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  1. edgardo rodriguez

    do you prefer to be told to be nice at a press briefing? you were awesome before maybe its my view right now but ...there's no lie in what you're saying and knowing the choices we have NOW its better to go one step at a time

  2. Mike Noelck

    Love the commentary. It is a shame how sad the truth is.

  3. Sharon Smith


  4. Nick Holmes

    The world literally can't survive 4 more years of Trump. We need a return to multilateralism and real american leadership now, or action on climate change is impossible. Not removing Trump is basically ceding the future.

  5. Daragh O'Sullivan

    Insufficient demand to support all American jobs? Yes, we need immediate government supports, but we need to also fully re-shore our manufacturing to make sure the demand leads to American jobs, not foreign jobs. We are still making deals with China to avoid this.

  6. Brendan Obern

    "Uncle Joe" snaps at white voters in IA and MI that if they don't like him, they should vote for Trump! Now he insists to black voters , (publicly and to their face), that he is entitled to their vote. Does this man not realize that Midwestern whites are about an inch away from voting for Trump and black voters are about half an inch away from from not voting at all???? This is Mr. Electable???

  7. William Wolf

    Coulter dated bath tub boy Keith Olbermann enough said! She is a nutjob! Most of her friends and people she dated are communist!

  8. Patrick Bateman

    When is the spaceship coming to pick her up? The progressive ideology is weak in its nature and naive on how cruel the world is in reality. She is flawed with still labeling herself as a democrat. She is part of the two party system.

  9. MrQuestion72

    Saagar, you have to push back at some point when Krystal handwaves the right wing populist view on immigration as "blaming our problems on too many scary brown people". What is her actual view on immigration? Does she have an actual argument against the fact that it suppresses wages?

  10. Faith Lee


  11. JMK

    Im going to side with Shapiro to an extent. Like yes this is very very bad, but the problem with these stimulus welfare programs are basically just us shooting ourselves in the foot and we'll feel it later. We must watch how much we spend during this pandemic, because we have spent too much, chances are we will be working to repay these debts over the next 6 decades at least. Now to defend my point, Ill start off with the obvious, poverty kills. Yes people have lost their jobs, and we need to get them back but putting our country into an insanely deeper hole. Plus the stuff we make here isnt organic like the market was, which means this market will lead to collapse and poverty. Now the people saying "Then youd rather sacrifice grandma for the stock market" miss the point. Yes grandma will have a higher chance at passong away, but on the brightside, the kids wont be slaves to repaying debt for the rest of their lives and probably die young or live absolute miserable lives because we are so worried about the old folks not having a high chance of getting this. Jump ahead to nowadays, this disease is no where near how bad it was projected to be, but we still have made all the debt and it is here to stay

  12. hookalakah

    Jie Biden is the Voice of the Democrat Plantation.

  13. Dave La Violette

    It seems she is the only candidate that had integrity.

  14. Steve Chance

    Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer can get us a swing state. We have to think like Republicans, it's all about the Electoral College numbers.

  15. Robert Dornan

    I agree with the antitrust position, the worst thing for the community is lack of competition. When you have no choice

  16. Christopher Silverberg

    She is sheepdogging for the democrats @ 5 min. No point in listening to her anymore. Turned off.

  17. Gerry OBrien

    Can you imagine if President Trump said that!??

  18. A P

    Biden has to be working for the trump campaign , no one can be thar stupid

  19. Robert Greenhouse

    AMC went to streaming movies! They are a Chinese company!

  20. Maynard Keenan

    Shocking!!! Privilaged femenist lineral goof Krystal has "never" heard Joe's show. No doubt she's a long time the View fan.

  21. Dinosaur Debbie

    Another ridiculous take from Cenk. Why am I not surprised.

  22. lament666

    Cmon man!

  23. jack johnson

    Marianne Williamson has become another left wing liberal with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Anyone that thinks Joe Biden will make a better President than Trump is crazy.

  24. The Assembly In The Wilderness

    Identity politics is usually the kiss of death. Like how did we KNOW that blacks overwhelmingly went for Biden? Segregated USA made it an issue in the, if racial identity is hyper-emphasized could be the kiss of death...unless you are an exceptional/historical Obama!

  25. Parker Hoskovec

    Green party, you voted and used your power to show your voice of distrust of both parties but don't have to vote for either candidate that is going to do terrible things.

  26. Michael Crumpton

    Saying she is prostituting herself is an insult to prostitutes.

  27. Brendan Obern

    Crystal, you NAILED it! The Democrats pride themselves on being a rainbow coalition of exploiters and war mongers. That's progress; I guess.

  28. Jeff Silver

    progressives = hopless Watching Chunk melt down in 2016 was priceless. Last I've seen of this sloppy idiot, good to see he's still around to watch this unfold again.... he's a total ass clown.

  29. Aaron Goldman

    Not worth listening to

  30. Physics Guy

    Is Biden...a Karen?

  31. Alex Air

    Biden doesn't think he has ever been wrong because his bank account keeps growing exponentially and he is successful in life.

  32. Michael Stein

    Mohammed referred to Blacks as "raisin heads". (Sahih al-Bukhari vol. 1, no. 662 and vol. 9, no. 256). D.J. Raisin Head is a Uncle Tom for Mohammed.

  33. Mr. Burns

    So what? 95% of blacks will vote for the dems. Joe basically just pimped out an entire race of Americans, and he did it with a smile. There will be no backlash. The dems know they still own the blacks even after 150 years of "freedom" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahahahahhaahahhahaahahahahaah. 'Now, know your place boy and vote D' - Biden 2020

  34. Daniel Tayong

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

  35. Steve Chance

    Put her in charge of HUD.

  36. jocelynarianna11

    She also endorsed Jen Perelman, who’s primarying Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Florida!

  37. MidScream1

    Progressives are such losers and are progressing off a cliff :)

  38. Henry Duran

    Sorry, I'm done with the lessor of two evils. Bring a platform with people I can get behind...until then don't bother me.

  39. Aaron Goldman

    Trump 2020

  40. Hunty49

    Marianne says "we just need to beat Trump" on the basis that he is destroying "their" democracy? The Democratic state governors are doing that. Giving free money to people isn't democratic. I don't remember seeing that in the constitution. I've said it before, the progressives need to grow a back bone and make their own party to run on. Oh, but they are in the minority and won't get the votes based on their policies. It's all about wanting power to implement "your" America isn't it. Less government seems to be the logical answer.

  41. thrillingopera

    One of Krystal's best delivered radars from 2020!

  42. Rich Walko

    Marianne Williamson is showing some real leadership here and could very well step into a position of power in the progressive revolution. Although no respect for voting for Biden who I despise and will not vote for

  43. Saby Mondal

    My vote for Biden has an official meaning - "I endorse Biden". Does not matter what I think in my mind or say loudly, that is the official position. I can not have that.

  44. Diana Garcia

    It's because our colleges teach SJW in schools.

  45. Rich Walko

    Obama was the reason Bernie lost, approaching Super Tuesday it was at a point where Biden had not won a single state and Bernie was poised to take 7 of the 12 states or something. A few personal private phone calls were placed by the ex president himself to multiple campaigns with one request, drop out and consolidate your support to stop Bernie. Warren was to stay in to split the progressive vote, which she did, and the plans worked to force out the real challenger in this election

  46. Rhonda

    Pretty biased and bad reporting. You need to get real and check yourselves.

  47. Jon Chadwick

    Apparently the second coming of Abigail Adams reads Gadamer!

  48. rob lanchi

    Vote for Biden, that is what you deserve next time. Vote for Hillary, next time you get Biden. We need to demand the kind of presidential candidate we deserve. I will vote only, and only if the candidate has my approval, in reality that is what voting means. There is no free lunch for workers in capitalism, there should not be free vote either. Stop promoting a bunch of criminals to power.

  49. Rhonda

    Bad. Stupid!

  50. Pixaner

    Latinx !! uggh

  51. Spectral Thundr

    Cenk's a total douchebag, always has been always will be.

  52. dick castle

    It's hard to win against an actual cult

  53. Deborah Kamerick

    He physically pokes people! He threatens people! He’s a pervert and a lying crook!

  54. Big Travis

    Biden will still get 80%+ of the black vote , if so then we can all agree there is no need to care what black people think about politics ever again ,,,

  55. Ben Gilbert

    Ann Coulter is 100% right. Jeff Sessions has been pro American immigration policy and America First long before Donald Trump

  56. Jaanus Hiiemae

    How do you understand puritan fanatic who can not make the difference between Bush and Hitler and refuses to vote for Bush even if he/she knows that with not voting for Bush he/she is actually helping Hitler? It is a very easy choice and some people in the left still can not understand what they must do to avoid White Christian Fascist state taking over the US.

  57. Mellowcanuck

    "Too many brown people." Nice move Krystal. Made him think for a split second.

  58. John New

    What good is learning to code when the major tech firms are bringing in lower paid H2B visa workers instead.

  59. brian montgomery

    When I see CNN interview a woman who knows over 30 friends and family members that died from the flu last month, THAT'S NEWS!

  60. Joe Smith

    Sager broke the rules and got a haircut! Report him now! Sincerely, Karen

  61. Farrell Roth

    It’s only a high stakes vote for the average American. Dems, Republicans and the people who bankroll them are going to make money whether Trump or Biden is president.

  62. Kevin Smith

    They should ban Trump on twitter. His approval rating will go through the roof since the only news we will get on Trump are the things he is accomplishing and the negative press the majority of Americans don't believe.

  63. Aronda Jackson

    I was so behind his run...I thought perhaps he would be there for all hard working Americans...the disenfranchise, the low income.

  64. Rin

    Trump is not hitler. he's not going to take over the world and send millions to their deaths. he's not going to actually end the constitution, and he's not going to literally destroy america. he will simply cause lasting damage. now, it's a legitimate choice, and a valid stance, to withhold your vote or even vote for trump in order to teach the democratic party that they need to shift their positions in order to win. yeah, 4 more years of trump is a nightmare. but that's only because he, unlike many other republicans, are bad at keeping up a public image. the other guy will always be bad. if we don't withhold our vote when we are faced with two evils, we are condoning evil. it's either damage mitigation, or solving the problem that caused trump in the first place. vote biden if you want to solve a short term problem and teach voters to vote republican again. don't vote if you want to push politicians to fix the problems that caused trump in the first place. i'm looking to the future.

  65. The Great Dragon

    At least she's changed her mind about Pelosi. It was only a couple weeks ago she said she wouldn't endorse Shahid Buttar. I guess she didn't know who he was then.

  66. Thelema9331

    Williamson? More like Vil'yamsyn, am I right? Obviously a Kremlin asset. 😋

  67. terenfro1975

    You want to complain that black women are erased, look at three of the biggest supporters of your opponent and people that drive the media. Barack Obama , Whoopi, and Oprah.

  68. McGruff

    Cenk was a huge Ronald Reagan fan, haha

  69. Dee xGretchx

    ahahahahahah. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Im rollin. These people are so stupid its insane.

  70. code25010

    It's like the argument is 'we HAVE to with this election, so lets go in with the strategy of offering voters no reason to vote for Joe'...

  71. Krav Magoo

    The typical rank and file MAGA jackboot NEVER considered voting for Trump because of his policies. They voted for him because he talks shit and is great at stirring the pot. They love his piss-poor attitude. In the history of the United States, there has never been a cult of personality as strong and dedicated as the Cult of Trump.

  72. David Cline

    Krystal = brains and beauty

  73. Ed Carrasco

    Trump is a disgrace and embarrassment 5x draft dodger lies too much. Biden is better

    1. lament666


  74. Chris Nelson

    Lol. Yeah Bernie supporters are flocking to Trump. They really think it's neat where that money, in the "massive" RNC war chest, comes from.

  75. Thomas McGrath

    Yeah, of course these two morons cared about what those two morons said. Last video I watch on this, The Hill has always been a borderline visit for the writing, but the commentary is worse than Fox and CNN. At least those people, as bad as they are, have actual credentials and knowledge about something. These two half wits bloviate without conveying any information. That's probably unfair, I'm sure they're both intelligent, but they certainly don't talk about anything of interest to people who have don't spend their lives buried in YoutTube commentators.

  76. Jeevan Mammen

    Is harm reduction your number one concern? That’s it.

  77. Captain Thumper

    Cast aside those infected to make way for those that need jobs who are not infected. We need to eat and we like meat. Get it done!

  78. WildNights

    If people are withholding their support as a tactic to push Biden to the left, I respect that. If they are doing it because they are babies who can't have everything they ever wanted, then no, that is a morally inferior position. We have a two party system (as much as I hate it) so failing to vote for Biden is the same thing as failing to vote against Trump. If it comes down to election day and you don't vote against Trump, you are morally inferior. Trump is CLEARLY a failure of a human being, and a literal lump of shit would be a better president. That is the priority. Period.

  79. Rafael Carrasquillo

    So trump says all kinds of crazy things and carries on like a walk in the park, but biden says this and it’s the end of the world....?

    1. lament666


  80. brian montgomery

    Social farting (silently) around mask wearers can be fun. Masks absorb stink. Smell it.

  81. takamex

    Sorry, better wait 4 years for real change than 8 of dementia. For all others Feel the Biden how exciting.

  82. jennings mills

    Voting for the lesser of two evils is all we've ever done. When does it end? Biden's VP and the establishment would be running the country as Joe has blatant dementia.

  83. Metacortex

    Cenk the "I hate unions" progressive

  84. Scott Andes


  85. ondine hd

    Innovations to protect the environment are important, whether they serve the interests of the corporate world or not, but they are only temporary solutions, because the real problem is exponential population growth, a fact that no one wants to talk about, because it is considered "taboo!" Going on to 8 billion... Innovations are not going to work when that number doubles, and a pandemic, with far more horrid, painful, and devastating consequences than Covid-19, will take care of the problem for us. Covid-19 will look like child's play in comparison! Talk about human stupidity....

  86. Bob Waters

    Don't forget, Joe Biden learned about roaches.

  87. James Conway

    It's times like this that Donald Trump's emotional immaturity really pisses me off. Either practice what you preach by doing the right thing every time, or get off your high horse. And this is coming from a Conservative who wants to believe the best in people. But if you betray the conscience of the people, eventually even your most ardent supporters will walk away.

  88. Kenneth Webb

    Biden is a racist WILL NOT GETMY VOTE

  89. Thomas McGrath

    You criticized the Democratic establishment and in the same show brought on an uneducated pseudoscientist to make a similar point. I'm not sure being reflexively anti-establishment is worth all that much if that's where you're parking your car...

  90. RagonWolfBane

    Honestly at this point i believe that the corporate democrats are using Warren to demoralize the progressive movement.


    All look great until they cave to the wicked witch of the west. You can't fight neoliberalism with neoliberalism. Organize a 3rd party.

  92. Daniel Melon

    Blacks will still vote for him at a 90% clip, then we will repeat the process in 4 years like has been happening for the last 40 years.

  93. Ktulu911 _

    Trump still overshadows Biden in stupid remarks and fallouts.

    1. lament666


  94. Moosh Moosh

    I checked Joe's record and it seems he worked with, and praised segregationists, in addition to locking up as many black people he could with his horrible crime bill, when he wasn't plagiarizing speeches, voting for wars, kicking people out of their houses, sexually assaulting staffers, and sniffing little girls hair.

  95. Amanda W

    Marianne's clarity and honesty is so refreshing. I really hope she runs for a lower office. She isnt ready for President but i think she would be a great addition somewhere.

  96. Corey

    Josh Hawley is co-sponsoring a censorship bill with Graham, Feinstein and Blumenthal. He's a fraud.

  97. iNsTaNtpUdDiNhEaD

    She surreptitiously advocates for establishment dems. She suffers from TDS.

  98. William Sheppard

    Hey joe,where you going with those shackles in your biden.cause you didn't know who your father was.

  99. Ultra instinct Grey

    I used to watch and respect your content,until you proved that "bernie bros" are a real thing and you began working hard to get trump elected by continuously bashing biden.

  100. mike lunn

    This show is awesome ! I’m a conservative Canadian watching this chaos ripping apart our neighbour to the south and trying to find the clear facts, and these two do an amazing and balanced job and it appears to a knuckle dragging railiroad worker from Canada that the Democratic Party is tearing itself apart and handing a victory to their arch enemy.