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  1. ZajkoKokorajko

    Another classic example of how the cops and the "justice" system are blind... and stupid... and lack perspective.

  2. Ryan Kovacs

    So far? As in... You have hope there are remaining season games? wake up sportsnet, NHL may run the playoffs without spectators, but this virus isn't going away until mid/late 2021 and we have a mass produced vaccine. Perhaps re-title to top plays of 2019/20, more truthful than the current title and no stupid false hopes. Believe me, I am just as salty as the next hockey fan, but time to wake up and smell the Corona.

  3. Bos Too Lowe

    awesome!! Jeff was a great St.Louis Blues player. Logan picking up where pops left off. Good luck Logan !

  4. Cody Baseball

    You guys just don't understand fun so frik you

  5. nikomarttinen98

    This music is screwing up the video

  6. Кубанычбек Мамбетов

    Никита просто бомба.

  7. Keithen Murphy

    One of the best prospects on Ottawa. He will be a great top 6 forwards

    1. Keir Patrick

      he's good but he's slowly dropped off. He was good in Belleville now hopefully he can be good in Ottawa

    2. Keir Patrick

      @Jasper Yeo true

    3. Jasper Yeo

      Keithen Murphy why do I see you commenting on everything now no hate it’s great your a hockey fan and cheers

  8. Isaac Christie

    Man I remember watching the TSN version of this years ago and it was really touching and I really felt for the guy

  9. Michael Farley

    Imagine getting busted by block buster

  10. Tom

    great video I loved it

  11. Tom

    amazing video my guy

    1. Keir Patrick


  12. Fire dog 17

    First, idk what to say...

  13. Yura Kuzhel

    В один ряд с великими Волшебниками-Сенна,Джордан,Месси,Дацюк

  14. waves

    i miss hockey

  15. Brett Donaghue

    Man do I hope Buffalo can surround Eichel and Dahlin with some more talent soon...

    1. Johnathan Schroeder

      i’m rooting for you guys, dylan cozens is looking like a great center

  16. echopanda

    The dad should have done is time. Making his kid and wife live a lie isn’t justifiable. Beat a woman go to jail.

  17. Rock Watson

    We got ya Bobby, We love ya kid...Your mom was incredible

  18. Lloyd L Paul Sr

    I am Very Proud of You Bobby Ryan # 9 for telling your story, I went through alot of Craziness in my life but I never had any spot lights on me, I went through alot of the exact Story in my Life, I grew up.on the Reservation , I was only 12 in 82 & I'm 50 today and it Great & This Was a Very Great True Story but also Very Sad & my Prayers are with You definitely a Stand Up Man for telling your deep Story & I have grew up a MAJOR FLYERS ..God Bless all your Family..I am gonna Smudge my Prayers with sage with My Eagle Feather for you ALL ♥️✊👍🤟 ..God Bless "Tahoe" ..I'm a big Fan of you & I wished you played in Philadelphia, Thatt would be a Major Dream Come True.🙏♥️🙏♥️✊✊🤟👍🙏♥️ Awesome Video : )

  19. Lowman

    what did kapenin get susended for?

  20. madLphnt.

    I HATE the lightning, but kucherovs move was just gorgeous. Hahaha wooow that was fantastic

  21. Steven Fanale

    How could he do this to his wife?Does he care about what he did to his wife?Did he throw away his life?

  22. CALRO93

    Rip 💚💛💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚

  23. cayden Lynden

    I have Patrick Marleau auto graph

  24. Riley Archuletta

    Some of these questions just plainly suck please get someone else todo the damn questions!! I’m with everyone else that says the same thing get biz nasty or someone who can bring out more outta of the players

  25. Awesome Videos

    Eichel is carrying the Sabres. Love the Jeanerette feed there!

    1. Sens fan 7

      Hes not carrying the Sabres because they're not going anywhere.

  26. miniwqwq Attias

    Fairy Eichel

  27. azarya yunger

    How can I get to do this with matthews?

  28. snipershot88

    Eichel is rated way to low in NHL20

    1. Aaron Fleshler

      @Sens fan 7 and the Sabres have been way worse then either team

    2. Aaron Fleshler

      They don't show up when the team is bad

    3. Aaron Fleshler

      @Sens fan 7 r u nuts they are both disloyal when the team is bad show up that had to be a joke

    4. Sens fan 7

      @Aaron Fleshler Cicago or Pittsburghs is the best

    5. Aaron Fleshler

      @Winnipeg Jets Fan yeah it's a shame buffalo used to be the face of American fanbases they have by far the best fanbase in the USA

  29. Tom

    great content

  30. Tom

    nice video keep up the amazing content

  31. It’s your boi JOEY12


  32. .A.

    Announcers reaction at 5:05 is the best

  33. Clint Eastwood

    Matthews... lose the mustache.

  34. Norb Lisinski

    Patrick O'Sullivan comes to mind when I hear this story

  35. Rowan Pellerine


  36. Michael Meloche

    I’m not a Buffalo fan but Brad Mays is one of my faves. The Sabers could not beat Boston for a decade, then they swept the Bruins with three games in OT.

  37. Yar Yariy

    Calgary .говно

  38. Paul Ryan Herradura

    0:50 to 0:51 travelling violation....

  39. Khalfan Alzaabi

    2:15 DEADMEAT

  40. Studsy_14

    guys superhuman.

  41. Bartholomew Lyons

    click bait - a black guy fighting with fists?

  42. bolt man

    Dammn ---must be pissed to be a Quebec Nordique fan. Have all those yrs with a garbage team, seeing light at the end of the tunnel, then becoming a contender only to move the following yr to Denver and then with the cup. I'd sue- lol

  43. Личное Мнение

    Damn.... Ovi, come on.... What a hell?

  44. Yo Mama

    Dude kept it A REAL GOOD secret. Never heard of the guy 🤣

  45. Jonathan Lövgren

    Why you looking at me😂😂😍

  46. Jebus Christ

    After watching this video, I could see how Bobby Ryan used alcohol to suppress his family trauma.

  47. Brayden Goddard

    I love how genuine this is. You can hear the phone ringing, dog barking, kids running around. It’s great!

  48. Korben Dallas

    interrupting fortnight lol

  49. Chazz Nixon

    Wdym stay in your net

  50. J. W.

    Miss seeing Marleau with these guys.

  51. Kim ._.

    For some reason I always get the shivers whenever something big happens wtf

  52. Tony K.

    The 1985-86 Edmonton Oilers were by far the best team in the NHL that season and would easily have gone on to win the Stanley Cup if they had gotten past Calgary. To their credit, the Flames played a smothering defensive style in this series and the Oilers were not as consistently sharp as they needed to be on home ice, which included blowing Game 5 at home and giving up a crucial, short-handed goal early in the deciding Game 7. The mistaken own goal by Steve Smith early in the 3rd period of Game 7 will still forever be remembered most, obviously, as it turned out to be the series-winning goal for the Flames. Regardless, the 1985-86 Edmonton Oilers remain probably the best team in NHL history to not win the Stanley Cup in the season they should have, along with the 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins, and perhaps also the 2010-2011 Vancouver Canucks.

  53. Mike Barndollar

    3:20 is the #1 play of the year.

  54. Living Room Cinema

    Madden: "Play for Overtime. " Brady: "Hold my beer."

  55. Michael Casimer

    Very few ppl make it through this type of childhood. Goes to show having a father is better then not.

  56. Luis D. González

    never watched him play live... but Orr is his favourite player? lol dumb

  57. Michael Casimer

    Bobby looks like a dune character in his thumb nail.

  58. Jimmy Forzano

    This was a very tough time for hockey it still hits me

  59. TheScreenCaptain

    You can stream pretty much any movie these days with the right apps. My top 5 would be A League Of Their Own, Cinderella Man, Goon, Moneyball, and Ford vs Ferrari. Honorable mentions to The Sandlot, Major League, The Natural, and so many more.

  60. Vivid Replic

    Reminds me how annoying the bruins homer is

  61. Matt

    Mcdavid got his 23andme DNA results, he is 2% African LOL

  62. anonimuso

    To think the Islanders thought he was going to sign with them. lolololololololololol

  63. tenacious anus

    Biggest f****** baby ever

  64. Blake Taylor

    Always remember Bobby Ryan went threw a lot as a kid with his home life situation. Happy to see he’s getting the help he needs.

  65. Barb Myran


  66. Y Marina

    Gotta love Dats.

  67. Cassidy Taylor

    5:59 marners eyes go a little low lmao

    1. Cassidy Taylor


  68. Bob Might

    It’ll be sad, 20 years from now Matthews and Marner will become the now Thornton and Marleau, just slow and old

  69. Mike McConville

    How the leafs helped the pens win back to back cups

  70. Brian

    I've been following this dude since he was a kid. Still wish the Flyers could've drafted him. More importantly I hope he gets through whatever put him on leave. Seems like a good dude and he's obviously been through it. I'm pulling for him.

  71. Рустем Юлдашев

    Казакша коментария ыздеп жатырсынба?

  72. R W

    I knew the story already, might be that I've seen this documentary before or perhaps I've read about it. But well worth watching again. Bobby Ryan's mother worked so hard to be able to put food on the table and to make sure Bobby had what he needed. Hockey gear isn't cheap and all those tournaments were far away. She worked day and night just to get by, i remember he had to make his homework at the rink as she was working. Very inspirational and I'm glad it all worked out in the end. She will never have to work again hopefully, now that Bobby made it to the NHL. He's so nice and forgiving, best of luck and hopefully next season you'll be able to score lots, but more importantly, be very happy in life, Bobby Ryan!

    1. wtfisyolo P

      His mom passed away 4 years ago... Documentary came out 7 years ago

    2. Paul

      She isnt with us anymore

  73. NHL Videos for kids

    Ok leafsnet

  74. 420shanks

    And we would never get Mcdavid, I will take the last decade to have Mcdavid on my team.

  75. Central Intelligence Agency

    He’s gonna win a cup and then they’ll make the movie

  76. Саня Данилов

    Может Малкин и дерется плохо, но в хоккей он играет просто отлично!

  77. Stream Snipegpie

    This would be a great book if it is not already

  78. HomerJLeafs

    pretty much the only thing that put a smile on my face #fuckcorona

  79. Random boy420.68

    Nogla and Wildcat were at this game.

  80. SandalwoodBros

    I don't know what I'd do if I were in that situation. I'm not sure I would speak to my dad again.

  81. Bob Withers

    Great idea! Of course I'm a Leafs fan and missing hockey a lot and this was a great diversion. Thanks to everyone too!

  82. Central Intelligence Agency

    The boys

  83. professorchaosX94

    Welcome to the NHL raan.

  84. Kody Carlson

    Moneyball isn’t on Netflix.

  85. Steven Foltz

    Was it a late hit? Yes. Was it interference? Yes. Was it dirty? No. That guy shouldn't of been admiring his pass so long. He became oblivious to everything around him.

  86. Thomas Latimer

    Love Patches

  87. Adrian D

    Basically a documentary for people who already knew the details. Kinda disappointing.

  88. Aric Cua

    Did Fred not participate here?

  89. Hood Baby

    Ariel punani helwani

  90. K High

    It's been a wile since Wilson has been on the ice hopefully he'll be back if we resume the season. From what I heard it was was a lower body injury but they missed a tornish ligament and during PT it fully tore . But this all I know

  91. Nolay Olay

    The day; He has sweats, a lounge shirt, and a cup of feel good will be the day....☺ *I admire you nhl fans!

  92. Big Mac Eater 69

    This is why the senators are an amazing team they may not be the greatest team right now but they will always have the greatest group of guys around!!!

  93. K High

    It's good that Zadorov knows to cover the back of his head when he's down on the ice because we've all seen player go out of the league after after a solid hit to the back of of the head/neck

  94. E and L gamer

    SN can we get more battle of alberta

  95. Devlin Forsyth

    This interviewer is terrible


    Никита не останавливайся, вся Россия за тебя. Красава земеля!

  97. kevin mazz

    11:20 Mitchy got put on blast 😂

  98. Luca Drennar

    I miss him

  99. Dan Elder

    Release the McDavid documentary in full you cowards

  100. Adam

    Marleau cant wait to get back on the ice from all those off ice distractions LOL