The Try Guys have swam with sharks, survived in the wild, shocked themselves with birthing simulators, and risked their lives for their videos. In this weekly podcast they dissect their experiences as internet creators and best friends who have made a living failing upwards.

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  1. Rose Kavanagh


  2. Emily Bergamo

    In 3rd or 4th grade we were served pancakes for school lunch, they were very very hard so one of the boys decided to throw it at a table to test it's hardness. Long story dented the table. I recently went back to my elementary school bc my brother was there and the dent in the table is still there

  3. lee lee

    “not pigs actually, but rabbits” because the two are interchangeable??

  4. Lindsay Hartje

    Love you Zach. I’m so so glad to hear Maggie is doing better.

  5. Tanja McKenzie

    I will never stop reccomending Kingdom Hearts!

  6. Lina Limabena


  7. patricia cyr

    since most of you have animal, go get the pets expansion pack

  8. Jenny W

    You mean there is a squid bigger than the Giant Squid? 😨

  9. Holdmyleash

    Sam just looks so decadent. Hope to see more of him

  10. Victoria Smoria


  11. Jenny W

    I am a sun sneezed too!

  12. Megan Lederman

    "this year is gonna be a shit show" ... if only he knew...

  13. monie802

    My husband is jewish and we both stomped the glass at our ceremony. He actually stepped on my foot when he did it and when I pulled my foot up my shoe came off. But since they were strapped on around my ankle I had to like fully take off my shoe at the arbour and had to to walk back down the aisle with my shoe and bouquet in my hand. 😂

    1. monie802

      Also, for the type of glass: use a lightbulb. It's thin so you know it'll smash, and it makes a more satisfying "pop" sound when it breaks. Drinking glasses are often thick and hard to break and when they're wrapped in the cloth you won't hear it. And the symbolism behind it is that the number of broken pieces of glass represent the number of happy years you and your partner will have.

  14. Shannon Newell

    i feel for ned being sad abt having a birthday during this because i had my sweet sixteen and i had to cancel all the plans i had made and i was going to invite all my friends to go out and watch improv so i relate to being sad

  15. Shannon Newell

    i feel like eugene should play danganronpa but idk if i’m just projecting bc i’m playing it rn and am loving it

  16. Shannon Newell

    i’m actually really happy that eugene apologized for the way that story came across because i have a little sister with a severe dairy allergy and she’s had it since she was little and we have to deal with people thinking we are overreacting all the time. for some examples, when she was about 5 we were at a restaurant and we emphasized to put absolutely nothing on her noodles, but the chef said “i still put some butter for flavor” after denying he put dairy on it, while she was in anaphylactic shock. when she was in 3rd grade a kid purposely spilled milk on her desk because he didn’t believe her when she told him that she can’t even touch it. and last year some kids were telling her just to take a sip because they still didn’t believe because she’s never had a reaction at school besides hives on her skin when someone touched her. so when i heard that story i thought of her and what she has gone through and it made me feel upset, so i’m glad he apologized and clarified why he did what he did.

  17. Zachary Ferguson

    I feel like if that Anna Kendrick situation happened, Ned would still try to do the suave move and give her a coffee super confidently, but it would just be completely wrong.

  18. A Buzzy Boi That Likes Memes

    as a trans kid im living for Eugenes shirt

  19. Tersh2U

    In Afrikaans we call poop, 'poef'

  20. Hege4318

    I've been in one of the Giza pyramids, and it was so plain and boring 🙈 and 1 meter between floor and roof lot of the walk 😅 But the tombs I went to in Egypt were awesome (no traps tho) 😛😊

  21. okaykina

    "they're gonna let you create your own Kornfeld blend of tea" fast forward to quarantine 2020,,, it's on the way babey!

  22. Mimi Ebisuya

    Yoga sucks!!! 🙄🤥🙄😴😴😴😴😪😪😪

  23. jaykaay

    who sang the "Advice that will go for Miles" song? His voice is beautiful. would love to hear more songs from him!

  24. Meaghan S

    "NED! THAT WAS GOOD! U ARE ON FIRE " that was so adorable zach

  25. average Reenactress

    My dog ate my headphones too. I’m still paying for them too. I’m so thrilled.

  26. The Pan Panke SKSKSKSKS

    all of this except jingle is genderfluid and their genitals change constantly


    Love this French open. Not the tennis, just the Trypod. XD

  28. Jenny W

    Posture is NOT very little effort it requires 80-90% of my brain to maintain good posture because I was a bad kid and didn’t listen to my mom. And now I’m fucked.

  29. Jenny W

    “Report him to the police, have him ARRESTED, and pUT HIM IN THE CLINKER!” 😂 Yas Miles

  30. Autumn Dennis

    Feedback in love: i was disappointed with how Eugene's attempt at a conversation about Asian Pacific Islander cultural contributions more or less devolved into an insensitive essentialist convo of anything and everything that represents Asia/Asians (tea! Panda bears! Manga!). It seemed to make Eugene uncomfortable from listening to the audio. I would love to see more self awareness on this. I know y'all mean well and love your content and watch every video. Lots of love y'all.

  31. Cerealwithafork

    watching this in May. I laughed maniacally when they where talking about Corona

  32. Jenny W

    Now I need to do some research on proper flossing 👀

  33. Jenny W

    How does Keith come up with a new official theme song every episode and absolutely kill it every time?

  34. Kayla Cercone

    PLEASE TIK TOK the “we are waiting for our cookies to chill “ - I sing that ALL THE TIME

  35. Isabella Greene

    I once went on a camp field trip to Universal, and I saw JoJo siwa, and she took pictures with a bunch of people. That isn’t quite mundane, but I once saw Josh Gad waking down the street with a dog at like 7:30 in the morning, and I wanted to say something to him but I didn’t.

  36. Fio x

    I am French and I wasn't expecting this intro 😂

  37. Megan Hazelwood

    as someone who is also from Tennessee, I appreciate that Keith automatically defends things by saying Its tennessee Its fine . lol

  38. darkadegeron

    I was a math major and hearing Ned name his old college math classes I'm just like, yep, uh huh, oh yeah, that one too, yep. And when Keith goes "What's the deal with linear algebra" I immediately thought -- matrices, nothing but matrices... endless, boring, matrices. And then in Diff. Eq. we did in a week everything I did in a full semester in Linear Algebra... why!?!?! But yeah then I hear Ned going, "matrices!" I <3 Ned and his math/science awesomeness (Chemistry was my preferred science as well). And yeah, I have forgotten soooooo much of what I learned in those classes. Ironically enough years later a coworker of mine and I were working on a spreadsheet for a new machine we had to build and figuring out doing a customizable label set and he accidentally / stumbled into using linear algebra in excel to do it and had no idea he had just done some complex stuff with matrices, but I knew it!

  39. Kai Wu

    why does Keith keep interrupting Zach

  40. Jenny W

    Season two of Stranger Things was AMAZING. “Steve. We like Steve.” 🥺

  41. SamichMachine

    ....can you guys get someone who knows the sims really well to play? like, there are SO many fun mods and custom content out there (basemental drugs, UC Command Center, etc.) that are REALLY hard to explain to new players. I also recommend just getting, like, all the expansion packs minus my first pets.

  42. Nadia Bonn

    Instead of how many Doritos I sing “how many times did you yell at your kids todaayyyy?”

  43. Cocokitty98

    I think Ketchup is derived from the cantonese word ke zap (茄汁) meaning "Tomato Sauce"

  44. Jenny W

    10:05 I agree with you Ned, I immediately thought that too 😅

  45. Zubiila

    Ned, "My wife" works just as well as "My girlfriend" if not even better! Think of all the stand up comedians who tell "My wife" stories/jokes.

  46. Danni Jo

    i watched the trypod with the white people taco night song the other day then was singing it to my friend as a joke and she said it was from tik tok and i was like NO ITS KEITHS😂😂

  47. Grace Manning

    Uh Ben Franklin is not on top of of Philly city hall, its Willy Penn. Quaker boy William

  48. Zubiila

    "Tell your mom about my knives!" is probably the weirdest sales pitch 😅😂

  49. Selina Skeggs

    Kieth’s advice “Fuck Yeah” and “I’m outta here Bitches” 🤣🤣🤣. #Excellent 👌🏾

  50. Megan Lederman

    i’m watching this in may but now I wanna watch a christmas movie

  51. Kamry Lor

    Pyramid scheme board game sounds like Monopoly

  52. Jessica Elkins

    My taco night was real shredded beef or pork

  53. Vicki Part UwU

    Keith is like in his own world😂😂😂😊😒

  54. Jen Huffine

    The stress of this quarantine and the fact my shitty governor (Florida) is opening things way too early, has totally messed with my sleep and anxiety, especially anxiety. But the good part of this is I finally started therapy for the first time in my life. I should have done it years ago but it took all this to push me over the edge to mental health.

  55. Sam Mullins

    does cleveland count as a pyramid?

  56. M F

    Man eugene always has the valid commentary i love u eugene <3 thank u, its rough being poc and having stuff appropriated

  57. Olivia Lapico

    They will be yeasty boys

  58. David Hood

    It sounds like Eugene wants to play Persona 5..

  59. Cerealwithafork

    Yep. Realized my parents were people when I was 11 and I had to comfort my mom during the divorce. also 23:23 ned stares into your soul

  60. Cerealwithafork

    this one freshman got into the honors choir at my school and got a solo. She deserved it though she has an amazing voice there were still some upperclassmen that weren't very happy about it.

  61. Millie E

    I went to an Indian wedding a couple years ago and omg it really was fabulous, so much fun and there was so much food and alcohol it was amazing

  62. Chloe Donovan

    Me and my two friends went to the Boston show in the balcony seats up front and we had a close up view of the chicken wing hitting the chandelier it was great

  63. Moonlit_Stars

    Anyone else pay attention to how Zach's window says 'Rex Manning'?

  64. Elvy G. Soltau

    Y'all joking, but I'm legit waiting on yall to get ripped. Especially Keith.

  65. Des Zeidlers Weib

    Oh my God, I liked "Dark" so much! Second Season is awsome too!

  66. honey - lemon

    I need eugene to sing more because that voice is **chefs kiss**

  67. Amanda Blythe

    I'm glad that Native supports the Try Guys, but... But ... LUME... Sorry guys. <3 you

  68. honey - lemon

    I choked when eugene spoke about She Ra and Voltron ehsisozo

  69. mumford&suns

    Love that Keith got so upset about people saying meeting him was mundane 😂

  70. Krishina Ramani


  71. Torry Ramesdorfer

    I am 25 at 19 I went to cosmetology school... at 20 I dropped out at 21 I started my job... I have switched positions like 5times switched locations and now they are paying for me to go to school to be an optician and I am super in love the coronavirus has made our self paised online course change alot because you have a new normal working retail... so it's been challenging but I'm super excited at 26 almosy 27 I hopefully will be able to say I'm in a career I care about


    He's called Miles GoodMan, translated, IT WAS MEANT TO BE

  73. Indi Simpson-Romero

    I lost ALL of my musical.lys when I re-signed in to Tik Tok was pissed! & got no help from support rip @indi.ibni .

  74. Person

    Anyone remember when life was normal. Yeah me neither.

  75. Robyn Corson

    Anyone know day of release? Back when Californians thought they'd be in lock down for two or four weeks

  76. Elvy G. Soltau

    Shady Keith saying Ned watch news 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  77. Abigail Elise

    Eugene: I would love to see a supercut of all the advices that go for miles Me, who's already been working on this: this is my time

  78. meganmorr42

    I am late to this episode but I was touched by the discussion of a media/online persona and audience/fan demands for certain versions of that established persona. I think that distancing of personal self is important when you are giving so much energy on social media. Please engage in what you love, please share and refrain from sharing according to your comfort levels; do not let fans, critics, and media determine how you engage as the Try Guys and as the individual members of this comedy group. You are all generous for sharing any versions of your self and your life experiences with the audience and as a comedy group, a comedic channel and production company, having an established boundary between work and personal experiences should be expected. Tweaking what stories are shared so that the best comedic aspects are presented is perfectly fine. Please film what you wish! Everything you do is incredible ! Thank you for continuing as you are!

  79. kaylee M

    for the sims series: Have Ned use the parenting expansion pack and raise a kid

  80. Bella Ro

    If you are getting the sims you need to get seasons and island living and city living. Those in my opinion are the important ones 😂😂

  81. sam rankin

    I fukin luved the s intro

  82. Jenny W

    I can’t believe people didn’t realize lil Nas X was gay, I heard one song and saw his twitter pic and was like, “oh he’s gay” lol XD anyone else?

  83. Jenna Loomar

    I literally agreed with every single word said in this podcast and I need a part 2 of just nerdy things

  84. SarahB

    I’m a little disappointed how recognizing Asian Pacific Heritage month was handled. Not a bad idea at first, but it went a little too long & just about became stereotype jokes. It would have worked if they went back to a serious conversation about it after. Sorry Zach, still not #canceltryguys, but just something to think about.

  85. Elvy G. Soltau

    I'm binge watching the podcast so I can catch up to the newest one.

  86. Elvy G. Soltau

    Yes!!!!! I've been waiting for yall to get shredded. I've been waiting for that.

  87. Athena Dalsfoist

    I’m a Vegas resident. There’s two pyramids. Luxor obviously and the Clark county government center is a bitty baby pyramid.

  88. Ollara Borealis

    I know this video is super old but I did want to bring up the point that now there are 2 live performers throwing Chicken Strips into the audience cause the Rockabilly band Southern Culture on the skids (which is kinda old but still kicking!) Also throws chicken at their audience it's great

  89. kat

    Hold up hold up. A TRYWIVES pod?!?! Nooo don't deprive us of this absolute GEM!!!😭😭❤️❤️

  90. Lilypad2245

    They finally got their tarot card cat :)

  91. Natalie Kendel


  92. Natalie Kendel

    The sounds at 15:30 scared the shit out of me

  93. Medini Kodali

    These guys should honestly go to an Indian wedding.

  94. Cruella Arshad

    I love Miles 💙

  95. TydalRave23

    But Keith, Jaws 3D does take place in a Aquarium

  96. Natalie Kendel

    I am the only one who literally skips past every time Zach talks?

  97. Erin Clohessy

    I watch the Try Guys so much that they feel like real friends. When I saw they had won the Webby earlier this week, I was so excited for them. I felt the urge to try to contact them to tell them "you did it, you won!". and then I realized they don't even actually know who I am.

  98. xo_shannon k

    I fucking love Miles

  99. Shai Bob

    Eugene needs the wolf among us.