

    I love how they all treated normal ass Easy Cheese like the plague.

  92. Random Geek

    9:22 😂

  93. Ctougas01

    I can't stop laughing, but there's only one issu that tickles my mind : so much food wasted xD

  94. Cameron Welch

    As soon as I seen Damien's pizza I knew what it was! True Australian over here. 🙋‍♂️🇦🇺

  95. Random Geek

    Pineapple belongs on pizza. It's a complex flavor 😤

  96. Christopher Chaboyer

    4:43 Noah absolutely killed me with this bit

  97. Garrett Steffen

    Damien: “I have been single for two years” I would date Damien

  98. Leo Miller

    4:45 when he sees santa

  99. Aldo vids Guzman

    I like the that say cornda 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂

  100. IgloozIsHere